Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Fangchenggang Guangxi Hotel stabbed to death a man prostitutes police prostitute

Man exposes prostitutes to the hotel in fangchenggang city, Guangxi, killing prostitutes. Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) on December 29 from the Public Security Bureau of fangchenggang city, confirmed that the result of piao funding dispute, man woman stabbed to death with a knife and fled, the current man has been arrested on suspicion.

Fangchenggang, Guangxi Hotel stabbed to death a man prostitutes, police: prostitute funding dispute, has been arrested

Hotel room, woman for prostitution lay in bed, has died. Police map

Fangchenggang City Public Security Bureau reported that December 24 at 12 o'clock, a hotel (located in fangchenggang port district) waitress Bai Shawan station alarm: the phone call to the hotel front desk said that hotel room there was a fight which requires service personnel to view staff entered the room to view found a woman lying on the bed in the hotel rooms, call no reaction, suspect dead, so alarming.

Fangchenggang, Guangxi Hotel stabbed to death a man prostitutes, police: prostitute funding dispute, has been arrested

Police arrested suspected man escaped.

Police and 120 emergency doctors arrived on the scene and found the room, bathroom has a lot of blood on the bed, woman confirmed dead on the bed. Investigation, the task force targeting suspects Wu XX, under control after the suspect's whereabouts, police investigators around 17 o'clock, in the area shut down of Lou in the successful capture of the suspect Wu. Suspected Beijing investment platform to run involving

Reported that suspect Wu truthfully their prostitute funding disputes with the woman who is stabbed to death with a knife crime. At present, criminal suspect Wu had been detained and further investigation of the case.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Beijing was three prostitution related clubs are closed police said special

On December 25, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau official Micro-Blog @ peace briefing in Beijing said, according to the reports, after careful investigation, the evening of December 23, Beijing police on suspicion of prostitution illegal and criminal activities according to law of multiple locations in the investigation. From the scene at dongzhimen nandajie, Dongcheng District of poly Club, blue Dai banjing road, Haidian District Club, Jingyi Li seized hundreds of suspects in connection with the haimingyuan Club. At present, the case is under further review.

Beijing was three prostitution-related clubs are closed, police said special operation is still in progress

Lake Ocean socialite Club attachment site. This pictures are surging journalist Lin Shao Ketu Expert smog days of indoor and outdoor sports

Beijing was three prostitution-related clubs are closed, police said special operation is still in progress

Lake Ocean socialite Club is located.

December 25 at 14 o'clock, the surging journalists arrived at the 69th banjing road, Haidian District, Beijing blue Princess Diana visited the Club. With its Christmas decoration still in front of the Club, but the door closed, and several side doors of the main entrance has posted the seal, also put up a sign, "now this shop closed, inconvenience please forgive me."

Blue Dai-empark Grand Hotel, located in the basement level of the Club, the Club gathered nearby shops, various dining, entertainment blue black clubs.

Around 15 o'clock in the afternoon, police were still investigating work in blue black Club, a number of nearby shop owner said, 23rd from 8 o'clock to 9 o'clock in the evening, police in the investigation.

Blue black Club cleaners said he worked at the Club for a year, met for the first time this happens, didn't see any police here. Another cleaners who work for six months, said the evening of 23rd when police come to investigate, not many guests, with only scattered, store employees, "10 o'clock". The cleaning staff also said that investigation has 6 cleaners was taken away by police that night, 5 other cleaners have not been taken away.

Beijing was three prostitution-related clubs are closed, police said special operation is still in progress Beijing was three prostitution-related clubs are closed, police said special operation is still in progress

Blue black seized the club scene.

25th at 15 o'clock in the afternoon, the surging news also visited three of poly to seal one of the clubs, the Club entrance is located poly Plaza, dongzhimen South Street, 14th floor. At present, the Club has been labeled a suspension notice. Surging news observed that hangs at the entrance of the Club there is a "Member" plaque bearing the words, issuing authority for "Beijing Dong Cheng district cultural and entertainment industry association".

Beijing was three prostitution-related clubs are closed, police said special operation is still in progress Beijing was three prostitution-related clubs are closed, police said special operation is still in progress Beijing was three prostitution-related clubs are closed, police said special operation is still in progress

Poly Club attachment site.

According to the poly theater near a number of vendors and witnesses said the night of 23rd police when investigating, police surrounded the poly Plaza, there are armed police were involved. Owner says, usually around 5 o'clock in the afternoon every day, often fashionably dressed young women access to the poly Plaza, "are long legs, tall and looks beautiful. "

Meanwhile, in, Jingyi Li haimingyuan of the 9th, the Club has also been stopped, the Beijing Jingyi hotel is located in the hotel basement level, two elevators have been closed down. News to see the surging, the Club entrance and two elevators were put up on the door seal affixed, a letter "shuangyushu station December 23, 2016."

25th, surging dawn news call the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Haidian Branch police station, the police said, the investigation is unity of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau of special operations, the operations which started the evening of 23rd, is still ongoing.

People familiar with surging on news that the night of 23rd, blue Dai Li haimingyuan Club and Club Manager level and above most of the staff were taken away, at present only a small number of "Princess" and cleaning staff are placed, but the party's phone was off, related message is unclear.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Shanghai first Yaohan Mall finished decoration business pungent staff wear masks

Shanghai journalists surging from the public explosive material, said 1800th with Mall had just finished and opened in Shanghai, shopping has a strong pungent odor, people can't stand it.

On December 20, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) reporter in the shop, the arcade is in the operating state, but the door still has a few stores before the end of the decoration. Reporter entered the shopping mall to smell the pungent smell that some customers and salespersons in the Mall wearing a mask.

Shanghai first Yaohan Mall finished decoration business, pungent staff wear masks at work

On November 23, the first Yaohan Pudong door. People Miss Xu

Journalists repeatedly attempted to contact the surging market, officials say will report to leaders. As of December 21, in the afternoon went to press, Shanghai first Yaohan has yet to "store decoration tastes acrid" a clear response.

Several users broke the Mall "repair is so big"

Public information, Shanghai first Yaohan is the first Sino-foreign joint venture of large retail enterprises, was one of the top shopping malls in Shanghai retail sales.

On December 19, journalists surging from the public of explosive material, said Bai with Shanghai in the first eight parts shop is still under renovation, opening, decoration of the store exudes a pungent smell is intolerable. Journalists searching for network discovery, many netizens post said Shanghai first Yaohan decoration smells great. A Netizen said: "a newly renovated environment that is much better than before. Now the biggest problem is too big for individual corner is smoked and the dead. "While another Netizen said:" want to go shopping, can't stand five minutes to evacuate. Came for nearly half a year, too much. "

Shanghai first Yaohan Mall finished decoration business, pungent staff wear masks at work Shanghai first Yaohan Mall finished decoration business, pungent staff wear masks at work Shanghai first Yaohan Mall finished decoration business, pungent staff wear masks at work

Usually netizens posted the Shanghai first Yaohan decoration smells great.

On December 20, the journalists arrived at the surging zhangyang road, Pudong new area, Shanghai first Yaohan Mall. The Mall has 10 layers, only 1-5 is now open, there are several shops at the entrance on the first floor decoration. Reporters just walking into a store, a pungent odor, and several shops at the entrance of the shop assistants are wearing masks. To the Mall on the second floor, some shop gives off odor more pungent than the Mall entrance, and long time reporter dizziness, nausea and discomfort.

Shanghai first Yaohan Mall finished decoration business, pungent staff wear masks at work

On December 20, the first Yaohan in front of a shop, shop assistant wearing a face mask to work. 

A customer told journalists the surging, heard about the reopening, she bought something, but interior decorators odour of choking, it won't be long before you have to nip out and ventilation.

"The end of the renovation work, the Mall opened," a shopping mall staff said decoration produces a smell, only wearing a mask to work.

According to the notices posted by the Mall entrance, the first Yaohan full trial starting from December 16. Surging in white-collar work near Xu told journalists: "the end of November after the first Yaohan, scaffolding up at the door. "

Shanghai first Yaohan Mall finished decoration business, pungent staff wear masks at work

On December 20, the first Yaohan posted notices at the entrance.

Expert: decoration pollution affecting the respiratory tract and blood and even cancer

Mall Interior smell pungent, a surging journalists found the Mall information desk, the officer said, this report will be in charge. Subsequently, the phone of the journalist repeatedly dialed the first Yaohan, unable to connect. Shanghai s HongQiao airport two airliner incidents

On December 21, the surging journalists called the first Yaohan is a member of the Shanghai bailian group, calls, officials say, the first Yaohan's lines are not already connected, the company also cannot be transferred. As of press time, the first Yaohan has not been a clear response on this matter.

Implementing rules of the regulations on public health article 17th, shall not be closed during the public interior decoration. Local decoration, operators should take effective measures to ensure non-decoration business area of indoor air quality.

Gu Xiaoming, a sociology professor at Fudan University, said the Mall has a pungent taste of the decoration reflects to some extent the lack of business social responsibility. Enhance quality is not only renovation renovation can achieve, a sense of social responsibility of business shall store all kinds of testing result announcement, offers a comfortable and clean shopping environment for consumers.

Interior decoration irritant gases produced exactly what harm to the human body?

Professor, school of materials science and engineering, ecust surging Chen aiping told journalists, the decoration is mainly composed by the smell of formaldehyde, benzene solvent (benzene, toluene, xylene), formaldehyde is mainly from man-made sheet metal and paint, solvents, benzene comes mainly from the paint. Has a strong pungent smell these chemicals are harmful to the human body.

Deputy Director of the Department of environmental health, school of public health, Fudan University Professor Kan Haidong said that formaldehyde has been who explicitly listed as a carcinogen, formaldehyde and benzene, the most important is the effect on the blood system, in particular, benzene, toluene, xylene, inhibition of blood cells was clear.

