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Today s local news featured the 2015 happiest cities released

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It's the weekend, but the event is still happening all over the country. Ten cities, including Chengdu, was named the "2015 China's happiest city" did your city make the list? In Shanghai, the FTA first pilot "architect responsibility"; in Zhejiang, has served in many universities "popping" fake soldier has been arrested for fraud yesterday, Henan a lifting of the building to collapse, in which 17 people were killed; in Shenzhen, the suspect at the designated site run $ 100,000 reward for arrest. In Hangzhou, a 26 year old male teacher in spite of sudden death after even four classes, it is sad ... ...

(Highest rated) ten cities such as Chengdu is on "2015 happiest cities in China"

In the bustle of the city life, you feel happy?

("2015 China happiest cities" ranking)

On October 31, the "2015 China happiest cities" list released in Beijing. Public surveys, sampling, data collection and expert review, Chengdu, Nanjing, Xian, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Changchun, Changsha, Suzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, ten City won the "2015 China's happiest city" title.

As the largest human settlement of the city, in order to provide people with a place to live, work, enjoy the people's material and spiritual, the city exudes happiness is very important to the people. In the "2015 happiest cities in China" award, a total of more than 80 million people, Chengdu city, with the highest score becomes 2015 happiest cities in China, Ningbo and Hangzhou respectively two or three digits. While Beijing's list is impressive.

(Shanghai) FTA pilot "architects in charge" the Government no longer construction activities throughout the "endorsement"

(Photo: CFP)

The past, domestic construction activities throughout the Government of "endorsement" from the land, projects, planning and construction and all links must be approved by the Government, investment and construction activity is a complex process. However, at present, is planning a free trade area launched in Shanghai, China "architects in charge", the Government will gradually entrusted to professional quality technical review.

At the international level, many developed countries have adopted "architects in charge." The system requirements, the architects are the designer or engineer, architects need for strict checks on technical issues such as building material selection, architect of the entire management and supervision on construction quality and great effect. Korea Casino line to seduce female models to Chinese

Shanghai free trade zones "architects in charge" post, is expected to declare the project time is greatly reduced, if ever to allow building may need to be covered with 100 stamps, about a year's time, but "the architects in charge" after the pilot, a project or save 3-6 months. In addition, the Government will strengthen supervision after the pilot, the building if accidents occur, the architect will bear the corresponding legal responsibility, is expected to make the building safer and more secure.

(Zhejiang) "soldiers" arrested in Ningbo University in universities "popping" deception

("Soldiers" were caught)

On October 30, University Security Department staff saw a uniformed "troops," chatting up female students in the school, approached the questioning revealed that the man was pretending to be a soldier in the universities "popping" deception, "Zhao Maolin", so she sent them to the police station. Upon review, the man told us that multiple cases of fraud of pretending to be a soldier to implement.

Prior to that, "soldier a long distance marriage, the woman did not appear" the news aroused heated discussion on the Internet, including "soldier" is the man. Each time the "popping" after the man had lied about his girlfriend abandoned no money back, and as a fraud, the suspects had in Fuzhou, Xiamen, Changsha, Yueyang and so much crime in colleges and universities.

(Henan) luohe lifting a building collapse search and rescue out of the 40 people killed 17 people

(Photo source: Xinhua)

On October 30, wuyang County, luohe city, Henan province, Northern dance both houses within the town area in construction collapse accident that occurred during as at 31st 5:38, site search-and-rescue work ended, construction workers were search and rescue 40 people, which slightly injured 14 people and seriously injured 9 people, killed 17 people.

Local residents described the collapsing House is a building in the late 90 's the two-story building, because the overall uplift of the House Foundation lower homeowners, it is in the process of lifting the housing collapse, dozens of workers were buried when the incident. The cause of the accident is still under investigation, the persons responsible for the accident have been controlled by the public security organs.

(Hangzhou) on a 26 year old male teacher in spite of even sudden death after four lessons about colleagues who play basketball after school

(Teacher's sudden death in your circle of friends is heat transfer)

Recently, Hangzhou, a 26 year old male teachers in primary schools, Internet sensation connected with illness of sudden death after four lessons, later confirmed that it was true. Experimental school of the teacher is the view into the six grade math teacher, head teacher, 26 years old, is the new teacher two years ago.

On October 23, he has been unwell before work, at 6 o'clock in the morning and then hanging up bit by bit, but ill get to school, and even the four classes. When the school, the teachers ' sudden cardiac arrest, rescue invalid died.

Netizens have said about this sad, has said he is not yet a humor lovely big boy to marry and have children, is a student in the eyes of the good teachers, children learn that after the death of the teacher dropped a tear.

(Shenzhen) one suspect at the designated site run $ 100,000 reward for arrest

(Source: Beijing News)

The afternoon of October 30, Nanshan, Shenzhen Public Security Bureau police escort suspects pan to fit in boluo County, Huizhou city survey to obtain evidence, pan while guards unprepared and escape. Pan xxx sex, male, 21 years old, is a Guizhou person. At present, the police are still searching for the suspects.

30th, boluo County Public Security Bureau issued a notice offering a reward, said pan on the run wearing a jail uniform, wearing handcuffs, wearing leg irons paid, wants the people to help the police to catch the fugitives, and providing incentives for people to provide useful information. Where to find the fugitives and would subdue submitted to the officers of the public security organs will be awarded 100,000 yuan.

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And the opening up of two children is now in order to solve China s singles

And the opening up of two children is now in order to solve China's singles crisis

Photo: REUTERS/Jason Lee

China announced the opening up of two-child policy, can only have one-child family planning policy will be history.

The implementation of China's one-child family planning policy was founded 35 years ago, the policy was aimed at controlling the country's population, solve the overpopulation problem. But draconian one-child policy has also brought the national population proportions of tilt. China's population is aging faster and faster, the size of the work force gradually shrink. Young generation without brothers and sisters dependent elderly parents at home, take a huge financial burden.

In addition, the gender imbalance is another important issue. In 2011, the Nomura (Nomura) Research Institute analysts have to make this evaluation, "population bearing the bigger problem is the imbalance of gender ratio at birth. "

"Chinese women's average of 0.71 girls only, far less than the number of baby boys. In 2010, China 51 million more men than women, the sex ratio of newborns for 120:100, for the highest in the world (see chart 39). This also means that among male babies born now, almost one-fifth in marriageable age can't find a mate, increase the risk of social tensions. "

Meanwhile, forced to remain single men of marriageable age may be an extreme approach, rape and sexual harassment will be increased, and that is why the Government needs to look out for one. But now it needs more discussion.

(Translation: Pan Jinhua)

"Investigations" two-child policy lets go of you will give birth to a second child? Of the level was run by Li Ka shing the author

Source: Business Insider

Original title: China is a nightmare for single men

Last updated: 10/30 11:51

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9 cartoon what it means to read James Knight

9 cartoon, what it means to read James Knight

"Editor's note"

NBA new season opener, Knight to defeat bulls 95:97. Back is still receiving treatment James endured pain, all 12 of 22 shots, 25 points and 10 rebounds and 5 assists and only 1 turnover.

