Monday, May 16, 2016

Jiangxi Yanshan judicial autopsy report evidence of long term use without qualification

Today (May 17), killing United States postdoctoral Chen Zhanghui mother Le Lijuan drivers will stand trial in the summer.

However, Chen Zhanghui found the road traffic of the autopsy report issued by judicial expertise center of goose Lake, qianshan County, Jiangxi province, does not have the forensic identification (commonly known as "corpse identification") qualification. In addition, the autopsy report is the identification of people in photos do.

In this regard, the identification of goose Lake Liao Laisheng surging on news a few days ago by the legal representative of the Centre (www.thepaper.CN), said he has told traffic police autopsy of his qualifications, but "to facilitate" has asked them for help. Surging press inquiries found on access to information, this dating back to 2009.

Qianshan County Public Security Bureau, procuratorate and Court recently said that until Chen Zhanghui reflected, they didn't know it. Qianshan County Public Security Bureau Police Brigade immediately terminated and goose Lake body of judicial expertise Center and testing business; County Justice Bureau, had recommended to the provincial Department of justice judicial expertise Center for punishment of the goose Lake, and two half of practicing illegal surveyors suspended punishment.

Public security departments will therefore be accountable for it? Qianshan County Deputy Secretary of the Communist Party Jiang Xigen said: "such a fuss (to investigate)." Henan teachers residence was replace and move

Jiangxi Yanshan judicial autopsy report evidence of long-term use without qualification, some with photographs

"Eight no forensic" to prohibit the scope identified, but judicial expertise center turned a deaf ear to Goose Lake. Xie Yin Wen Neitu came from surging journalists

Crash out without qualification the autopsy report

On May 16, said Chen Zhanghui, mothers May 17 trial of the case, but he had a lot of questions.

On September 29, 2015, 8:50, born in 1962, Le Lijuan bicycles past stream service center at the old station road, qianshan, avoiding one careless driving overloaded goods vehicle fell to the ground, run over by a truck. Qianshan 120 Guangci Hospital emergency physician on-site inspections found Le Lijuan died on the spot.

Mother when the accident occurred, Chen Zhanghui United States engaged in postdoctoral research at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. September 30, at 22 o'clock, he went back to hometown in Jiangxi province.

He told the word news, by questioning the witness, the mother fell to the ground just after the hand-rolling, but summer drivers get off without looking at the case reversed, leading to murder. Then abandoned the vehicle in the summer leave, half an hour after the alarm to the police.

Qianshan County Public Security Bureau traffic Police Brigade of field exploration, investigation and evidence, identify perpetrators and summer take full responsibility, and was arrested on the day of the incident. On October 9, 2015, qianshan County prosecutors approved the arrest.

Chen Zhanghui wonder is that secondary rolling and escape behavior of the driver, the police mentioned. He said that the police initially when the accident responsibility determination, and tried to get his dying mother bear secondary responsibility, he stationed in Kanayama in Jiangxi province after visiting the Group reflect the situation, the driver would bear full responsibility.

Chen Zhanghui suspected case "problematic". He found that the mother's autopsy report problems. Testing of autopsy reports indicated time was September 29, 2015 "9:30", but his statistics from traffic police to the scene of the time was "9:40" in the future.

Cause of death autopsy report column displays "left chest and left abdominal closed injury: (1) CR; (2) spleen, (3) hemorrhagic shock". But Chen Zhanghui said that, in fact, the mother's chest has not been compacted.

Autopsy report for obvious errors, Chen Zhanghui to forensic identification Unit goose Lake found defendant, outstanding service. He responded that autopsy reports is the identification of people by photos from the traffic police do experts does not go to the scene.

Apart from anger, Chen Zhanghui survey found, goose Lake, Centre for forensic identification of the scope of business for "identification of clinical forensic medicine, forensic evaluation of construction projects, real estate appraisal", expert Ye Qixun, and Li chengyu only "forensic clinical identification of qualifications"-identification and identification of people, are not qualified in forensic identification.

