Wednesday, August 31, 2016

In Shandong province a man committed suicide after killing his wife and mother

In Shandong province, a man committed suicide after killing his wife and mother-in-law, the police: drug-related stories to be investigated

Network warfare after the attack set fire to the House. Stick Netizen "lvseguoguo I" 32 Optimus civilian police suddenly fell dangerously

On August 31, in Zhaoyuan city, Shandong province, one man killed at home his wife, mother-in-law and himself. NET the men were drug addicts, addiction to attack crime, crime also set fire to the House. On September 1, the surging Zhaoyuan city public Security Bureau told News (www.thepaper.CN), the suspect has committed suicide, the case is under investigation, not otherwise disclosed.

A Netizen in the "province" the post said, the morning of 31st, Zhaoyuan water garden a couple households had a falling out, the woman called mother, two men were killed by men; a crime, the man set fire to the House. NET photos show room has fire, part of the external wall was blackened.

In Shandong province, a man committed suicide after killing his wife and mother-in-law, the police: drug-related stories to be investigated

Network warfare after the attack set fire to the House. Post bar online "short xinjueteluo"

Surging news notes, a Netizen said this quarreling couples with one child, was in kindergarten.

On September 1, Zhaoyuan city, on its official Twitter @ Zhaoyuan city public Security Bureau, Public Security Bureau reported that August 31 at 10 o'clock, water garden, Zhaoyuan, a murder occurred. The investigation, suspect a (male, 46 years old, Zhaoyuan) due to family conflicts and his wife and mother-in-law killed, later committed suicide.

NET "war is a drug, and addiction to attack crime", in Zhaoyuan city public Security Bureau said, the case is under investigation, subject to the communications, and suspects some are drug addicts, crime in both net legends such as fire to the House to be investigated.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Shantou Public Security Bureau formerly Party Secretary of Commission for discipline

The morning of August 26, chaonan district Shantou, Guangdong Public Security Bureau formerly Party Secretary of discipline Inspection Commission Secretary Zheng Shaoxin Chaoyang District using GPS tracking case Chen Xinzao re-examines its second session. Zheng Shaoxin insisted innocence.

The indictment in March 2014, and former member and Secretary of Commission for discipline inspection of the CPC Committee of Public Security Bureau of chaonan district, Shantou City Branch Zheng Shaoxin, install the GPS device to Chaoyang District, Shantou city Party Secretary Chen Xinzao car chassis, implement tracking shot, and then in the online reporting Chen Xinzao.

In September that year, Zheng Shaoxin on suspicion of crime of illegal eavesdropping equipment, was detained. In December 2015, haojiang district, Shantou city court verdict found Zheng Shaoxin committed crimes of illegal eavesdropping equipment use, acceptance of bribes, decides that the Executive shall be sentenced to 6 years and fined 20,000 yuan.

Shantou Public Security Bureau formerly Party Secretary of Commission for discipline inspection was charged with wiretapping, reviewing second session

Zheng Shaoxin

Zheng Shaoxin appealed in May 2016, the Court considers the case in Shantou "unclear facts, insufficient evidence", and remanded. On August 2, the first hearing for a retrial in the case, August 26 second session.

Zheng twice a retrial, after a trial, a trial court, against several groups critical of judicial decisions based on the debate by the prosecution.

District Police Bureau Party Secretary of Commission for discipline inspection districts GPS tracking

The indictment in March 2014, and Zheng Shaoxin Li Binyun found through friends, get a GPS locating device, through redeployment description well. A few days later, he ran to the Chaoyang District Government compound, attach the device to Chen Xinzao vehicles – a white Toyota Highlander car chassis.

Since then, Zheng Shaoxin login "car online" website, check out the approximate location and course of the car. Whenever vehicles parked near the luxury consumer sites, driving to stalking. See Chen Xinzao from these places out, taking pictures with mobile phone video.