After the game, the "Emperor" is not depressed, he said the team had focused on the future. Look at the Knights, this is James himself created "dynasty" cast, he persuaded Le Fu TOU, set-up "Tartar" JR Smith, oversaw renew Thompson ... ... Dialogue Hong Kong s frankwell 7000 RMB salary

On October 26, ESPN columnist Windhorst and Alexander Wells with a set of "man power" style cartoon explains how James in Cleveland to create his own "Empire". Player is just one of his identity, he is a coach, headhunter, General Manager.

Instead of a "leader", "boss" is more suitable for James to call.

9 cartoon, what it means to read James Knight

1. He is the "Empire" 's Director of human resources

In order to "nation-building", James needs its own war.

July 2014, James set aside 3 calls, informing teammates Wade, owner of Allison and Chairman of Riley, is leaving Miami. After he returned to Knight's press release, he is said to love, "to Cleveland and play with me. "

Knight told love, the life of the contract will not be too long, but James's phone, love said: "I'm here. "

Minutes later, love's agent, and the Knight caught the line. Within 24 hours, this deal has been settled.

9 cartoon, what it means to read James Knight

After love, followed for many years, James Maike·mile, a veteran of the same in his list.

That summer, Knight has been lost in the negotiations--the nuggets out of the higher price, but after James shot, things will get easier. Cavs not even got the news from the Miller, but James's agent sent a notice that "things done. "

9 cartoon, what it means to read James Knight

2. He is a player who's good big brother

In September last year, before the official start of training camp, James made a request to the new coach Sepp Blatter: only players he can preside over meetings, "Rookie" coach Sepp Blatter agreed.

James called all the players into the Conference room, close the door-the coaching staff at the door.

Whether it's stars like love is Owen, also was to attend the training camp Rookie, James told them their idea: in the new season, how he wants them to play. For most players, this Conference was the first time I saw it.

9 cartoon, what it means to read James Knight

In October, Knight's in-house training game, James began to guide the players how to play on the pitch, that's just the start.

3 months later, ESPN reporter also took note of the situation, "Blatter in the preseason Princeton system built directly were thrown out of the window. Here's the thing, James had the ball, and tell the players how to play. Blatter watched him play, then repeat to the players. "

9 cartoon, what it means to read James Knight

3. He is capable of "CEO"

James not only in the field of leadership, the sidelines, his role as a CEO, and there is not much difference.

Love before you decide to join James and he completed talks in the hotel's swimming pool. And when the team needs to bring in as James ' "help" team manager David Ray Griffin made his decision.

In January 2015, James truce Cavalier lost 7 games in 8 games, teams in need of reinforcement. David Ray Griffin knows he want from the Knicks hired Cooper, but to complete the transaction, it must receive less people "rest assured" j · R Smith, finally, LeBron James made his decision for him.

James told Griffin, in fact more interested in Smith, to address Griffin's concerns, he said, "j · R and I'll get it done. "

9 cartoon, what it means to read James Knight

Smith came to the old industrial city of Cleveland, under James, he stopped going to nightclubs bars and hanging out gradually and the "sixth man". Finally, j · R sent a Tweet: one man's trash is another man's treasure.

In addition, James will be in the network "remote" and team-mate exchanges. On Twitter, he has issued many similar "into it, became part of the great! "," Are you kidding me? Big ball! "This tweet. It was thought to be his teammates shouted.

9 cartoon, what it means to read James Knight

4. He is a behind-the-scenes "coach"

On December 30, bothered by zhanmusiduo when a back injury makes him difficult to live with. Before appearances in the game, he told teammates he will not play.

According to the B.S. Description of the Report, "in the final minutes, James decided not to play, not even on the bench, sitting in the locker room did not go out. "Rip off the team, but in the end they acquiesced in the decision and gave James a two week break.

James know when to rest, but also know when to sell.

9 cartoon, what it means to read James Knight

Eastern semifinals fourth last time, Cavaliers and bulls drew 84:84. Blatter has tactical requirements assigned by James ball, the answer is:

"I'm not going to serve, I will only shoot from behind the backboard, and then hit".

Finally, his ball hit the last shot. After the game, James said, "I told him to let someone else to serve, and to give me the ball, and then all the way. "

9 cartoon, what it means to read James Knight

Knight and bulls game, also arrived at the scene to watch Obama.

2015 season, James first lost to the bulls, but how do you know this legend began.

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Japan s largest gangster Yakuza disables Halloween Candy bag shy like

Japan's largest gangster Yakuza disables Halloween Candy bag shy like?

Yamaguchi's announcement to cancel Halloween Candy released their source Japan the Sankei Shimbun

Mention Japan triad, a lot of people's first impression is often in Japan appeared in the gangster film "Yamaguchi-gumi". According to Japan, the Sankei Shimbun reported recently, the Yamaguchi recently put up notices at the headquarters offices in Kobe, announced this year it would stop its traditional activities--to the nearby children free candy at Halloween, and to "apologize to parents and children looked forward to participating in this activity" commitments will return to hold next year.

As Japan's largest "specifying violence" (registered in government institutions, so that its regulation of violence), has a century-old Yamaguchi always before in the country's upheavals resourcefulness to grow again and again, but now is struggling.

Not to make money: auctions, stock market, real estate

In March 1915, from run-down fishermen step by step breaks out for a big island group under the leadership of shankouchunji, Kobe more than more than 50 stevedores in Hong Kong (in fact, most gamblers, drifters) formed the Yamaguchi-gumi. Who would have dreamed of, Kobe, which was the only Hong Kong's gambling underworld industry "carry handle" big island of subordinate branches of the group, has become the largest in the world in 100 years, most of mafia organizations.

Starting from Harukichi Yamaguchi, leader of the Yamaguchi-gumi has six, especially "third generation" tiangangyixiong, head of the Organization's contribution to the most important. Tanooka died from 1946 served as leader until 1981, was the Yamaguchi-gumi's longest-serving leader. His postwar Japan economic reconstruction opportunity leads organizations developed rapidly, becoming in Japan within the influential triad organization, Japan police as the first batch of five "wide-field violence" of the first. The peak of its power all over Japan 44 prefectures, occupied Japan half of triad members.

From 1966 Japan police launched the "Yamaguchi-gumi fighting bad fight", but Tanooka to build the strength of the Yamaguchi-gumi, the organization closely, before his death in Tanooka "bad fight" very limited effect. Succession of "four eyes" head office less than six months later by another gang "and the" assassination, raised mainly in street shootings between the two major groups of large-scale warfare, makes the popular impression further deterioration for the gang. Although the "five eyes" leader trying to smooth relations and the police, and adjusting the structure of national regional leadership ready to rally, but failed to materialize due to internal high-level factional infighting, also resigned, the police would also like to take this opportunity in the Division within the Yamaguchi-gumi.

Nevertheless, the economic magazine fortune in 2014, said Yamaguchi-year income is still $ 80 billion, equivalent to twice times the annual budget of Osaka, Aichi 4 times, in five underworld paid on top. Article said that Yamaguchi early revenue and other similar to underworld, mainly drug trafficking, gambling and protection rackets. But since Japan started in 1992 the violence strategy Act prohibits the Yamaguchi-gumi underworld after intimidation and other means of collecting funds, in addition to the illegal, Yamaguchi began his career in the entertainment industry, real estate, stock and art auctions, and other fields of investment.