On January 15, 2016, the Justice Bureau of qianshan Chen Zhanghui petition materials, when replies confirmed the investigation of Chen Zhanghui, "per capita does not have the bodies of forensic examination of the bodies and qualifications."

Qianshan County Public Security Bureau Police Brigade accused of commissioning no qualification for traffic accidents in the past years did an autopsy of the deceased.

Jiangxi Yanshan judicial autopsy report evidence of long-term use without qualification, some with photographs

Goose Lake, qianshan County forensic Center is Super scope of practice.

Accreditation bodies have been told that police have no qualifications

Issued by official statistics, qianshan, forensic examination of goose Lake agreed in June 2004 by the Jiangxi provincial Department of Justice approved the establishment of the Centre, and forensic licenses were issued.

Justice Bureau of qianshan surging staff told news, Liao Lai of the legal representative of the judicial expertise center of goose Lake, Justice Bureau of qianshan are logistics staff, for the leadership to drive. After Liao to the judicial expertise Center, departure from the Justice Department.

Liao Laisheng surging news interview recently said that this Center is a collection of neutral bodies, is responsible for the management. "Accrediting body are his own or partnership opening" problems, his "bad telling you this thing" answer.

Liao Laisheng said Center just doing an autopsy, autopsy report is not. He said previously that he had specifically told traffic Police Department "qualification of judicial expertise center of goose Lake No autopsy", but traffic police is for them to do, "the key is to facilitate death very much, some do not need to do this (autopsy) mediation have been made. "

Justice Bureau of qianshan County staff said the autopsy, Shangrao qualification only, Shangrao city, Centre of forensic identification Unit, but Shang Rao under the jurisdiction of 12 counties, if each of the deceased to Shangrao, costs a lot of time, family members of the deceased cannot wait.

Liao Laisheng said: "this is not a criminal case, 120 proof of death could have been, that we do, solemnly. Court, there are death reports, this can not does not matter. "

According to Liao afterlife speak, do autopsy Center beginning in 2015, as Le Lijuan, 2015-20. 400-600 Yuan per autopsy report fees, sometimes do not receive money, do to help traffic Police Brigade.

Surging News investigation found that as early as December 31, 2009, goose Lake judicial expertise center of Public Security Bureau of qianshan County has received Police Brigade delegate, issued by a traffic accident the deceased Dr Division lead goose [2010] (1th) body surface inspection reports, appraiser why peisheng, outstanding service.

Judgment of China network "(2015) lead punishment, early 14th" judgment shows, issued by the judicial expertise center of goose Lake in 2014 "lead goose Si Jian (2014) autopsy report on a 26th". According to Liao Laisheng before said, which means that the 2014 Lake forensic Center at least 26 autopsy report.

No evidence of qualifications the autopsy report into the case

Public Security Bureau Police Brigade got the goose Lake, qianshan County forensic autopsy report issued by the Center, not as Liao Laisheng understand "only for civil compensation" without qualification in the autopsy report, was referred to the Police Department as evidence, qianshan is submitted to the Prosecutor's Office, some eventually qianshan county courts as evidence.

Surging news website found by the judgment document, 2014 and 2015, at least 6 of the judgments issued by the judicial expertise center of goose Lake in autopsy reports as evidence. Involving prosecutors Yang Renbiao, Zhou Bingzheng, Cheng Lijia, court officials including Lu Jin, Hu Jianwu, Ting Zhou.

Which, "(2015) lead penalty early word 70th," and "(2015) lead penalty early word 71st," two copies judgment in the, court trial think, "Attorney, and body test report and the identification institutions, and identification personnel qualification copies the 1 copies, proved qianshan Public Security Bureau Police Brigade delegate goose Lake judicial identification Center on identification people for forensic pathology identification, and proved identification institutions, and identification personnel has legal qualification of facts".