Zheng Shaoxin records show, tails for about a month, and succeeded four times. Early in May 2014, Zheng Shaoxin finishing Chen Xinzao April 19 in "Tao Xuan restaurant" hosted video of Shantou Municipal Finance Bureau leader after dining out, after some screenshots to copy into a USB memory stick, and written a report written material to the print driver Zhou Houwu and Internet access. 7600 contracted 40 acres of forest land villagers

Then, Zhou Houwu Zheng Shaoxin content, with "Chen Xinzao violates the Central eight overweight use official cars, upscale restaurant titled" published online. Zheng Shaoxin wife Lin Weishan said the report will soon be deleted.

According to Zheng Shaoxin confession, he held office from the Public Security Bureau of chaonan district districts report district Party Secretary Chen Xinzao to the Chaoyang district to track, there are personal factors, but more important is the response to the call center.

Lin Weishan, said Zheng Shaoxin began on June 21, 2014 real reporting month in Shantou City Commission for discipline inspection Xing Taian (December 2014 Lok Ma) had a meeting with Zheng Shaoxin, but does not give a substantive response. Zheng and then report to the Guangdong discipline Inspection Commission, but by September of that year, he was taken away by police.

Provides GPS Li Binyun and Zhou Houwu of Internet materials were taken away by the police, in late 2015, two people have been released on bail pending trial.

On December 1, 2015, haojiang, Shantou people's Court trial court found Zheng Shaoxin committed crimes of illegal eavesdropping equipment use, acceptance of bribes, decides that the Executive shall be sentenced to 6 years and fined 20,000 yuan.

Controversy: GPS positioning devices or are listening device

In court, Zheng Shaoxin consider themselves using GPS, aimed at tracking shot after the orientation, rather than eavesdropping, and the bottom of the equipment installed in the vehicle, all but impossible to hear Chen Xinzao conversation.

August 26 trial, Zheng Shaoxin says he used to track GPS is not identified by the police, when GPS is not open, identified and there is no real, expert conclusions are tailored for his conviction.

Court found Zheng Shaoxin basis for using GPS, is a forensic examination. Police forensic Center in Shantou city, Guangdong Province, the police seized 2 "smart" brand GPS portable data terminal is identified, the result is eavesdropping equipment.

Li Binyun said that tracking Chen Xinzao Zheng Shaoxin positioning device tracking is complete, he took as his way lost. Indictment shows that in order to make up for the lack of evidence, the Panel from the Li Binyun place the two devices have been found, and as an alternative to prosecution evidence for identification.

Zheng Shaoxin Defender Li Xiaolin, argued that the equipment is produced in connection with public offerings of products, prosecutors identified them as "bugging equipment", according to the GPS is portable data terminal "remote listening" function, but no evidence that he ever used the "remote listening" feature. From Zheng Shaoxin reporting materials, contents are Zheng Shaoxin obtained through tracking shot after the orientation, not hacking.

Shantou municipal Bureau of State security issued by the team on May 4, 2015, according to a copy of the explanatory material in the: "has yet to obtain evidence that Zheng Shaoxin Chen Xinzao by using the device to monitor the function of eavesdropping. "

Report says its reputation has been damaged

Zheng Shaoxin reported to Chen Xinzao, Chaoyang District Committee has responded to the media, Chen Xinzao Tao Xuan restaurant is not upscale places, did not use public money, spend more than 600 Yuan.

Problems for overweight vehicles, driver Chen Xinzao said Chen Xinzao used exceeded because the public vehicles broke down, by the District Office of the provisional allocation; license plate suits because villagers know Chen Xinzao containment after the license plate number, he worries that affect the functioning and security of the person, look for traffic Police Brigade.

Chen Xinzao himself, his wife, as well as testimony of the Chaoyang District Government official said, after reported Internet, "Chen Xinzao are great mental stress, old taut face, nothing more", "dinner eat, sleep at night, sudden increase in blood pressure, always worried about being monitored at work."

According to the southern weekend reported that Zheng Shaoxin case after the incident, Chaoyang district invested a total of about 400,000 yuan to improve security. Included in the district, the District Government Office space 5 additional security, upgrade mechanism courtyard of the surveillance equipment, extended videos to save time, and the walls of heightening and consolidating high, buy new electric rolling door.