From 2011, aimed at punishing the underworld organization providing interests of enterprises and members of the public in the exclusion of violence since the coming into force of the Bill, rely more and more on pecuniary interests drive the Yamaguchi-gumi's lack of stamina has, had to consider other means of development. Also at this time, Yamaguchi gradually began to show some known "alternative" characters.

Not the same triad: newspaper, disaster response, Abe

Give kids candy just the Yamaguchi-gumi is different from the people the impression that "triad" of one side only. As an organization is much like a large enterprise, in 2013, the Yamaguchi-gumi started a titled pass new set of newspapers, Shinoda city leader was published in the above articles, three generations of leader's birthday 100 years special content, such as, there are tournaments and entertainment news and information. On April 2, 2014, the official website of the Yamaguchi-gumi is launched, talking about "disabled drug", "chuqiangfuruo" and "clean state", many pictures on the Web site reflects the membership of the Organization in the Kobe earthquake of 1995 and 2011 Japan tsunami disaster relief scenarios. On April 11, the website launched the "up the road" column, it starts the article directly at Abe's "fire", "listen to Abe's recent statements, coupled with ' Japan gradually move closer to the nationalist, Japan national equal rights are at risk, ' facts, feel Japan is beginning to fascism, we are deeply concerned."

In order to further improve its image, after each disaster, fighting for the first time they arrived on the scene and rescue, distribution of materials, organize reconstruction (and from several disaster relief activities, because the organization is more efficient, faster than the self defense force). Do Japan Government is clearly not happy September 2014, for example, a Yakuza Member who tried to cover up their triad background as regular employees participate in the Fukushima nuclear fallout sweeping identity when arrested for working in the affected areas. Dialogue the United States producer Walter Mondale

Japan public opinion generally believes that the Yamaguchi-gumi in order to "bleaching" themselves, improving reputation in order to attract more Japan join, significantly reduced violent crime while carrying more than a few initiatives, are a bit like a triad, it's sort of philanthropy. But it really can make the Yamaguchi-gumi in the second 100 years continue?

Not the same river: Gold Digger, split, Black-Black

73 year old Division (whose real name is Xiao Tian City) in 1962 joined the Yamaguchi-gumi, took office in 2005, "six-generation" team leader, but a year before taking office because of his men to gun possession and was sentenced to 6 years in prison. While he was still in prison of the Yamaguchi-gumi was completed before the takeover, until taking office after 4 months in prison, but during the service of remote command and actual work performed by his Deputy Gao Shanqing Division, 2011 continued to manage after their release from prison the Yamaguchi-gumi.

But Lake the Lake was no longer familiar to Secretary. Impact of the economy is in the doldrums and Japan Governments seized the opportunity to organize "fighting new bad fight", the early 2015 Yamaguchi not only members of the group have dropped to more than 20,000 people, only peaking at # one-third; on August 27 this year, with its core implementation group shanjian group and the group led by 13 groups are out of the Yamaguchi-gumi in his own country, another reorganization of the new organization. Although this isn't the first time history of the Yamaguchi-gumi faction, but worse at this point.

Asahi Shimbun Yamaguchi split the described as "poor to split"; the Asahi newspaper quoted police as saying, Yamaguchi top threatened to split groups "you go out, even don't have anything to eat" but separatist groups responded: "we are going back to the Yamaguchi-gumi", reflects the internal people shaken. So what is the "Yakuza"?

Research triad of Japan famous journalist Nathan Mizoguchi has pointed out that traditional Japan gang structure is actually the Emperor system mapping. In other words, the Japan gangster like between the lines of the Emperor and feudal Warrior obey parent-child relationships, human and moral principles become a road the characters acting on the most basic criteria.

But from "five accounts" Yamaguchi Group began, group within parent-child relationship more weak, monthly surrendered of huge Nagin decided all; to "six generation accounts" Shi, not only each months of elements money from 800,000 rose to 1.15 million yen, and in the big Festival, and or Division endure birthday of when, the direct leader are also need set align 100 million as gift "available", such he a years nearly has more than 600 million more of gift income. Many Yamaguchi rarely years of immediate leader often cannot afford the fee, was shown the door.

Plus Division for sinister, not only expanding his power since he took office, bring the Yakuza headquarters moved from Kobe to his fortune, Hiromichi is located in Nagoya, many members to accept. Those who want to return to "Yakuza" group just ahead of "voting with their feet". If there is no police intervention, the two wolves in the offing "black Black" dramas are also predictable.

What is the future?

Regardless of the Yamaguchi-gumi is in today's Japan are difficult to survive. According to Kyodo, Yamaguchi half a month after the group split, Japan Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department promptly convened a black department heads and Deputy Director of the police station about 200 people attended an emergency Conference triad countermeasures. Meeting Hill, Metropolitan Police Deputy Director Shi Xiong made important instructions, need to "seize the opportunity of the shock elimination of the Yamaguchi-gumi, to pre-emptively ban", "to create a good atmosphere for 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, will never allow gang warfare against Tokyo and Japan the people security of life and property. "He instructed related departments to strengthen surveillance and information gathering to ensure prompt and set out to investigate.

Active in other Yamaguchi, Osaka City, local police also had to take this opportunity to cast nets have been supervised, only chance appears to have reduced violence banned, this Japan Society did not resolve the chronic illness. On September 9, the Osaka prefectural police shanjian groups to secede from the Yamaguchi-gumi in Kobe, Chuo-ku, the firm carried out house searches at various locations, this is after the Yamaguchi split police shanjian group for the first time to conduct a search.

On October 22, Nathan told the Asahi Shimbun that Mizoguchi, sugar made by the Yakuza, the Cancel routine operations and lack of funds have little to the fall-out is still, after all, in the Yamaguchi-gumi, sent sugar to children not more expensive. Their top fear is uncontrollable conflict may occur when the candy, once children were injured, already embattled Japan police to arrest Yamaguchi-gumi members take for granted for this reason. Now weakened Yamaguchi-gumi in the face of not only the Government is vulnerable at the time, the control of grass-roots capacity than before, even traditional populist activity cannot guarantee safe and timid.

2016 Halloween Candy made by the Yamaguchi-gumi is also to deliver to promise it?

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New York Times fight between Apple and Google has two platforms do stuck in

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United States, San Francisco-Apple mobile devices filled with all applications. Supported by Google is using a browser to browse the Web, address most of the demands of the world. Now, site stuck in between the two competing visions, growing dilemma.

We consider the case Yiwan·latelifu (Evan Ratliff) business network publication Atavist Magazine magazine. In order to attract the broadest possible audience, Ratliff said, he felt something has to be done twice: once again is to network, another application is for magazines. But Ratliff said, maintains a Web site, to win readers, while using the App, iPhone user base, it's gonna take time, and lots of time. So, last month, Atavist closed the App, only published on the network.

Ratliff, is the co-founder of the online magazine says: "let people download an application aimed at them, use social networks to send their articles to be much more difficult. "The decision to close the applications is difficult, because Atavist application already has a number of followers. He said, "once, give up any reader is difficult. "But, he said, limit the end is too big.

