Saturday, April 30, 2016

Shanghai Maritime University men discredited because of love disputes thrown

Shanghai Maritime University men discredited because of love disputes, thrown with stimulating fluid and stabbed a girl

Posted boys climbed to near the railing of the seat concerned suspected jumping picture. Commander of the campus map

The morning of April 30, port of Shanghai Maritime University campus library, a female suspect because of love disputes boys spilled an unknown stimulus by a liquid, and was stabbed with a knife. Injured persons were rushed to the sixth hospital, Eastern Hospital treatment and was confirmed dead in the afternoon. The boy has been controlled by the police and taken in for questioning, motive is being investigated by the police.

April 30 morning, surging news in micro-Bo and stick in the see, a article message was constantly forward: "merchant College 2014 level boys Xu a and economic management College 2015 level girls week a for feelings disputes, today at 9 o'clock in the morning 50 to at 10 o'clock around in library four floor reading room, Xu on week spilled unknown stimulus liquid, took knife on week abdominal poke knife, caused week abdominal three at cut, arm artery rupture, Lung injured, currently blood shock State, life critical, six Hospital East hospital in organization full rescue! " Looking forward to the new security era Japan

Surging news notes that in the picture accompanying this message, there is a for the injured lying on the ground, and it was with a lot of help, victims clothes are provocative to the chest, abdomen covered white, was a pool of blood beneath. Other pictures also showed a boy climbed to the seat near the railing, suspected to jump from the final control by the police.

Shanghai Maritime University men discredited because of love disputes, thrown with stimulating fluid and stabbed a girl

Boys involved were posted pictures of the police.

Some claims to be Shanghai Maritime University student netizens said in a comment in the message, the two graduate students for the school.

April 30 14 o'clock in the afternoon, said in a statement from Shanghai Maritime University to outpourings of news: the morning of April 30, in the harbor campus of our school libraries in a criminal case. A girl because of love disputes were stabbed by a boy. Injured persons were rushed to the six Eastern Hospital for emergency treatment. The boy has been controlled by the police and taken in for questioning. After the incident, school related personnel for the first time to the site to dispose of, motive is being investigated by the police.

And six East surge news that treated one patient this morning, currently in the midst of the rescue.

News from the police that the surging, April 30 10:20, Public Security Bureau, Pudong has reported 110 said: 1550th Harbour Avenue, 4/f, a woman was stabbed in a University Library, 5/f, man to jump off. After receiving the report, police officers sped to the scene, with 120 injured Zhou (female, 23 years old, graduate of the school) sent medical emergency (life-threatening); the man who threatened to jump from the control. After preliminary investigations, the man, Xu (24 years old, graduate of the school) account and wounded a week love disputes, person holding the knife through.

Police on the scene found a plastic bottle, emitting pungent smell, according to Xu carried an account of one of its chemical agents (composition of unknown origin). At present, the case is under further investigation.

The afternoon of April 30, news came to the surging Shanghai Maritime University, there are many students in the walking talking and this thing.

At the Merchant Marine Academy where students involved, surging undergraduate told journalists, as far as he knew, the man is 2014 enrolled graduate students, the remaining information is not clear.

Library is located in a fan-shaped island, surging a library official told press, library of the school has now sealed off the floor, but the other floors have to be open. However, the schools day the temporary ban on visitors with a registry entry, can only use your student ID card to enter.

Shanghai Maritime University men discredited because of love disputes, thrown with stimulating fluid and stabbed a girl

Shanghai Maritime University Library third floor. Journalists surging Jia Yanan

Shanghai Maritime University men discredited because of love disputes, thrown with stimulating fluid and stabbed a girl

The scene, blood stains on the ground has been cleared, there are traces of water wiped. Journalists surging Jia Yanan

Shanghai Maritime University men discredited because of love disputes, thrown with stimulating fluid and stabbed a girl

The scene cordoned off. Maritime University Library is heavily guarded, only credit card to enter, each entry is guarded by security. Journalists surging Jia Yanan

The managers also revealed that it was her understanding, man spraying or highly toxic potassium cyanide at the scene. She said that their colleagues see involved students are taken out of the library scene, police used their clothes wrapped around his head, but he shouted "poisonous, toxic". The Manager speculated that this is the man the spraying material contaminated clothing.

Outside the library, the surging news saw a police car stopped, a plainclothes man portable multiple plastic bags, respectively, with a 25 cm long bloody daggers, and a white bottle, the bottle height is close to ordinary bottled Coke, but slightly larger base, so greater volume.

17:23 P.M. on April 30, the injured girl's body launched the intensive care unit. Introduced, according to a doctor at the scene, shouting when the girls sent to pain, had multiple stab wounds on her body, because of unknown substance was sprinkled with pungent, very bad wound. Soon after, she was admitted to the intensive care unit, a number of doctors to join the rescue, but with little success, ultimate girls died.

Shanghai Maritime University men discredited because of love disputes, thrown with stimulating fluid and stabbed a girl Shanghai Maritime University men discredited because of love disputes, thrown with stimulating fluid and stabbed a girl

Classmates of the victims gathered outside the ICU waiting for news, after learning of the news classmates hugged and wept bitterly. Journalists surging Jia Yanan

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fujian was after indecent assault against a woman on a bus was hit police looking

Southeast Express News on April 28, early this morning, Netizen @hryspingan in micro-blog broke the news on the bus said they were lewd, after the revolt was hit. Micro-Bo said, "Hello, I of name called Yao XX, today I in 315 road bus Shang encountered metamorphosis also was playing has, was kick has, also was with glass playing has head, bleeding has, time probably is night (April 27) 6:40 around, locations is in Ann light station, can help I exposure, please everyone found witnessed witnesses, or is was photo has, took video has like of? "

Fujian was after indecent assault against a woman on a bus was hit, police looking for witnesses

Ms injured Yao published Twitter search for witnesses, Yao women head bleed photo.

Reporter verified wretched men pants rubbed against the bus Ms Yao

Today (28th) morning, reporter in Fujian province people hospital see has this was pervert wounded of Yao ladies (25 age), according to she introduced, yesterday at 6 o'clock in the afternoon more, she ride 315 road bus, fast to Ann light station Shi, one strange men with Pocket rub has she about, she walked away has, didn't thought Pro got off Qian, the men with hand elbow and rub has Yao ladies about.

Lewd conduct Yao woman, hot, pull the alarm

Men's behavior angered Ms Yao, she gave the man a bag dumped, and too angry to say: "you sick, you do not go, I want to call the police. "Yao woman followed the man to get off, said, in addition, by 315 bus together with two good men really can't watch this, prepare good Samaritans.

Fujian was after indecent assault against a woman on a bus was hit, police looking for witnesses

Hospital examination report showed that Lady Yao is trauma.

Wretched man suddenly something hit her head

Yao woman took the man to go to the police when the man kicked her several feet before suddenly to hit that Lady Yao picked up his glass, hit twice, shattered glass, Ms Yao's head was smashed out of the blood. Kindly get off the white man sees two wretched men punch immediately.

Fujian was after indecent assault against a woman on a bus was hit, police looking for witnesses Fujian was after indecent assault against a woman on a bus was hit, police looking for witnesses Fujian was after indecent assault against a woman on a bus was hit, police looking for witnesses

Screenshots of netizens to discuss micro-circle of friends.

Lewd guy ran into the nearby snack bar kitchen

Looking for hitting Tools was carried out by clerk

After he was hit, the man ran into the kitchen at a snack bar near looking beat tool, the result was held out by the store's employees, then men to escape.

Snack bar boss told reporters that they heard the sound of something broken, before running out to see, thought a couple disputes. The boss says hurt Ms Yao's mug was broken in one place.

Later, Twitter on this incident were made by Yao looking for witnesses, hoping this wretched man.