Many medical experts pointed out in an interview with journalists surging, volatile aldehydes such as formaldehyde and adhesion, can stimulate the respiratory tract and skin and produce feelings of discomfort, prone to skin allergies, and may even lead to leukemia and other blood diseases. And for groups of children more harm the formaldehyde pollution can also lead to increased asthma in children.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Rolle responded accounts question the judicial organs investigation daughter

Rolle responded accounts question: the judicial organs investigation, daughter's condition is still very heavy

Andy Carroll Cong Jing after 72 hours relief and officials

Rolle responded accounts question: the judicial organs investigation, daughter's condition is still very heavy

He smiled

Covers news, December 18, in November, he smiled, you stop for me on this article, and maxed out all of your circle of friends. After the article was forwarded by netizens many people lavish money on this sad little girl ... ... But the plot was soon reversed, Luo smiled father Raoul, its three suites by netizens pointed out that two cars, many people questioned the blood this is a marketing.

Now the trouble has been in the past half a month, 17th was only laughing into the intensive care unit of the 25th day, was only laughing 101 days following admission, how her illness?

On December 17, the Shenzhen children's Hospital intensive care rooms, Rolle's sole response to cover journalists, said daughter only laughed the situation is still not optimistic, besides leukemia, also won the hemophagocytic syndrome, illness is more complex. For queries on your network, Rolle said, is only willing to accept judicial investigation.

Roy laughed and identify new disease "toe nail turned black"

Because the hospital will Friday visit was delayed by a day, 17th at 10 o'clock in the morning, Raoul and his wife Wen fang appeared in Shenzhen City children's Hospital intensive care units (hereinafter "PICU") ago. "Lying to donate" half a month after the storm, wearing a black and white Plaid Shirt of Rolle, other parents came to visit, there is no clear difference. In addition to health care workers shouted "he smiled" names, parents whisper about: "I seem to see the smiling parents. "

From November 23, Roy Smiles has entered the intensive care unit for 25 days. Different from the usual visit, both husband and wife have to do a blood program. Rolle said that is because her infection was detected after hemophagocytic syndrome, so both parents to check the blood, look at this disease are inherited from parents, primary and secondary, are caused by infections.

Rolle said, while the daughter is currently in a heartbeat, respiration, oxygen indicators have improved in these areas, but State of mind rather than the previous two visits to almost. He said that after Mr smile's leukemia has been controlled, but the infection makes her damaged organs.

"Today saw her toe nails were black, the blood got there, doctors are trying to. "The good news is, a couple people called her daughter's name during the visit, Luo will laugh or nod, a little awareness.

Cover journalists hospital authorities only smile of the illness, said that because doctors need to treat more children and not easy to interview, nor the costs necessary to open to the media.

In no mood to other accounts "this is my personal"

For half a month before the storm, especially netizens said in a video intercept "House to son," Rolle to cover reporters, daughter and son are just as important. "The so-called House, pension, all the previous deleted content, context, complete interview with Dong is not the case. "

Rolle said that after this, son's mood has also been a certain amount of influence. "He is still very young, and emotions are also very susceptible to stimulation, is now preparing for the exam at the end, don't bother him too much. "

"I also do media out, I interview a person will grasp very clearly this person's work. They even read the content, I too, am afraid they continue to play with me. "To this end, Rohr says he largely rejected a media interview, don't want to cut.

As to why not have expense accounts in the only laugh, you give me against this article out, once again, "catch it". Rolle said, is due to see users say, leukemia treatment is cheap, just two months before more than 70,000 yuan. He explained that after his daughter enter the PICU, costs about 10,000 yuan a day or so, there is no Bill. "After the daughter to go into severe, trying to look at the cost. "Rolle said after the incident, he closed the appreciated features for some new friends think netizens also said the current cost of money is enough, no.

On the Web, outside of return of 2.62 million Yuan, was also questioned him, hands still holding more than 1 million in donations, Rolle said this is very funny. "This is my personal privacy, I don't know, no mood to count the accounts, withdrawing it, plus I'm a little red envelope friends I most dropped out. Only Tencent's background can be considered clear. "

Rolle said that speculations on the network, then, is in no mood to reason. "I now only accept the judiciary investigation. "

(Formerly titled Rolle's response after the storm accounts question "this is my personal")

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Anhui woyang Secretary of a town Committee refers to abnormal relations between

Baidu "Vortex-South" post "bozhou, Anhui woyang Vortex town Party Secretary because of improper relations between men and women is punished", December 13, surging woyang County commissions for discipline inspection staff to news (www.thepaper.CN) says discipline Vortex town Party Secretary has been accused of involving in Guoyang County investigate the abnormal relations between men and women, but the investigations not yet disclosed. Zhengzhou official response to 650 million to

The night of December 11, friends in the Baidu post bar "Vortex-South" post, called the "Vortex town Party Secretary Gao accomplish great things." Guoyang local news media "Guoyang hotline micro platform," said woyang Vortex town Party Secretary Gao with the woman "affair" has been dismissed, are accepted for investigation.

On December 13, the surging woyang County Commission for discipline inspection, told the news, at present, woyang County Commission for discipline inspection has intervened in this matter of investigation, "which cadres disciplinary breaches of discipline must be investigated".

About the dismissal for high, the staff member said, which ask Guoyang County party Committee propaganda department. News called them several times the surging Guoyang County party Committee propaganda Department, staff are leadership conference-going, not understanding the situation, such as by not responding.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Philippine drug dealer was shot dead escape fate left three daughters

It was reported that men fuluoyuehan Cruz of the Philippines (Florjohn Cruz), 34 years old, on October 19 in North of Manila were shot dead by the police in his mother's House.

Philippine drug dealer was shot dead escape fate left three daughters

It was reported that men fuluoyuehan Cruz of the Philippines (Florjohn Cruz), 34 years old, on October 19 in North of Manila were shot dead by the police in his mother's House. Photo is of a relative held Cruz photos and cardboard, Board says, "do not become drug addicts and drug dealers like him."

Philippine drug dealer was shot dead escape fate left three daughters

Anti-drug operations in the Philippines, almost no drug trafficking suspects live. Cruz was being gunned down in a drug trafficking operation. Cruz's wife, Rita (Rita).

Philippine drug dealer was shot dead escape fate left three daughters

According to the police statement, Cruz was running all over the House, then picked up a gun and shot at the law enforcement personnel, prompting gunfire. But the family believes Cruz Cruz and did not shoot. Plans for funeral homes workers dressed Cruz Filipino traditional costume, ready for burial.

Philippine drug dealer was shot dead escape fate left three daughters

Cruz's niece Sophia told reporters, they had no guns, and if the Cruze really had a close shot at police, police cannot completely without casualties. The police report did not mention casualties. Dock for Cruz's body at the funeral home.

Philippine drug dealer was shot dead escape fate left three daughters

After the autopsy by the police, Cruz's family made a second autopsy. To host a private second autopsy Manila funeral home staff in Anatomy for Cruz.

Philippine drug dealer was shot dead escape fate left three daughters

The family said, Cruz is not the drug, methamphetamine (locally known as Shabu) users. A few months ago, he had responded to the Philippine Government's call to surrender, the thought that can participate in a drug treatment program, police were looking for him. For the Cruz family, and his blood on the living room floor.

Philippine drug dealer was shot dead escape fate left three daughters

Funeral home workers after Cruz's body were dissected for his makeup, lipstick again.

Philippine drug dealer was shot dead escape fate left three daughters

Philippine forensic expert Joseph Jimenez (Joseph Jimenez) was involved in the autopsy, and full records. Cruz's bullet casings found in the skull.

Philippine drug dealer was shot dead escape fate left three daughters

74 year old mother Cruz Policarpo (Policarpia Cruz) recalled that only she and her son at home, Cruz was repairing his radio, there were four to six plainclothes gunmen broke into her home and ordered her to stay outside. Figure among the elderly was Policarpo.

Philippine drug dealer was shot dead escape fate left three daughters

Old man said he did not see what happened next, but heard his son pleaded: "Please stop, there's nothing. "And then she heard the sound of fighting, someone yelled:" gun! "After the gun, police did not allow his family to see what happened. Policarpo at son's funeral. United Kingdom old 9 meters in diameter growing

Family killed in Cruz's room found a cardboard, drug suspect's body is said to be surrounded by such a logo. But the police report did not mention the flag, Caloocan City Police Chief Johnson-Almazan (Johnson Almazan), also "strongly denied" had placed a sign. Figure for the streets of Manila and the other an unidentified body and front of his Board.

Cruz leaves three daughters, maximum 12 years old, the youngest only 5 years old. Cruz's family at the funeral.

Cruz Park remains room for the family hung on the cross.

Cruz's friends mourn for him.

Since July this year, Philippine drug war intensified, President duteerte to treat the drug-ravaged country with an iron fist, the effect was immediate, but such draconian measures criticized by public opinion at home and abroad in the Philippines. Pictured in a Manila police station, making people look more drug suspects after he was arrested for applications.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

47 year old woman was arrested for prostitution investigation falls dead police

47 year old woman was arrested for prostitution investigation falls dead, police in Guangzhou: to jump from the third floor

Local Internet users said the dead prostitute Street station was caught, police control when jumping. @ Southern Metropolis daily

On November 8, a village woman dead, Baiyun district, Guangzhou, local netizens said the dead prostitute Street station was caught, police control when jumping. Great news November 9 (www.thepaper.CN) from the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau confirmed that the women were arrested for prostitution in its rental housing estates by police to check themselves, 3/f, jumped to his death, currently, Baiyun district, police and public prosecutor's Office and other departments are jointly investigating.