But judicial expertise center of goose Lake and the identification and qualification of materials, explicitly states that accreditation bodies and experts are only "forensic clinical identification of" qualification.

No qualification of the autopsy report, why, through the courts, the layers of review open appears in the judgment?

Surging Yang Renbiao, Director of public prosecution, qianshan County Prosecutor's Office told the news, he cannot answer on behalf of prosecutors. The Office of the public prosecutor's Office Director surnamed Zhou said: "we are the prosecutors, we knew the law, if there is a problem, we will handle this issue in accordance with regulations. "

Qianshan County Court said Luo Xiang, Director of the Office, they know, goose Lake Center of forensic autopsy of what used to be a family name appraiser qualifications, but after the death of the last two years what is the last name expert, resulting in some gaps.

Luo Xiang said that on the question of review of the evidence, the Court will understand the situation, the evidence reviewed is Yes, "if judges there is a problem, we have to take measures to investigate. "Luo Xiang said the Court has issued a notice to handling units, requirement involves the question of qualification, has to be carefully scrutinized not only to review the conclusions, also including appraisers, institutional review and identification of contents.

Qianshan County Public Security Bureau traffic Police Brigade "why entrust no qualified agency to conduct the autopsy" problem, Political Commissar of the Public Security Bureau of qianshan Yang Shanxin said, Police Brigade forming in this matter, also in dealing with the matter. He said that because Police Brigade captain by the Deputy Director of the County Public Security Bureau, and he was not aware of the progress of the investigation in this matter, only know the County Communist Party held a coordination meeting.

Yang Shanxin said, because Police Brigade financial row is not in the police account, he don't know police departments each autopsy the reimbursement amount.

Jiangxi Yanshan judicial autopsy report evidence of long-term use without qualification, some with photographs

Judicial Council that a goose Lake, qianshan County forensic Center and no autopsy expert qualification.

Jiangxi Yanshan judicial autopsy report evidence of long-term use without qualification, some with photographs

No autopsy report issued by accreditation bodies, qianshan County people's Procuratorate for examination and as evidence to the Court.

"No fuss full investigation"

Bureau of Justice of goose Lake, qianshan County judicial expertise Center with supervisory functions. The Bureau Deputy Director Yu Weihong said, judicial Council only has supervisory authority at the county level, right in the Jiangxi provincial Department of Justice, which led to the Council cannot be effective supervision, they are also after Chen Zhanghui reports reflect only known judicial expertise Center, Super goose Lake range practice.

"Goose Lake Center of forensic autopsy reports did much" Yu Weihong said not to say, she qianshan County in the provision of a report by the political and Legislative Affairs Committee, and the propaganda Department said after a joint press release issued by the County Judicial Council had recommended to the provincial Department of justice judicial expertise Center for punishment of the goose Lake, and two half of practicing illegal surveyors suspended punishment.

Wei, Member of the legal Committee said Chen Wuzhou, qianshan, on goose Lake of judicial expertise Center, led by the Deputy Magistrate, the police chief in the County to coordinate, he arranged Jiang Xigen to surge-news ACC Deputy Secretary of political and Legislative Affairs Committee.

Jiang Xigen said Lake after exposure on the network of judicial expertise Center, the County Organization, propaganda departments of the public security Division, sit down and discuss the matter. And the formation of two points: first, entrust the Police Brigade of the dead, the criminal liability of the perpetrator, not just bail suspects; second, the judicial Board of the judicial expertise beyond the scope of practice for processing.

He said County attaches great importance to this matter, must be fair and impartial treatment.

"Whether a full-scale investigation, will pursue the responsibility of public security" problem, Jiang Xigen said: "the Communist Party is the retreat of departments, oversight of their specific business sector when news is coming out. Set up a full set of (investigations) starting from the year, objectively speaking, topics shop too much, one of the things that have taken place, because identification is not what's going on, and then to judicial action, objectively speaking, will not be such a fuss. (Public security) problem is very serious and has its parent body to determine. "

Luo Xiang, Director of the Office of the Court said, qianshan County, party no comments, no autopsy report can judgment; disputed, you need the autopsy report. This postdoctoral mother's case, involve qualitative case, the autopsy report is the key, if it is repeatedly rolled involving intentional killing.