In theory, the Internet is such a place, in the same place you can reach to billions of potential users, and simple operation and low cost. But as Apple focused app, and Google in the mobile networks, businesses are now competing in the online world with a fragmented.

The two technology giants competing visions have one thing in common: money. Apple's main business is selling equipment, therefore, it is favored to make it iPhone applications on consumer necessities. Google's main revenue comes from people's Internet searches, because it can sell the data to advertisers, and to show people and adapt to their Web search advertising. So, it is a free and open Internet as a favor.

Two are such a big company, so there is considerable overlap. Google also sales applications, with Gmail, Youtube such popular software to make money, and Apple's advertising and search businesses are growing. But even these differences are bound together and vision of their core product, Apple's search tool searches its own equipment and applications work best when, with Google's effort to help people browse the application to suit its own mission: to create a versatile and convenient online search box.

The two days of competing strategies allow publishers especially sad, because categories than most mobile Internet industry, the publishing industry and across applications and networks are high. This is because the publishers tend to cater to the most loyal users, and using the Internet to facilitate new users find themselves. So many publishers in the network and applications put a lot of time and money, which cannot afford a large technical staff team is a huge burden for small publishers.

Apple and Google's recent trend has further exacerbated their plight. Last month, Apple began to allow iPhone and iPad users to launch mobile Web ad blocking tools, which threatened those publishers relying on advertising revenue. Next month, Google will begin punishing those who use pop application site, means reducing their rankings in search engine results. Some people call this "block".

Google, meanwhile, there are many projects aimed at increasing the speed of mobile networks, including one called "mobile Web acceleration" (Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP) program. It is mainly focused on publishers, to ensure that improved loading speed of the mobile network and other news articles.

Apple and Google make money from content over the years has been the introduction of competitive practices in this regard, "I'm not surprised, they have become a war between publishers issue," advertising sales companies responsible for Publisher development head of Mesa, Maggie (Maggie Mesa) said, "I am surprised is the day it took so long to come. "

An Apple spokeswoman said: "Apple's app store and applications has changed the way people use mobile devices, brought revolutionary changes to the industry as a whole. Our incredible developer community has developed the 1.5 million of the world's most innovative app, made more than 33 billion dollars in Apple's app store revenue. Either select applications or select network to consume content, iOS users with the best experience. "

Google, through the mail, saying: "people want fast, easy to find, you can obtain. Both applications, or mobile Internet for publishers is important, and we are investing in these two areas. "

This application VS. Network debate seems obvious to some sites. Application seems to be to a large extent, have beaten the mobile network. According to a recent Goldman Sachs report released for digital advertising, 60% American online time is spent on mobile applications, about a 30% the time spent on the desktop, and only 9% spent on mobile networks.

For some publishers, however, an application might result in a heavy cost burden. Publishers must promote the application, typically purchase of mobile advertisement asking readers to install the application. Precisely such costs are forcing the lengthy digital journal Magazine last year withdrew from this business, despite its peak had reached 35,000 subscribers in February 2013, and in 28 months created a gross income of US $ 750,000.

Founder GELIN·fulaishiman (Glenn Fleishman) said: "to be head and shoulders above in the DIN is too difficult. "

By contrast, the networks seem to have become an attractive option. Site Atavist you can use social networks to cut marketing costs.

Atavist Ratliff said: "despite the many problems of mobile networks, but I found that few publications started to do now. "Discard after application, he said, he can devote more attention to ways to be promoted through Facebook, Twitter and Reddit article. He said: "these platforms to drive traffic. "

Other sites, like riding a Bike Hugger line website, in an effort to cater to all platforms. Bike Hugger Publisher D.L. Byron (D.L. Byron) from June 2013 have a application, December 2011, have a mobile website. He said that he posted on the Web site, short for encouraging people to subscribe to his application. He said: "the reader and technology evolved, we have evolved. "

Byron said he is keeping a close watch of Apple and Google, because the two companies, both which can be easy to let him lose their ability to profit from the audience.

"Compared to the past when we were only doing desktop publishing, we're going to spend more time thinking about Google and Apple what to do next. "He said," just as Google initially cut off news aggregation, Apple decided to allow blocking ads, they can turn of the hand by touching the rain, hit you by surprise. "

Journal of journal of poetry and prose of the little stars (Little Star Journal) Publisher an·xieerbeige (Ann Kjellberg) said, stuck between two "very disturbing". She can't afford to hire the technical team to develop the application, so that in 2012, she hired 29th Street Publishing small start-ups to develop a software application. Now it took part from this app's subscription revenue. She later 29th Street Publishing has developed a mobile Web site, in advertising revenue from the website that makes it a percentage of the Commission.

Kjellberg said: "anyone who wants to do something on their own to blend into the environment. "She added," companies like Google and Apple, is not ' supporting people engaged in creative common, but on their business model, their equipment, or interaction with the screen become dependent. '" New York Times India snatched China becomes United

(Translator: immense)

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When we are still arguing over when the team changed listen to Korea football

When we are still arguing over when the team changed, listen to Korea football reflecting on what

Chile in the U17 World Cup, Korea youth team game 1:0 victory over Brazil. CFP information

"Editor's note"

When Chinese fans also discuss whether the team when the change online, our neighbors, have accomplished a feat.

In Chile in the U17 World Cup, Korea youth team game 1:0 victory over Brazil, times countdown winner of Guinea, with Brazil, the group ahead of England, by the local media as "U17 Chile miracle."

Korea U17 when celebrating the victory, Chinese youth team even in the Asian Youth Championship team last year, but failed to qualify. Chinese children exactly where is the difference? Korea's unique player development system?

Former French Paris Saint-Germain youth player Tyrone King in Korea Sport magazine wrote an article in the Magazine s Korea football reflections, we might be able to find some answers.

When we are still arguing over when the team changed, listen to Korea football reflecting on what

University of Incheon on the football field, a group of Korea children are carried out under the leadership of coach football training.

Youth, children should not be "robots"

10 years ago, the time frames in the December 20, 2005, Grand Hilton Hotel Seoul South Korea k-League draft is held, in the cold winter, I came here and parents and students the players too tense to say a Word. But when the first child was selected by Club, the pitch is thunderous applause broke out.

In the Korea domestic, Club selection criteria for junior players are becoming more "young".

Used to children in primary grades 3-4 interested in football Echelon will be included in the Club's u-series, but now only 6 years old, "good seed" would be selected in advance Echelon, and then from the football interest groups began training until you enter the "players" (u-tier).

In 2015, the Korea Football Association primary school registered a total of 342 teams, 254 teams of secondary school groups, high school groups a total of 178 teams, Korea University student teams in the League had increased to 78. Every year, the team has showed an increasing trend in the number of.

Although the increase in the number, but in fact, the Academy, much harder to talk about ' professional ', and lack of creativity.