Local users post, Baiyun Huang village, village, personnel structure complex; the night of 8th, jumped to his death of a woman. Earlier, the women live in the urban village, had been to see passers-by showmanship in the village in the evening, suspected of prostitution, which is control by the police on suspicion of prostitution before the jump.

Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau on November 9 long released through the official Micro-Blog Twitter reported that 8th at 22 o'clock in the evening, there are reports that in the Shi Jing, Huang village houses below, a woman was arrested for prostitution. Civilian police officers arrived at the scene the suspect Yang (female, 47 years old, Hubei) seized. After police brought Yang to the third floor of the building when you check his rental house, and suddenly jumped from the indoor window itself. After rescuing invalid confirmed that Yang had been killed.

Informed the show, after Baiyun, Baiyun district, the police immediately informed the public prosecutor's Office, inspectors, police and other departments and organizations a joint investigation. At present, the matter is still under investigation. Release news man hit the armored car to discourage

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Henan zhoukou concentration and control of State licensing permits law enforcement

Henan zhoukou concentration and control of State licensing permits law enforcement vehicles involved, and seized 9 penalties 4

Reported that authorities also seized and punish the vehicle belongs to the relevant administrative unit issued rectification notices requiring the relevant units of storage card in question involved vehicles, improve vehicle handling can be driven on the road behind. Xinhua

For surging News (www.thepaper.CN) previously reported of Henan, zhoukou city more to no brand law enforcement car in police regulation background Xia still wind modus operandi phenomenon, November May,, zhoukou City Public Security Bureau traffic management detachment official micro-Bo @, zhoukou city traffic police detachment informed said, as currently, City police make tube sector has in road law enforcement in the seized involved brand involved card administrative law enforcement car 9 car, on media transfer clues of which 4 car no brand administrative law enforcement car road driving problem made processing.

Reported that in recent days, according to the city's administrative law-enforcement vehicles involved syndrome involved traffic violations, the city's public security traffic management Department deploys concentration and control activities were carried out. Remediation activities, municipal Public Security Bureau traffic management branch members of the Party Committee sub-counties, first-line supervision, eliminating resistance to law enforcement, ensure that found a seized a car in the road. Municipal public security traffic management departments have also taken road thorough investigation and focused combination of source control approach, related license certificate-related problems of administrative law-enforcement units to conduct field investigation, issued rectification notices. Meanwhile, the municipal public security traffic management departments have also taken different measures of police, increase the intensity of road enforcement regulation. Zhengzhou official response to 650 million to

As currently, City police make tube sector has in road law enforcement in the seized involved brand involved card administrative law enforcement car 9 car, on media transfer clues of which 4 car no brand administrative law enforcement car road driving problem on driver law made fine 200 Yuan, and remember 12 points of punishment and temporarily buckle motor vehicle license, addition a car no brand administrative law enforcement car belongs to electric, stay completed related survey forensics and identification work Hou law punishment. Authorities also seized and punished related administrative unit issued rectification notices that the vehicle belongs, requires the relevant units of storage card in question involved vehicles, improve vehicle handling can be driven on the road behind.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Guiyang police sister in law childbirth need tens of thousands of ml with type

Guiyang police sister-in-law childbirth need tens of thousands of ml with type o blood, 200 police rolled sleeves to give blood

People came to donate blood. Nanming police photo

"Ming Public Security Bureau criminal investigation police xiaojing Luo Bohuan wife, amniotic fluid embolism, now affiliated hospital of Guiyang Chinese medicine treatment, blood bank is running short of needed blood type O, hope you type o blood brothers and sisters to be able to lend a helping hand, to province, the hospital blood bank donations, thank you! "The morning of October 31, this help information released micro-circle of friends, led to Guiyang public a lot of forwards. The same day, a total of nearly 200 ordinary people and police rushed to the blood donation saved the sister-in-law of police. Republic of Guizhou residence by developer one

Luo Bohuan is one of nanming Public Security Bureau criminal investigation brigade police. On October 30, his wife xiaojing in affiliated hospital of Guiyang Chinese medicine gave birth to a baby boy, amniotic fluid embolism during production, the night of 30th in the rescue process, had spent tens of thousands of milliliters of blood, in desperate need of new blood.

News of police putting the importance of blood in the Guiyang people's app friends crowding the screen quickly. Heard this news, Ming Public Security Bureau party specially organized civilian police to donate blood, nanming Public Security Bureau official letters pushing this message as at 17 o'clock, reading is close to 20,000 passengers.

The morning of 31st, some dressed in police uniforms, police, letting the public flocked to the provincial Blood Center to donate blood. A baby female people's also rushed to blood banks to donate blood because she was breast-feeding, the doctor declined she donation request.

Reporters from the southern Ming Public Security Bureau was informed that only yesterday morning, there will be hundreds of people to the provincial Blood Center for police putting xiaojing blood donation, successively the masses go to this afternoon, has reached 200 people were expected to participate in blood donation, up to now, blood has been able to meet the treatment needs of police putting.

At present, xiaojing is still carried out in intensive treatment. Many civilian police of the public security system in Guiyang City in their own micro-letter friends to pray for her. Relay of love is still ongoing. (This article was originally entitled the amniotic fluid embolism occurs when the production, used to rescue tens of thousands of millilitres of blood, and emergency--200 police rolled sleeves to give blood to save the sister-in-law of police)

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Suzhou children of cancer patients say savings to raise 300 000 the hospital

Suzhou children of cancer patients say savings to raise 300,000, the hospital said at their own expense only 6,000

Screenshots show project has raised 300,000, but part of the illness and the costs of patients with proven untrue.

A breast cancer patient's children said, homes for mothers illness nearly spent all his savings, and doctors informed the follow-up treatment, and fifty thousand or sixty thousand Yuan a month, raised 300,000 yuan. Recently raised in well-known public platform-"easy chip" appears on such a project, and quickly raised more than 20,000 yuan.

The afternoon of October 27, surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from Suzhou municipal hospital East Office was informed that the raise project involves a patient in the Hospital Oncology treatment.

The home office staff member said, as of now, the patient's total treatment costs 17,000 yuan, after Medicare and manpower costs, at their own expense to take only 6383.07 Yuan, and doctors forecast full cost only 50,000 yuan.

The storm, the staff member said, fund-raising event description did not correspond to reality, affected the reputation and image of a hospital, hospitals want to clarify.

The evening of 27th, surging public information call the patient's child that is the project promoter and found that the phone has shut down.

Suzhou children of cancer patients say savings to raise 300,000, the hospital said at their own expense only 6,000

27th the project goal has been raised from 300,000 to 50,000.

Easy to raise: contact modify

Suzhou municipal hospital East above the staff, from October 7 to 27th, the patient hospitalized in surgical oncology and surgery, total cost of 17349.96 Yuan, after Medicare and manpower costs, actual patient cost of 6383.07 Yuan.

The staff also disclosed that the 27th, the patient has been transferred to the Oncology receiving follow-up treatment, programmes are currently undergoing chemotherapy, chemotherapy costs about 5000 to 10000 Yuan, Chinese medicine and Manpower can be reimbursed for 30%-40%.

Practically all costs of treatment for the disease and patients, the staff member said number total cost cannot be determined at the moment, number of patient follow-up chemotherapy needed depending on the patient's body may be, generally around 2-5 course, "today the patient's attending physician said in an interview, is expected patients full cost around 50,000 yuan. "

Surging News note to, current, the project displayed has will all raised target amount from 300,000 Yuan cut to 50,000 yuan, while project description in the, also will originally of "left chest right chest are are for malignant tumors" modified for "left breast cancer right milk mass", and delete has "in surgery of when on has spent light has all of savings, attending of doctor said if each months medication Basic are in fifty thousand or sixty thousand Yuan above", claims.

Suzhou children of cancer patients say savings to raise 300,000, the hospital said at their own expense only 6,000

Raise project records show only the left breast, and does not match the description.

Why unverified items will appear on a raised platform as well? Park Geun Hye first red rot in question were searched

The evening of 27th, Zhang Yingli easily raise network science and technology limited company of Beijing Marketing Department staff to the press in response to the surging, the company had noted the matter and communicate with the sponsor, the hospital head doctor.

Suzhou children of cancer patients say savings to raise 300,000, the hospital said at their own expense only 6,000

She also revealed that the project was launched on October 25 to raise, then relaxed and raised during the audit found, stated in the case-patient "left and right breast in breast cancer", with the sponsor in the project described in the claim that "left chest for cancer" does not meet, therefore will be rejected by the audit of the project.

And raise the target amount of 300,000 yuan and actual risked a thing, said Zhang Yingli, check with the sponsor contact, the sponsor explained was due to spend a specific amount of "doubt", that usually costs 300,000 raise, after the question has been communicating with the head doctor, also the amount raised from 300,000 to 50,000 yuan.

Zhang Yingli also explained that raised similar non-public project, project review cycle is initiated from the date to the withdrawal period does not necessarily require approval before they can be issued, on the project page will clearly state "this information does not belong to the charity fund-raising in public information, published by the information the individual is responsible for the authenticity".

However, there are still many netizens questioned such a lax regulatory system, will cause donors to be lied to the possibility of donating?

In this regard, Zhang Yingli says: "according to raise our two years prior in their figures, raised such spontaneous audience spread in the main circle sponsors between friends and family, to the second-level communication that friends and family to spread the credit guarantee, were already very limited spread unless sponsors a wide range of contacts. "

Suzhou children of cancer patients say savings to raise 300,000, the hospital said at their own expense only 6,000

Suspicious hospital staff broke the treatment of expenses fraud.