Chen Xinzao said in a note: "Zheng Shaoxin illegal use of equipment for eavesdropping or secret photographing to me, obviously damaged the image of the ruling party, is a challenge to the political interests of the State. Meanwhile, also hindered my behavior, hurt my political image, hurt my credibility and reputation and undermine the national party's image in the minds of the people...... "

Haojiang District Public Prosecutor's Office also charged in the indictment, Zheng Shaoxin reported Chen Xinzao "Chaoyang District had a serious negative impact on the image of the District Government, leading local investment projects being delayed or shelved, and seriously affected the normal work order of the district authorities, while Chen Xinzao damage resulting from physical and mental health".

In response to this allegation, Zheng Shaoxin's lawyers say, the testimony of a witness gets, and investigation activities are carried out under the command of Chen Xinzao without legitimacy.

Counsel upon checking found that, on September 28, 2014, Chen Xinzao Chaoyang district to personally contact the President of the Court, the Solicitor General, Deputy Director of the national people's Congress, the Deputy Mayor and 23 other party and Government officials to the Chaoyang hotel, police asked Chen Xinzao to testify.

Chaoyang district officials ' testimony, mainly commended Chen Xinzao is a good Secretary, actively attracting investments, they were people, secret filming and uploading, seriously affecting the Secretary of Chan's physical and mental health; fears of Chaoyang District's investment environment and the Government's credibility, stranding some investment projects.

Lawyer Li Xiaolin, questioning, preceding 23 witnesses and Chen Xinzao subordinate interests, testimony of a red herring. In particular Chaoyang District Court and the public prosecutor's Office officials, Chen Xinzao to testify violated the independence of the judiciary.

When the original trial, Li Xiaolin, a lawyer repeatedly described prior to the application of party and Government officials to testify, none appear.

The prosecution is free to restart spy programs

On August 26, 2016, Zheng Shaoxin reviewed the second trial, prosecutors submitted new Shantou Public Security Bureau added that three copies of documentary evidence to prove that police identification of GPS, sample legal identification is valid.

Li Xiaolin said this on August 2, when the first hearing for a retrial in the case, Zheng Shaoxin had to make a last statement, in accordance with the provisions of the criminal procedure law, the "final statement" is the end of court proceedings, evidence only able to appear in court for sentencing, can't start reconnaissance or supplement evidence proceedings.

Penalty v method 195th article of provides: "in accused last statement Hou, presiding judge announced recess, full for comments, according to has identified of facts, and evidence and about of legal provides, respectively made following judgment: case facts clear, evidence does, and full, according to legal finds accused guilty of, should made guilty judgment; according to legal finds accused innocence of, should made innocence judgment; evidence insufficient, cannot finds accused guilty of, should made evidence insufficient, and The acquittal of the accused of crimes cannot be established. "

Li Xiaolin, concluded that the new evidence is invalid under the provisions of procedural law before the Tribunal if there is a need for additional evidence, to submit an application by the public prosecution service in the trial, carried out by the Court's suspension, started procedures for additional evidence. But in this case all the way to made a final statement of the accused, prosecutors are not raised to go, before the Tribunal without restarting the investigation procedure, in law No. "This approach shows the arbitrary exercise of power the prosecution. "

A question brought up by lawyers, prosecutors requested an adjournment for half an hour. Recovery after a trial, the Prosecutor responded that the program legal, the presiding judge announced the trial ends, choose a sentencing date.

Public Security Bureau about the Party Secretary of Commission for discipline inspection reported GPS tracking, in Shantou caused the topic has not yet been removed.

Shantou Jinping district according to network news, the morning of July 26, according to the Shantou municipal party Committee and the municipal Committee of the Organization of work of the Office, Deputy Secretary-General Chen Xinzao comrade Zheng Hongyi, Deputy Director of the municipal party Committee Office accompanied by leading party confidential fuses section linked to the persons concerned, municipal support units long stone Fort Street community supervision and guidance of Wen's work.

