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Entertainment comments do you know a man named Yi Yangqian seal boy 15 birthday

Entertainment comments | do you know a man named Yi Yangqian seal boy 15 birthday

On November 28, 2015, the members of the TFBOYS Yi Qian XI, Yang's birthday will be held in Beijing, member Wang Yuan and Wang Junkai birthday on stage. Beijing times-Oriental IC diagram

Yi Yangqian imperial hegemony fans is to let the world know, November 28 day package the whole world for their idols.

Teen idol birthday two months before the age of 15, his fans have made a remarkable feat. At the time, TFboys to participate in the recording of the Emperor Kangxi to the broadcast, it caused a sensation, and three juveniles writing spelling mishap on the websites of the entertainment news section, onlookers overwhelmingly open mocking star level of skill points, apart from the fans, almost no one remembers Yi Qian XI, Yang's dream is to travel around the world. Young said you can buy tickets, waiting for the time to fly themselves.

On in old aunt are think juvenile too young, too simple, sometimes naive of when, easy Yang thousand seal of fans with action confirmed "dream also is to some, if achieved has does" said have has truth--September 25, 2015 late, a on # easy Yang thousand seal around world # of topic instantaneous boarded micro-Bo topic topped, fans for wish easy Yang thousand seal birthday and tailored custom around world of tickets, lifetime effective. It is learnt that the joint Qian XI fan, this is a travel site for the thousand-seal carefully planned surprise, which is a first in fan circles.

Entertainment comments | do you know a man named Yi Yangqian seal boy 15 birthday

Micro-Blog on the topic of Qian XI, Yang's birthday reading is quite amazing.

Celebrates activities in birthday day reached peak, Los Angeles, and New York, and Seattle three to fans hosted private aircraft in three seat city over hanging for easy Yang thousand seal celebrates health of empty with banner, around flight; Beijing time November 28 11:28, a frame Jet on time in Australia Sydney launch, in famous of Sydney Opera over circled, left English celebrates health blessing; in Han fans for easy Yang thousand seal in Korea Seoul high people lots put for a months of Metro lightbox celebrates health And Viet Nam fan Idol birthday wishes are invested in bus body advertising, as the bus moves, Viet Nam spread the message of love.

Entertainment comments | do you know a man named Yi Yangqian seal boy 15 birthday

Bus birthday wishes

Domestic of momentum more vast, Beijing, and Shanghai, and Nanjing, and Changsha, and Taipei time overwhelming all is juvenile of face, virus like occupation has Beijing 30 at Metro advertising, and Shanghai of moon light new world, and Nanjing xinjiekou, and Changsha of 205 block Metro ladder brand, 209 car bus Shang of 417 block TV screen and 58 home high-end buildings and the hotel of media released machine, and Taiwan part city of bus, and bus Pavilion and Taipei small giant egg ring screen. Of course, in addition to the billboards, advertising, fans have also jointly sent out a holiday company in Beijing Fangshan, Beijing Villa right term until death do they part.

Fans took out to the elders to make sushi at home will celebrate Qian XI, Yi yang 15 birthday, dacaodaban not to disturb the party newspaper, but compared with Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy's wedding, about the same size and influence. You know, AH big support behind fashion magazines and several corporate sponsors, Qian XI, Yang's birthday than most fans pay for, money is a small stream into rivers or, is the richest deal or no deal, is to communicate the fact that fans – Cadet Corps strength should not be underestimated.

Entertainment comments | do you know a man named Yi Yangqian seal boy 15 birthday

Qian XI, Yi yang TFBOYS members. Beijing times-Oriental IC diagram

So-called Idol, is gods belief most secular of of extends, easy Yang thousand seal of fans like Western social celebrates Christmas as celebrates Idol of birthday, how many can understanding, but terrible of is juvenile of celebrates health will has became three a juvenile fans summary a high of arena, each other to in scale and means Shang each other comparisons, and each other grind pressure, celebrates health of original in hit money spell pomp of process in the was serious twisted.

Modern spread means pervasive, juvenile mission members from a species degree Shang is movie in Jim Carrey played of of Chu door, completely life in lens Xia, movements are escape not out people of eyes, they of life is was design good of, except academic, brokers will arrangements rehearsal, and performances, and recorded various program, on even birthday this personal event also in fans of role Xia played into a large of commercial activities, small times money concept gave birth to out of near naked of expression way straightforward have was puzzling.

In fact, for many people, the TFBOYS popularity and longevity itself is puzzling, young was able to fight deadly impact comparable to a-list stars in the entertainment figures, with neighbouring countries becomes famous girl group AKB48 similarities exist in the reasons. Relationships with other Idol fans, young fans more like to develop games in the roles and relationships between players, as fans through their own actions affect the role of the player, in the role of their so-called "dream", and in the name of dreams to rationalize their own behavior. When these dreams are in the form of material came out, in addition to the staggering shock, but what a shame. None of the songs from head to toe in the cloud

Of course, dreams, between fans and their idols are more difficult to quantify factors--love. Love is explained by science as a mental illness, this disease that cannot be cured through human history and thus cannot be measured with a simple standard of right and wrong. Fans love for idols probably only with United Kingdom writer Somerset Maugham wrote novels in the veil of sentences:

"I know you're stupid, frivolous, empty the mind, yet I love you. I know your intentions, your ideals, you are snobbish or vulgar, yet I love you. I know you're a second-rate, but I love you. In order to appreciate what you are passionate about those things I try to show you I'm not ignorant and vulgar, gossip, stupid, I struggled. I know that wisdom will make you frightened, so timid. I love you so much, that I don't care. As far as I know, people are falling in love with someone and not to return, often feel sad and disappointed, then become angry and bitter. I am not like that. I never expect you to love me, I never thought you would have reason to love me, I never thought he loved. I love you should be grateful to be given the opportunity. "

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NET exposure Sichuan Yibin community chosen as places of drug needles and over

"See these needles is the scalp tingle. "On November 23, the netizens and explosive material, said Guang Yuan, cuiping district, Yibin city in Sichuan province has chosen among several drug-taking place in the district, and has been left unattended to.

NET exposure Sichuan Yibin community chosen as places of drug needles and over, police involved in the investigation

Inserting needles in the wall @ Le Le 518 micro blog

The afternoon of November 27, surging revitalization of Public Security Bureau of Yibin Avenue police station to news (www.thepaper.CN) confirmed that these communities there are drug addicts, after they received a public report to the higher authorities will deal with this matter as soon as possible. Gulangyu pianist Yin chengzong there should not

NET exposure Sichuan Yibin community chosen as places of drug needles and over, police involved in the investigation

@ Le Le 518 micro blog

Fact surging friends tell news, tenants of the Garden District, he was the Sun, 19, third and fourth floors of the building, a total of 8 suites just a family. Starting from 2010, this two-story room and slowly accumulated garbage, as well as a large number of needles.

NET exposure Sichuan Yibin community chosen as places of drug needles and over, police involved in the investigation

NET exposure picture shows, a few spare rooms, filled with trash and old wooden cabinet insert multiple needles, the ground strewn with some needles.

NET exposure Sichuan Yibin community chosen as places of drug needles and over, police involved in the investigation

"Once I passed on the third floor, there is a person like just finished sucking drug walk out from the chosen, staring at me, I feel like running away in fear. "Broke the user said, it was his understanding that, around this issue occurs, is for sale to drug officers to live in, thus attracted drug users.

The user said, went to buy drugs is generally a person, mostly male. Area residents on this matter has been very wary, so not to alert the police, only to reflect the community.

NET exposure Sichuan Yibin community chosen as places of drug needles and over, police involved in the investigation NET exposure Sichuan Yibin community chosen as places of drug needles and over, police involved in the investigation

In this regard, the community neighborhood Committee workers surging news that Sun Yuan, who recently received the community residents, have been police.