Fujian was after indecent assault against a woman on a bus was hit, police looking for witnesses

Yao woman looking for witnesses and hope caught the man in the picture. Snack bar video screenshots Friendship boats comic author after 85 of nerd

Police have been investigating

At present, the police station in Ocean City, Fuzhou, Fujian has been involved in the investigation, more needs to be further verified.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Changsha airport for flight delays by visitors throwing rice slapped the party

The Star online, April 26, the night of 24th, a flight from Changsha to Sanya flights delayed due to weather. Some passengers and airport personnel in the course of negotiations, beat the airport personnel face, splashed lunch box items to airport personnel. Today, reporters learned from the huanghua international airport in Changsha, battered airport staff member is in the hospital, involved passenger was under control, the airport police has been involved in the investigation. Harbin astronomical investigation investigation

Changsha airport for flight delays by visitors throwing rice slapped, the party has been controlling

Video screenshot.

The evening of 24th, airlines fly to Sanya, Changsha, the capital of the JD5766 flight delays due to bad weather, airports and airlines at about 8 o'clock in the evening time do interpretation work, arranged for food and shelter, and grant passengers compensation for 200 yuan per person. However, in more than more than 80 passengers, there are still more than more than 20 passenger satisfaction and made unreasonable demands.

Changsha airport for flight delays by visitors throwing rice slapped, the party has been controlling

Surveillance video shows, 8:35, 48th at the Changsha huanghua International Airport boarding gate, surrounded by several passengers a female airport ground handling staff begging for argument. In this case, a female passenger came close to the ground handling staff, Bento ruthlessly smashed twice to staff, while the remaining passengers surrounding of staff did not allow them to leave, the staff member but had to call a colleague for help.

8:37, 4 female staff member to explain to visitors once again, but she didn't exchange a few words, a passenger wearing a black and white striped t shirt gave to one of the staff members a slap in the face. After he was hit, the staff member preparing to leave, but this boy does not stop, stepped forward to hold the collar of the staff raised fists ready to assault, under the Suppression of other staff and peer relented.

Changsha airport for flight delays by visitors throwing rice slapped, the party has been controlling

"No matter what hitting is wrong!", "not ground fault that delayed flights, ground will not be easy," yesterday after the video was good friends, uploads it to Twitter, many netizens condemned the beating. Journalists from the airport was informed that public security departments have been involved in the investigation, and concerned travelers have to be controlled. Meanwhile, according to February 1 this year, China Air Transport Association promulgated the measures for the management of civil aviation passenger record of uncivil behavior (trial) of civil aviation staff personal attack or threat to commit such an attack, ten such acts, which belongs to the uncivilized behavior, flying may be limited in the future. Uncivil behaviour in conflict with the law, may also be investigated for legal responsibility.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Night stand movement is the European version the occupy or a party

Local time on April 11, 2016, Paris, France, people attend Nuit Debout rallies. Huangshan Hui names can have it both ways

Nuit Debout is a French word for most fashionable in Europe today, but also a new "revolutionary movements". The campaign called Nuit Debout starting from March, spread from Paris ' place de la Republique to most parts of Europe, French-speaking. Nuit Debout, the literal meaning is "night stand" or "night", or "night out".

On November 17, 2011, United States New York, about 1000 people occupy the protesters gathered outside the New York Stock Exchange.

Undoubtedly, similar in nature to "occupy", this name is far more subtle than inevitably reminiscent of some of the sports brand "night run" project.

"Night stand" (Nuit Debout)--I read from the left-wing Web sites--in the past few weeks, bringing together tens of thousands of French youths, they appear in the public square, discussing politics, discuss ideals, talking about the future, discussing how to resist capitalism. Very quickly, it became a label.

Anti capitalist fighter Zizek was so "occupy": "really meaningful is the next day, when we returned to the daily life of the time. Do you have any change? "

Have to say, I and some people, disenchanted with movement on the French. After all, youth-led social movements, is in Paris in 1968 that the most successful. When I follow the instructions, go to Brussels "art" (Mont des Arts), I really can't imagine "night stand" is the kind of "organization" or movement. Experience has taught me over the years, young (white) people on the form and content of expression is more "realistic" internally known as "Our Lady of x" thing. After all, at the same time in another part of the world are engaged in a event called Coachella, also gathered a large following of young (white) male and female hippie "movement."

Whether you like to wear short shorts and boots or second-hand, like to read Zizek anti-capitalist attitude at most is the kind of gesture. This anti-capitalism campaigner Zizek understood better than anyone. In 2011, he says of "occupy": "... ... Don't fall in love with yourself. We are very happy, but keep in mind that Carnival without spending much money. Really makes sense is the next day, when we returned to the daily life of the time. Do you have any change? "

I live in the French city of Brussels "night stand" activities, every night at 7 o'clock on time in call "art" held in place. Here is one of the most beautiful in Brussels, the terrain is high, overlooking that there had been a Royal dream has suffered a contusion of the city recently. Interesting fact is that Brussels art is today called "gentrification" of 19th century examples. When King liaobodeershi forced to buy this once-bustling neighborhood was built under the Hill led directly to Brussels city centre population loss, lack of funds has led to this mountain of art never really had the King desired position.

This place not only has now faded tourist bars, and is also the traditional "liberal arts," tramp rendezvous, graffiti and sleeping bags all over the wall. Come to "night stand" of young people, and commemoration of Belgium on the victims of the terrorist attacks in the same step, dozens of people crowded together, almost all (white) young--except for a few years lived in the outside real tramps.

Local time on April 22, 2016, Paris, France, people continue "night stand" rally.

"Night stand" claiming to be core members of the Organization, in other words there is no leader. Its P2P conception becomes a public space "Community College", anyone can come here and listen to others speak, or his speech. You could say politics can be about environmental protection, can sing, can dance. Even so, you can still see it, activities some people closer to the core than others, than most people sit quietly with friends chatting or smoking the grass they walked up and down nervously, arrange all kinds of activities.

Indeed, to understand the "night stand" movement's political philosophy is not difficult, these young people are concerned about affirmative action and identity politics, concerned with trade union organizations, concerned with environmental protection, care for anti-capitalist philosophy, in other words, before any students recognize cruelty in today's society there is idealism.

From the Netherlands is a hero on this day the youth, he brought a computer and a black and white printer, opened a small print shop, do not receive money – everyone can come to he printed the revolutionary pamphlets. Guys don't speak French so well, but the enthusiasm of the revolution, made himself a flyer templates, you only have the sentences into their own political ideals by the magnificent, to fill in the blanks on the line. In this way, various print flyers started to spread among the crowd, a bit like in takeout form. I got a card saying "we do each and every little thing can change a little bit"-a real talk. I asked the young man what he had to fill, he is shy but not embarrassed to say: I'm not sure.

Guy sitting next to a man named Uncle Fred. The Fred, has appeared several times before I go up and talk to him in the "stage", and is pulled down from the stage several times. Every time his speech begins with a loud, screaming over, and despite the fact that other people are talking at all. Age of Uncle's behavior did not meet "night stand" of the target audience, and bring their own beer, and a set of table and chairs, plus several French looks very impressive book. Apparently the uncle mentally can be described as normal, are permanent residents here, in this day and night. Uncle was very hospitable, so, I'm in the anti-capitalist activities, being a bottle of free beer. I think about, the last time in public when will get free sample drinks was, can only think of the opening of the Art Institute.

Of course, "night stand" with this bottle of beer to have no connection. Every day till after dark, if there are enough people are present, then there will always be individuals began to pick up guitar singing ballads. Community College is a little feeling of an outdoor bar (right next door, actually without walls, and open a restaurant is one of the more advanced), where guest are also to watch "night stand", but are not willing to cross the invisible wall. I haven't seen anyone go into a restaurant, buy wine, this anti-capitalist activities clearly outdated, of course, many hands holding wine glasses, source unknown.