The news shows that Chen Xinzao Shantou Chaoyang District Committee Secretary after leaving office, had been a member of Shantou municipal Committee, Deputy Secretary-General.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Director several times in one village drunk hit Gansu province were detained

Director several times in one village drunk hit Gansu province were detained Zhen investigation

Zhangye city, Gansu province, Cao Hu, Sha Jing Cun Wei Hui, Director beaten a villager to the injured after getting drunk and smashing their vehicles. Golden Zhangye online

Sha Jing Cun, Cao Hu, Director of the village, shajing town drunk in Zhangye city, Gansu province beaten villagers, on August 24, Ganzhou in Zhangye City Public Security Bureau informed the Public Security Bureau said, Cao Hu arrested for affray has been detained. The same day, surging manhole a staff member told the Government news (www.thepaper.CN), Zhen JI has been involved in the investigation.

Surging Lei Yan Sha Jing Cun, villagers told the news, his parents opened a store in town. Lei Yan said on August 14, when his father in the car to get something, Cao Hu, Director of the village believe that out of the way, was abused and beaten by Cao Hu.

Lei Yan, Cao Hu not only say "can't kill people lose money", or drunk driving Lei Yan's parents. When the police arrived, Cao Hu also ran to the butcher's knife to cut Lei Yan next halogen parents. Subsequently, Cao Hu are civilian police uniforms. The next day, Lei Yan's mother was injured and in hospital, his father also takes injuries accompany.

Lei Yan said, Cao Hu wounding several times in recent years, up to 70 years old, down to ten year old children, ranging from punched and kicked, heavy bones at a discount; Cao Hu opened a parlor. Frequent incidents of violence against children

Director several times in one village drunk hit Gansu province were detained Zhen investigation

Vehicles were smashed.

24th, Zhangye city, Ganzhou Public Security Bureau, Public Security Bureau official Twitter @ Ganzhou police release case reported, August 14 at 8 o'clock in the evening, Sha Jing Cun villagers mined the village Committee Director Cao Hu battery with injury after getting drunk and smashing party vehicles. After the incident, manhole Ganzhou District Public Security Bureau police police, control events.

After preliminary investigation, Cao Hu served as President, the village officer, repeatedly beaten after getting drunk and damaged others acts of public or private property, caused a bad influence in the villagers. In accordance with the People's Republic of China Article No. 293 of the Penal Code stipulates that criminal suspects Cao Hu (male, Han Chinese, now 41, who lives in the district, shajing town Sha Jing Cun Shi she) has been suspected of crime of affray. On August 22, Ganzhou District Public Security Bureau on the imposition of criminal compulsory measures by law, in its extensive investigation into suspected criminal facts are.

Ganzhou district, Zhangye city, according to the people's Court (2012) no 107th Gan early penalty according to the book of criminal incidental civil mediation, Cao Hu for trifles with the villagers there have been contradictions, villagers holding knife cuts the face, resulting in ten disability, after the consultation.

The afternoon of 24th, said the surging Government response on the matter by a staff member, shajing town, at present, Zhen JI, with police investigating, investigation pending the outcome, is not disclosed. Cao Hu have no open mahjong and other problems, the staff did not respond.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Li also listed Hunan radio and TV mango TV into happy days entertainment and

Supergirl also listed the led Li.

The night of August 19, owned by Hunan satellite TV shopping brand happy shopping (300413) said in a statement, after two months of suspension, to be purchased with the same actual control of the company, Hunan radio and television (hereinafter referred to as Hunan radio and television) control 7 all or a controlling stake of the company. Including mango TV and entertainment. After the AR and VR is MR MagicLeap why it s worth

Announcements, happy purchases through the issuance of shares and to pay cash to buy company shares and to raise matching funds. Due to this major asset restructuring is still in the communications and consultations, related to the current programmes are not yet fully determined. In addition, because the programme to discuss and improve the time required is longer, transaction details still need further communication and negotiation, transaction remains uncertain, assets, operations, finance and other areas large amount of due diligence investigations, due diligence, audit and evaluation work needs a certain amount of time, so delayed resumption. Company is committed to disclosing major assets restructuring plan or before September 20 report.