Chongqing Lawyers Association criminal authority Director, zhihao Chongqing law firm Director Zhang Zhiyong said the autopsy report accurately on the conviction and sentencing of the case is very important, it can prove the causal link between death and the defendant, are casualties of the evidence whether the accused caused the death of basis is directly related to crime and non-crime.

Zhang Zhiyong said, that is not the Yanshan individual local officials said so "smart", first of all, police brigade as a knowing identification Center in investigating activities without qualifications is still commissioned to identify each other, believed to be an act of serious misconduct. Procuratorates, courts in the prosecution, the trial is not to review the autopsy report with no legal effect, and is also suspected of serious dereliction of duty, should be accountable and, secondly, expert bodies are not anatomical, only inferred by photo identification, do not meet the identification procedure the relevant provisions, if the defendant subjectively intentional false identification, you may be suspected of perjury.

Zhang Zhiyong said, without qualification the autopsy report because they do not have legitimacy, there may be errors of judgment made by the Court and influence the conviction and sentencing.

Practices of qianshan County Public Security Bureau traffic Police Brigade, Jiangxi province, Department of Justice forensic staff tell surging News May 16, will be published in the near future (goose Lake) appraisal and identification of administrative sanctions being program.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Guangzhou citizens mourn the killing of retired doctors overnight Wei of Guangdong

Guangzhou citizens mourn the killing of retired doctors overnight, Wei of Guangdong Planning Commission strongly condemns the violence hurt medical Guangzhou citizens mourn the killing of retired doctors overnight, Wei of Guangdong Planning Commission strongly condemns the violence hurt medical

People mourn Heroes square in Guangzhou, Guangdong in the event of violent injury death retired doctor Chen Zhongwei.

The afternoon of May 7, Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau through the official Micro-Blog reported that Guangdong provincial people's Hospital, chief physician Chen Zhongwei, Director of the original rescue invalid in Department of Stomatology, 12:39 who died on that day.

"The South +" Client May 7, news of the death of Dr Chen Zhongwei, people deeply mourn the quake. Xinhua learned from the provincial people's Hospital in the afternoon, Chen Zhongwei doctors memorial service was held. The following evening, many people spontaneously came to Guangzhou's Heroes ' square, mourning, Dr Chan. Flowers, candlelight flickering, grief is boundless.

It is reported that on May 7 at 19 o'clock, people from Guangzhou, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan and so on to heroes ' square, from the provincial people's Hospital and Zhongshan hospital, and Sinorama's dental hospital affiliated to Zhongshan University hospitals medical staff. Some Chen Zhongwei colleagues, some of them the company of brothers and sisters, more sympathetic doctor Chen strangers.

It was reported that people with candles and flowers to quietly line up, gently placed candles, surrounded by a growing heart-shaped, mourn with Director Chen. Aside, melodious violin sounded, people who live with the farewell, sent the ally and other tracks. In the summer, many tears in silence.

Zhongshan spontaneous came to pay tribute to Chen Zhongwei, a doctor in a hospital. Colleagues of bad luck, he said: "on the one hand, to zero tolerance of violence, on the other hand, it must be understood that medical science is not the answer, for some conflict between doctors and patients, there should be better ways, such as the implementation of medical responsibility insurance, don't let doctors become victims. "

Zhongshan Hospital of Neurology, a young doctor working for a year and had gone home with her mother for the holidays, specifically back to that night to pay tribute to fellow students. "Please give me a reason to keep. "He made such a feeling.