I asked sitting on the steps in the most remote of the French Antoine, a 29 year old look pedantic temperament unemployed youth (a year ago, he opted not to work) to this feel. Antoine said, people are too few, "I wish I could do something, sitting here do not solve any problems. I find very interesting, one must do more to get things done. "Here than in Paris place de la Republique, the" night stand "movement field, much less people. "Night stand" in Paris attracted tens of thousands of people sat on the floor, is a real collective occupation of public spaces, but here, occupation of "art" is undoubtedly Fred and his friends.

Antoine was not like Truffaut's famous Antoine, he rolls a cigarette, saying his activities in Paris a few days ago, and police had a sense of positive impact. As seen by the French, he told Brussels "night stand" does not seem to hold out much hope. "Belgium is not much problem," Antoine said, "in France, we are fighting for unions the right to negotiate with the capitalist. Of course, we are one of the major criticisms are almost all of us are white, there is no Muslim, no blacks, no other ethnic groups, it seems we are not making any effort to include them. Actually, Paris ' night stand ' to ethnic minority community a lot of flyers, although the results did not change. "

Not far away, several dress very hippie man in the ground is made of a great white, seem to want you to write down to social discontent. I looked at the sky, do not know whether to write over this piece of paper, and write full place, and how far is it from here. I ask Antoine, when do you think the party each night to come to an end, he said it probably depends on the weather. A month later, it's sure hot to sit down, then, is about it.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Fraudulent groups 10 seconds to copy the Bank moments to take the money information

Bank cards stolen brush news many victims at least thousands of Yuan by fraudulent, many hundreds of thousands of stolen brush, even millions. So, what is wrong with these bank cards stolen brush? Recently, the city channel reporter undercover bank card fraudulent group in Henan province, the results shocking. 8000 Yuan to buy a bank card Replicator in just 10 seconds to copy the card, card number, password, full and accurate.

Reporter investigations: ten seconds to copy a bank card

Undercover in these fraudulent cards the group a few months later, journalists and members of the group slowly got acquainted, in order to uncover their shady copying bank cards, the reporter decided to investigate starting from members of copying bank cards. After so many temptations, the reporter finally and a man named "old Yang," who caught the line.

Yang said that his activities in the area of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, specialized copy of bank cards in China. Several times after the break, Yang promised to sell to reporters a bank card Replicator, and promised the Church to use the replicators. On March 18, after reporters paid 8000, get the card Replicator.

Fraudulent groups 10 seconds to copy the Bank moments to take the money, information held millions of users

Journalist Replicator a few hours later, come to Lao Yang, prepared by video to teach journalists to use the bank card Replicator.

After copying the bank card is connected to the computer, there is a copy card program appears on your desktop.

Sure enough, the bank card in the Replicator to brush up and down, the card information into a line-by-line code to appear on a computer, and a password.

Yang at the time of his operation, timing the reporters, copy the information to the other bank card on a bank card, takes only a short ten seconds.

Experimental copying bank cards: success and money

Video after the end of the tutorial, the reporter decided to test, whether successful copying bank cards, success and take the money? Journalist experiment.

Reporter's experiment is incredible, perhaps you may say that, even if you buy the card Replicator, trying to just get someone else's bank card, I'm afraid it's not easy, isn't it? In fact, criminals, this is not a deal at all.

Journalists get leaked information

After verifying the accuracy of all

The night of March 28 by QQ sent a list of transactions and bank card information at their disposal. Among them, Shanghai depositor information of 38,000, 17,500/Shanxi savers, 150,000 in Shandong, Zhejiang 40,400, covering almost all the country's provinces, all of the cities, but banks around us, these leaks together all of millions of bank card information. Guangxi Guilin Jingjiang tombs into mass gang

Reporters bought 10,000 depositors information, ready to verify what's real. After paying for a few minutes, the traders sent me information.

Look at reporters purchase information, bank card number, the card balance, a bank card password, date available, we'll take a look at the back of the lines, this is the account owner's name, address, social security number, even a phone number. For ordinary people, it's just one bank card information, for fraudulent credit card criminals, however, through their technical means, every piece of information can be copied out of a bank card. If this information is true, I can't imagine what the consequence is dreadful. Once copied by someone else as a bank card, how much money we have, is how to change the amount of, they know quite well what else do we have privacy?

Bank card information in order to verify the purchase, we print out a copy of this information. Prepared in accordance with the above address in search, check one by one.

Continuous verification of more than one of the above list, reporters found that every information is true, your name, address, card number, opening when phone numbers are all correct. Most of these savers can not accept is that they have always thought that the most intimate password is no longer a secret.

Millions of credit card information being leaked

Millions of credit card information, just easily get up, maybe you would have thought, given that these people can easily copy bank card, why he wouldn't take a copy card to get money? Profits are not more? In fact, they think that if you take the money will take on more risk, so the money handed over to the special "money-laundering", take a look at how crazy they are fraudulent.

Reporter undercover fraudulent groups: fraudulent withdrawals

In Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, contacted help copying bank cards on the "money-laundering", only after the contact with them, see how they copied the bank card will be "money laundering" washed white, the inside story of the entire fraudulent in order to truly reveal. On April 1, they and reporters about good, meet in front of the hotel.

In order to avoid risks, reporters advance copies of one of his own cards, deposit 10000 dollars in it. Saw the young man from the bedside of a paper bag and took out a POS machine, start query card balances.

Brush over money, the young man for reporters to confirm credit card receipt, and then again reached into the bedside that paper bags, journalists take money.

Journalists and the discussion is 46 share, brush on the Replication tab, press 60%, "money laundering" 40%, but these too took so much risk, too earn too little, gave reporters only 5,000 dollars.

Journalists pay particular attention for a moment, their POS machines are on the market and though they may look different, but the code shown above, it is very strange, the young man said, which they modified POS machines.

The whole "money laundering" process only a few minutes, there is a tacit understanding between each other almost without a word of extra crap, and the whole process is cash, not through bank transfers.

Query the journalists hurried to their bank cards, 10000 dollars have been removed, but where it was taken, what machine to use to fetch the query does not come out, 10000 dollars just disappeared out of thin air.

Crazy fraudulent actions

After watching the millions of bank card information in the "black market" such random acts of sale, fraudulent gang crime spree, you can't believe your own eyes, is not panicking? We can also use bank card? Banks face fraudulent this hands-free, and completely out of luck? How to avoid a bank card is fraudulent?

Magnetic stripe card vulnerability security tools need to be upgraded

First of all, we'll say it freely traded on the black market for millions of bank card information, how they were stolen by fraudulent groups?

Traps set on the ATM machines, restaurants, hotels, credit card, ask the waiter to brush, bank information disclosure, Trojans and viruses on a mobile phone, without these four ways.

On the show, is copied, stolen, brush cards, magnetic stripe cards, magnetic stripe cards design flaws, security is very low.

--Finance and Economics Finance Professor Han Fuling

But in the undercover reporters found fraudulent groups, banking technology, the implementation of chip cards, but fraudulent groups are cracking the technology and fraudulent copying of the chip card has also been produced.

There is really no way around this is copied, stolen brush risks?

Anti-theft brush technique in updating bank card but fraudulent groups did not stop their crazy. Banks, police departments, as well as the cardholder should perform their respective duties, do as much as possible information cannot be stolen by fraudulent groups.

Tips once we have bank cards being distributed fraudulent, we should first prove himself, for example, you can immediately access to the Bank 100 dollars, and then save the access credentials, which proves that the bank card in your possession, money is distributed fraudulent. On June 30, 2015, Yang Xu bank cards stolen brush 17 total 10691. Is to use this method, in the prosecution of the Bank, in favour of Mr Xu, court decision Bank compensation for loss of his 70%.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Xiamen a woman throwing shame sanitation workers do not throw your performance

On April 19, named "Xiamen snacks sister humiliate sanitation workers" heat transfer of video network: a young woman throwing trash in the Park, sanitation workers intercepted the cause of abuse. April 19, Xiamen siming district municipal Garden Council Zhongshan Park management a head to surging News (www.thepaper.CN) confirmed, video in the of place does is Zhongshan Park, but Zhongshan Park sanitation workers of uniforms for grey, is not video in the sanitation workers by wear of yellow white uniforms, by verified, video in the of sanitation workers does not belongs to Zhongshan Park; video in the II people dialogue clear, "like is back script", has hype smacks of.