Attorney: individuals raise legitimate dispute

For these events, Jiangsu Su Jiang Yongwei, law firm partner, new analysis shows that, in the present case, obvious fictional facts of sponsors, such as unilateral breast cancer invented a two-sided, exaggerating the current treatment and future treatment costs required, suspected of fraud.

Jiang Yongwei said: "Although the sponsors argued for ' doubt ' expenses have written 300,000 yuan, but combine to raise the project text, for example ' spending all her savings ', show promoter not one false step, but deliberately lied to donate. "

Meanwhile, Jiang Yong lawyer also believes that easily raise fails to perform basic auditing duties, have obvious mistakes in this collection, "due to the easily raised platform will be charged 2% fees, raise should have a strict obligation not so easy with various kinds of excuses to shirk its responsibility. "

In addition, Jiang Yong Wei also pointed out that individuals in public welfare donations on raised platforms, compliance with the Charities Act, itself has a legal dispute.

He explained that according to the provisions of the Charities Act, no organizations or individuals with a public subscription qualifications based on charitable purposes, can work with charitable organizations with public subscription qualifications, managed by the charitable organization to carry out a public subscription and raised money.

In his view, the

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Experts data shows achievements in their treatment of haze but also lack an

Treatment of haze does not match between the data and the public feel, is always an important topic.

As of October 19, the average PM2.5 concentration in and around Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei fell 14.3%, above the national average of 8.5%.

But the public is intuitive, this year's heating season is yet to come, appeared October in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area two times longer, wider pollution process.

On October 22, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) interviewed three experts, in their view, "the atmosphere ten" set three-year pollution control ideas and the right direction, Ministry of environmental protection, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the China Meteorological Administration and relevant observations, analysis of data in scientific research institutes have shown that fall and winter duration in days of heavy pollution and peak concentrations are declining.

Experts: data shows achievements in their treatment of haze, but also lack an intuitive perception

Chinese Academy of engineering, Tsinghua University, Dean said He Kebin, but decrease of pollutant concentration has not reached the public through Visual and intuitive feeling it distinguishes levels. Pollutants also needs to continue to decline, and after a period of time, people tend to feel the change.

Environment Minister Chen Jining has recently emphasized, to heavy pollution weather heating during this year as part of air pollution prevention and control a top priority, get people feeling and happiness as the starting point and the foothold of heavy pollution weather.

74 average PM2.5 concentration dropped for the second year 23.6%

He Kebin was involved in "the atmosphere ten" medium-term assessment.

He told the word news, air quality improved to two data: pollutant annual average concentration, autumn weather days and the peak concentration of heavy pollution.

From July 5, 2016 issued by the Chinese Academy of engineering, "atmospheric ten" mid-term evaluation report, since 2013, PM2.5, PM10, NO2 (nitrogen dioxide), SO2 (sulphur dioxide) and CO (carbon monoxide) annual average concentrations and the rate has been declining, and reduced the number of days of heavy pollution in most cities.

Experts: data shows achievements in their treatment of haze, but also lack an intuitive perception

Assessment report shows that in 2015, the national PM2.5 averaged 74 major cities is 55 micrograms per cubic meter, 72 micrograms per cubic meter relative to 2013 fell 23.6%; percentage of daily average value exceeds the number of days by 2015 years 2013 in 20.8%.

2015 74 major cities there were 846 days of severe pollution and 238 days of severe pollution, 2014 and 2013 respectively, and 28.1%, 24.9% and 63.7%. In addition, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area NO2, SO2 concentrations also relative decline in 2013 9.8%, 44.9%.

Experts: data shows achievements in their treatment of haze, but also lack an intuitive perception

This year's data and more beautiful than last year. As of October 19, the average PM2.5 concentration in and around Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei fell 14.3%, above the national average of 8.5%. Beijing 8.5%, Tianjin 7.8%, Hebei 15.7%, Shandong 8.7%, Shanxi down 2% down 13.5%, Inner Mongolia, Henan 13.3%.

However, in recent years, 9 October, especially "11" days, heating season yet to come, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and its surrounding areas are frequent weather process of heavy pollution.

Surging Chai Fahe, a researcher at Chinese Academy of Central Branch told the news, this time in a period of change, in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region will form static stability, high humidity weather conditions, very prone to the cumulative effects of pollutants.

"The weather conditions beyond their control, but through human effort, we can actually see that heavy pollution weather frequency and intensity have been significantly improved. "Chai Fahe said.

Heavy pollution emergency measures this year should be more forceful and orderly

Worth noting is that on October 11 this year experienced a heavy pollution in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area weather during Beijing seems to "fall" to achieve the regional air quality index "peak."

From October 13 began, North most area air quality obviously improved, but pollution air mass still stranded in Beijing mountain Qian area, while by local motor vehicle pollution emissions, factors effect, and high wet weather conditions Xia nitrogen oxide, Qian body real to nitrate of two times into increased, Beijing 14th 11 o'clock to night appeared short Shi serious pollution, PM2.5 daily concentration for 242 µg each cubic metres, air quality heavy degrees pollution, is regional within pollution most heavy of city.

Surging News previously reported that apart from the process of Beijing's heavy pollution associated with zone transfers, but also has close relationships with local vehicle emission.

Many users don't understand why Beijing night when there is a short in serious pollution, "don't drive cars at night, why is the largest source of emissions of motor vehicles? "

He Kebin Dean of Chinese Academy of engineering, Tsinghua University, replied with a smile: "you don't drive at night, but there are others. After 12 o'clock diesel trucks came from the six-ring, a truck emissions emissions of nitrogen oxide equivalent to twenty or thirty cars, we often measured PM2.5 in roadside monitoring stations, 2 o'clock to 3 points is the peak. "

In support of this conclusion, He Kebin led team at roadside checkpoints while testing the PM1 and black carbon, "all point to is the same."

He Kebin said people should distinguish differences in passenger and cargo traffic, not just traffic at night to reduce this.

He also revealed that most large trucks do not fit particulate traps, the current national standards are being developed, take the appropriate measures, strengthening large trucks of nitrogen oxide emissions.

September 2013, the State Council issued "the atmosphere ten" indicated that by 2017, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei regional PM2.5 concentrations decreased 25%.

"A big test" approaches, but this winter's weather is not to force. And Wang zifa, a researcher at Institute of atmospheric physics said the multiple prediction models has confirmed that, under the influence of the El Niño weather this autumn and winter in North China is expected to be South, long the inversion time, static stability characteristics of weather, these features are not conducive to the spread of air, likely to cause pollution to accumulate.

On October 21, hosted by Chen Jining, Minister of environmental protection in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and control of air pollution in the surrounding area working conference pointed out that this winter and next spring is "the atmosphere ten" identified in the critical period of the task can be completed.

"Emergency measures organization heavily polluted weather conditions are very important," said He Kebin, three heavy pollution last winter weather emergency measures, assessment results effectively. But last year when it was first implemented, there are still some "off guard", "this winter should make persistent efforts, organizations gain power, ordered emergency measures." Method combined with built in United Kingdom at

"Haze of governance cannot rely on wind, essentially depends on the emission reduction"

Heavy pollution weather, Beijing residents will "wind", a lot of netizens joked "treating haze still rely on the wind".

He Kebin said that Beijing is located in the East of the Taihang mountains, South of the Yanshan mountains, southeasterly, southwesterly winds if you are not up to four or more, contaminants are pushed to the foot of the mountain where we'd be at the mountain foot maneuvers. In the process of pushing and Tangshan, Shandong, Henan, Hebei and other pollutants in Beijing pushed, obviously before the feature.

Experts: data shows achievements in their treatment of haze, but also lack an intuitive perception

He Kebin further explained that PM2.5 is the most complex combinations of polymers, it has both primary particulate emissions, and emissions of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, VOCs and gaseous substances at a certain temperature, humidity, and light role after secondary particles generated from chemical reactions.

"If emergency measures are not taken, primary particulate emissions continue to increase, in situ accumulation of pollutants increase, while after wet chemical growth, and a large quantity of secondary particulate pollutants will cause non-linear accumulate up exponentially."

In the case of adverse weather conditions, which is convection in vertical and horizontal directions are not conducive to the diffusion of pollutants, Beijing local primary particulate and chemical reactions secondary particles, superimposed and foreign transportation of pollutants, "heavy pollution in Beijing area all of a sudden come very soon."

And Wang zifa, a researcher at Institute of atmospheric physics said, "wind has two effects, pollution can be brought in, or you can take it out. "

"Haze of governance cannot rely on wind, essentially depends on the emission reduction. "The King spontaneously, wind of atmospheric circulation, if composite wind to blow in the same region, pollutants can accumulate in one place, then if emergency measures are not taken, air quality index will" blast table "when the wind is a disservice.

He Kebin said, when has formed to weather the consequences of pollution, blow winds blow indeed to the effects of pollutants, but if you want to control heavy pollution weather all the year round, with points also should be "discharge". "When knew the weather adverse conditions to come, through early warning, put out of primary particles and secondary particulate ' raw material ' are all low emission level of control, so that the resulting pollutants less. "

At present, the "discharge" of the major project is advancing.

News from the Ministry of environmental protection that the surging this year, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei to reformation of coal clean energy alternative to complete three more than more than 500,000 households, instead of about 1.5 million tons of coal, cutting major pollutants by about 40,000 tons, in downtown area of Beijing, Tianjin, Langfang, Baoding, realization of bulk coal "zeroed".

Ultra low emission thermal power plant renovation, at the end of September seven provinces (regions and municipalities) renovation completed 130 million kW, accounting for all coal-fired units the total installed capacity of 40.5%, Hebei province took the lead in fully completed tasks. Yellow tagged vehicles and old junk, have been eliminated 814,000, completing the tasks of the 68.1%.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Miit record new capacity shall not in any way around iron and steel project

Miit: record new capacity shall not in any way around iron and steel project

Run monitoring and Coordination Bureau Deputy Director Huang l b said today at the Ministry to strictly control new capacity, firmly prevent the increased reduction. Around may, in any name or by any means for the record added production capacity of iron and steel project.