Others say he knew Chen Zhongwei, "he was a kind person, good people, ants are not stepping on one. A lifetime to help so many people, unexpectedly, this unfortunately. "

Ms Chan in the circle of friends that night and Memorial, with a family of three catch up. She told a reporter, Dr Chan was stricken by this sob, "hoping that Chen Zhongwei doctor can better, didn't think I'd be gone. "Her six year old son put the flowers in a candle next to the ring, close your eyes and silently mourn together.

May 5, 17:20, yuexiu, Guangzhou police received the alarm, saying there was a man in the Dong-a compound knife to hurt others. After receiving the report, police quickly out of the police, the police rushed to the scene and found the alleged harm man falls to death on suspicion of.

Proved that the Guangdong provincial people's Hospital of Stomatology Director Chen Zhongwei were violently injured, rescue is not valid, who died at noon on May 7 12:39.

Guangzhou citizens mourn the killing of retired doctors overnight, Wei of Guangdong Planning Commission strongly condemns the violence hurt medical

On May 7, the Guangdong provincial people's Hospital released back-to-back briefings and announcements, and mourning will be held.

Reported that Director Chen entangled before chopping people, who in 1991 found Chen had oral surgery, tooth discoloration requires compensation, injury subsequently falls to death.

Hospitals strongly condemned this violent injury medical event. Xingren County Guizhou province confirmed that

The same day, strongly condemned incidents of violence injury medical health family planning Commission of Guangdong Province, said all acts of violence hurt the "zero tolerance". Appeal to the community to work together to jointly maintain order, maintain professional dignity of medical personnel to protect personal safety of medical staff.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Shenyang a primary suspect was caught in the revolving door of College cafeteria

Shenyang a primary school boy on May 5 to surge to the family of news (www.thepaper.CN) said the male suspect was caught in the revolving door of Shenyang City College cafeteria, rescue invalid was killed. School officials say, is consulting with the deceased. Tong Gou station staff, Shenyang Sujiatun District Public Security Bureau confirmed that has been involved in "boy Chuck by revolving door death" about the investigation is under way.

Families also set of revolving doors meet national safety requirements, as well as questioned the safety warning is not set, but the College staff said, responsibility is still under investigation.

On May 4, a Netizen posted it says in Shenyang, Shenyang City College cafeteria in the day, a pupil who is caught in the revolving door by canteen, rescue invalid was killed. The student's relatives May 5 confirmed to the surging news leaks, and said the boy is 10 years old, primary school education, the only son in the family, parents in the school involved contracted canteen; 4th around 5:40 P.M., school boy was found lying next to the revolving door in the dining room, beneath the blood, when their parents are working in the canteen. Ambulances rushed to the boy taken to hospital, but the boy died.

Relatives also said the boys play, was caught in the revolving door of the cafeteria in the head, the revolving door there was no warning sign. However, this claim has yet to be officially confirmed. Stick of Shenyang City College students to reflect, after the school began a student ID to access personnel to check their registration, independent persons prohibited from entering.

According to relatives, the morning of 5th school sent someone to communicate with the parents and relatives of the deceased, both parties to consent to be transferred to a funeral home, "promised a treatment as soon as possible." Two back to Wuhan to buy younger white collar

Shenyang City College's official statistics, the school system by the National Ministry of education approved the establishment of full-time university undergraduate education in colleges and universities.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Liaoning a female primary school teacher accused of indecent video in class

Liaoshen evening news, chat client, May 4 Shen, third grade classes, female teacher stood on lectures, appears on the Whiteboard behind the naked men and women kissing videos ... ...

Liberation of linghe district, Jinzhou City primary school, class 11, some parents ' complaints, class Zheng class play indecent video.

At present, the linghe district, Jinzhou City Bureau of education has been involved in investigating the matter.

Liaoning a female primary school teacher accused of indecent video in class, called the

Zheng primary school 3 grade 11 class parent liberation group, a public apology screenshots.