Above injected happy purchased of 7 home company including, Hunan happy Sun interactive entertainment media limited (Xia said happy Sun), and Shanghai days entertainment media limited (Xia said: days entertainment media), and Hunan mango Entertainment Limited (Xia said mango entertainment), and mango movie limited (Xia said mango television), and Hunan gold Eagle cartoon limited (Xia said gold Eagle cartoon), and Shanghai mango mutual Entertainment Technology Limited (Xia said mango mutual entertainment), and Hunan days entertainment advertising limited (Xia said days entertainment advertising).

Public information, happy shopping was founded in the end of 2005, jointly by the Hunan radio, film and television group and Hunan satellite TV and maintainable, the initial registered capital of 100 million Yuan, and officially opened in March 2006, operation. Happy shopping is the first qualification for national live television shopping channel, specializing in TV shopping, online shopping, shopping, and so on. In January 2015, was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange happy purchase.

Worth mentioning is that the connections that the 7 companies going.

Among them, the happy sunshine mango TV is responsible for specific operations. It was reported that in June 2015, mango TV completed a round of financing, raising funds of more than 500 million Yuan, after the investment valued at 7 billion yuan. After only one year, mango TV complete the b round of financing, nearly 1.5 billion yuan to raise funds, valued at 13.5 billion yuan after the vote.

Days entertainment media is the era of Super girl's new entertainment company. Over the past 11 years, the company's business scope covers variety shows, music, movies, TV shows, books, etc, create artists including Li, Jie Zhang, Yu-zhengshuang, brilliance, has, "Super girl", "happy boys", "where is the father the movie", "small time" series of films, "love one another through the Millennium" and other cultural products.

Mango entertainment created the phenomenon of Hunan TV brand the happy girl, happy boys ', and was involved in production. In addition, the mango taste entertainment system for Hunan satellite TV and cool both the network variety show, such as the ghost blows.

Mango TV, as has an independent legal personality of the team owned by Hunan radio and television, founded in 2001, with a focus on film investment direction, main business including film producers and distributors, artists Agency, film associated base/equipment rentals, film and television, such as product development and sales. Company toupai films and TV series including the gods, ' Palace ', ' Gong Suo bead curtain ', such as the Gong Suo Citylink.

Statistics show that Golden Eagle cartoon was formally launched in October 2004, the show has built the House, life is beautiful ', ' Super girl doll, the happier and more policy, where is the father and other multiple original cartoons.

Mango mutual entertainment was founded in April 2014, the Hunan radio, its only mobile Internet gaming and mobile application development platform. According to official information, the company since the development of the hand where is the father of series 320 million total downloads.

Day ad was established in 2007, focused on marketing, program operations, media agencies, integrated marketing, and so on.

Financial data show that early 2016, happy purchase revenue of 1.735 billion yuan, up 17.06% over the previous year, belonging to the common shareholders of listed companies to 28.22 million yuan in net profit, down 35.28%.

It was also reported, happy shopping revenue growth in the first half of this year mainly from auto dealers and customers ' business growth of the group, and the decline in net profit is due to the impact of intensified market competition and profits into the company's innovative business also needs a certain period.

Friday, August 12, 2016

July data then drop cut it Not bad enough to require the use of monetary policy

The latest series of economic and financial data for July is not satisfactory, successive sing loose coupled with overseas markets, and once again ignited the market for China's future monetary policy debate, calls for further easing of monetary policy sound also rises.

National statistics released data showing July above-scale industrial added value grew by 6%, July fixed-asset investment rose 8.1% before and the lowest level since December 1999. New loans in July data released by the Central Bank later, then hit a two-year low.