On October 20, 2016, held a press conference of the information Office of the State Council, industry and information Department Chief Engineer Zhang introduced third quarter of 2016, such as industrial developments in the communications industry, and answering reporters ' questions.

A reporter asked, next steps guide the orderly exit of excess capacity, the Ministry has put in place new initiatives?

Huang l b points out, resolve excess steel capacity is the Party Central Committee and the State Council from the overall situation, major decisions and arrangements of the long-term, supply side structural reform priorities, must unswervingly push forward.

Next, from the several aspects of this work:

One Guide and supervise the provincial people's Government to implement effectively into the Organization's responsibility for the implementation, establish and perfect the responsibility system, carefully layer divided into specific objectives of corporate, project, and responsible person, and ensure that every job, every time someone in charge, some supervision.

Miit: record new capacity shall not in any way around iron and steel project

Second, continued backward, cleanup of illegal construction projects, and joint law enforcement initiatives, duocuo simultaneously, forcing excess capacity exiting.

Third, public announcements and announcement of implementation capacity, the strict "prior publicity, subsequent announcements" system, strengthen supervision, to prevent fraud, the resurgence of to ensure that excess capacity in real exit. National statistical offices respond to part of

Four is to tighten control on new capacity and firmly to prevent the increased reduction. Around may, in any name or by any means filing new capacity steel projects, all steel and iron project to strictly enforce the capacity replacement requirements, and announced to the public, the relevant departments and agencies shall not be illegal for land evaluation, environmental impact assessment, approval and new credit support and other related businesses.

Capacity as one of the five major structural reforms this year, has been the focus of Government policy at all levels with, Premier Li on October 8 by a State Council Executive meeting stressed that overcapacity, such as steel, coal, electrolytic aluminium industry, shall not in any way around new capacity, in principle no longer approve new conventional fuel production vehicles.

13th, the national development and Reform Commission spokesman Zhao Chenxin said, "drive to work in the capacity to accelerate progress and achieved positive progress. At the end of September, iron and steel, coal two exit capacity were significantly improved, authorities are verifying progress data, will be released soon. "At the end of September, steel, coal retreat two industries production capacity were completed over 80% of targets for the year.

Prior to that, for the implementation of the State Council on resolving the steel, coal and petrochemical industry overcapacity and promote orderly development of coal policies, and resolutely curb excess capacity in the industry, increase the intensity of construction project guarantee of steady growth, General Office of the Ministry of land and resources issued the implementation of industrial policies of the State job on the construction project review of the notification on the relevant issues (hereinafter referred to as the notice).

The notice clearly, strictly industries with surplus production capacity project pre review, does not meet the criteria will not be processed.

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Third exports overseas nuclear power plants in China Pakistan s Chashma unit

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) was informed on October 16, Pakistan at 16:35 local time on October 15, 2016, "along the way" the cnnc exporting a third nuclear power plant--on Chashma nuclear power plant unit 3rd official incorporation was successful.

According to official sources the nuclear group, Chashma nuclear power station unit 3, 4th China is practicing "along the way" initiative, deepened China-Pakistan all-weather strategic partnership, to witness the brotherly friendship between the two peoples project, 340,000-kilowatt unit power from the nuclear group is responsible for the turnkey construction of China Zhongyuan Engineering Corporation. Li dongrong Internet financial regulation combating

  "Long live friendship! "According to cnnc reported successful incorporation for a moment, to witness this historic moment in the field of cnnc Assistant General Manager Li Xiaoming and member of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission nuclear power Joseph celebrated by acclamation.

Third exports overseas nuclear power plants in China, Pakistan's Chashma unit 3rd grid

For many years, played an important role in the construction of China's nuclear power market in Pakistan. Chashma nuclear power project in Pakistan is China's own design, construction of the first export commercial nuclear power plants, by the two sides as "South-South" model. Among them, the Chashma, 1th, 2nd 300,000-kilowatt PWR nuclear power unit, had been launched in 2000 and 2011 put into commercial operation.

Third exports overseas nuclear power plants in China, Pakistan's Chashma unit 3rd grid

"Chashma nuclear power plant is a model of Pakistan more than 20 years, will vigorously promote China-Pakistan cooperation in many areas in the future. "In the subsequent incorporation of the celebration ceremony, Li on behalf of the nuclear group souvenirs with Pakistan, and said that China is steadily promoting the construction of economic corridors, Pakistan is committed to creating community of destiny, cnnc and Pakistan story will deepen fraternal brothers together, in the follow-up on nuclear power projects and other cooperation in the field of nuclear energy more fruitful.

Joseph ceremony on behalf of Pakistan into the sharing of C2 (Chashma 2nd unit) power station has been running full power operation for 266 days creating Pakistan's nuclear power record for good news, and Chinese long live friendship! He said China-Pakistan friendship should look at the Chashma nuclear power. C3 (3rd unit) after the successful incorporation will provide a steady flow of power from Pakistan, bring light to the Pakistani people and look forward to working with the nuclear group to continue to strengthen cooperation.

At present, the nuclear group is building 4 300,000-kilowatt exports to Pakistan nuclear power units, 2 million-kilowatt nuclear power units, and is active in uranium resources, personnel training and other fields of cooperation. Currently, 4th unit has entered the full commissioning is expected in 2017 is expected to formally grid generation in the first half. At that time, for power supply shortage in Pakistan to provide a clean, efficient, safe power.

Public information displayed, in the nuclear group is China only export had plant and achieved bulk export of enterprise, has success to 7 a national export had 7 Taiwan nuclear power unit, and 8 Taiwan reactor or nuclear power device, and and global more than 40 multiple national and area established has technology trade relationship, is and more than 20 multiple national talks nuclear power and the uranium resources, and nuclear fuel, and nuclear technology application, nuclear industrial full industry chain cooperation.

In addition to the Chashma project, in August last year, Karachi, Pakistan, pouring first concrete for Unit 2nd nuclear project. 2nd Karachi nuclear power units is the first autonomous generation nuclear power technology, China's first overseas means Hualong first went abroad for the first time, landing in Pakistan.

Karachi nuclear power project (K2, K3) is Pakistan's largest nuclear power project, the site is located near the coast of the Arabian Sea, Karachi, Pakistan, about 900 kilometers from Islamabad, Pakistan's capital.

Consulate in Karachi general business information, Karachi nuclear power projects totalling US $ 9.6 billion, the Chinese loan amounted to us $ 6.5 billion, generating capacity is 2.2 million-kilowatt, made in Hualong, first (ACP-1000), project undertaken by China Zhongyuan Engineering Corporation, Plan 2020 to generate electricity.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Beijing Tiger families first response get off because of sickness not fighting

On July 23 at about 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Beijing Badaling Safari Tiger accident occurred in the Siberian Tiger Park, 32 years old woman tourist Zhao stop, was towed away by a tiger, a car chase was his mother weeks Tiger bites. The incident caused the death of Zhou, Zhao was injured. After the incident, because the families of the dead and wounded has not appeared in public, why people get off on the bus, get off before the quarrel, rehabilitation of victims and status no one was informed that problems. After almost 3 months of the incident, the injured Mr Zhao's father, Zhao accepted the Beijing Youth daily reporter's exclusive interview with, restoring the scene when the incident, and the daughter's injury recovery.

Talk about the incident

Car motion sickness non-fighting fury

July 23 after the fact, there are claims that the incident is due to online Cho usually always quarrel and her husband, also in a rage after an argument with her husband got out of the car, but did not think the Tiger comes, this argument, Mr Chao denied the direct, "I know confirmed later repeated with her daughter, this was not the case. "

Mr Zhao said, sitting a total of 4 people in the car on the day of the incident, namely, his daughter, son-in-law, two grandchildren and his wife, when they think about going to an amusement park or Zoo, but grandson wanted to see "the Tiger", which only decided to go to the Zoo.

In into Zoo zhiqian, because has been is daughter in drive somewhat tired, into Park Hou on to son-in-law open has, due to son-in-law is novice, stopped stopped open open, plus daughter has been in March of car Shang side to watch animal, led to some motion sickness not comfortable, "daughter motion sickness of badly, she errors thought to has security district, this only got off to with son-in-law for with open, is not online biography of as is because fight only Xia of car. "

In accept North Green reported reporter interview Shi, Zhao Mr has been stressed, daughter at got off is because motion sickness, plus thought to has security district, "at see before and after has cars stay, and in right several meters at of space Shang stopped has Park party of patrol car, they produced has errors judge, think here has no beast, compared security, so in here parking got off, wants to for with open. "

Mr Zhao said, online relationship between the daughter and son-in-law of the usual bad quarrel saying no, "daughter was until May or June of this year to work in Beijing, had been working for a company in Ma On Shan, son-in-law in Beijing, from time to time to meet, how would often quarrel? They have a good relationship. "

In addition, online also there are rumors, "the lover of the woman is man, usually less harmony, children for children out of wedlock", "family is a professional medical alarm", "has been successfully MDP three", Mr Chiu said these are nonsense, and was in the car with his daughter and son-in-law, and his grandson. Medical alarm more is ridiculous, "we almost didn't have to go to the hospital, where doctors make? After the girl was sent to hospital for medical treatment, we never say medical alarm online behavior. "

Talking about daughters injury

Hurt the most scarring of the face 20 cm long

After the fact, has spread more than one online "victims photos", and said the wounded "didn't bite his chin, chest caught ambiguous".