Time display for the 48-second video, a woman sat in the Pavilion in the park eating snacks, fruit chips and thrown to the ground. A yellowish-white uniform of the sanitation men came away saying "rubbish should be thrown to the other side", after being rejected from the woman, grabbed a something like a trash bag. Woman angry, arguing with men and shouted "this is not your work? How do I create for you performance! "Continuing to throw rubbish on the ground.

Video issue is raised after the user user talk, someone questioned the authenticity of the content. Netizens pointed out that the video clips of women and has been playing on the sanitation workers face mosaic and two-person dialogue clearly, taking seats more stable, suspected "a set-up". Lanxiang principal s wife s application for a

Management told the word of Zhongshan Park news, video not Zhongshan Park sanitation men wearing uniforms, sanitation workers in Zhongshan Park uniform color to gray. It said Xiamen City sanitation worker wearing a video in the style of uniform, but sanitation workers responsible for the Xiamen City, Zhongshan Park do not belong to the area, so it does not carry out sanitation task in Zhongshan Park.

19th at noon, siming district, Xiamen City appearance and environmental sanitation administration officials responded by saying the micro-video: create a civilization of the civilized city needs you and me together.

Zhongshan Park management official said, after receiving the news reflected the surging 19th night video and pictures sent to the siming district sanitation Department, the Office staff troubleshoot not the garbage man, "like back play, there could be speculation."

Monday, April 18, 2016

3 requirements for public officials in Henan province denied public funds to

Yesterday morning, reporter received Henan province nanzhao masses burst material, 16th afternoon, nanzhao occurred with malignant event, the County Attorney, and land Council, and agricultural Council three units staff and the family in local a farm Le hotel dining drinking Hou, for requirements to Government name public funds signed single was refused up conflict, one hotel employees injured, hotel boss, and County NPC representative James Lee was beat fell Hou died.

It is understood that, at present, 4 officers have been involved local police control, local Government has set up a joint working group is to investigate the incident, in the aftermath of synchronized.

3 requirements for public officials in Henan province denied public funds to pay for his meal, killed as representatives of the NPC boss

The villagers broke

Someone claiming to be staff of the public prosecutor's Office

Public security authorities have no right to control their freedom

17th morning, Henan nanzhao villagers King Mr to reporter burst material, 16th afternoon, nanzhao four tree tree Xiang occurred with malignant event, the County Attorney, and land Council, and agricultural Council three units staff, in local a farm Le hotel dining drinking Hou, for refused cash, requirements to Government name public funds signed single was Hotel refused to Hou, and shop party occurred conflict, hotel boss James Lee was down in to, then died died. Another hotel service personnel were injured, hotel facilities were smashed corrupt. "They drank a lot, and police controlled them, also clashed with police and tearing the clothes of a policeman. "Mr Wang said, was himself present, claimed to the County Prosecutor's Office staff, the public security organ has no control over their freedom.

James Lee's oldest son Li of the deceased told reporters about what happened yesterday: the afternoon of 16th, sikeshu Township in the County, Director of the land resources led families and two men claiming to be staff of the County Prosecutor's Office and the Department of agriculture, in their own restaurant, during which, a few people had been drinking heavily. 5:20 P.M., several consultations with the waiter, asked to sign on behalf of the Government and refuse to pay cash. Due to the hotel and that a few people are not familiar with, refused its public funds to sign request. Subsequently, the language conflict between several people and hotel staff, hotel and smashed the damaged part of the cutlery, then beaten by several people do Hotel waiters. James Lee stepped forward to persuade, and restaurant owners identified refused to sign, on behalf of the Government. And behold, several conflicting objects on Li Jinming, bring it to the ground, were killed on the spot. Traffickers have shifted around the hospital concerned

"We have access to the surveillance video, video shows, his father fell to the ground before a man with throat, grabbed his father around the neck, and then beat the old man, father unstable on the spot collapsed on the ground. Few people see something amiss, turned and fled. "Li says, at this time, few people were local villagers surrounded the hotel, call 110. Allegedly, stuck in a hotel several people fled the scene, a villager also knocked to the ground after running for the door and flee, then rushed to the scene of the police. Period, the few people who clashed with police officers.

Li told reporters that the father James Lee is a member, not only in the local village of nanzhao County deputies, "he most resent this behavior, even recreational sign their families." Li said, but as representatives of the national people's Congress's father, unexpectedly because of "four winds" attract such a disaster.

3 requirements for public officials in Henan province denied public funds to pay for his meal, killed as representatives of the NPC boss

Reporter visits

Monitor restore incident

Unit leaders concerned to offer condolences

17th, reporters rushed to the nanzhao County, Henan in sikeshu Township, arrived at Lake farm road, Kowloon Hotel, and viewing the day of the incident in the hotel surveillance video, monitor was again restored when situation warrants.

In hotel within, reporter view has incident day April 16 afternoon of monitoring video, monitoring displayed: conflict occurred Yu 17:21 P.M. to 17:25, first several men pushed pulled one woman (confirmed for hotel waiter), Hou Hotel boss James Lee came persuaded Shi, two name men on its for has beat, which one men with hand caught has James Lee of neck at, and shots playing its face, another one men is with feet kick its abdominal. Several other officers will be on site a few people away. Since then, James Lee appeared unstable, then collapsed to the ground.

Another monitor screen shows, at 17:26, after the conflict, when several people involved left the scene on foot, one crowd the gate closed, prevented it from leaving. At this point, few people bring the masses to the ground, then running for the door and flee.

Outside the hotel surveillance footage showed 17:50, 110 police arrived at the scene to control the personnel involved, this confusion, several men and police officers pushed and torn. Then on the masses, together with the men was controlled by police.

Reporters at the scene saw Tea Cup were smashed, was overthrown by the table, and scattered in a food scene is a mess.

At a press conference taking pictures at the scene, several men approached the door suddenly came in the remains of the deceased, to the bow of the deceased. One of the men said, they come from personnel involved in nanzhao County Bureau of land and resources as well as local township Communist Party Secretary and the Mayor and other leaders. Team leadership, nanzhao County Bureau of land and resources is named Deputy Director apologized to the family, he said, as the leadership of the national land agency, subordinates into such a problem, heart pain, will coordinate with related departments to thoroughly investigate the incident, will not protect any personnel involved.


Combined groups a thorough investigation into the whole story

Clear responsibilities seriously

Yesterday afternoon, the nanzhao County Committee Publicity Department briefed the reporters on the progress of the incident: 4 persons in question has been involved all by public security control, which is the local land and resources Bureau and staff of the public prosecutor's Office, there is no agriculture Bureau are investigating. At present, the local Government has set up the County Communist Party-led, discipline inspection, public security, Government and other sectors to participate in the joint working group, on the one hand a thorough investigation into the event from a to z, with clearly defined responsibilities seriously, actively reassure the families of the other party to do remedial work.

"After all, causing death, criminal offences, specific findings conclusions have to wait again, now who do not know who is responsible. "The nanzhao County Committee publicity department head of the publicity Office said, progress and results of investigations for the event, will be announced through the media or official of, nanzhao.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Korean military North Korea test fired a new medium range missiles suspected

According to South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reported on April 15, Korea Joint Chiefs (UN) said that North Korea fired missiles early in the day to the East coast of the peninsula, but suspected failure, North Korea's launch could be "musudan" intermediate-range ballistic missiles (BM-25).