NET exposure Sichuan Yibin community chosen as places of drug needles and over, police involved in the investigation

Residents said "drug for sale in the district", a revitalization of the road, police said local police scrutiny of drugs, but have not checked the plot remains unclear.

In addition, the Yibin Public Security Bureau official micro-blog management via Twitter direct message tells the surging news, local public security authorities had on the matter involved in the investigation.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sichuan Teachers College was pulled to the factory and hundreds of new film

Two months of school, on a specialized Hall did not, more than 200 students have been to Xiamen to attend the school "social work"; learned kindergarten teaching, "social practice" was on the line to foil their phone. On November 25, shuangliu County, Chengdu of Sichuan Normal University studying transportation and mechanical technician colleges reflect several students to the online hotline for people in Sichuan province, the school organized the freshmen to the Xiamen company "social practice", and linked with the credits, diplomas, in completely unrelated to your major and work, "this practice right? "

Practice: student foil to the factory, working 12 hours a day

Chengdu city, Sichuan Normal University, transport and mechanical technician colleges teaching freshmen this year xiaowen told reporters on September 1 after admission, schools they had Chinese, maths, English and other courses to help them preparing for entrance examination, exams, and schools on this batch of students sent them to Xiamen, Fujian, Chen hung-technology participate in the "social"-the phone-line foil.

Xiaowen felt that the students "didn't even a specialized section on, were brought to social practice, which is not appropriate. "Even more to their surprise is, some students majoring in pre-school education for school furnished (kindergarten teacher), also wants to go to the factory to foil their phone.

Xiaowen's another classmate Xiao Jiang says, "teachers stressed that this practice must participate, 6 credits, not to take the No 6 minutes, will affect the diploma. "

On November 1, xiaowen over more than 200 students into the factory, such as "social". Before work, students were asked, the school signed a tripartite agreement with the company.

No two days, Xiao Wen discovered something was amiss: initially said the 8-hour working day became "two shifts", working time of up to 12 hours a day, often shift some jobs for a week without a break. They feel that life is too hard, find teacher reflected, said teacher advised them "not to leave, signed to resign the contract money will be deducted. "

According to Xiao Wen introduced, and they are almost all students to work together in this work, vocational colleges from around the country. Reporter contacted the students, at least including the Sichuan Tianyi Academy (Jintang campus) and other many Sichuan schools, students are underage students under the age of 18.

Response: enterprises, without interest, teacher bonuses by the enterprise

On November 25, the people Wen XING Zhen XI aviation Hong Kong hotline reporter arrived at shuangliu airport economic development zone, Chengdu, Sichuan Normal University traffic and mechanical technician colleges teaching confirmation. After many setbacks, the school's vice principal Liu Yirong interviewed.

Liu Yirong confirmed that the school does have 8 Professional more than more than 260 new students in Xiamen, Chen hung-science and technology participate in social practice. This group of students has just been coming in late October after attending college entrance examination, the result hasn't come out, no school, also has not officially admitted, is in waiting for the admission stage, if all goes well, March 2016 will be brought to school. Breaking News

Said Liu Yirong, finished the entrance examination and obtaining student status for some time in the Middle, its schools, this time to participate in social practice, belonging to the school curriculum, one of the aim is to enable students to better adapt to society, the management of the world's top 500 enterprises. "Public hotline-reporter Chen hung-Xiamen science and technology official website found that the company claimed to be focused on Taiwan-funded enterprises, but they can't find nominated world top 500 or the words of China's top 500.

For kindergarten teaching students across professional practice issues, Liu Yirong explained 2015 fall admissions students choose when kindergarten teaching, but because enrollment is limited, schools did not open this major, other professional entrance examination when filling their re-election, so there is no social practice of students go to mobile phone factory.

On "working more than 8 hours", Liu Yirong believes that students ' work hours are completely in accordance with the provisions, "this enterprise there must be working overtime or night work, the school will try to coordinate with the factory when students work long, can be led by a teacher and business consultations. "

"Although social credit link, but we will not force students to participate in social activities. If you are not satisfied with their conditions in Xiamen, can be arranged by the school to other enterprise social practice, also allows students to look for companies to practice. "Liu Yirong said, the firm is a unit of school-enterprise cooperation, cooperation between the two sides have maintained at least 3 years, but she also stressed that the" relationship between school and there are no benefits to the enterprise, students ' social practice is paid directly by the enterprise according to the workload issue. "

But Vice President Liu also admitted that, currently at the school in Xiamen, Chen-hung led a total of 4 teachers of science and technology, "the basic salary for teachers from the school, corporate bonuses, bonuses based on the students ' heads issued averaged 10-15 Yuan. "

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Today s local news select list universities Secretary of confession I was sent

Photo: network

"Shandong" Secretary of qilu large confessions exposed: I was sent money to his family with a sense of accomplishment

A month ago, original party Secretary Xu Tongwen cheeloo University of technology on suspicion of bribery, corruption in heze city intermediate people's Court were tried and sentenced in public, he was sentenced to 13 years ' imprisonment and confiscation of 500,000 yuan of personal property. Prosecutors found that Xu Tongwen beginning in the first year of leadership of corruption, 117 times in the school for 14 years for accepting bribes totalling more than 4 million Yuan. Business's reach for recruitment, tenders, purchase links work and almost all of the College.

And how does he walk the road of corruption? Today, the procuratorial daily published his confessions for answering this question.

"Before 2003, during the planning of linyi University, raised a building Fund for the school, I will feel a sense of accomplishment. Can be after 2012, every time I hear someone sent money to his family, I will not feel a sense of accomplishment. "Xu Tongwen said in his confession.

In his view, that ignorance of the law has a great relationship with myself. "For example, the long time I thought that receiving a gift card is not a bribe, received less than 10,000 yuan of money is not a crime, and so on. These terrible and silly mistakes, resulting in what I received not a penny refused to accept, whose money and everything. "Xu Tongwen says.

Schools are imparting knowledge and educating people, but some colleges and universities campus due to a close operation on the rights to be hardest hit by corruption corruption case.

"Shaanxi" found that 110 years ago, lueyang "Hanyang" rail in the Qing dynasty still in use

According to the Xian evening news reported recently, some netizens in lueyang County, Shaanxi iron and steel limited liability company found on the railway line of jialing River Bridge in service of rail, it was made in the Qing dynasty, surprised admiration of these hundreds of years old Rails was too strong. Kunming municipal party Committee Gao Jinsong

Is located in the South of the county seat across the jialing River of steel railway lines the road less often people go walking on the bridge for sightseeing. Recently, some observant netizens discovered, several rail track in the bridge raised on cast of complex characters "1902 Hanyang", as well as letters and numbers of the serial number. According to some experts, this rail is Hanyang iron manufacture in the late Qing dynasty, on the track "1902" "1909" and other digital production era.

"Sichuan" Chengdu municipal party Committee Li Kunxue, Deputy Party Secretary Zhou Yongkang, was found after the promotion has been encouraged

Sichuan Tiger and the new Act. According to the Sichuan online news, Deputy Secretary of the Chengdu municipal Committee Li Kunxue suspected serious disciplinary violations, currently under investigation.

Li Kunxue Lok reason is still unclear, but the data also showed that a few years ago after he was promoted to Vice Secretary of Sichuan, Zhou Yongkang, also said in a survey during the overlap with. According to the legal daily reported on October 18, October 14 to 15th, Secretary of the central political and Legislative Affairs Committee of the Politburo, Zhou Yongkang, Sichuan for investigation and research.