Zhao Mr told North Green reported reporter, daughter injured does is serious, but does not like online said of as Chin was bite off, "I daughter more at injured, face, and Hou cervical, and back, and waist are injured has, which injured most heavy of is face, Tiger a drag a pulled caused of wound is deep is long, has a more than 20 more cm of SCAR, has disfigured has, also off has two star teeth, face Shang of neural damaged, chewing function also by effect, but can dinner, and talk. Back, neck and other parts of the others are trauma, who also has a lot of scars. "

Mr Zhao said, after getting out of the hospital, her daughter has been recovering at home, the current injury is slowly recovering and can walk normally, but because of more serious injuries, you also need to regularly change. At present, the meat has been slowly growing out of the wound, but because the meat is not suitable for plastic surgery, you need to wait for some time, such injury was completely healed, he told his daughter to undergo plastic surgery, "the daughter, after all, still young, still have to continue to live. "

Talk about life

After an accident three years old grandson didn't look at Tigers Sichuan villagers for his birthday were fined

Mr Zhao said, this thing has too much influence on the family, "his wife died, my daughter was so seriously injured, feel the home is broken."

Mr Zhao said, and due to injuries, things, daughter not to go out, in addition to talking with acquaintances and occasionally little conversation, daughter's emotional impact, the mood is very good, people often persuade their daughter at home, over time, is much better than it was before, now my daughter can basically free, usually at home doing housework, taking care of children.

According to Mr Zhao because daughter May or June to Beijing, also at work for more than a month, after the fact, no rhetoric does not dismiss his daughter, but because her daughter had been injured can't get to work, they intend to hurt good units relieved labor contract, such as plastic surgery done again to find a job in the future.

Grandson of less than three years, since the accident no longer dare to see a tiger, "as long as there are Tiger images on television we hurried past. "The Tiger still scared when he saw the scene of the incident in the car, always said," my mother was eaten by a tiger. "

Talk about progress events

Call accept netizens criticized the hope things can be resolved as soon as possible

On August 24, yanqing district informed the biting incident investigation results to the Tiger, finds visitors not to comply with the requirement for warning had not been ignored, allowed to get off, does not belong to production safety accidents. Family lawyer Zoo after consultations on follow-up matters such as compensation.

Investigation, Zhao said, as families they cannot accept. While the victim got off without authorization without sufficient attention to safety faults. But a dangerous excursion security responsibility was placed on the visitors, and this is clearly unreasonable. Mr Zhao said, her daughter after they had an accident, Park has just increased the network isolation security measures, such as, if you had installed, you may be able to avoid this casualty accident. Nor are there any warning signs near accident, but afterwards they added 36, also shows that lack of warning. In addition, Zhao said the families received the full video shows, incident when patrol cars in addition to detonation gas, honking, no other relief measures, the injured husband beating the doors in a row around the vehicles to ask for help, Ranger's answer was: "we dare not get off, this case could not be saved. "The Gold Cup from Tiger to park cars who pulled away, the last 21 minutes, and taken to the hospital, after one has 44 minutes.

After the fact, there were a large number of online voices of doubt, in this regard, Mr Zhao said they accept netizens criticize, rebuke and even abuse, hope everybody can accept the blood lesson everyone can comply with any laws and regulations. "For those Internet rumors, though has brought us the spirit of the two hit and hurt, think, nor will we pursue, as we the injured party was killed and another disabled, after all, now just hope things can be resolved as soon as possible. "

Zoo: still communicating with the family

The night of October 12, bei Qing telephone contact Cao of the Badaling Wildlife Park is responsible for propaganda, Cao said, is still communicating with the families, there is no final result. Proposed solution for zoos and family parties, Mr CAO said it does not disclose. It is understood that the Tiger Park has not yet been opened, in particular opening hours has not been determined.

(Formerly titled "Badaling Tiger bite" families of sound exposure when the car for the first time)

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Zhejiang property distribution company robbed tourists of affray the same property

October 8 evening, Zhejiang jiashan Public Security Bureau official micro-letter public, "good police for people" released message: October 5 noon, points is two home property agent company of Zhang a, and Tung a in jiashan Gao Tienan station square for distributed property sales flyer, and scramble tourist occurred spat, then both the mustered more than 10 more than people in North Hongye roadside holding sticks, mob fights, led to more people different degree injured.

Zhejiang property distribution company robbed tourists of affray, the same property has hundreds of distributors

Jiashan disposal police quickly rushed to the scene.

After the alarm, jiashan disposal police rushed to the scene, arrested and summoned more than more than 20 people under investigation in accordance with law, and sent the injured to the hospital for treatment. Upon examination, Zhang Dong, 14 people were detained on suspicion of affray, in the further investigation of the case. Jiangsu Huaian responses to basic false attraction

Insiders to the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) revealed that staff belonging to two companies involved in the brawl, but is named "Peacock city Xin XI Tong" property for showmanship.

Corporate website information is displayed, the adjacent to the Gao Tienan, jiashan station building by the Chinese Foundation of happiness company (stock code: 600340) investment and construction. The company was founded in 1998, is "China's leading operator of industrial town" jiashan rail new city block where the property concerned by the company's development and construction.

"Parties to the conflict are not Chinese happy staff, but real estate agents the company's distribution company staff, and we do not have any direct contact. "The surging real estate project leader told the press, currently the project real estate sales agent agreement with the 6 Agency company, each agency and in cooperation with 20~30 distribution company, the distribution company and agency business, relationship with project.

He explained that the advance, distribution companies to cooperate with one agency personnel and a group of Shanghai customer appointments, 5th to the project site. At about 11 o'clock that day, when customers arrive in jiashan Gao Tienan, distribution companies to cooperate with another company who approached the showmanship, and handing out leaflets. Subsequently, 2 distribution company personnel squabbles and evolved into a physical confrontation, followed by 2 distribution companies of more than 20 people were involved.

The official said real estate sales like this to light, the company has conducted an internal reorganization. Two agents, has suspended its agent eligibility, call for corrective action, "when corrective action is in place, when recovery agent qualifications, and around 100,000 yuan fine. "The two distribution companies involved in the conflict, and has asked the Agency not to cooperate and strengthen the management of the respective distribution companies.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

In Shandong province a man committed suicide after killing his wife and mother

In Shandong province, a man committed suicide after killing his wife and mother-in-law, the police: drug-related stories to be investigated

Network warfare after the attack set fire to the House. Stick Netizen "lvseguoguo I" 32 Optimus civilian police suddenly fell dangerously

On August 31, in Zhaoyuan city, Shandong province, one man killed at home his wife, mother-in-law and himself. NET the men were drug addicts, addiction to attack crime, crime also set fire to the House. On September 1, the surging Zhaoyuan city public Security Bureau told News (www.thepaper.CN), the suspect has committed suicide, the case is under investigation, not otherwise disclosed.

A Netizen in the "province" the post said, the morning of 31st, Zhaoyuan water garden a couple households had a falling out, the woman called mother, two men were killed by men; a crime, the man set fire to the House. NET photos show room has fire, part of the external wall was blackened.

In Shandong province, a man committed suicide after killing his wife and mother-in-law, the police: drug-related stories to be investigated

Network warfare after the attack set fire to the House. Post bar online "short xinjueteluo"

Surging news notes, a Netizen said this quarreling couples with one child, was in kindergarten.

On September 1, Zhaoyuan city, on its official Twitter @ Zhaoyuan city public Security Bureau, Public Security Bureau reported that August 31 at 10 o'clock, water garden, Zhaoyuan, a murder occurred. The investigation, suspect a (male, 46 years old, Zhaoyuan) due to family conflicts and his wife and mother-in-law killed, later committed suicide.

NET "war is a drug, and addiction to attack crime", in Zhaoyuan city public Security Bureau said, the case is under investigation, subject to the communications, and suspects some are drug addicts, crime in both net legends such as fire to the House to be investigated.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Shantou Public Security Bureau formerly Party Secretary of Commission for discipline

The morning of August 26, chaonan district Shantou, Guangdong Public Security Bureau formerly Party Secretary of discipline Inspection Commission Secretary Zheng Shaoxin Chaoyang District using GPS tracking case Chen Xinzao re-examines its second session. Zheng Shaoxin insisted innocence.

The indictment in March 2014, and former member and Secretary of Commission for discipline inspection of the CPC Committee of Public Security Bureau of chaonan district, Shantou City Branch Zheng Shaoxin, install the GPS device to Chaoyang District, Shantou city Party Secretary Chen Xinzao car chassis, implement tracking shot, and then in the online reporting Chen Xinzao.

In September that year, Zheng Shaoxin on suspicion of crime of illegal eavesdropping equipment, was detained. In December 2015, haojiang district, Shantou city court verdict found Zheng Shaoxin committed crimes of illegal eavesdropping equipment use, acceptance of bribes, decides that the Executive shall be sentenced to 6 years and fined 20,000 yuan.

Shantou Public Security Bureau formerly Party Secretary of Commission for discipline inspection was charged with wiretapping, reviewing second session

Zheng Shaoxin

Zheng Shaoxin appealed in May 2016, the Court considers the case in Shantou "unclear facts, insufficient evidence", and remanded. On August 2, the first hearing for a retrial in the case, August 26 second session.

Zheng twice a retrial, after a trial, a trial court, against several groups critical of judicial decisions based on the debate by the prosecution.

District Police Bureau Party Secretary of Commission for discipline inspection districts GPS tracking

The indictment in March 2014, and Zheng Shaoxin Li Binyun found through friends, get a GPS locating device, through redeployment description well. A few days later, he ran to the Chaoyang District Government compound, attach the device to Chen Xinzao vehicles – a white Toyota Highlander car chassis.

Since then, Zheng Shaoxin login "car online" website, check out the approximate location and course of the car. Whenever vehicles parked near the luxury consumer sites, driving to stalking. See Chen Xinzao from these places out, taking pictures with mobile phone video.