Reports said South Korean military recently found North Korea in Gangwon Wonsan area deployed along the peninsula of Tiger island "musudan" missile, then the Korea-us "aegis" destroyers, emergency mission to eastern waters, paying close attention to the DPRK. Germany select the party to give up the gentle

United States and its allies, the missile tests seen as North Korea's latest provocation, and had carried out a series of nuclear tests are similar in nature. However, this is the first time since the beginning of 2014, North Korea test-fired a medium-range missile.

This zhiqian, Korea Government more bit message people 14th disclosure, has identified out North Korea in East coast of kwangwon provinces road Wonsan area Tiger Island Peninsula area deployment in place more than 20 days of 1 to 2 gold "dance water end" medium-range ballistic missile (BM-25), given mount dance water end missile of launches car delay not withdrawal, North Korea is may for meet Kim Il-Sung of birthday "Sun section" (April 15) and for the missile in served Hou of first launches.

This assessment is supported by United States military response. Previously, CBS14 day reports, Pentagon officials expect North Korea to be 15th in the morning local time to launch a medium-range missile.

The Pentagon officials said, North Korea fired a new type of missile the "musudan", its range can reach the Aleutian Islands and Guam in the Pacific Ocean. Both for the United States an important sea and air bases in the Pacific. The test-firing would mark North Korea's nuclear threat United States a step goal.

Korea media have reported, the musudan missile chaojun service without test, from the length of the engine and the airframe, warhead loading, the maximum range may reach 3000 to 4000 km, Guam to combat coverage deep in the Pacific Ocean. Because of the longer the musudan missile, US troops in North Korea is expected before launch and the International Maritime Organization said hello or declared prohibited areas zones on the East coast of the Korean peninsula. But Korea said Government news, no indication North Korea designated prohibited areas, the Government is tightening nerves watching North Korea.

United States intelligence agencies believe that North Korea does not have combat United States, but North Korea's ability to constantly improve, United States need to invest to improve missile defense capabilities.

Korea Defense Ministry spokesman Wen Shang said that ever since the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-UN statement more tests to be carried out, Korea's military has been closely monitoring North Korea's missile launch.

United States the message said it had learned that North Korea is preparing to test-fire medium-range missiles, and is closely monitoring developments on the Korean peninsula. Japan has also deployed a "Patriot-3" against North Korea test-fired a new missile.

United States Defense Ministry spokesman, pugu·jinjunwala, said: "we again call on North Korea to stop actions that could further exacerbate tension in the region. "

Responsible for air defense of the United States northern command Commander General bier·geteni 14th at United States Senate hearing, said he agreed with Korea's assessment of North Korea has the ability to mount nuclear warheads on a missile, this type of medium-range missiles to cover Korea and throughout Japan most of the territory.

The musudan missile using unsymmetrical dimethyl hydrazine (UDMH) as a major fuel, just 30 minutes to fill up with fuel, the fuel can be stored at room temperature, filling can keep about 1 week on a single launch-ready state. Musudan missile, according to the former Soviet Union (R-27 SS-N-6) imitation of submarine-launched missile warhead weighing 650 kilograms, can carry the miniaturization of nuclear bombs, high explosive, chemical bombs, there are currently more than 50 rounds served in chaojun.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Private kitchens waiter candid guest dinner in XI an 800 000 attempted blackmail

Private kitchens waiter candid guest dinner in XI ' an, 800,000 attempted blackmail against jailed

Involved private kitchens, is located in a villa.

"Four winds" refers to the party and Government organs and leading cadres in the formalism, bureaucratism and extravagance and hedonism. In recent years, from the central to the local campaign against "the four winds" special events. But in XI ' an, but someone attempted to borrow against "the four winds" amid extortion thing.

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) Gets a judgment shows, private kitchens staff work in XI ' an, candid guest dinner video, premeditated by regulation "four winds" extorting on the occasion, a letter sent by post, send messages and even soar to Feng Cheng Zhuhai office location blackmail, where the guests, only to be blackmail select alarm.

On April 7, weiyang district, XI ' an City Court made a verdict on the case, the maid, and 3 associates were convicted of extortion, prison 3-6 years respectively.

The afternoon of April 12, the surging news involved private kitchens, is located within the high-tech zone a Villa, visits to, the private kitchens are still open for business, the official said "bad business".

Private kitchens waiter candid video blackmail

Surging indictment of the news early in May 2015, accused Sun Huan, Li JH, Zhang min, Wang wenfeng 4 were premeditated by central regulation "four winds" extort the occasion, planning to use Wang wenfeng's wife Zhang min private kitchens worked as a waitress in XI ' an opportunity secretly filmed the table video, common implementation of extortion.

Sun Huan from the defendant bought a set of secret device given to Wang wenfeng, Wang wenfeng and Zhang min debug at home. Zhihou, Zhang min equipment with me waiting in the two Nations will be photographed, and finally photographed at work a dining room guest video. Zhang handed over candid video after Sun Huan, by comparing Sun Huan, determine the object of extortion.

In July 2015, Sun Huan after Lu a, determine who in the video, with Li JH Lew implementation of extortion. On July 18, Sun Huan and extortion letters sent to Luke of video memory card, to send messages to Roh several times after, and to disclose the video threat, asked Lu to pay 800,000 yuan.

On July 24, Luke made a report to police. That afternoon, Sun Huan, Li JH drive soar to Xian Feng Cheng BA LU LU's Office, Sun Huan Lu Office to extortion, Li JH takes out, failed and left. The same day, Sun Huan, Li JH being arrested. On July 30, Zhang min, Wang wenfeng being arrested.

On November 25, 2015, weiyang district, XI an to the weiyang District Court Prosecutor's Office indictment charged the accused Sun Huan, Zhang min, Li JH, Wang wenfeng commit the crime of extortion.

Four defendants were prison 3-6

, Weiyang district, XI an judgement made by the Court shows that in court, 4 defendants accused of major crimes and charges no objection, said voluntary guilty plea in court. Sun Huan argued the defendant he started demanding 800,000 yuan imposed on victims of extortion, refused, he changed by text message asking for 500,000 yuan.

In addition, the accused Zhang min, Li JH, Wang wenfeng's defenders have suggested that Zhang min, Li JH, Wang wenfeng system first, casual offender and accomplices and other submissions. Among them, Li JH counsel also suggested that the victim does not fear video sent by the defendant, nor negotiate with the defendant amount forming the essence of, it is unable to determine the amount of extortion.

Courts believe that indictment alleged facts are clear, the evidence is true and sufficient. Identified, the public security organs is not extracted from the accused phone Sun Huan to change to a demanding 500,000 yuan Lu message, Roh has said the defendant did not reduce the asking price.

After the Court considered that, according to the evidence, in this case the amount of crime should be convicted of 800,000 yuan. Accused Sun Huan, Zhang min, Li JH, Wang wenfeng unlawful possession for the purpose of using the candid video means blackmailing other people's money, a huge amount, 4 people's behavior constituted the crime of extortion under the criminal law.

Eventually, Sun Huan was sentenced to 6 years ' imprisonment and fined 20,000 yuan; Zhang min, was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months, and fined 10,000 RMB; Li JH, was sentenced to 3 years and 4 months, and fined 10,000 RMB; Wang wenfeng, was sentenced to 3 years and fined 10,000 yuan. 4 the attack used videotaping equipment, store cards according to law shall be confiscated.

Failure to disclose was a blackmailer's name and title

Surging news notes, which borrow against "the four winds" implemented on the occasion of the racketeering case, the indictment and judgment provided a clear blackmail of name and title information, only the victim Lu instead.

Earlier, surging News reported in shigu district, Hengyang, Hunan to the Court with "Lei" in the extortion case, judgement in the case was to seduce, blackmail in order to officials in connection with the man's name, position and other identities hidden.