The morning of October 15, Zhou Yongkang visited the municipal Public Security Bureau of Chengdu, Chengdu city people's Procuratorate, people's Court in Chengdu city, Sichuan province, national security agency, visit condolences to police officers. Li Kunxue, say: "thank you encouraged us to Zhou Shuji, Chengdu University of public security police must faithfully practice the core values of law enforcement and police officers, will live up to their sacred mission entrusted by the people. "

"Jiangxi" Nanchang sea out of Western Han dynasty when rare Lin-toe gold relics has been unearthed from the tomb of Mawangdui

Thanks to Han dynasty burial customs, Nanchang sea out of Western Han dynasty Tomb of Marquis surprise people is not over.

According to the keepers, from November 21 to 23rd, the archaeologists unearthed in Nanchang sea out of Western Han dynasty Tomb of Marquis to 2 boxes of pie, a total of 187. Moreover, archaeologists also found 25 silver dichondra, including rare Lin-toe gold 10.

Since November 4, Nanchang sea evening Hou archaeological excavation of the tomb of Western Han dynasty initial results were announced, has been under scrutiny. It is reported that sea-Hou tombs unearthed tens of thousands of faint, has exceeded the Han tombs at Mawangdui in Changsha.

Nanchang fainted when the sea of Western Han dynasty tombs were found in China's most complete, clear layout, the best preserved of the Han dynasty, Hou cemetery. After 5 years of archaeological excavations, which were unearthed from the tomb of gold, bronze, iron, jade, lacquer furniture, textiles, ceramics, bamboo, inscribed wooden tablet and other types of more than 10,000 pieces of precious cultural relics.

"Hunan" provincial party Committee Organization Department regulations: Secretary of the County Organization Department length with sibling with the origin

Hunan provincial party Committee Organization Department recently issued a circular on strengthening the construction of County party Committee Organization Department long strictly the regulations, sought to further raise the level of scientific organizations.

Provides proposed, organization Minister shall not in I growth to served, General shall not and sibling Party Secretary for same origin (was born to, and growth to); shall not directly is in charge of Government work, shall not served as various project construction command head, General not who other sector or institutions main head; where in de of aspects evaluation not high, and or independent Commission against corruption aspects doubts, and or violation organization personnel discipline by had discipline disciplines disposition of, are cannot served as organization Minister.

In addition, this provision also specifically listed is not up to ministerial posts of the organization needs to be adjusted "negative lists", including the dire consequences of a violation of political discipline and organization and personnel discipline; perform local selection and appointment are not due to grave mistakes have a harsh impact solution on your local personnel selection problems in avoiding problems, can't play.

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Cgnpc purchased along the way for clean energy projects in the area installed

Local time November 23, 2015 afternoon, China wide nuclear group limited (following referred to in the wide nuclear) and Malaysia Egypt de pulled global energy company (Edra Global Energy Bhd, referred to Egypt de pulled company) in Kuala Lumpur signed has Egypt de pulled company subordinates power project company equity and the new project development right (following referred to "Egypt de pulled project") of equity acquisition agreement, marks in the wide nuclear in full of market competition in the bid success.

It is reported that Ed company is Southeast Asia's leading independent power producer, has a holding capacity in transit 6.62 million-kilowatt, the capacity equivalent of one-fourth in three Gorges hydroelectric power station installed capacity. These 13 power projects in Malaysia, and Egypt, Bangladesh, U.A.E., Pakistan five "along the way" along national, major clean energy generation to gas projects mainly in Southeast Asia is rich in clean energy project development experience. Meanwhile, ED also actively develop other clean energy projects, which 3.77 million-kilowatt has signed power purchase agreements or binding memorandum of understanding, mainly reserve for natural gas, solar and other clean energy generation projects.

He Yu, Chairman of cgnpc introduced ed project's existing portfolio and business development and development orientation of China Guangdong Nuclear clean energy high, and with cgnpc belongs to Korea gas power generation project could form a strong synergistic effect. This acquisition will promote wider international nuclear clean energy projects continue to grow, on the other hand, Ed the country of the project are "along the way" on behalf of the State, is currently the most widely distributed and largest "along the way" project. Cgnpc acquired Ed 13 power projects of the company, to China "along the way" major response strategies and to actively promote, and further promote the China Guangdong nuclear "going out" the implementation of the strategy. SFC opening external funding tickets: four futures

As overseen by SASAC mega-clean energy enterprises, cgnpc is committed to building a world-class clean energy as the world's leading clean energy provider and the service provider. At the end of October 2015, cgnpc nuclear power units in transit 14 units, installed capacity of 14.92 million-kilowatt, is the nation's largest nuclear operator, safety performance to keep the world's advanced level. Cgnpc also has 12 nuclear power plants under construction, installed capacity of 14.45 million-kilowatt, 1/5 of the total global nuclear power capacity under construction, is the world's largest builder of nuclear power. Meanwhile, cgnpc nuclear and non-nuclear clean energy collaborative development strategy, actively promoting wind power, hydropower, solar, gas and other non-nuclear clean energy projects. At the end of October 2015, cgnpc shipped non-nuclear clean energy installed capacity 12.73 million-kilowatt, the project covering the country's 29 provinces, realized the scale and efficiency of development. Among them, the overseas 3.02 million-kilowatt of total installed capacity, mainly in Korea and the United Kingdom, and France, and Australia, and Singapore and other countries. With the completion of the acquisition, China Guangdong Nuclear nuclear clean energy installed capacity reached 19.35 million-kilowatt in transit, plus nuclear power installed capacity of the project, has more than 34 million-kilowatt shipped in clean energy Assembly machine.

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Cut Beijing Xuanwu hospital Vice President signs are stable but not doctor patient

Cut Beijing Xuanwu hospital Vice President signs are stable but not doctor-patient dispute

Photo: vision China

The evening of November 18, Xuanwu hospital, capital Medical University Vice President Wang Lihong was slashed, interface information learned from the Xuanwu hospital, Wang Lihong to rescue, the current stable vital signs.

Amid speculation that the case is with tense doctor-patient relationship-related.

However, Xuanwu hospital said the publicity staff to interface, this is the case for criminal cases, but has nothing to do with disputes between doctors and patients.

For the specific circumstances of the case, the staff member added that police involved in the investigation, but the suspects still at large, on the nature of the case, details will be subject to police.

According to the Beijing times reported earlier, according to Xuanwu hospital emergency room medical staff said, Wang Lihong was cut in yihai garden, Fengtai District, underground garage, "in the chest, neck, a total of four."

Xuanwu Hospital of capital Medical University official website shows Wang Lihong, Xuanwu hospital, capital Medical University, Vice President, responsible for medical, nursing, hospital, pharmaceutical, medical information system. In charge of medical services, nursing, Home Office, information Office of the Ministry. Reject not only stroke patients in a hospital

In October this year, an article entitled the Informationization is the song "the quality and safety of health care" theme--an interview with Wang Lihong, Vice President of Xuanwu Hospital of capital Medical University mentioned in the article, Wang Lihong from Xuanwu hospital medical service officer to the House leadership, engaged in medical administration more than 20 years. During the period of his tenure, has been stressing that "the quality and safety of health care."

It is understood that the Fengtai Public Security Bureau was doing further investigation at present, but as of press time, interface journalists the police investigation of the case could not be reached for further cases.