I have seen a primary race, a little closest to the bench player bringing the ball to the sideline and coach shouted: "him! Run! Stop and control a control! Continue to run! Him! " The essence of drama Thai shows get a deep

I suddenly felt, small player complete with robot-like coach pushed around. Even more interesting is after the other side, the small players or to the sideline with the ball, but coach seats in some far away, he yelled at the bench started shouting: "teacher, I what to play next? "

When we are still arguing over when the team changed, listen to Korea football reflecting on what

Korea Football Association high school teams registered.

In Europe many years later, I feel the Korea children lack the "judgment" and "responsibility". Execution and control should be instilled in children at the primary school stage, but our kids can't do strengths.

In my own case, said two of my stories about teenagers.

During my stay in France Paris Saint-Germain youth team, the Club once again for us to practice shooting, players are free to play, just like playing the same attitude in training. But when I concentrate on when the shot was saved by goalkeeper, I roared out, surrounded by people who were scared. In that environment, I think this is what I do for the rigour of professional players.

Korea players tend to not be a problem, the trouble is caused by mechanical training from childhood memories of the body, could change the game in an instant.

When we are still arguing over when the team changed, listen to Korea football reflecting on what

Korea youth teams with Brazil, the group ahead of England. CFP information

In Paris, against Division I and his team-mates at a time, and my team-mates in close proximity, he pass to me, and I didn't get it, I feel he is big. But he calmly said to me: "I'll give you the ball very well, you didn't get is not a technical question, it is not your problem, but you are in my balls for a moment not to concentrate. "

Primary school (U-12) is a Korea improve the ability of individual players the fastest stage 3 to 4 times a week training classes and the children are different in Europe, in addition to training to rest, many children choose to practise.

However, the practise is repeatedly stopped the ball, the ball, the child cannot learn to observe the situation on the field, unable to reach in against "human ball", so when it comes to powerful opponents, such as strong defensive players often seem at a loss when.

When we are still arguing over when the team changed, listen to Korea football reflecting on what

September 30, 2010 in 2010, U17 women's World Cup to win the Korea team returned home, received a Grand welcome. CFP information

If you do not play, where is the way out?

Korea more children to play, but waiting for them in the future, but a bad competition.

Now Korea has 4 adult League, the top tier is Korea k-League, a total of 12 clubs; second is Korea's challenge League, a total of 11 clubs; the third level is Korea (n-League) National League, a total of 10 teams the Club; and the end of the pyramid is Korea's K3 League, a total of 18 clubs.

According to 2014 Korea Football Association data shows that primary school students enrolled that year a total of 7496. That same year, Korea first and second level 22-team players only 728 people. When your childhood dream of being when Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, only 1 in 10 people lucky to enter the Professional League.

Both traditional European powers are close neighbours Japan, even if the child cannot become a professional player in the future, there are many career choices or a football-related industries can work. But Korea football is completely different.

As an analogy, Korea Academy of each tier is inclined at right angles, once you quit football, then the child's future was doubtful.

Recently, a large number of football could not be completed dream took part in KBS TV called "youth FC" columns, in particular impressed me. Program selection out of many people is to be the player after the failure of work have nothing with football-related things, little life.

I also served as a manager of amateur club, we also have a number of players being eliminated. Most of them have a common idea: originally wanted to be a player, but discovered that in fact is not so simple. They were forced by the pressures of life and the future and had to give up.

When we are still arguing over when the team changed, listen to Korea football reflecting on what

Korea confrontation on the pitch. CFP information

Rural children do?

In recent years, the Korea Club selection of flexible, material width, select the range. But now Korea football on campus (campus students that traditional schools ' interest in soccer class player mode) and club football (organized by the community of amateur football clubs, football classroom) were met with little trouble.

The current trouble is, football development levels among regions. As in Europe, club football is certainly the highest level urban areas, and low levels of area was the township or village. There, football is only "CA" (CA is Korea junior high school and high school education in creative activities of interest groups).

But wants to play good football, time and hard work are essential factors, so casually treated rural children, school football wanted overall success is impossible.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Chongqing SUV rollover crash Maserati the co pilot killed not wearing seat belts

The night of October 20, North Bank road, Jiangbei district, Chongqing City, an SUV rollover crash after Maserati, which sport utility vehicle passenger a man died at the scene. Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) on October 21 from the patrol detachment, Jiangbei, Jiangbei district, Chongqing Public Security Bureau confirmed, dead not wearing seat belts when the incident, the current SUV driver has been in control.

Chongqing, SUV rollover crash Maserati, the co-pilot killed not wearing seat belts were thrown

Flip an SUV. Pictures from the Chongqing communities

The afternoon of October 21, Jiangbei Branch patrol officers informed the teams official Twitter @ North patrol release: October 20, 2015, 19:45, North Bank road, Jiangbei district, spring forest across the road, a two-car collision occurred major traffic accidents, accidents caused the death of one person. Jiangbei District Public Security Bureau police detachment of the preliminary investigation, the accident pilot involved improper.

Reported that after receiving the alarm, Jiangbei district police station police detachment of police quickly arrived on the scene, access to live video, interviewing witnesses, asked the party and so on. Following a preliminary investigation, Yang drove the parties-Yu A172XX white compact car, take the Li (not wearing a seat belt) along the North Bank road from Grand Hotels to five shops in direction, according to surveillance video shows the incident, Yang drove the vehicle ahead, taxi, Guangzhou Honda, Maserati, three cars in the same lane. Taxis pulled over at a normal speed, followed by Honda, Maserati was normal parking brake, Yang due to braking less, causing driving-Yu A172XX small cars and Masarati cars collided, and turn to the left, caused passengers Lee died on the spot.

After what witnesses said, dead from an SUV in the skylight roof opening to be thrown out. In this regard, the Chongqing Municipal traffic Police Department was not confirmed.

As the world of Maserati cars worth millions of Yuan, collision is unclear. Breaking News

At present, Yang has been controlled, and the accident is under further investigation.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

China s Ambassador to the United Kingdom the rhetoric of BBC presenter talk

China's Ambassador to the United Kingdom

Photo: standing United Kingdom Embassy

On October 16, 2015, United Kingdom Ambassador Liu Xiaoming at the United Kingdom top BBC brands show "Newsnight" (Newsnight) Studio to accept the host Aiwen·daiweisi (Evan Davis) broadcast an interview with, introducing XI to United Kingdom visit the situation and answer questions about the Chinese economy, network security, the Sino-British economic and trade cooperation, investment, human rights questions. Interview record is as follows:

Davis: we are invited today to the Chinese United Kingdom Ambassador Liu Xiaoming. Ambassador Sir, good evening. Thank you for coming to our Studio.

Ambassador Liu: thanks for inviting.

Davis: If Britain and China swapped out, do you think that China would allow the United Kingdom contractors building nuclear power plants here in China?

Ambassador Liu: I would like to ask a question United Kingdom has sufficient funds to build nuclear power plants in China, please?

Davis: what if? Do you think there are?

Ambassador Liu: I'm not sure exactly. I think the United Kingdom want to joint investment in building nuclear power plants in China, because the United Kingdom needs China's capital and technology, China has advanced nuclear technology, more number of nuclear power plants in China than in many countries.