"6% July industrial production growth, lower-than-expected investment continued to fall, consumption fell below expectations. "Shanghai Hongyuan, Economist Li Huiyong, analyst says:" economic fall markedly, easing still overweight, should focus on the implementation of the proactive fiscal policy, political easing of domestic space. In view of the effects of lag, loose need to lead, should be the sooner the better. "

Early last week, the policy research Office of the NDRC on August 3 in its first entitled better play the critical role of investment to the economic growth of the article, also unequivocally pointed out: "the firm reduce costs. Looking to implement further interest rate cuts, reducing policies. " SOFTBANK even put aside assets to raise to 31

However, in week two, the Bank reiterated that it will continue to implement a prudent monetary policy, economists tend to believe that central banks will not be easily resorted to drop, and even cut-weight loose policies.

In the second quarter monetary policy report, the Central Bank also pointed out that as a column, frequently drop will increase pressure on devaluation.

In the Central Bank's view, if frequently drop will commit substantial liquidity, market interest rates downward, combined with its strong signal meaning, easy to strengthen expectations of easing, leading to currency devaluation pressures, decline in foreign exchange reserves. Release reduction, the liquidity more currency devaluation expected the stronger, the more he prompted speculators to take the money to buy meeting chaohui, which form a cycle. Therefore, the need to focus on potential balance sheet effects of policy instruments used in the, pay close attention to developments in the internal and external situation, maintain a neutral moderate monetary and financial environment, promote balance and economic and financial running smoothly.

Societe Generale Chief Economist, Lu zhengwei surging to journalists said: "and the whole second half of the third quarter, the Central Bank will not cut interest rates further down, action, second-quarter monetary policy report very clearly show that high prices may now transfer this to the other, and to curb asset bubbles, so it will not cut interest rates. "

Despite a series of economic data due out August 12 is borderline, but tend to think more bodies, banks or stay put.

"At present, data in the real economy is not good, but not bad enough to require adjustment of monetary policies and monetary policy is still relatively neutral tone of. "China Merchants securities Economist Xie Yaxuan surging on news, analyst said.

Haitong securities Economist Jiang Chao, analyst say, compared monetary policy, exerting force with positive financial need.

"In July the decreasing trend in the industrial economies slow, weighed down by early weakness in demand, industrial growth eased early backing declining investment infrastructure is falling sharply. Monetary policy report, the Central Bank said it would continue to implement a prudent monetary policy, monetary policy remains neutral in the short term, still need active financial force, backing the economic downturn. "Chao Jiang said.

Regulators of differentiation of the monetary policy stance, Lu zhengwei stressed that the report of the national development and Reform Commission published by the policy research is a regular, and the theme of investment, rather than a comprehensive analysis of the macroeconomic situation, and monetary policy, report of the national development and Reform Commission is more constructive.

"Monetary policies of different sounds, on the face of it, monetary policy decisions are made by the Central Bank, so more listen to the Central Bank's monetary policy statement and the judgment of the situation, but in the end, monetary policy is ultimately determined by the economy, inflation, asset price and other factors, is also fundamental decisions on monetary policy. "Xie Yaxuan said.

For now include United Kingdom Central Bank, Japan's Central Bank, a number of key Central Bank easing launched in succession, Xie Yaxuan pointed out that, given the spillover effects of monetary policies in developed countries, successive interest rate cuts overseas central banks is restrictive monetary policy to one of the reasons.

"But focus is complex, after all, some countries shrinking, on China's interest rates, exchange rates, and capital flows have an impact on several levels, the change of overseas situation of China's Central Bank monetary policy challenge, but such challenges as a whole still need to go through the fundamentals. "Xie Yaxuan said.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Release news Fu Yuanhui said of primitive force of what The serious answer is

# Science # seismic micro-primitive refers to early state after the formation of the Earth, everything in the mixed stock ignorance, when the thin crust, earthquakes, extreme temperatures, mountain building caused a number of floods. After after several rounds of mountain building, establishment of atmospheric circulation on the Earth, the Earth's crust tends to be stable. Visible, primitive power, very powerful indeed. L liang Communist Party Secretary Wang Qingxian

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Henan police responses to man was the debt collector 7 days jump from debt collector

Henan police responses to

Debt collection agency personnel. China Youth Network 8 years between the national 360 city water logging

On August 2, the residents of Fangcheng County, Henan province, Li Zhiguo took to his roof, jumped to his death. Family members say, "collection agencies" more than 10 people live in homes with their sticks, for 7 consecutive days to let Li Zhiguo at home, did not allow them to close their eyes to sleep.

