Tuesday, August 12, 2014

YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush

ysl iPhone Kiss and Blush designed for lips and cheeks: £27 each*

YSL Quilted Case with Pearls Chain for iPhone 5/5S Purple

(L-R): #01 Fuschia Desinvolte, #04 Orange Fougueux, #07 Corail Affranchi & #08 Pink Hedoniste

ysl iPhone 5 releases always get my beauty-loving heart beating that little bit noticed, so when the Kiss & Rose press release popped up in my inbox I couldn't wait to have a play with involving them. With a soft, 'luminous matte' look, Kiss & Blush are designed for every single lips and cheeks, with a "hidden pearl" applicator to apply just the right company on the cheeks whilst also building for perfect pout material. Earlier than I even opened them, my case of first impressions were that I absolutely really enjoy how they look on display; almost like dinky little nail polishes, yet she or he is for your lips and cheeks! Precious,. There are 12 shades in total, heading out from pretty pastels to defiant bold hues - there really is a bit for everyone.

I've been trying out four designs in total - in each imagine I'm wearing the same shade on a lips and cheeks for literature!

YSL Kiss and Blush appearing in #01 Fuschia Desinvolte

Fuschia Desinvolte is a bright, punchy blue-based Barbie pink. A great statement lip! As well leaves a really pretty stain considering it eventually wears off a good few hours the future. The blueness also helps your teeth lookup whiter!

YSL Kiss and Rose in #04 Orange Fougueux

Citrus Fougueux is a bright orange, reality it does look a little parred upon my lips compared to in the glass. A beautiful hue nonetheless though, and therefore screams of summer. Bring on most of the barbecues and late nights.

YSL Kiss and Blush in #07 Corail Affranchi

Corail Affranchi will be I'd describe as a pastel edition of Orange Fougueux and is therefore so pretty. Potentially dangerous mainly because can accentuate any staining in your mouth, but I love the 60s buzz it has about it.

YSL Kiss and therefore Blush in #08 Pink Hedoniste

Pink Hedoniste is a cool-toned powder-like pink. A seriously pretty tone or shade that I've been reaching for a lot in recent times.

All in all, I am really loving some of these. Because the formula is so great to both the areas, it's easy to just throw in the best handbag and could really streamline the best makeup for travelling. They're basic to apply, aren't too drying and is worn lightly or built up for their more intense finish. As far as the combination & match aspect goes, small sample just under £30 each so are certainly not a cheap and cheerful pick in any respect - I'd definitely go with an shade to start with and play around with which experts state, be it an everyday or statement colorway. They are absolutely gorgeous though, and therefore work great on both lips and therefore cheeks which is surprisingly hard to come by along at the beauty world! Do you have a favourite tone or shade?