Davis: build a lot of nuclear power plants in China, and the United Kingdom could benefit from. But I believe that China will not allow the United Kingdom investment in China's nuclear power plants. I got a job from a Chinese Government website restriction or prohibition of the catalogue of industries for foreign investment than the United Kingdom limits more strictly. Directories including radioactive mineral exploration and mining, smelting, processing and packaging, nuclear fuel production, and so on. China has banned foreign investment in its nuclear power industry, do you think we allowed Chinese investment in United Kingdom practice of nuclear power plants is stupid?

Ambassador Liu: you are not stupid. In fact, you are very smart, knows how to make use of China's resources to make your nuclear power stations, United Kingdom benefit people. If you can, we would like to do.

Davis: this is a win-win situation.

Ambassador Liu: I agree with you, win-win situation.

Davis: a lot of other industries is the United Kingdom's strength, but China has banned foreign investment. Such as air traffic control. United Kingdom a strong air traffic control companies cannot enter China. There are postal services, auctions, golf course construction and management, and so on. Why China bans foreign investment in golf?

Ambassador: in fact, some overseas businessmen to invest in China golf. When was the last time you went to China?

Davis: this is on the list of prohibited foreign investment industries such provisions, this provision is obsolete?

Ambassador: in fact, there are many cooperative enterprises and foreign enterprises in China, there are many joint ventures in China ... ...

Davis: why is a joint venture? Why foreign businessmen investing in China ... ...?

Ambassador: they can enter China, establishing joint ventures. In this way, China's joint-venture partner foreign partner can help them understand the market. Just so you know, China and the United Kingdom are at different stages of development. As you said in the video says, United Kingdom advanced than China in many ways. China is still a developing country, we have one step at a time. We want to draw lessons from United Kingdom experience, avoid the United Kingdom had made a mistake. So we need to be careful in some areas.

Davis: this is a win-win thing, we are welcome to invest in China, allowing Chinese to enter the field. But sometimes it doesn't look equivalent.

Ambassador Liu: I don't think so. If you do not wait, United Kingdom, how can the EU after Germany's second-largest investment in China? Moreover, the United Kingdom investment in China continues to grow. So I think this is a win-win.

Davis: one more question. United Kingdom has many security concerns, today the times cited security concerns about nuclear cooperation. Fears of computer systems into the plant a "back door", so once the diplomatic dispute between the UK and China, China can bypass the United Kingdom control for nuclear power plants. In terms of safe, clean nuclear power plants, and nuclear power plant control issue, Chinese how reassured Britons?

Ambassador Liu: China will strictly follow international standards. Your intelligence will not be so stupid as to not know these things. China to the United Kingdom in order to win-win cooperation, we are not in order to control the United Kingdom nuclear plants. Control of United Kingdom nuclear power plants to China what good is it? If the parties want to be partners, there should be a basic trust between each other. If this negative development, Chinese companies may not dare to United Kingdom investment. If so, then, and Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne said "the United Kingdom is the most open to Chinese investment in the West country" runs counter to.

Davis: but this basic trust exist? Is said to be in Shanghai, there is a PLA 61,398 team building, issued a large number of cyber attacks: is this nonsense?

Ambassador: it's just rumor hype, I do not believe that is true. I'm telling you, the Chinese Government firmly opposes such an act. Not long ago, XI Jinping, President of the United States for a State visit, the two countries reached consensus on jointly combating cybercrime. China's network of government departments are not involved in any espionage, the Chinese Government will not support any such action. This is the commitment of the Chinese Government.

Davis: we believe this promise?

Ambassador Liu: If you don't believe us, and how to build partnerships?

Davis: but a leaked entitled Liberation Army acknowledged in 2013 Manual of the science of military strategy, China cyber attack forces. The cyber attack forces is going on?

Ambassador: I do not believe there is such a thing. I don't think China has the network attack force. China is opening up and cooperation countries. In fact, China itself is a victim of cyber-attacks.

Davis: Yes.

Ambassador Liu: there is a well-known saying of Confucius. I'm sorry, but I'm going to bring you back to 3,000 years ago. Confucius says: "do unto others". This is what the Chinese philosophy, Chinese people believed in this philosophy. We are not going to attack anybody, because we are victim of hacker attacks.

Davis: to ask a question about human rights. If next week's United Kingdom loudly talking about human rights issues, such as protest, if opposition leader and Prime Minister when it comes to human rights issues and the British view of human rights, United Kingdom will cost in terms of trade and investment cooperation with China?

Ambassador Liu: I would like to ask you two questions: first, do you think the United Kingdom human rights situation perfect? Second, do you think the United Kingdom model of perfect? I think each State on how to improve its human rights record and on how to protect human rights has its own different national conditions. Do you agree with me?

Davis: I agree.

Ambassador Liu: How do you define human rights?

Davis: I am not criticizing China's human rights record. My question is not about the human rights situation in China. My question is, if the United Kingdom criticized the human rights situation in China, and China also criticized United Kingdom human rights ... ...

Ambassador Liu: is this what Mr XI to the United Kingdom on a State visit to purpose? We criticize each other's human rights record?

Davis: absolutely not! If the British side thinks the Bill of rights, United Kingdom will pay the price if lose China invested? I think if Mr XI to visit United Kingdom when criticizing United Kingdom human rights ... ...

Ambassador: it's not the Chinese way of doing things. You don't know Secretary: must not be "participation

Davis: I understand that Mr XI will not do.

Ambassador: we respect the other conditions. China's Constitution guarantees human rights. And human rights, in the final analysis is the internal matter of a country. I want you to take a comprehensive view of China's human rights cause. You know ... ...

Davis: I'm not going to debate human rights issues. My question is about the trade. Whether China will use the tools of the trade to stop talking about human rights issues in other countries?

Ambassador: of course not.

Davis: that is, if the United Kingdom to China about human rights issues, will not pay the price, trade and investment ... ...

Ambassador: do you think China will use trade as a weapon? This is definitely a mistake. Trade is a win-win. What we export you need to import what we need, this is a win-win situation.

Davis: that is to say, if we sometimes have different views on human rights issues, the two sides can continue to carry out economic and trade cooperation?

Ambassador: Britain and China are very different in social system, history, culture, both at different stages of development, there are different between us, this is normal. But we can still cooperate we can seek common ground. Do you agree with me?

Davis: I agree. I'm glad we see eye to eye. Finally, a brief question, Minister of health of our hunt talked about his Chinese wife and the Asian concept of work. He said hope United Kingdom as Asian people do the hard work of the people. Do you think British industry? Still enjoying too much welfare?

Ambassador: Britain and China can learn from each other. The Chinese people are very industrious, United Kingdom people creative.

Davis: you mean the British hard enough?

Ambassador: should say Chinese people more industrious. China's miracle, in 30 years ' time, from a backward country into the world's second-largest economy, I think this is due to the hard work of the Chinese people.

Davis: do you think in 40 years, and China would like the United Kingdom the same? You can do democratically elected President?

Ambassador: this goes back to a fundamental difference between us. Do you think the United Kingdom system is democracy, and we believe the Chinese system is democracy, we call it democracy with Chinese characteristics. United Kingdom's leaders are not elected. China's leaders are elected through indirect election. We elected deputies to the county level, step by step after the elected municipal, provincial and national people's Congress, and President elected by the national people's Congress.