And according to an interview with Xinhua, Xuanwu hospital emergency room medical staff was informed that Wang Lihong was tracking robberies in the district prior to the incident.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Year value of hundreds of billions of Yuan is broken incineration high calorific

Year value of hundreds of billions of Yuan is broken incineration: high calorific value, low water

On November 18, 2015, Yancheng, Jiangsu, arrived from Nanjing city a car damaged original value of about 3 billion yuan RMB in the discharge of power generation companies. This picture for vision China

On November 12, 2015, the 2015 Edition of the fifth series of RMB 100 Yuan notes to meet people. Many people get a new "local payments", they have a question, where have all the old ones broken Yuan? Reporters began to ask, tinghu district is located in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, territory of the yandong biomass power plant in Yancheng, Jiangsu Guoxin incinerator was Jiangsu who broken the Yuan's "Finish" their treasure here, burning into electricity. The difficult landing a gulangyu Island tourist

Year value of hundreds of billions of Yuan is broken incineration: high calorific value, low water

Red and gray-green "bricks" for damaged RMB 100 Yuan and 50 Yuan crushed separately pressed into every piece of the original value of about 30,000 yuan.

On November 18, the biomass power plant fuel in Yancheng, Jiangsu Guoxin Zhu Hongwei told reporters that after residual money destroys a free car shipping to Yancheng. "A car disabled notes about the original value of 3 billion yuan and weighing 30 tons a month shipment 5 car, brought in about 1800 tons of residual money all year round, and straw mixing burning. "Zhu Hongwei said after money waste residue to discharge and then crushed, making it easier to burn. Biomass power plant will use the money waste residue as raw materials for power generation, is also due to compared to the residual money waste and other biomass as a fuel, its characteristics and the burning of biomass power generation requirements perfectly and high calorific value, water is low.

Year value of hundreds of billions of Yuan is broken incineration: high calorific value, low water

Into "bricks" residual money after waste will still be able to see the original lines.

It is reported that the note-issuing waste residue in biomass power plants outside of biomass power generation, incineration ash can also make building bricks, in the construction sector continued to play dictates.

Year value of hundreds of billions of Yuan is broken incineration: high calorific value, low water

In order to facilitate the incineration, pressed into blocks again damaging the Renminbi must be crushed.

"Money-a load of 30 tons of residual waste to power 30,000-kilowatt. Calculated to household electricity 100-kilowatt time, monthly money-burning broken waste power available to a family about 300 months. "Zhu Hongwei told reporters that since March 2014, today the company has burned money-about 2000 tonnes of residual waste, and through the full combustion, high efficiency bag filter, using incineration ashes making building bricks with a series of means to achieve residual money waste harmless and sustainable process.

Year value of hundreds of billions of Yuan is broken incineration: high calorific value, low water

Because of the incinerator is designed for burning straw, thus damaging the renminbi and mixed with straw burning, burning fully.

Year value of hundreds of billions of Yuan is broken incineration: high calorific value, low water

Money did you collect and straw was on the conveyor belt, sent to incinerators, which they all.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I used to be IS a hostage than airstrikes they were more afraid of our

I used to be IS a hostage than airstrikes, they were more afraid of our solidarity

On April 20, 2014, the day after the rescue, Justine and hollande's public appearances. Agence France-Presse

"In Syria, I realized that ' Islamic countries ' desire to incite revenge, we should not fall into this trap. "France Press nigula·Haining (Nicolas h e Nin) told the United Kingdom the guardian.

Haining was extremist "Islamic countries" (IS) being held hostage for 10 months, during participation in the so-called "Jihad" terrorists from a careful study of the daily life. In his view, the people of pain and sorrow, hope and life will not touch these terrorists, they are living in a separate world.

On Friday, France suffered historic after the terrorist attacks in Paris, Henin and the guardian discusses his views on this incident.

Use "filters" to interpret the world

Henin said as a proud Frenchman, who like others, feel pain for terrorist violence in Paris. However, this is not surprising, nor make people doubt.

"A lot of people just by their publicity materials to understand ' Islamic State ', but I saw some things behind. At the time I become their hostage, I see a lot of ' Islamic State ' member. ' Saint John ' the muhanmode·aiwazi has guarded me, he gave me a nickname called a ' Baldy (Baldy). "

Henin told the guardian, even now, he also through social media and IS a member of the chat. In his opinion, IS through outreach and public relations and advertising to create its super hero's "brand image", but far beyond the lens, more of a sad side: ideology and power heads street children.

Henin said the militants responsible for guarding him sometimes play some childish trick – mental torture. "One day, they suddenly said we would be released, but after two weeks, they seem to be inadvertently reveal, one of us will be executed the next day. Beginning of we'll believe them, then we know that they are talking about, just on us having fun. "

On one occasion, militants will Haining simulated executions. They chloroform anesthesia, a group of French speaking people chanted: "we will cut off your head, put it on your ass, and upload the video on YouTube. "Everything to do with real beheading case exactly the same. In the infancy of the "game" of militants laughing, while Henin was combined with the screaming, so that they have more fun.

In Henin's view, ideology of these militants are being "brainwashed" products, with their own "filters" to explain everything they see, adhere to a variety of conspiracy theories, are not aware of the existence of opposing views. They distorted firmly believe that they are on the right road.

Henin told the guardian says IS world view, other social groups are not harmonious living with them. Every day, they would find evidence to prove that the core beliefs. Thus, when Germany people welcomed the influx of large numbers of immigrants, and such news and photos among other things make them upset, external social cohesion and tolerance is what they want to see.

Haining firmly believe that they will pay close attention to all the news about the terrorist attacks in Paris.

"I guess they will repeatedly praise, ' we won. ' "Nigula·Haining said, IS the militants will now focus on all the news reports about terrorist attacks in Paris, overreaction, and have a tendency to isolation, fear, racial discrimination and xenophobia of signals would greatly encourage their.

"Bombing is what they want, is what they are afraid of solidarity"

Why IS would choose France start?

In Henin's view, this is because the Member IS France as continental Europe's weakest link, they think in France, separatist tendencies can be easily spread.

Greatly enhance efforts to combat IS expressed France's response. Within 48 hours of the terrorist atrocities, France to Syria IS more than 20 bombs were dropped inside.

In this regard, Henin told the guardian admits that revenge may be inevitable, but France also needs to be a cautious response, he worries that massive air strikes might make the situation worse. Investigation PhD farm Chinese Academy of Sciences

"When we tried to destroy IS when more than 500,000 civilians trapped in La to do? What about their safety? If our military action against some of these civilians become extremists do? "Henin appears to protect Syria war zone civilians should be France's priority, not in Syria dropped more bombs. He said that France needs to build a no fly zone to ensure that Syria for the safety of civilians, otherwise, there will be more people spontaneously formed a similar organization IS.

Henin said he wanted France to follow Canada, exit on Syria IS air strikes in the territory. Canada's new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau after a successful campaign last month, announced its withdrawal from the Syria RAID.

But Henin is not optimistic, "reason told me it was possible, but pragmatism tells me that it will not happen. "The fact that France is in trouble:" the ' Islamic State ' we are stuck. They arrived in Paris with Kalashnikov assault rifles, said they wanted France to cease immediately the Syria RAID, and they also know that terror attacks will only let us continue bombing in Paris, and even intensified air strikes. This is what's happening. "

According to the United States media reported earlier, "Saint John" muhanmode·aiwazi was killed in a joint air strikes, France Parliament has expressed a celebration. In the Aivaz killings "spree", he also adopted a dual strategy of intimidation. A video display, killing a United States journalist zhanmusi·Fuli after, he points to the camera tip, turns to the next execution of the victims, said: "Obama, you have to stop in the Middle East situation, or I will kill him. "

Henin said Aivaz clearly knows the fate of the hostages, he also clearly know the United States will be how to respond-the more bombing. This is what IS wanted, but, really, do you want to respond?