News about the surging was informed that the case involving private kitchens, is located within the high-tech zone of a luxury residential villas. The afternoon of April 12, press visits to the surging, finds the private kitchens in a freestanding three-story Villa. Although Villa no clearly identified that this was a private restaurant, but Villa smokestacks on the exterior walls still show "identity".

Dining reporter who inquired about the situation, restaurant officials said, mainly engaged in "cuisine", there are two rooms one large and one small, "upstairs has a large dining room, bad business, it was converted into offices. "" We have the lowest consumption, but drinks can bring, we also have, such as maotai, wuliangye. "She said," are often received in northern Shaanxi to lead ", but it is still unable to confirm the claim.

Private kitchens waiter candid guest dinner in XI ' an, 800,000 attempted blackmail against jailed

Private kitchens concerned activities launched during the Chinese new year menu CE Lv Zhongmei interview representatives of the

Private kitchens waiter candid guest dinner in XI ' an, 800,000 attempted blackmail against jailed

Private kitchens concerned activities launched during the Chinese new year menu

Of activities launched during the lunar new year, the restaurant menu displays, the restaurant has four packages, prices ranging from 100 yuan per person to 280 Yuan/person, each dinner package standard for 10 people. Business card display provided by the restaurant staff, said case defendant Zhang min, who was the Manager here, but her name and telephone number has been drawn away from the card, and replaced by written information about others.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Xinhua News Agency issued a document questioning cadres leave early phenomena

Xinhua News Agency issued a document questioning cadres

Pictures from the network.

Hunan counties to implement a cadre of "leave early" hot policy news Internet users, the policy encourages veteran post seat room for young people in advance, and volunteered to leave the cadres improve treatment. "To make seats for the treatment" reasonable legal? "Early retirement" policy will promote the retirement of "stumbling blocks"? "China" reporters interview around related issues.

Leaders, "leave early" free seat

Since last year, shuangfeng County, Hunan province, hundreds of party members and cadres and civil service submitted applications for voluntary early retirement or exit the leadership post. Shuangfeng County party Committee Organization Department official told reporters that in the context of institutional reform at the county level in accordance with the relevant provisions, allowing 30 years ' work experience or from the retirement age prescribed by the State for less than five years and the proposed cadre of 20 years ' work experience requirements, approved by the authority to appoint and remove, you can retire.

Shuangfeng County, which is not the case, some places have quietly implemented. According to press reports, some places are to proceed with arrangements for consultation with the cadres "leave early", preliminary programme, including increasing treatment.

A cadre of Hunan province told reporters that more than 50 cadres and family health very seriously, in the case of not promoting space and promotion may, preferring early "smooth landing" and return to their families. "I took this tour ride, can retire now to accompany his wife and daughter looked around, with grandson. For many in the heart of officialdom so far is good for h. " One has been "late" procedures of cadre said.

An application of "leave early" cadres told reporters at the grass-roots "is not the responsibility of power", both physically and emotionally want to retire and relax. "I was transport Secretary's seat for 8 years, this seat is wrong cannot afford, a problem ratione materiae save many lives. I am a bad heart, really tired. Now, I'm more interested in health and family, there are 5 officers in this Council and I applied for early retirement. "One of the officials said on condition of anonymity.

In fact, not only in Hunan province, are seen as much national cadres "early retirement". "This is a universal phenomenon, and many places in merger and restructuring, destined to have some leaders to quit the leadership post. "An Organization Department of cadres in a county in Hunan province confessed that" treatment room seat "to digest fat. Merged towns in that County, merging the county authorities, and the revocation or withdrawal of section 14, small number of cadres who post, it cannot be scheduled. Measures are not taken, and promoting young cadres would become empty words.

Reasonable legal?

In order to make room for young people seat, in order to reflect the "hardships" of leading cadres ' caring, in order to absorb redundant, Super staff equipped with a cadre of ... ... This is the main reason many encouraging cadres to take early retirement. For some applications, "leave early" grassroots cadres, relegated to second-tier wages in advance a point many even have improved, a rare opportunity; training of the cadres, "leave early" can make location for young people and promoting cadres "metabolism", also introduced in order to improve the effectiveness of "Catfish".

School of public administration, Yang Yansui, a professor at Tsinghua University believes that under the situation of reform push, compressed body preparation, reduce unnecessary departments allow qualified cadre of early retirement, open export, young cadres "free seat" last-ditch move. But worthy of attention is that some local cadres, "old first" approach may have a copycat effect in the local cadres.

During the interview process, many officials consider that the policy of "leave early" policy, the cadre's career, "life is short", promote promotion "time waits for no one." Some cadres aged 30-40, psychological changes is very delicate. Especially some of the cadres at and above the age of 40, he felt "getting old", losing the promotion of "imagination". "Passion, enthusiasm and all that doesn't matter, the next most important thing is not to offend people, no mistakes, safely made it through to the 50 years ' early retirement '. "

Original University Ningxia University Professor Su Donghai believes that if "late" become a popular choice of grass-roots cadres, cadres and mental fluctuations caused by impact should not be underestimated. For example may make some officials lost their enthusiasm and wait for retirement along. "Old first" cadre resources wasted, how to strengthen some management is placed in front of the Organization Department of the fa├žade of the important issues.

"Early retirement policies will be 50 years old ' Prime ' cadre of the exit line, in fact, resulted in a great waste of resources, also implicitly increase the pension burden. "National School of administration, Mr. Wang yukai, a Professor believes that it would also cut a retirement policy in social identity.

There, experts say, China's civil service and Labor departments of the relevant provisions of the law, specification for early retirement to a principle of public officials, but without more specific and operational policy. Taiwan earthquake has caused 37 people were killed

Top design required scientific

Leaders, "leave early", to make seats for the treatment practices caused concern.

In this regard, some experts believe that the country is working on promoting the retirement policy, and in some places "local rules" encourage "leave early" if mishandled controversy-prone, is likely to promote the retirement of "stumbling blocks".

Think Zhou xiaozheng, a sociology professor at Renmin University, and under the terms permitted by law, and supporting grass-roots reform of early retirement is understandable. For some of the early retirement of officials, needs to strengthen the supervision and management to avoid them while away from official, is still using the previous relationships, such as "soft resources" to do some things that meet the interests.

Experts suggest, on the one hand, the departments concerned should be promulgated for cadres to take early retirement provisions of the "leave early" behavior norms, should not be banned, nor unprincipled release. The other hand, insist on yongzhe, who on the employment oriented, strengthening the work of party members and cadres, strengthening in-service training, establish ideal and belief, enhanced operational capabilities to help party members and cadres ' cultivation of correct values and Outlook on power, stimulating the enthusiasm of cadres, to better serve the people.

Su Donghai, Mr. Wang yukai, who pointed out that introduced early retirement policies belong to the Government, should follow the "law without authorization is not available for" principle. Meanwhile, relevant departments should be strict "leave early" system specifications "early retirement" program to improve "early retirement" threshold, real needs "leave early" feel the solicitude of the party and party members and cadres to take care of, opportunistic people as early as possible the Elimination of "leave early" idea.

Also some grassroots cadres that, existing detail explanation of the principles of civil service law, specific circumstances under which to retire, retire to enjoy benefits, compensation and other issues should be treated on a case, not "one size fits all".

Source: Xinhua

Original title: treatment room seats legitimate--three asked some local cadres, "leave early" phenomenon

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Central issue pushing State law use of staff official annual report on his work

Xinhua Beijing on April 7, a few days ago, the Department and the Central propaganda Department, the Ministry of Justice, the society is jointly issued by the Ministry in January this year by the Central leading group for deepening reform consideration on perfection of State personnel law, adopted opinions on usage of system. About the issues surrounding views, head of the Department of Justice responded to a reporter's question.

Q: why are formulated opinions?