Davis: this is a very large subject. We will have the opportunity to discuss.

Ambassador Liu: we spend the whole time in the evening to discuss the issue.

Davies: Mr Ambassador, thank you.

Ambassador Liu: you're welcome.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Nankai middle school Wen speaking publicly for the first time a year ago he

Nankai middle school, Wen speaking publicly for the first time a year ago, he spoke at his alma mater?

Photo: network

 On October 14, 2014, the Tianjin Nankai middle school, to celebrate the upcoming school 110 anniversary of 1960 as Nankai Middle School Alumni, the former Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao invited in the "Nankai public forum" was made, entitled the report on my days at Nankai middle school.

A year later on October 16, the app public "warm the world" speech from Premier Wen Jiabao publicly a year ago, he spoke at his alma mater? Interface Editor served a partial summary.

Wen recalled their own entrance through 60 years ago, he said: "in September 1954, I entered Nankai middle school, a child under 12 years of age started a new life. When they leave primary school, I was telling my mother to apply for Nankai middle school, because my mother was afraid I can't go. The results, I was admitted to the South, and is the only primary school that I admitted to Nankai middle school students. "The freshmen, for juvenile Wen, Nankai," was a completely different new world. In my eyes and heart, she is beautiful, sacred, profound. "

Love the course

When referring to the secondary school curriculum, Premier Wen Jiabao said he was "loved the course, striving for knowledge hungry. I know that middle school is the Foundation of all subjects are important, future man, success at the time. "

"When I was in primary school, math is good, to work after high school. I've been thinking, my thinking ability of mathematics training, including imagery, analysis, logic and reasoning. Sometimes, in order to question, I often spend a lot of energy, sought in several ways. I served as a math class, high school math contest won place.

I like physics and chemistry. They, like mathematics, is the basis of science. Nankai high school physics, chemistry laboratory in the South building (Fan Sun building), it's where the student experiments, brain doing it by hand. Later, the University student on professional, I deeply feel that making an important physico-chemical. It turns out that our life on Earth is made up of rocks, rocks are made up of minerals and minerals is unique with a certain density, hardness and crystal structures of compounds. That stuck in my mind of the periodic table of the elements, or secondary school record. I each of these elements and their understanding of the physical and chemical properties and characteristics of, and deepened step by step. However, the Foundation was laid in middle school, Earth science is inseparable from physics, most notably geophysical and Astrophysical. After work, I also studied mechanics in their spare time. Tianjin Office water cube like 1200 private club

At that time, I learned math test scores are never satisfied, but with developing your own understanding ability, critical thinking and problem solving skills. I was curious about something, often find problems and ask questions, anything you want to ask a "why?" "More important is that which the spirit of independent thinking and the pursuit of truth of my ambition. These are my life.

I love language. I knew from the books at all times and so many writers, so many masterpieces. Keep in my mind some of the masters of classical poetry and touching, in a poem, and then back down. Like Fan Zhongyan of the Yueyang, Lu Xun of the trivial, and so can remember. "

And teacher knowledge, moral character

Wen said that during the six years of middle school life, he not only learn knowledge from the teachers, but also moral.

"Sun forest business, biology teacher, profound, rich teaching experience. He writes biology textbooks, self-made teaching instruments, painted posters. His affable, approachable, fluent in Tianjin, lecture seriously beautiful. He used to say: Learn how knowledge is three sentences, nine-word "learn, remember, and use." He often used simple language, easily came to many living creatures in the stories, inspiring students to the pursuit of biological knowledge, biology class telling an otherwise lifeless life. In biological experiment class, I dissected frogs by hand for the first time, understanding biological structure of organs, are very excited. The classroom situation, I remember. The end of November 2003, when he died, I sent a wreath. Wreath Ribbon read "mentor Mr Sun Yanglin jingwan students Wen through the ages".

"King of algebra", "King", "King of Delta," said Liu duo, An Tonglei, Qiao Cizhong three teachers, Nankai middle school math teacher is known as the "troika". They not only teach the students clear teaching concept, and with plenty of exercise and cultivating students ' creative thinking. Teacher features, easy questions to make you feel more difficult and characteristics of Liu on the contrary, difficult questions, have made it very easy. In their view, it is easy to transform, the key lies in the ability of students.

Chinese teacher Chen dongsheng, Fu Yue Qiu is rigorous and knowledgeable teachers. They are good at using textbooks in English composition, layman's language to tell student poetry, prose characteristic of genre, novels and political essays and other articles, let the students know how to use facts, how to appreciate life, use of language, how deep read ancient and modern classics, in a poem, how to write a good article, how to learn knowledge, learn from the text.

Music teacher Jiang Yunquan teaching method, has been impressive. In each of his music classes, in addition to the textbook learning content, he spent a lot of time for students to enjoy music, or GREAT PERFORMANCE at all times (including Opera) music, or playing the piano. Mozart's the Turkey March melody, I was familiar from his class. The 90 's of the last century, once I visited Austria at the Salzburg Mozart's former residence, former residence of staff with Mozart's piano when the popular music, I immediately thought of Jiang's music class, threw out the song name. "

Quiet and rich campus life

Recall when young students, Wen stated: "at that time, Nankai high school is a boys ' school, my classmates are boys sizes like me. They come from different families, but their parents mostly civilians, life is very simple. Class seemed to be a pool of calm water, clear, transparent, with no contamination and the waves. Their different personalities, hobbies, but it's all that simple, no slightest concealment, discrimination, jealous of each other and preparedness. I get along very well with everyone, laughing, fooling around in the promotion of awareness, deepen the friendship. "

Then, Wen enumerated has and himself contacts close of several students: Xu Shi佺 is I junior high school friends, he origin poor, smart lively, is love reading, especially classical novel, later became one excellent of diplomatic reporter; Li Tielin is I high school classmate confidant, he not only composition good, and love painting, he on biological of love makes he became one doctor; Zhang Chengmeng, and Yu Jiacheng are is class cadres, is I of joined the references, in Group juvenile in the is adult. They set strict demands on themselves in every respect, is friendly to students, and later on the school, and made his mark in his work; gates of Caritas-read political books, often expressing his opinion, in the first of the class for the capital. We love to discuss things, he went on to become a College Professor Zhou Youfang is tall, good at basketball. Every day from school, we went home. After school, we came out from the school and trees, to the South the road. We begged all the way. I often surprise jumped up and tripped him from behind, he always smiled, stood up and was not angry. We go home together and bounce. Later, he became the head of a large business. When my classmates and I got along like brothers, emotional purity, did not make comments to each other, have no quarrel. Now I think about it, makes me feel warm and happy. "

In memories of his youth's extracurricular life, Wen recalled a past: "I love football. Once played, I floor, behind a large glass window Fan Sun kick, lost 1.4 Yuan of money. I am pretty strict upbringing, his family was poor, I afraid to go home to MOM for money, only three cents a day earlier slowly accumulated up to the school. These days, always in the hole on the door of the classroom into a note, urging me to General Service to make money. I hate to see it. Since then, I would never play football again. "