Zheng Shaoxin records show, tails for about a month, and succeeded four times. Early in May 2014, Zheng Shaoxin finishing Chen Xinzao April 19 in "Tao Xuan restaurant" hosted video of Shantou Municipal Finance Bureau leader after dining out, after some screenshots to copy into a USB memory stick, and written a report written material to the print driver Zhou Houwu and Internet access. 7600 contracted 40 acres of forest land villagers

Then, Zhou Houwu Zheng Shaoxin content, with "Chen Xinzao violates the Central eight overweight use official cars, upscale restaurant titled" published online. Zheng Shaoxin wife Lin Weishan said the report will soon be deleted.

According to Zheng Shaoxin confession, he held office from the Public Security Bureau of chaonan district districts report district Party Secretary Chen Xinzao to the Chaoyang district to track, there are personal factors, but more important is the response to the call center.

Lin Weishan, said Zheng Shaoxin began on June 21, 2014 real reporting month in Shantou City Commission for discipline inspection Xing Taian (December 2014 Lok Ma) had a meeting with Zheng Shaoxin, but does not give a substantive response. Zheng and then report to the Guangdong discipline Inspection Commission, but by September of that year, he was taken away by police.

Provides GPS Li Binyun and Zhou Houwu of Internet materials were taken away by the police, in late 2015, two people have been released on bail pending trial.

On December 1, 2015, haojiang, Shantou people's Court trial court found Zheng Shaoxin committed crimes of illegal eavesdropping equipment use, acceptance of bribes, decides that the Executive shall be sentenced to 6 years and fined 20,000 yuan.

Controversy: GPS positioning devices or are listening device

In court, Zheng Shaoxin consider themselves using GPS, aimed at tracking shot after the orientation, rather than eavesdropping, and the bottom of the equipment installed in the vehicle, all but impossible to hear Chen Xinzao conversation.

August 26 trial, Zheng Shaoxin says he used to track GPS is not identified by the police, when GPS is not open, identified and there is no real, expert conclusions are tailored for his conviction.

Court found Zheng Shaoxin basis for using GPS, is a forensic examination. Police forensic Center in Shantou city, Guangdong Province, the police seized 2 "smart" brand GPS portable data terminal is identified, the result is eavesdropping equipment.

Li Binyun said that tracking Chen Xinzao Zheng Shaoxin positioning device tracking is complete, he took as his way lost. Indictment shows that in order to make up for the lack of evidence, the Panel from the Li Binyun place the two devices have been found, and as an alternative to prosecution evidence for identification.

Zheng Shaoxin Defender Li Xiaolin, argued that the equipment is produced in connection with public offerings of products, prosecutors identified them as "bugging equipment", according to the GPS is portable data terminal "remote listening" function, but no evidence that he ever used the "remote listening" feature. From Zheng Shaoxin reporting materials, contents are Zheng Shaoxin obtained through tracking shot after the orientation, not hacking.

Shantou municipal Bureau of State security issued by the team on May 4, 2015, according to a copy of the explanatory material in the: "has yet to obtain evidence that Zheng Shaoxin Chen Xinzao by using the device to monitor the function of eavesdropping. "

Report says its reputation has been damaged

Zheng Shaoxin reported to Chen Xinzao, Chaoyang District Committee has responded to the media, Chen Xinzao Tao Xuan restaurant is not upscale places, did not use public money, spend more than 600 Yuan.

Problems for overweight vehicles, driver Chen Xinzao said Chen Xinzao used exceeded because the public vehicles broke down, by the District Office of the provisional allocation; license plate suits because villagers know Chen Xinzao containment after the license plate number, he worries that affect the functioning and security of the person, look for traffic Police Brigade.

Chen Xinzao himself, his wife, as well as testimony of the Chaoyang District Government official said, after reported Internet, "Chen Xinzao are great mental stress, old taut face, nothing more", "dinner eat, sleep at night, sudden increase in blood pressure, always worried about being monitored at work."

According to the southern weekend reported that Zheng Shaoxin case after the incident, Chaoyang district invested a total of about 400,000 yuan to improve security. Included in the district, the District Government Office space 5 additional security, upgrade mechanism courtyard of the surveillance equipment, extended videos to save time, and the walls of heightening and consolidating high, buy new electric rolling door.

Chen Xinzao said in a note: "Zheng Shaoxin illegal use of equipment for eavesdropping or secret photographing to me, obviously damaged the image of the ruling party, is a challenge to the political interests of the State. Meanwhile, also hindered my behavior, hurt my political image, hurt my credibility and reputation and undermine the national party's image in the minds of the people...... "

Haojiang District Public Prosecutor's Office also charged in the indictment, Zheng Shaoxin reported Chen Xinzao "Chaoyang District had a serious negative impact on the image of the District Government, leading local investment projects being delayed or shelved, and seriously affected the normal work order of the district authorities, while Chen Xinzao damage resulting from physical and mental health".

In response to this allegation, Zheng Shaoxin's lawyers say, the testimony of a witness gets, and investigation activities are carried out under the command of Chen Xinzao without legitimacy.

Counsel upon checking found that, on September 28, 2014, Chen Xinzao Chaoyang district to personally contact the President of the Court, the Solicitor General, Deputy Director of the national people's Congress, the Deputy Mayor and 23 other party and Government officials to the Chaoyang hotel, police asked Chen Xinzao to testify.

Chaoyang district officials ' testimony, mainly commended Chen Xinzao is a good Secretary, actively attracting investments, they were people, secret filming and uploading, seriously affecting the Secretary of Chan's physical and mental health; fears of Chaoyang District's investment environment and the Government's credibility, stranding some investment projects.

Lawyer Li Xiaolin, questioning, preceding 23 witnesses and Chen Xinzao subordinate interests, testimony of a red herring. In particular Chaoyang District Court and the public prosecutor's Office officials, Chen Xinzao to testify violated the independence of the judiciary.

When the original trial, Li Xiaolin, a lawyer repeatedly described prior to the application of party and Government officials to testify, none appear.

The prosecution is free to restart spy programs

On August 26, 2016, Zheng Shaoxin reviewed the second trial, prosecutors submitted new Shantou Public Security Bureau added that three copies of documentary evidence to prove that police identification of GPS, sample legal identification is valid.

Li Xiaolin said this on August 2, when the first hearing for a retrial in the case, Zheng Shaoxin had to make a last statement, in accordance with the provisions of the criminal procedure law, the "final statement" is the end of court proceedings, evidence only able to appear in court for sentencing, can't start reconnaissance or supplement evidence proceedings.

Penalty v method 195th article of provides: "in accused last statement Hou, presiding judge announced recess, full for comments, according to has identified of facts, and evidence and about of legal provides, respectively made following judgment: case facts clear, evidence does, and full, according to legal finds accused guilty of, should made guilty judgment; according to legal finds accused innocence of, should made innocence judgment; evidence insufficient, cannot finds accused guilty of, should made evidence insufficient, and The acquittal of the accused of crimes cannot be established. "

Li Xiaolin, concluded that the new evidence is invalid under the provisions of procedural law before the Tribunal if there is a need for additional evidence, to submit an application by the public prosecution service in the trial, carried out by the Court's suspension, started procedures for additional evidence. But in this case all the way to made a final statement of the accused, prosecutors are not raised to go, before the Tribunal without restarting the investigation procedure, in law No. "This approach shows the arbitrary exercise of power the prosecution. "

A question brought up by lawyers, prosecutors requested an adjournment for half an hour. Recovery after a trial, the Prosecutor responded that the program legal, the presiding judge announced the trial ends, choose a sentencing date.

Public Security Bureau about the Party Secretary of Commission for discipline inspection reported GPS tracking, in Shantou caused the topic has not yet been removed.

Shantou Jinping district according to network news, the morning of July 26, according to the Shantou municipal party Committee and the municipal Committee of the Organization of work of the Office, Deputy Secretary-General Chen Xinzao comrade Zheng Hongyi, Deputy Director of the municipal party Committee Office accompanied by leading party confidential fuses section linked to the persons concerned, municipal support units long stone Fort Street community supervision and guidance of Wen's work.

The news shows that Chen Xinzao Shantou Chaoyang District Committee Secretary after leaving office, had been a member of Shantou municipal Committee, Deputy Secretary-General.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Director several times in one village drunk hit Gansu province were detained

Director several times in one village drunk hit Gansu province were detained Zhen investigation

Zhangye city, Gansu province, Cao Hu, Sha Jing Cun Wei Hui, Director beaten a villager to the injured after getting drunk and smashing their vehicles. Golden Zhangye online

Sha Jing Cun, Cao Hu, Director of the village, shajing town drunk in Zhangye city, Gansu province beaten villagers, on August 24, Ganzhou in Zhangye City Public Security Bureau informed the Public Security Bureau said, Cao Hu arrested for affray has been detained. The same day, surging manhole a staff member told the Government news (www.thepaper.CN), Zhen JI has been involved in the investigation.

Surging Lei Yan Sha Jing Cun, villagers told the news, his parents opened a store in town. Lei Yan said on August 14, when his father in the car to get something, Cao Hu, Director of the village believe that out of the way, was abused and beaten by Cao Hu.

Lei Yan, Cao Hu not only say "can't kill people lose money", or drunk driving Lei Yan's parents. When the police arrived, Cao Hu also ran to the butcher's knife to cut Lei Yan next halogen parents. Subsequently, Cao Hu are civilian police uniforms. The next day, Lei Yan's mother was injured and in hospital, his father also takes injuries accompany.