Answer: since the party's 18 XI General Secretary time and again, State personnel law use gave important instructions, stressed the need to hold "critical few" requires leading cadres to respect law model, abide by the law. The 18 session of the plenum of the party explicitly proposed to "adhere to leading cadres to take the lead in learning, the model law as key to establish a sense of the rule of law, improve the system of State personnel law use." 18 plenary sessions of the party explicitly requested "the whole society especially public officers law of respect for law, abide by ideas."

This developed introduced views, is full implement party of 18 big and 18 session three in the, and four in the, and v plenary spirit, in-depth implement XI General Secretary series important speech spirit of important initiatives; is in past related provides of based Shang, summary refined around the sector carried out national staff learn method usage of work practice, according to full law ruling and full strictly rule party of new requirements, on national staff learn method usage system of sound and perfect. State personnel law institutionalization, standardization and usage of long-term, prompting State officials take the lead in respect of law law, abide by, and improve rule of law thinking and problem-solving abilities of the society establish a sense of the rule of law and building a socialist country ruled by law is of great significance.

Q: which problems are solved?

Answer: in recent years, all localities and departments to seriously implement Central decisions and arrangements to implement and promote usage of State law, achieved remarkable results. But compared with the overall requirements of administering, insufficient attention to the use of agents of the State law of leading cadres, and learning method uses system are not sound in some places, some State officials rule of law is weak, some even black, overridden by authority, and with the right pressure, bending. Law use of national staff working in three areas of new progress and new results.

In recognition, requiring all localities and departments law use national staff working in important positions, as a long-term and regular work to catch, and usage for local national staff learning, work in this sector of the overall layout.

In our system, to improve the system of State personnel law use specifically requests it, make it more specific, easy to implement, evaluation, promoting usage of State law by the General requirements into institutional arrangements.

In the mechanism, defined the Organization Department, propaganda Department of the Party Committee and Government departments, judicial administrative departments in the Division of responsibilities in the work of State personnel law use to strengthen organization and coordination, promoting roles, accountability, management of work further.

Q: State personnel law use what are the requirements?

Answer: views stressed, to full implement party of 18 big and 18 session three in the, and four in the, and v plenary spirit, insisted to Marx Leninism, and Mao Zedong thought, and Deng Xiao-ping's theory, and "three a representative" important thought, and science development views for guide, in-depth learning implement XI General Secretary series important speech spirit, implement implementation Central on rule of law publicity education work of decision deployment, adapted full law ruling and full strictly rule party of new requirements, insisted learn method usage phase combined, Further perfect national staff learn method usage the system, sound assessment assessment mechanism, innovation work way method, constantly advance national staff learn method usage work continued in-depth carried out, efforts improve national staff rule of law literacy, enhanced using rule of law thinking and rule of law way promoted development of capacity level, full play in construction Socialist rule of law national in the of important role, for full built well-off social and achieved "two a 100 years" struggle target, The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation's dream to create a good environment of rule by law in China.

Views requirements national staff close actual, seriously learning to Constitution for core of the legal regulations, firm set Socialist rule of law concept, efforts improve rule of law literacy, constantly enhanced in rule of law track Shang deepening reform, and promoted development, and resolve contradictions, and maintenance stable of capacity; stressed levels leaders to do statue law method law-abiding usage of model, lead learning Constitution and legal, lead exercise rule of law, and law do; members cadres to seriously learning Constitution and the party regulations.

5 regard to the main content. A is insisted put learning Constitution put in first, consciously comply with Constitution, maintenance Constitution implementation; II is learning national basic legal, efforts master legal basic knowledge,; three is learning and economic social development and people production life is closely related to of legal regulations, improve using legal means management Economic Social Affairs of level; four is learning and perform post duties is closely related to of legal regulations, effective improve law do capacity; five is active advance national staff combined post needs carried out usage activities, strictly according to legal provides shoe vocational To improve social governance level of the rule of law.

Q: why learning party regulations?

Answer: "form a sound legal system within the party" construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the rule of law system, an important part of building a socialist country, perfecting inner-party regulations is a question of administering justice. Urge party members and cadres to study the party Constitution and party regulations, respect Constitution, strengthening party Constitution consciousness of party rules of party discipline, party Constitution Party rules of party discipline and State law and consciously respect, exemplary compliance with and determined defenders. Party organizations at all levels must seriously study and publicize the party's regulatory responsibilities, adhere to comprehensive strictly administering the party, according to the governing party, learning party regulations as an important content of the construction of the party organizations, give full play to typical advocate of positive and negative case warning, for the implementing of regulations to create a good atmosphere in the party.

Q: measures taken to promote national staff act?

A: one is the perfect party Committee (party) central group learning system. Party committees (party) central group learning system as the national staff of the basic system requirements adhere lead statue law law of leading cadres, to include constitutional law and party statutes Party Committee (party) Central Group an annual learning plan, party committees (leading party group) the first person responsibility seriously. Adhere to the thematic method before major decisions, establishment and improvement of cadres ' learning by attendance, learning archive, learning information systems.

Two is the perfect daily learning system. Stressed the regularly organized seminars for the rule of law, the rule of law, the rule of law of the Forum discussion, using national Constitution Day, the constitutional oath, the anniversary of the promulgation and implementation of the law, such as learning activities, promote regular learning; requirements to build and improve the learning platform, build networking schools, networked learning class, expand the learning channels and forms of law. Opinions in the process of implementing, will drive around departments more and better use of micro-blogging, micro-credit, new media technologies such as mobile clients, more efficient organization, with case law, to observe the trial, warning education activities, enhance the State law's reach and appeal.

Third, strengthen the rule of law training. Views requirements put rule of law education into cadres education training general planning, put Constitution legal as levels party school, and administrative college, and cadres College, and Socialist College and other related training institutions of training compulsory, strengthening rule of law courses system construction, improve rule of law education of systemic and effectiveness sex; put rule of law education into national staff into vocational training, and promotion training of will training content, ensure rule of law training class number and training quality; according to actual need organization carried out topic rule of law training, Increase the proportion of a variety of in-service training in the rule of law; increase the setting in the organizations of training courses of the rule of law, and clear rule of law course of minimum class requirements. An interview with Cao kefan television news and

Q: what demands on national staff usage?

Answer: according to the decision and perform their duties in strict accordance with both requests made.

According to the decision, stressed the need for strict compliance with the Constitution and the law decision, statutory duties, without authorization must be impossible. Implementation of major decisions and legal review mechanisms, decision-making authority on major matters, content and procedures for legal review. Actively promote the Government legal system, for the Government's decision to provide legal advice. Party and government organizations at all levels and people's organizations generally set up the Government lawyer to promote State-owned enterprise to establish a company lawyer. Major decision-making mechanism of accountability and responsibility to check for life, for the illegal decision and abuse, negligent in duties causing great losses, adverse effects, would strictly be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.

In terms of strictly perform their duties according to law, emphasized the firmly establish the right according to law by statutory, right to the basic concept, perform their duties strictly in accordance with the provisions of the law and legal procedures, legal knowledge to learn the ability to act according to the law. Strict application of the law enforcement personnel management system certificates and qualifications, not qualified as a law enforcement and may not engage in law enforcement activities. Strict implementation of major enforcement decisions legal auditing system on major enforcement decisions adopted without a legal audit or audit is not, and shall not make a decision. Implementation of the information system, public functions and powers according to law, the legal basis, implementation, process, schedule, such matters as the result of, and consciously accept the various sectors of the community supervision. Implementation of law enforcement files comments on search, track the quality of evaluation work, and strive to improve the quality of law enforcement and law enforcement levels. Law enforcement and judicial organs in the higher standards and requirements of law use, loyalty to the law, to defend the rule of law. Enforce accountability, strict accountability.

Q: the supervision and assessment of the measures adopted to enhance usage of law?

Answer: advice from State legal literacy and learning situation both regarding the usage of provided for supervision and assessment measures.