Justine Henin believes that there is no viable political route and planned to intervene in local, but he believes that IS bound to collapse, political forces will make this happen. While in France after the terrorist atrocities in Paris, the French needed to do more. "We want to have a strong mind and good resilience, that is the ' Islamic State ' real fear. I understand them: the bombing was what they wanted, and unity is what they fear. "

Monday, November 16, 2015

LV closed 3 stores in China the luxury end of the era of fast money in China

LV closed 3 stores in China: the luxury end of the era of fast money in China

The financial times said LVMH are expected to close more stores in China in the coming months. Xu Haifeng surge information Bull morning news δΈ¨ Zhou xiaochuan and SFC, and September 7, you

Another luxury brand close now, this is the famous LV (Louis Vuitton).

According to the United Kingdom, the Financial Times reported that LVMH (Louis Vuitton) closed at the three restaurants of Guangzhou, Harbin and Urumqi in China, giving the luxury goods group, only about 50 stores in mainland China.

The financial times said LVMH are expected to close more stores in China in the coming months. Until recently, located in the "Rust Belt" of Harbin and Shenyang, have two or three of the Louis Vuitton store, according to people familiar with the matter said, this France brand is planning to shut down the shops in these cities.

In the past few years, luxury branded stores in China used to the increase in the number of curves, each closing is in the news. Allegedly, last year, Hugo Boss closed, 7, Burberry closes 4; this year, the Prada stores in China greatly reduced volume of 2014 30%, 33; Armani outlets number from 49 to 44 per cent; CHANEL store at 11, is the largest branch of the half.

While the public sees is closing, but for luxury brands, for its part, they prefer to refer to this initiative as part of the store policy is changed by adjusting the overall consumption environment.

That is also the case, most comfortable luxury in China, high-growth, high-profit era has ended. Harder than ever to do business, fighting corruption and building a large number of luxury was sold as a gift without a way out, a large number of Chinese people going abroad to buy luxury goods, now slide in economic growth also makes the prospects for luxury goods consumption theoretically less optimistic.

Last month, the LV's parent company, LVMH has said on a conference call with investors closing information out, "If you had two LV stores in second-tier cities, or considering closing some stores. "The third quarter of this year, as Chinese consumers have been stock market crash, and the impact of devaluation of the Yuan against the dollar to 3%, the Group's performance in the Asian market also took a hit, especially the flagship brand LV.

Now stores of luxury brands including LV strategy is "to close some stores with poor operating conditions, remains the best location of the shop", large shop area reached 3000~4000 square meters. Before this round of closing, LV this year opened new stores in Beijing and Hangzhou, respectively.

LV16 Japanese response to the closures, saying, "will continue to invest in the store network in China, to boost our hopes to provide customers with the level of experience. "

Do not assume that "enhance the experience" is formulaic. No worries about the sale of the day, opened more stores means being able to make more money is bad, need to think hard about how to attract more people into the stores. To focus resources more stylish shops, display more categories, enhance the function of the store, passing culture can not only enhance the brand image and really improve the consumer experience.

Again, performance crisis after the United States brands high profile Coach announced that the fiscal year 2015-2017, plans to spend about $ 570 million for rearranging stores.

Reasons for luxury to close some stores, including China's business environment is fast changing. Most brands are ten years ago to enter the Chinese market, ten years downtown in the fall and rise of the new business district in, adjustment is required, close has become inevitable, "was cast as opened the shop, turn the great thing now", a luxury goods surging journalists say people in the industry.

Fortune character Dean Ling Tai says, if closed two years ago, luxury stores is a passive withdrawal, now represented by the LV luxury brands to closing, except out of profits outside the point of consideration, is also a proactive strategy. In her view, business structure, O2O luxury goods will be more ways to provide the experience and services, stores will be used as image display and one way to support online services. Changing patterns of market operation, will make the luxury brand entity business structure under the adjusted line.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

XI Jinping China programme will give powerful impetus to world economic

XI Jinping, China

China's economy remains a powerful driving force for the development of the world economy.

In China President XI to Turkey participate in G20 Summit Zhiji, G20 and emerging national development strategy Research Center Director Zhang Qizuo wrote said, XI President as participate in two big Summit of maximum emerging market heads of State, representative China in two big Summit Shang informed China on hosted 2016 G20 Summit envisaged, combined "Thirteen-Five" planning recommends show China economic light prospects, described insisted and manpower domestic international two overall, proposed achieved Asia-Pacific since trade district of policy recommends, and through "way area" And the international cooperation capacity transfer new cooperation initiatives and "China plan" will give powerful impetus for the development of China and the world.

Zhang Qizuo, said "China is not the engine of the global economy? "Bound in the meetings of the G20 and APEC" two summits "thrown on the heated discussion.

He wrote, it turns out, the international status of China's economy rapidly, China has become the largest emerging-market countries, remarkable progress, for the steady recovery of the world economy has injected strong momentum, and become the leading engine of global economic growth.

He also said that China has entered a deep stage of interaction with the world, is the world's second-largest economy and the economic growth rate of countries, is the world's first exporter and second largest importer, the world's largest to attract foreign investment and the third-largest foreign investor in the country. How many people in China have financial dinner

Zhang Qizuo noted that the current world economic recovery weak very weak, 2015 global growth at its lowest level since 2009. LMF has four times to reduce global economic growth forecast for this year, down from 3.8% so far 3.3%, forecast China's economic growth will reach the level of 6.8%, Russia and Brazil-3.8% and-3%, respectively.

Zhang Qizuo believes that from the international financial crisis, the emerging markets are an important force in supporting global economic growth, and China's contribution to global economic growth peaked at over 50%.

He said China "despite downward pressure, 2015 years 6.9% China's economic growth in the third quarter, ahead of 10 million people in employment, continue to maintain the economy at a reasonable interval for the year, is still in the high side and growing contributor to global economic growth rate this year of up to 30%. "

Friday, November 13, 2015

Henan sent investigation teams investigate human food stored grain in Henan

Zhengzhou Xinhua News on November 13, reporters from Henan branch of grain storage on the day was informed that previously sold grain that appears difficult to look up in Henan province, some farmers "back door" and selling grain, relevant bureaux and departments have set up a joint investigation team will be similar against farmers ' interests, the sale of "human food" a thorough investigation of the situation.

Because food harvests year after year, stock prices continued unilateral gains, State-owned inventory at a high level, traditional major grain-producing province Henan appeared recently sold food, limited capacity as a scarce resource, part of the library staff took the opportunity to rent freeloaders, charged to sell grain farmers, "wouldn't".

Xinhua recently advertised news, recogniting the occurrence of the above situation.

Xinhua reported that from food brokers in huangchuan town Zhang Zhenhai introduced white shops within a radius of 30 km from town this year a delegate of grain storage in the library also opened food, queues hundreds of cars, but the day unloading less than 10 cars. Breaking News

"I have had more than 50,000 kilos of grain, have been waiting for a week also didn't sell. Some queued for longer and are waiting for more than 10 days. But also people can unload a prying is selling ' people food ', each time you want to almost 500 yanzhi wouldn't can yanzhi without queuing, end directly weigh incoming inspection. "

Stored grain in Henan branch officials told reporters that the company attaches great importance to reports of "back door" sold food, after immediate preliminary understanding of the stored grain in huangchuan, mentioned in the report received "Commission" white huangchuan town buying point for grain, huangchuan affiliated enterprises, was entrusted by the grain company to buy one. Stored grain in Henan branch is the joint Government of xinyang city, Henan provincial grain Bureau and, formed investigation teams investigate this matter. Detailed investigation is still ongoing.