Parents: teacher porn

"Jinzhou Jiefang primary school, teacher of pornographic films, more than once, our parent teacher recuse. "Yesterday (May 3) morning, the parent Li Qiao (a pseudonym) complained to the liaoshen evening news, Shen chat client. Guangxi police condemned entrusted execution taking

Li Qiao introduced daughter studied at the liberation of linghe district, Jinzhou City the third year 11 classes.

"Kids say to me, when the class, Zheng put a video, videos men and women are naked, hugging and kissing. "Li Qiao said, her daughter said this is not the first time Zheng played the video in the classroom, there once before.

Li Qiao urged other parents to check the matter immediately, access to consistent information with her daughter, others also reflects class Zheng played in the class a similar video.

In this class of parents micro-letter group, one parent said: "continuous obscene fragments do not process, and you have no responsibility? "

Zheng responded: "Whiteboard jumped the bad things, I'll pass, sometimes a virus and cannot be quickly closed, which I turn off the computer. "

Another parent said: "why there is no such a thing? This is dereliction of duty. "

After several rounds of debate, Zheng in the letter group comments: "parents: the things that occur in our class, I am very sorry, and apologize for, welcome the children didn't come to school, please supervise my work. "

The class with some parents find the school requires the Government to replace Zheng. School officials said parents give Zheng a chance, and asked Zheng to apologise to parents.

Teacher: can't be my sowing

Yesterday (May 3) at about 12 o'clock noon, liaoshen evening news, chat client calls dialed Zheng Shen, but no answer. Then reporters by text message in how you interact with Zheng.

Reporter: parents reflect your class time playing pornographic videos in the classroom, what happened?

Zheng: this can't be my play, computer jump out, had been processed in a timely manner, the school has verified not what I play for.

Reporter: some parents say video playback approximately 3 minutes and said you go pick up the telephone, had this situation?

Zheng: didn't answer the phone, they (parents) say lies, then immediately right above "x" turned off.

Reporter: do you have computers connected to the network? Is the contents of the USB memory stick?

Zheng: the computer is connected to the network, no u.

Reporter: video playback in the end is what?

Zheng: immediately turn off, see. Pop-up has nothing to do with teaching immediately closed, after which point eBook, lecture.

School: teacher business unskilled

Subsequently, the reporter and liberty elementary school contacted the President gu, in charge of the investigation.

Reporter: Zheng ever played pornographic videos in the classroom?

President Gu: the teacher who is nearly 50 years old, and for multimedia technology is not very skilled, teacher back to the Board at that time, I didn't see, but this video in the classroom for two consecutive days, there is definitely a problem, if the strong sense of responsibility, students cannot see.

Reporter: have you ever opened Zheng's computer to see what exactly is playing in the video?

President Gu: no, normal broadcast courseware in class in the file, (Zheng) or is not skilled, not intentional.

Reporter: does the school have a network administrator, set up a firewall to prevent unhealthy content pop up?

President Gu: network management, but I'm not tech-savvy, can't explain it.

Reporters: teachers of other classes have no such thing happened?

President Gu: never heard of, we are particularly surprised.

Journalist: later, Zheng's computer did not pop up this video, what is the reason?

President Gu: then, seriously, put their lectures in the folder, there is no such a thing from happening again.

Reporter: how schools look at this thing?

President Gu: impact on the children and parents are very serious teacher to admit your mistake, apologize to parents. Teacher's mistakes, schools have the responsibility, not multi-faceted training teacher, where students can see these unhealthy content.

Expert view: this is teaching accidents

Education expert of Shenyang city Yu Yongchang said that this incident is actually teaching accident. Such things happen in the classroom, students ' heart damage is long.

Bad technology can not be used as an excuse, as a qualified teacher, in class actions must be rigorous and responsible.

How can this information be on the school intranet? Is the network from viruses or human bring to campus?

Recommends free primary school and thorough investigation into their teaching systems, involved teacher recommended the punishment, to alert the other teachers not to make similar mistakes.