First of all, implementation of State law exam. Comments made by national staff recruitment and entry exams in hiring law, regular legal examination, served in the legal examination, to be engaged in administrative enforcement of law enforcement special examination for the qualification. On hired and recruitment in the of started test method, stressed increased civil servants hired exam in the legal knowledge of share; on regularly legal exam, many place and sector through regularly Organization concentrated test method, and online test method, variety form of legal exam, preliminary reached has to test promoting learn, and to test promoting with of effect; on leaders served legal exam, around General carried out has NPC appointed cadres of any Qian legal exam, views implementation Hou will on cadres served Qian test method system of applies range, and exam content, and exam form, and Exam results are standardized and improved, more study-oriented thought of rule by law and the rule of law, improving the scientific nature and effectiveness of the exam.

Secondly, the method uses the supervising of the strengthening of the national staff. Comments usage learning public service an important part of the annual appraisal, leading bodies and leading cadres in the annual evaluation report for the law. Stressed the rule of law, legal literacy as an important part of cadre's morals, and judge the cadres can comply with the law, in accordance with the law as an important basis. Views at the same time promotes the usage of calls for law to strengthen evaluation, State officials work into spiritual methods used to create content, include rule of law city, County (city, district) to create indexes.

Q: how to establish a working mechanism of State personnel law use?

A: implementation comments should establish party committees exercise unified leadership, Division of cooperation State personnel law use of works. All localities and departments to use state law placed in important positions, mainly leadership responsibility, leaders specific to catch, and specialized agencies and personnel responsible for the law use of concrete implementation, and operational work with the deployment, with analysis, implementation, refinement of the system measures reflect different characteristics and staff learning method uses to create the conditions for the country to provide security. Actively explore incentives Awards advanced units and individuals in accordance with the relevant provisions.

Stressed, the relevant departments under the unified leadership of the Party Committee, clear assignment of responsibility, strengthen coordination and cooperation, improve working mechanism of State personnel law use. Party Committee Organization Department to agents of the State law uses the General guidance and supervision of law use national staff included in the programme of employee training, coordination of training colleges and universities enforce laws required by the Constitution, use method as an important aspect of investigating cadres. Party Committee propaganda departments to assist in the implementation of the Party Committee (party) central group learning system, strengthen the law use of propaganda. Civil service departments to integrate rule of law knowledge in civil service recruitment, training and scope of the annual appraisal. Administration of Justice Department to specific State law use of organization and coordination, guidance and inspection.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Lintao Gansu province in response to strong wage deduction trees repaying the

Lintao, Gansu province in response to strong wage deduction trees: repaying the balance instead of planting 5 trees per person

CCTV's "focus interview" program screenshots

On April 3, the CCTV's "focus interview" lintao was reported salaries for public officials being detained by a strong "green" issue, according to reports, only lintao May 2015 in a strong clasp 115940 as "green fee" at the same time, the County Hospital is also in the same financial detention on behalf of wages. Move, lintao County part of public discontent, the report sparked once they are advertised. On April 4, the reporter learned from the dingxi municipal government information Office, reports aired that night in lintao County departments on the development of a corrective action implementation, 2.786 million Yuan by 2015 of the commitment to balance percentage withholding and comprehensive return before April 7.

In March 2013, lintao requirements "County staff voluntary tree-planting seedlings and planting maintenance costs required to take ' mobilization of all current financial support personnel an annual contribution of 1 month salary 10%' solutions", but in the process of implementation is simple, by withholding the financial. Therefore, also on 4 May every year, lintao County civil servant and career preparation of all financial paid staff, in the name of green fees or saplings, were docked one month's salary of 10%, about 400 Yuan per capita on average, the money deducted directly by the County Department of finance. From 2013, the implementation of the programme to date, 3 years has withheld 13.8 million Yuan. Students in Wenzhou strangled his girlfriend sitting

Reported advertised Hou, lintao County, and County Government April 3 late held Conference said, appeared generation buckle cadres workers wage raised green funds of problem, main is work in the policy implementation not in place, and go has sample, work method simple, and not detailed, subjective reasons caused of, a is on national of about policy research not through, especially in August 1, 2013 National Treasury, and NDRC issued notification, canceled green fee, 33 items administrative career sex charges Hou, no seriously research related policy, Not timely according to policy requirements modified County obligations tree planting management approach; II is operation program not specification, put cadres workers of obligations into has assessed generation buckle wage, increased has cadres workers of burden; three is universal obligations tree planting policy publicity not in place, cadres masses on universal obligations tree planting management approach knows rate low, participation of enthusiasm not high, even has individual cadres masses on carried out obligations tree planting activities not understanding, and not support; four is implementation obligations tree planting responsibility of mechanism not perfect, No real responsibility for voluntary tree-planting by the cadres and masses, and ignore the importance of obligations for workers and staff involvement in reforestation; five problem rectification is not timely, not completely.

In view of the existing problems, lintao County, the County Government will seriously study the development of feasible corrective action implementation, one is fully repaying the balance. By County financial sector immediately developed generation buckle green fee balances funds return programme, on balances of 2.786 million Yuan funds, according to 2015 generation buckle proportion, Yu April 7 Qian all return to cadres workers; II is established by County Deputy Secretary any leader, and County four team is in charge of led any deputy leader, County forestry, and financial, and audit, related sector head for members of County obligations tree planting "back see" work led group, on 2013 to 2015 County obligations tree planting work for once full "back see", Focus on survival rate of afforestation survival rate, and carefully check the use of the funds, announced to the public in a timely manner the results of verification and good grasp of implementation problem rectification to ensure rational use of funds, open and transparent, voluntary tree-planting for workers and staff to achieve tangible results.

Another according to reporter understand, in full grasp problem rectification implementation of while, lintao seriously plan good 2016 County obligations tree planting work, April 10 Qian held County obligations tree planting mobilization will, timely informed near three years obligations tree planting work carried out situation and the green funds raised using situation, immediately started this year obligations tree planting work, while decided 2016 organ obligations tree planting green activities on no longer by financial generation buckle, by workers personal itself according to per person 5 tree tree of requirements for green, last by forestry sector led acceptance, Ensure the survival rate is above 90%.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Yunnan zhaotong two city law enforcement vehicles flying the same number on

Kunming, Xinhua Reuters new media, watched "Yunnan zhaotong two city law enforcement vehicles the same number licence plates on the road" messages with the latest progress. Reporter was informed on April 1 from zhaotong municipal party Committee propaganda Department, after investigation and verification, two cars suspected of not complying with the regulations on flying vehicles ' license plates and alleged embezzlement of vehicles ' license plates, has now been detained according to law. Zhaoyang district of comprehensive urban management enforcement Bureau has already suspended the relevant personnel concerned. Nanjing restaurants charge 20 Yuan with each glass

Yunnan zhaotong two city law enforcement vehicles flying the same number on the road, officials said those involved were suspended

Recently, a "two law enforcement vehicles flying the same number took to the streets of law enforcement" photos, triggered wide attention from netizens and critics. In the photo, two with "Phoenix law enforcement" vehicles not only color, appearance, and vehicle number plate is the same as: CFH123.

The local traffic Department upon receipt of the report, quickly launched investigations. After investigation, the two vehicles for the registration procedures, a license plate for cloud CFH123, another plate to cloud CFH124. Cloud CFH124 after the loss of vehicle number plates, staff CFH123 vehicle license plate was moved to CFH124 vehicles.

In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, suspected of not complying with the provisions of CFH123 vehicles flying vehicles ' license plates, Yun allegedly misappropriated motor vehicles CFH124 vehicle license plate. At present, zhaoyang District Public Security Bureau traffic Police Brigade has detained two vehicles, and the personnel involved for further investigation.

In addition, zhaoyang district of comprehensive urban management enforcement Bureau has already suspended the relevant personnel concerned. Now the matter is still under investigation.