The official also said that "human food" phenomenon once verified, will be seriously dealt with those responsible and, if necessary, on the library points to waive rectification. While giving top priority to all commissioned reserve to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the area, further reaffirmed support, acquisition policy requirements, maintaining the grain purchase order for the effective implementation of national agricultural policies.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Jiangxi Nanchang a restaurant explosion 8 injured 5 people seriously 3 covers

Jiangxi Nanchang a restaurant explosion: 8 injured 5 people seriously, 3 covers blown Jiangxi Nanchang a restaurant explosion: 8 injured 5 people seriously, 3 covers blown

Lian Tang Zhen Lian North Road, Xiang GE, Nanchang County restaurant explosion accident occurred. Pictures from the Internet Jiuzhaigou is 57 years old temporary pick dung

Nanchang evening paper, the evening of November 11, Lian Tang Zhen Lian North Road, Xiang GE, Nanchang County restaurant explosion accident occurred. Witnesses said the 7 o'clock 3 explosions were heard, see the kitchen of 3 covers were blown up, all rushing out of scrapes that were burned red. Accident injuring 8 people, 5 of them seriously injured, the injured have been rushed to hospital for medical treatment.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Zhongcai Office Director Liu crane won China s top economics awards are considered

Zhongcai Office Director Liu crane won China's top economics awards are considered here the core think tank

Photo: network Development and Reform Commission, eight major

On November 8, the 16th (2014) Sun yefang economics awards ceremony, the central financial and economic leading Group Office Director Liu crane, with its published in 2012 of the comparative study of the two global crises, reap awards.

Reportedly, 2010 central fiscal do had started "two times global big crisis of compared research" subject, invited people's Bank of China, and silver prison will, and Academy of social sciences, and State Development Research Center, and Peking University, units related research personnel participate in, on in the 1930 of the 20th century of big depression and 2008 outbreak of international financial crisis for compared research, by Shi any zhongcai do Deputy Director, and State Development Research Center Party Secretary of Liu crane served as subject group leader.

The study's overall report is the comparative study of the two global crises, Liu crane for the paper's authors. In 2012, the paper, published in the 5th issue of the journal.

Sun yefang Economics Prize Committee of the comparative study of the two global crises of the highly, calling it both at home and abroad about the 2008 international financial crisis "an important representative of". They of awards Word wrote, papers will 2008 international financial crisis put in Centennial to world economic development of big background Xia, system, and full and deep to compared has it and 1929 big crisis of difference points and same points, from technology long cycle changes, and income distribution gap had big, multiple aspects analysis has crisis produced of deep reasons, discusses has crisis of again distribution effect and States strength of relative transfer, proposed 3 points important policy thinking, not only in at produced has important effect, now seems is science and right of.

Statistics show that Sun yefang Economics Prize economics, China is by far the highest awards, known as "China's Nobel Prize", in 1983, comprises Yu Guangyuan, Xue muqiao, Yao Yilin, song ping and other academic institutions, the political celebrities jointly initiated the establishment. Since 1985, established and named after, the award selection, is awarded every two years. Li keqiang, Zhou xiaochuan, and Wu Jinglian, and Li Yining, Lou Jiwei, Chen, Lin and other all won awards.

This times and Liu crane papers while award of also has back history--Marx doctrine economics in China of spread Qian history, and inclusive sex development and social fair policy of select, and China reform: history, and logic and future, and high investment, and macro cost and economic growth of continued sex, and competitive savings motivation: China continued growth of gender proportion and savings rate, and China enterprise in the of unions and workers welfare, works and papers.

Media reports earlier, as Director of the Office of the central financial and economic leading group, Deputy Director of the national development and Reform Commission, 62-year old Liu crane was involved in a number of national reform plan design, is believed to be China's economic policy think tank, the future of China's economic development theory "trader".

Today, Liu crane papers received this honor, which is described?

The paper pointed out that the population structure of two crises, technical conditions, the developed economies and social systems, the degree of globalization and emerging countries rise and the global economy are not the same. But also a lot of the similarities of the two crises.

First of all, the two crises is the common background in the aftermath of major technological revolution. "Harbinger is that in the future when major revolution occurred after, not only need to recognize its progress, seize its opportunities, but also to give full meaning to the major change would emerge fully estimate the impact shock and challenge. "Pointed out in the article.

Secondly, before the crisis, have experienced an unprecedented economic boom, birthplace of the crisis the Government has adopted a laissez-faire economic policy. Moreover, the precursor to crisis when the income gap is too large. "This one has to do with globalization, the Internet, and the development of knowledge economy and economy virtualization level, changes in the population structure of different countries have more relationships. But the most prominent manifestations are separation of nominal ownership and real control over the means of production, the concentration of power into the hands of few virtual economic elite. "

In addition, in the context of public policy space be squeezed through a small, populist policies taken by Governments of developed countries are often helped fuel the crisis. The article pointed out: "populist promises to change the public's welfare expectations, increased dependence on Government, also relaxed his fighting determination is extremely negative, corrosive. Fatal problem is that once the public welfare expectations were not met, social psychology soon reversed, and defiance of authority, refused to change and is hostile to the success of the intense atmosphere. "Before the crisis, mass psychology are speculative in the extreme conditions continue to make themselves believe it could be reason to get rich overnight.

Crucial is that both crises were associated with monetary policy. After the outbreak of the crisis, policy makers always face populist, nationalist political ideology and economic problems of the three challenges, market forces continue to challenge convincing Government policy, which makes the situation even worse.

Liu crane warned in the text: "of particular importance is, in self-logic process of the crisis there will always be unexpected events, a series of out of control and a miscarriage of Justice has occurred frequently. "

In addition to the proposed rule of crisis, this paper also observed the solution of the crisis: "only developed into the most difficult stage of the crisis, it is possible to force an effective solution, this solution is often a significant theoretical innovation. "

Liu He explained in the text, this theory might argue about the global economy's most substantial and difficult issues: the world's total demand and capital, technology and labor in the global macro configuration imbalance situation, coupled with economic growth in some countries in dire straits, bringing both their socio-political issues, are quick to spread around the world. However, there is no clear idea how to solve this problem.

Finally, he drew attention to the crisis with a strong redistributive effect, "it will cause the power transfer of power and the significant changes in the international economic order." In his view, allocated by the crisis is not just a country's wealth and strength comparison between countries. Overwhelming the redistributive effects of the crisis, the world economic order would continue to grow steadily, but major irreversible change.

  Sun yefang Economics Prize Committee Director former Director Zhang zhuoyuan, China Academy of social sciences, Institute of Economics said in an interview with the globe and people magazine they believed Liu crane was in place this paper summarizes: "the judge especially after the 2008 crisis trends, now appears to be accurate, such as slow recovery, there will be new problems, and so on. Finally came to the revelation, for example set the bottom line thinking, to grasp the strategic opportunity period in China, such as significant changes in the contents of current policy is forward-looking, indicative significance. "

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Editorial to stop runway chaos

In recent days, local authorities ordered the construction of Shenzhen eradication of Mei Lin primary school the new paved runway. !mWhy wear Chinese clothes need a beard: Jia pingwa's offering f

In July of this year, Shenzhen Mei Lin primary school on the campus of the runway construction, acceptance, some students nosebleeds, cough and other symptoms of the body. Tested by the experts, the campus track toluene and xylene average exceeded the national standard of 20 times.

In recent years, many schools have conditions improving sport facilities, paved runway has almost become mandatory. Some cities, paved runway needs have increased in recent years, tremendous business opportunities here.

But the implementation of plastic track product-related standard, namely sports standards and environmental standards. After the runway pavement, for impacts on air quality and air quality requirements over the runway, and no relevant national standard.

Huge market demand, while national standards are not perfect, the swarms of suppliers into vicious competition. According to authoritative sources in recent years, added nearly 3,000 nationwide plastic track raw material suppliers, small workshops 50% or more of the market share, they have no qualifications, no technology, no production management systems, there is no quality assurance system, there is no safety management measures, inspection means no product, no professional production personnel and technicians, manufacturing cost is very low.