Lei Yan said, Cao Hu wounding several times in recent years, up to 70 years old, down to ten year old children, ranging from punched and kicked, heavy bones at a discount; Cao Hu opened a parlor. Frequent incidents of violence against children

Director several times in one village drunk hit Gansu province were detained Zhen investigation

Vehicles were smashed.

24th, Zhangye city, Ganzhou Public Security Bureau, Public Security Bureau official Twitter @ Ganzhou police release case reported, August 14 at 8 o'clock in the evening, Sha Jing Cun villagers mined the village Committee Director Cao Hu battery with injury after getting drunk and smashing party vehicles. After the incident, manhole Ganzhou District Public Security Bureau police police, control events.

After preliminary investigation, Cao Hu served as President, the village officer, repeatedly beaten after getting drunk and damaged others acts of public or private property, caused a bad influence in the villagers. In accordance with the People's Republic of China Article No. 293 of the Penal Code stipulates that criminal suspects Cao Hu (male, Han Chinese, now 41, who lives in the district, shajing town Sha Jing Cun Shi she) has been suspected of crime of affray. On August 22, Ganzhou District Public Security Bureau on the imposition of criminal compulsory measures by law, in its extensive investigation into suspected criminal facts are.

Ganzhou district, Zhangye city, according to the people's Court (2012) no 107th Gan early penalty according to the book of criminal incidental civil mediation, Cao Hu for trifles with the villagers there have been contradictions, villagers holding knife cuts the face, resulting in ten disability, after the consultation.

The afternoon of 24th, said the surging Government response on the matter by a staff member, shajing town, at present, Zhen JI, with police investigating, investigation pending the outcome, is not disclosed. Cao Hu have no open mahjong and other problems, the staff did not respond.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Li also listed Hunan radio and TV mango TV into happy days entertainment and

Supergirl also listed the led Li.

The night of August 19, owned by Hunan satellite TV shopping brand happy shopping (300413) said in a statement, after two months of suspension, to be purchased with the same actual control of the company, Hunan radio and television (hereinafter referred to as Hunan radio and television) control 7 all or a controlling stake of the company. Including mango TV and entertainment. After the AR and VR is MR MagicLeap why it s worth

Announcements, happy purchases through the issuance of shares and to pay cash to buy company shares and to raise matching funds. Due to this major asset restructuring is still in the communications and consultations, related to the current programmes are not yet fully determined. In addition, because the programme to discuss and improve the time required is longer, transaction details still need further communication and negotiation, transaction remains uncertain, assets, operations, finance and other areas large amount of due diligence investigations, due diligence, audit and evaluation work needs a certain amount of time, so delayed resumption. Company is committed to disclosing major assets restructuring plan or before September 20 report.

Above injected happy purchased of 7 home company including, Hunan happy Sun interactive entertainment media limited (Xia said happy Sun), and Shanghai days entertainment media limited (Xia said: days entertainment media), and Hunan mango Entertainment Limited (Xia said mango entertainment), and mango movie limited (Xia said mango television), and Hunan gold Eagle cartoon limited (Xia said gold Eagle cartoon), and Shanghai mango mutual Entertainment Technology Limited (Xia said mango mutual entertainment), and Hunan days entertainment advertising limited (Xia said days entertainment advertising).

Public information, happy shopping was founded in the end of 2005, jointly by the Hunan radio, film and television group and Hunan satellite TV and maintainable, the initial registered capital of 100 million Yuan, and officially opened in March 2006, operation. Happy shopping is the first qualification for national live television shopping channel, specializing in TV shopping, online shopping, shopping, and so on. In January 2015, was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange happy purchase.

Worth mentioning is that the connections that the 7 companies going.

Among them, the happy sunshine mango TV is responsible for specific operations. It was reported that in June 2015, mango TV completed a round of financing, raising funds of more than 500 million Yuan, after the investment valued at 7 billion yuan. After only one year, mango TV complete the b round of financing, nearly 1.5 billion yuan to raise funds, valued at 13.5 billion yuan after the vote.

Days entertainment media is the era of Super girl's new entertainment company. Over the past 11 years, the company's business scope covers variety shows, music, movies, TV shows, books, etc, create artists including Li, Jie Zhang, Yu-zhengshuang, brilliance, has, "Super girl", "happy boys", "where is the father the movie", "small time" series of films, "love one another through the Millennium" and other cultural products.

Mango entertainment created the phenomenon of Hunan TV brand the happy girl, happy boys ', and was involved in production. In addition, the mango taste entertainment system for Hunan satellite TV and cool both the network variety show, such as the ghost blows.

Mango TV, as has an independent legal personality of the team owned by Hunan radio and television, founded in 2001, with a focus on film investment direction, main business including film producers and distributors, artists Agency, film associated base/equipment rentals, film and television, such as product development and sales. Company toupai films and TV series including the gods, ' Palace ', ' Gong Suo bead curtain ', such as the Gong Suo Citylink.

Statistics show that Golden Eagle cartoon was formally launched in October 2004, the show has built the House, life is beautiful ', ' Super girl doll, the happier and more policy, where is the father and other multiple original cartoons.

Mango mutual entertainment was founded in April 2014, the Hunan radio, its only mobile Internet gaming and mobile application development platform. According to official information, the company since the development of the hand where is the father of series 320 million total downloads.

Day ad was established in 2007, focused on marketing, program operations, media agencies, integrated marketing, and so on.

Financial data show that early 2016, happy purchase revenue of 1.735 billion yuan, up 17.06% over the previous year, belonging to the common shareholders of listed companies to 28.22 million yuan in net profit, down 35.28%.

It was also reported, happy shopping revenue growth in the first half of this year mainly from auto dealers and customers ' business growth of the group, and the decline in net profit is due to the impact of intensified market competition and profits into the company's innovative business also needs a certain period.

Friday, August 12, 2016

July data then drop cut it Not bad enough to require the use of monetary policy

The latest series of economic and financial data for July is not satisfactory, successive sing loose coupled with overseas markets, and once again ignited the market for China's future monetary policy debate, calls for further easing of monetary policy sound also rises.

National statistics released data showing July above-scale industrial added value grew by 6%, July fixed-asset investment rose 8.1% before and the lowest level since December 1999. New loans in July data released by the Central Bank later, then hit a two-year low.

"6% July industrial production growth, lower-than-expected investment continued to fall, consumption fell below expectations. "Shanghai Hongyuan, Economist Li Huiyong, analyst says:" economic fall markedly, easing still overweight, should focus on the implementation of the proactive fiscal policy, political easing of domestic space. In view of the effects of lag, loose need to lead, should be the sooner the better. "

Early last week, the policy research Office of the NDRC on August 3 in its first entitled better play the critical role of investment to the economic growth of the article, also unequivocally pointed out: "the firm reduce costs. Looking to implement further interest rate cuts, reducing policies. " SOFTBANK even put aside assets to raise to 31

However, in week two, the Bank reiterated that it will continue to implement a prudent monetary policy, economists tend to believe that central banks will not be easily resorted to drop, and even cut-weight loose policies.

In the second quarter monetary policy report, the Central Bank also pointed out that as a column, frequently drop will increase pressure on devaluation.

In the Central Bank's view, if frequently drop will commit substantial liquidity, market interest rates downward, combined with its strong signal meaning, easy to strengthen expectations of easing, leading to currency devaluation pressures, decline in foreign exchange reserves. Release reduction, the liquidity more currency devaluation expected the stronger, the more he prompted speculators to take the money to buy meeting chaohui, which form a cycle. Therefore, the need to focus on potential balance sheet effects of policy instruments used in the, pay close attention to developments in the internal and external situation, maintain a neutral moderate monetary and financial environment, promote balance and economic and financial running smoothly.

Societe Generale Chief Economist, Lu zhengwei surging to journalists said: "and the whole second half of the third quarter, the Central Bank will not cut interest rates further down, action, second-quarter monetary policy report very clearly show that high prices may now transfer this to the other, and to curb asset bubbles, so it will not cut interest rates. "

Despite a series of economic data due out August 12 is borderline, but tend to think more bodies, banks or stay put.

"At present, data in the real economy is not good, but not bad enough to require adjustment of monetary policies and monetary policy is still relatively neutral tone of. "China Merchants securities Economist Xie Yaxuan surging on news, analyst said.

Haitong securities Economist Jiang Chao, analyst say, compared monetary policy, exerting force with positive financial need.

"In July the decreasing trend in the industrial economies slow, weighed down by early weakness in demand, industrial growth eased early backing declining investment infrastructure is falling sharply. Monetary policy report, the Central Bank said it would continue to implement a prudent monetary policy, monetary policy remains neutral in the short term, still need active financial force, backing the economic downturn. "Chao Jiang said.

Regulators of differentiation of the monetary policy stance, Lu zhengwei stressed that the report of the national development and Reform Commission published by the policy research is a regular, and the theme of investment, rather than a comprehensive analysis of the macroeconomic situation, and monetary policy, report of the national development and Reform Commission is more constructive.

"Monetary policies of different sounds, on the face of it, monetary policy decisions are made by the Central Bank, so more listen to the Central Bank's monetary policy statement and the judgment of the situation, but in the end, monetary policy is ultimately determined by the economy, inflation, asset price and other factors, is also fundamental decisions on monetary policy. "Xie Yaxuan said.

For now include United Kingdom Central Bank, Japan's Central Bank, a number of key Central Bank easing launched in succession, Xie Yaxuan pointed out that, given the spillover effects of monetary policies in developed countries, successive interest rate cuts overseas central banks is restrictive monetary policy to one of the reasons.

"But focus is complex, after all, some countries shrinking, on China's interest rates, exchange rates, and capital flows have an impact on several levels, the change of overseas situation of China's Central Bank monetary policy challenge, but such challenges as a whole still need to go through the fundamentals. "Xie Yaxuan said.