The morning of August 5, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from Fangcheng County Public Security Bureau informed that at present, Fangcheng County Public Security Bureau on suspicion of illegal intrusion on this investigation, 3 people have been subject to criminal compulsory measures.

According to the China Youth Network on August 4, Li Zhiguo was the electronics factory, head of one of the Mong Kok, Fangcheng Hin in April 2015, Li Zhiguo and Wang Xin electronics factory Director Chen Congxin co-applicant 700,000 yuan to plant operations. But in October of that year, Chen Congxin with money and run. On July 27, "collection agencies" more than 10 people living in Li Zhiguo with sticks.

Since then, for 7 consecutive days, Li Zhiguo to go out, a bunch of people took turns abusive and did not allow them to close their eyes to sleep. Son of Li Zhiguo Li Cong said 7 days, Li Zhiguo and family on many occasions police. Police repeatedly out of the police also confiscated "collection agencies" of the sticks, but didn't put people off, but both parties.

Henan police responses to

Li Zhiguo's "suicide note." China Youth Network

August 2, at 13 o'clock, Li Zhiguo took to his roof and Dial 110 for the last time, and then jumped to his death. Families find Li Zhiguo left "suicide note", the last sentence is: "there's nothing I can do, only death! "

The morning of August 5, surging Fangcheng County Public Security Bureau told the press, at present, the Fangcheng County Public Security Bureau on suspicion of illegal intrusion on this investigation, 3 people have been subject to criminal compulsory measures, in particular to inform the police.

The night of 4th, Fangcheng County Public Security Bureau in its official letter public, "green Fangcheng" publication reported that in early 2015, Li Zhiguo to Chu Yongcheng, Chu Chunjuan, respectively, Liu Shiping, who borrowed 700,000 yuan. Since 2016, Chu Yongcheng to Li Zhiguo, Liu Shiling, Chu Chunjuan, who repeatedly urged to borrow Li Zhiguo and refuse to pay for various reasons.

Reported that on July 27, Chu Yongcheng found Li Zhiguo occur at the Longquan road residence, Fangcheng, and called on Chu Chunjuan, Liu Shiling, Liu Shiping, Cao, Ray and others ask for owed to Li Zhiguo. Li Zhiguo family home in rioting on July 27, 28th, 30th three alarms, Fangcheng County Public Security Bureau police disposed of. At each disposal, police explicitly told both sides, economic disputes can be solved through legal channels for the prosecution. Both sides expressed their intention to negotiate. In the meantime, Li Zhiguo and his relatives, his son Li Cong's friends are free to access, residing in their home.

The morning of August 2, after leaders learned of the Fangcheng County Public Security Bureau police, order police station rushed to the scene of the release are disposed of according to law. Police discovered during police with sticks, be collected on the spot, and to educate both sides warned.

"Li Zhiguo jumped to his death" situation, the notification said, every time the police, civilian police wear a recorder for law enforcement, the police were recorded. Recorder display of law enforcement, police on the ground floor when persuading Chu Yongcheng, son of Li Zhiguo Li Cong came down from upstairs and handed a bottle of water after Li Zhiguo, Li Zhiguo Li Cong upstairs. About 4 minutes later, when police looking for Li Zhiguo, and found that it stood on top of the stairs on the second floor in the neighborhood, Dial 110 calls, regardless of civilian police, and his son Li Cong, his ex-wife Bai Yingchun's entreaties, jumped from the top of the stairs, and later died.

Fangcheng County Public Security Bureau said in a briefing that at present, police on suspicion of illegal intrusion on the investigation, Chu Yongcheng, Liu Shiling, Chu Chunjuan has been subject to criminal compulsory measures. Cases are handled.