It is reported that the domestic qualified paver-hybrid and composite plastic track market prices generally around 200 yuan per square meter, quality product prices even higher at around 250 Yuan per square meter, water-type plastic track market prices generally around 150 yuan per square meter. Prefabrication type rubber runway material prices not less than 380 Yuan per square meter, or even higher. Below this price quotation, it can be concluded that it is impossible to pass. But in a e-commerce site, seepage of plastic materials wholesale prices most of the runway at about 100 yuan per square meter, prefabrication type rubber runway material wholesale prices are between two hundred or three hundred Yuan per square meter.

Price differences are mainly manufacturers illegal toxic cheap poor quality raw materials to produce products, plastic materials added toluene, xylene, acetone thinner for poor and contained excessive amounts of heavy metals, catalysts, solvents, etc. Even more serious is that some manufacturers use aromatic chemicals, covered with a chemical method to hide toxic odor, make these materials all the more terrible.

These inferior raw materials, not only pollute the air and are likely to cause harm to the human body, or can contaminate soil, rivers and groundwater. Therefore, smell taste, plastic track does not mean that the problem will be solved.

Mildly good news is, starting from the September runway suspected poisoning incident came nearly two months, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangxi, Sichuan and Shenzhen, Guangzhou has launched a plastic track troubleshooting work.

50% of the small plastic track raw materials not only supply these places, and regrettable is that winter approaches, a wider range of investigation has yet to start. In addition, the testing associated with runway standards should be promulgated as soon as possible, or perfected, so a growing number of producers to follow.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Hefei University of technology a boys dormitory fell dead initial investigations

Hefei University of technology, a boys ' dormitory fell dead, initial investigations ruled out criminal cases may be

Hefei University of technology campus in xuancheng, a boy from the dormitory fell dead. Pictures from the Internet

The morning of November 5, Hefei University of technology campus in xuancheng, a boy from the dormitory fell dead. Netizens said, before the boys revealed by academic and employment pressure. 6th, surging school news (www.thepaper.CN), denied that the boy had been the employment pressure, saying that everything is subject to police investigation.

Microblogging content display, 5th morning, a student from Hefei University of technology campus in xuancheng 6 jumped on the boys ' dormitory, 3rd floor, died on the spot, at the age of 23. Users of Qingdao eating a crab 3 000 prices not

After the incident, one suspected the dead students before publishing content on social networks released screenshots: "bear school, jobs, part time pressure, guilt and the friends and the people around, I was overwhelmed. Now that the world I can't stop, I choose to die. "

Hefei University of technology, a boys ' dormitory fell dead, initial investigations ruled out criminal cases may be

Hefei University of technology campus in xuancheng workers surging news that, falling dead at this point could not be established because the employment pressure is causing, final conclusions to police and schools, such as official statements.

News from the surging xuancheng, police confirmed that preliminary investigation, rule out the possibility of criminal boys fall in the specific cause of death was still under investigation.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hong Kong officials to slaughter guests repeated review of visitors knowing

Hong Kong officials to slaughter guests repeated review of visitors: knowing that cheap trick will take a gamble

Shopping crowds in the streets of Hong Kong. Visual information in China

Known as the "shoppers ' paradise" reputation of Hong Kong, the recent successive tourist interests have been infringed, even tourists died of extreme events. Present situation of the tourism industry of Hong Kong? "Scams" frequent the reason? What measures have been taken by regulators, the effectiveness of how? This reporter interviewed.

"Kill rate" of only 0.7 out of 10,000 cases cannot represent the overall tourism environment

According to statistics, in 2014, various tourism-related bodies in Hong Kong have received complaints about 3000 visitors from the Mainland, including those from the Tourism Board, the travel industry Council, the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department and the Consumer Council.

In the Hong Kong Legislative Council members from the tourism sector Yao Sirong, 3000 complaints number does not look small, but it cannot be confirmed by this number make a negative evaluation on the urban image of Hong Kong. In his view, the key to "kill rate".

According to the statistics of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, visitor arrivals from the Mainland in 2004 to more than 12 million people, covering half of overall visitors, jumped to 47.2 million, accounted for more than 77% in 2014. Because of the large number of visitors from the Mainland, Hong Kong as a whole "scams" is actually very small, "kill rate" of about 0.7 out of 10,000. High school top 18 finalist in Beijing, China,

Yao Sirong said, "Hong Kong as an open city, although there is sound legal constraints and to oversee, but not a total ban on all commercial crime."

The Assistant Commissioner of customs and Excise of Hong Kong He Shijing agreed. From the figures alone, "scams" and no sign of more and more rampant, and not representative of the overall tourism environment in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Secretary for Commerce and economic development, Su Jinliang also believes that "the Mainland outbound travel market is very large, and most of them are high quality tours to Hong Kong, but in such a large market, inevitably some lawless elements from fish in troubled waters", using ultra-low-cost, or even "zero-fee tours", and then passengers purchase cost recovery, profit.

Su Jinliang said "kill" Act despite repeated prohibitions, travellers should review their own. Criminals know forced passengers to shop and use bad practices violated the law, but still choose to use new tricks, is take the mentality of passengers cheap attempt to loopholes. For example, he said, passengers sign up cheap, knowing the "trick" with "a chance" mentality, which is very wrong.

He stressed that Hong Kong remains mainland visitors are welcome to come for sightseeing, "kill off" event is the black sheep in the industry commit irregularities and illegal acts, but should not deny Hong Kong a "shoppers ' paradise" image.

Banned super low prices and forced shopping, announcement to the passengers list of factories

Mainland tourists to visit Hong Kong each year, about 14%, or more than 6 million tourists tours. Tourism in Hong Kong under the existing regulatory framework, regulators of the tour is tour Parliament. The Agency was founded in 1978, the industry's self-policing organization is recognized by the Government, has standard travel agent, tour guide and registered shops, the travel agents ' licensing, passenger disputes and mediation, and other functions.

Travel Council Director-General Mr described to reporters, 2010 two adverse events of tourism in Hong Kong, and Parliament set up an emergency task force has proposed to implement 10 measures, strengthen the regulation of group tours to Hong Kong from the mainland market. On February 1, 2011, the measures came into effect, in addition to combat unlicensed travel agents and tour guides, violation points system is introduced, for the first time banned in the law "zero-fee tours", super low prices and forced shopping behavior.

However, due to fierce competition, received in Hong Kong and the tour guides are still frequently receive "zero-fee tours" mainland mission, targeted shopping, leave no stone unturned in promoting their products. Brigade Council asked if the bought goods are not satisfactory, as long as no loss of goods or opening, merchants must provide a full refund within 180 days. But this arrangement applies only to travel to Parliament registered shops.

Implementation: how effective? Mr provides of near 3 years of data displayed, 2013 Brigade Parliament received was mainland passenger complaints total 347 cases, eventually on travel agency made punishment 61 cases, and on guide made punishment 13 cases; 2014 years received was complaints total 275 cases, travel agency punishment 130 cases, and guide punishment 54 cases; 2015 as September end of, received was complaints total 194 cases, travel agency punishment 69 cases, and guide punishment 19 cases.

Another agency to combat unscrupulous businesses, the Hong Kong Consumer Council, whose responsibilities include mediating contradictions between consumers, education visitors as "smart consumers" and prosecute unscrupulous businessmen, but has no enforcement powers, or inspections.

LWL briefing, Chairman of the Hong Kong Consumer Council provide data to reporters said that as of September 2015, 21190 complaints were received, of which about 70%-80% can get varying degrees of resolve, including mediation and refund. He said that in recent years, the number of complaints and no clear float, are 30,000 cases, complaints about 10% visitors from the Mainland, such as January 2015, mainland visitors to 2227 complaints were received so far.

Wong said, persistent stores, the Consumer Council will propose naming, to visitors and publicity; but some of the shops that were named after the closing, and changed the name of "resurgence", for which the consumer will tend to do nothing.

Traveling violations that occur in the near future, there's "ghost tour" problem.

In response, Su Jinliang said present rules regulate the travel agencies and tour guides, and regulate businesses and shops, I didn't expect the emergence of new class of illegal elements-the "ghost tour". He bluntly "illegal means endless", increasing the difficulty of enforcement of the relevant departments, as "ghost tour" status is difficult to distinguish, difficult from them to sell peer passenger means judgement is really in tone and "warm" or "his job".

Speak low price, payment, charge high prices, passengers can complain to customs

Groups to brigades backed by Parliament, individual visitors faced a similar "Pharmacy trap" such as "scams" behavior, and who to turn to?

Hong Kong Customs is undoubtedly the first choice. Passenger hit shops in case of illegal business practices, the Department is one of the most efficient law enforcement agencies, law enforcement based on, it is for unscrupulous businessmen "tailor made" to the Trade Descriptions Ordinance.

The Assistant Commissioner of customs and Excise to reporters He Shijing said in July 2013, the Trade Descriptions Ordinance was enacted in the Legislative Council for the full implementation. Regulations prohibiting stores for consumers to make some unscrupulous business practices, including misleading omissions, false trade description, a more intimidating business behaviour and improper to receive payments.

His data shows, since the implementation of the regulations, Customs has received complaints associated with unscrupulous business practices of shops 1333, which charged 168 cases and successfully convicted, 145 of them were complaints, complaints from mainland tourists was about 100, from 7% to 8% per cent. For weeks, customs processed 11 complaints per week on average, prosecution of 1 to 2, 1 to 2 cases of successful convictions.

He Shijing said that, since the implementing regulations, customs enforcement has become increasingly mature. Meanwhile, sentenced to this penalty more and more with AWE, shows effective law enforcement and judicial cooperation closely.

Customs prosecution cases, the most common is the pharmacy began taking low prices, payments received higher "open high low close" policy.

Unscrupulous business practices the Superintendent described Xu Weiming told reporters in the first case involving mainland visitors, and penalty of crime of the store process. He said a Mainland visitor to the clerk asks the price of drugs, the clerk answered only "hundreds of HK", deliberately omit the unit, when he tried to ask confirmation, Clerk had evaded him, and payment "catty" into "two", doubling the price instantly.

The judge decide the case, said said the clerk acts though not fraud, but "near-fraudulent", nature, so the heavier penalty imposed in similar cases – rates prison for 10 weeks, and compensation for loss of the victim million Hong Kong dollars.

In addition to enforcement, upon receipt of a complaint, does not regularly occur in customs "high profile inspections", commonly known as "covert" secret action to curb crime. He Shijing showed reporters from mid-August to early October of this year's "Golden Warrior" report card: a mere two months, through frequent inspections of high-risk premises, in the Mong Kok District in Hong Kong, customs officers have arrested and convicted 8 men and 1 woman.

He said tourism regulations next, both publicity and enforcement, to a two-pronged approach, the SAR Government has started to discuss plans, and discuss with the National Tourism Bureau and other relevant departments in the Mainland, measures.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Wuhan a hype man helped car dealer God stop detained allegedly applied half moon

Wuhan a hype man helped car dealer

Users upload pictures show a not on a certain brand of Red dirt bike "hover" on the steps in front of the shop.

On November 2, a brand new SUV "magically hover" in Wuhan at a shop front steps, people look askance and heat transfer to the network. 3rd, witnessed the public told roaring News (www.thepaper.CN), an event planned hype vehicles performance. News from Wuhan jianghan surging traffic confirmed that the vehicle (a new car is not on the card) connection form, the party was fined 5000 Yuan, deducted 12 points and 15th in administrative detention.

Hankou wansong Cedar junction in a shop in front of the Park. Users upload pictures show a not on a certain brand of Red dirt bike "hover" on the steps in front of the shop, the two-wheel drive on the steps on the right road, the other side had two rounds in two separate pillars.

Wuhan a hype man helped car dealer

"God stop! "Netizens commented, so parking is the technical alarming, or use" other means of cheating ", designed to show off SUV performance.

Vehicles blocking the road for a long time, the surrounding residents then reported to the police.

"To a large number of police. "Witnessed surging Mr Yang told the news of the public, in order to hover vehicle towed and no damage to the body, more than more than 10 police and police, plus a trailer, it took about 1 hour to tow away the vehicle. Xihu national nature reserve in Dunhuang tourism

Mr Yang said a man arrived on the scene after the incident, said in police inquiries, vehicles of all businesses, in order to give businesses publicity vehicles cross-country performance, it was the night before the incident hired truck SUV "lucky" on the steps, and found two stone pillars pads under the wheels.

Jianghan surging traffic by a staff member to the news that the sport utility vehicle suspected to use someone else's temporary licence is in breach of the road traffic safety law of the 96th article, hence the penalty was made.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Henan Tangyin station the law is listening to me I am law

Henan Tangyin station: the law is listening to me, I am law

"The station is to act" alarmingly. Video screenshot

In recent years, grass-roots officials heard Ray Ray say. Thanks to modern technology, many of pride the words into the word. Recently, the words of Tangyin County, Henan province, a public station "law is listening to me, I am on behalf of law enforcement, I am the law, detained at any time you ... ..." is again attracted public attention. "The station is law", law enforcement personnel awareness of rule of law is weak, alarming.

To see the event itself. In the video, resolve the Zhao family "flail pay" sympathy and to watch. Ordinarily, the market economy is ruled by law, it should be forwarded to the administration of Justice. Merits, the law will give a statement and effective implementation. As to why Mr Zhao asked enterprise concerned for salary, but by the public security organs to take coercive measures, or even detained, there is still no clear explanation. But in any case, all demands of the rule of law the rule of law under the framework of rational argument, and not prone to intimidation, threats.

So far, this matter is still under investigation, we might as well give some more time and patience. However, with only a wanton voice in recording, it might be inferred that the station carried away in front of the rule of law. Even if the party acts of radical, there is a breach of the relevant law, violations of the rights of subjects, that can be disposed according to legal procedures. If it proves necessary to explain to family members and interested parties, should also learn to deal with grassroots, there is a saying, why the big qicu, may escalate? Centennial building is split into best illegally

Through this layer, it is not difficult to see some local cadres, the lack of the rule of law. Hold the right to party, and the Emperor is far away, room for discretion is very large, and can be detained without criminal detention, seems to be totally in their thoughts. Moreover, they often backed behind, the Director outside in, for example, has mentioned that the County leaders said, is not yet known what's real. This shows that to a certain extent in some places emphasis on rule, human, governance status of light in light of rule of law, human rights.

Therefore, the habit of "looking up", whose "look down", is where the mine such shocking language roots. Failing to consider the suffering of the people, do not pay attention to resolving conflicts, the first thought is the top, what seat does not, only bad things will be "involved in his political life," awareness of the dislocation. Fetters only rid the judicial powers of local executive powers, rule of law can we gradually mature, including government officials, law enforcement will know of all faiths, rather than the power of law. The preceding period issued by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council leaders to intervene in judicial activity, and to intervene in specific cases dealing with the recording, reporting and accountability provisions, is exploring.

He who hesitates is lost. The so-called speech, law enforcement officers must first abide by the law, must be held accountable for their words and deeds. Individual police officers of the lack of rule of law, if there is the law for selfish ends, it will have serious accountability. Related sectors cannot lift, gently falling, its calm Exchange seats for two days and then feel free to use. Cadres everywhere to a lesson, not only fear the voice recorder in the hands of the law enforcement, more visceral fear their power--power derives from the people and only in serving the people in the process, in order to realize their own value of existence.