Using the power of example adolescents

Meanwhile, Wen Jiabao young experience, for example, encourage teachers to move more distinguished story inspires people. In a speech, he mentioned that in his youth, teachers, parents speak of ancient heroes, people with lofty ideals the story always made him "listen to tears." Based on this, he said, "the power of example is huge, it can give a whip, gives a will to give people comfort, give people power. I thought, teachers tell when knowledge, can be combined with revolutionary history, intellectual history, military history, history of science, history of art, give the students some examples of. These characters ' experiences and the spirit, had a strong influence on the youth and charisma. "

This time, Wen's fifth after graduating from Nankai middle school, he cited statements in Nankai University, Nankai high school 110 anniversary congratulations: "national liberation and rejuvenation, and for national independence, prosperity, democracy and civilization, culture and talents. This is the South Road. For the reform of public, dedication, and innovation. This is the South. Promising, future-oriented, the fountain of youth. This is the spirit of Nankai. "

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Guangdong Zhaoqing Xijiang bridge was struck by dredging dozens of trains were

October 15 at 18 o'clock, a dredging ship hit the Zhaoqing Xijiang bridge. Guangdong traffic @

Rescue emergency scene. @ Road, Zhaoqing City Council

Guangdong Zhaoqing Xijiang bridge ship hit the bridge accident, dozens of trains were affected.

Road, Zhaoqing city, Guangdong Province, the evening of October 15 message, around 18:15, Zhaoqing Xijiang bridge ship-bridge collision accident occurred, a dredging ship hull high, in the sailing directions (Guangzhou) impacts of Zhaoqing Xijiang bridge, the bridge for the highway-railway dual-purpose bridge. Breaking News

Beijing, Xinhua learned from the Maritime Bureau in Zhaoqing, water governance, Zhaoqing City law enforcement detachment seized 2038, Foshan, Guangdong gaoyao, Zhaoqing, Lu BU is bound for the ship en route through Zhaoqing Xijiang River railway bridge, ship suction pipe gantry touch hang hole under the railway bridge beam, led beam of railway bridge damage.

According to bus drivers said at the bridge, the bridge sway two or three, resulting in difficult to control the steering wheel. Many drivers think that vehicle tire, stopped for a look.

Railway authorities have for the first time to activate contingency plans, to the block section.

According to Guangzhou Railway official Twitter @ Guangzhou Railway News, affected by this, as of October 15 at 22 o'clock through Zhaoqing gaoyao, Guangzhou Railway station to station segments 27 trains will take back, adjust the operation section, or decommissioning measures.

Road, Zhaoqing City Council said Lai Zehua, Zhaoqing city, the Mayor has led a team to the scene to direct the rescue and rescue work. Currently, maritime sector are on the event for processing; Highway, and railway sector technicians is accident site on bridge damaged situation for check; highway traffic control aspects, has Yu 15th 20:30 take public iron dual-use Bridge (old bridge) temporary closed traffic, and road bridge (bridge) implemented two-way opened of temporary traffic control measures, police, and highway sector is site maintained traffic order, temporarily no vehicles blocked situation.

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Wagner took 26 years to composing the ring charm lie

The ring is 16 hours, take 4 nights in a row to finish

The ring of the Nibelung of Wagner's four-Opera music history, the history of Opera and drama can be called a masterpiece of epic proportions.

In 2010, Germany Cologne opera had offered in the Shanghai Grand Theater for two consecutive round play this festival. In October, during the Shanghai International Art Festival, turned over to the Music Hall also started a version of the ring--Austria Tyrol Music Festival "24-hour concert". More than 120 people Symphony Orchestra Chorus solo actor, 39, 80 people, 24 hours of hardships, and this version regardless of the Platform team, is also the audience, will be a great test.

Recently, Yang Yandi guest handed Vice President of Shanghai Conservatory of Music Hall, starting from the basic problems of the Opera, count this extravaganza of music and creative. Do not understand the show's audience, take a look at this lecture finish, ahead of performing work.

Wagner was a giant in music history and the history of European art, the ups and downs of his life, love, family, career was filled with drama.

He created more than 10 operas, can be divided into two periods. Prior to 1850, he even wrote a romantic Opera is based on the traditional, such as the drift of the Netherlands people (1841), Tannhäuser (1845), Lohengrin (1848). Later, he began writing music drama, including the ring, as well as the creation of the ring gap wrote Tristan and Isolde (1859), the singer of Nuremberg (1867), the last of the Parsifal (1882), preface.

Wagner from the drift of the Netherlands after the people of drama are the art masterpieces, rare for high quality music history.

While Wagner is dissatisfied with the condition of traditional opera, the development of so-called "art". His later art form known as "total art" that they play is inclusive of the whole art of all types of art, such dramas as "music drama"-music and drama, to distinguish it from the traditional opera.

He is one of the rare all-rounder. In writing, he will be history, philosophy, mythology, poetry, plastic arts, instrumental music, vocal performances, one, write their own scripts, composer, trained singers, Orchestra, end Theatre in Bayreuth. Thus, every detail of the music drama, he can control.

Meaning on the subject matter and ideas, his show has a character, in addition to the singers of Nuremberg, is full of mythological themes.

In Wagner's opinion, only rooted in the myth of national spirit, to express the most profound propositions. He sees himself as the social function of music drama and Opera is different, particularly looked down on Italy and France Opera, think they are fun and safe, and his music drama is purified and teachings for the audience, is an attitude to art as a religion.

Story and meaning

The ring still

The 16-hour, 4 consecutive nights can be played out of the ring, the most complete representation of Wagner's creative pursuits and aesthetic ideals.

He was God (gods), (giants, heroes, mortals), and land (gnome) three competing around the ring as the main line, highly symbolic style reveals the contract, and betrayal, power and love, survival and destruction, such as the problems of human society, led to various interpretations and production during the past century.

Ring a symbol of power, but also accompanied by cursing, got the ring of people do not have a hospice care, each relevant roles in the play are evidence of this.

Story: dwarf aerbolixi create a ring represents the infinite power and wealth, King of the gods Wotan violence claimed, was the curse. He will ring as the construction of the palaces of the gods reward, gave the giant brothers. Dispute with giant brothers, my brother died at the hands of his brother. The curse came true, Wotan afraid of magic rings, into the room gave birth to a child, hoped through the free will of the efforts recaptured rings, eternal spirit world peace.

Wotan's daughter love hero Siegfried and Brünnhilde, who killed the giant, made a ring. But he aerbolixi his son Hagen ecstasy, collectivisation under his spear. Brünnhilde and finally the ring thrown into the Rhine, into the fire. Hands of the Lord of the rings back to the Rhine maiden, the fire spread to the House, throughout the territories in the vast destruction in the fire of God.

The ring still

This large-scale music drama, Wagner's life worked hard for. Entire creation since 1848, ended in 1874, before and after 26 years. Total plays absorbing medieval Germany narrative poems of the nibolong Cup rings, folk legends woersong legends, ancient Nordic folk songs such as the ADA-related material, is also protected by ancient Greece tragedy.

Wagner wrote the script, to write music, but their creation order reversed. His script was written backwards, that is, starting from the last of the twilight of the gods, further back, followed by Siegfried, the Valkyries and the gold of the Rhine. Music written from scratch, the gold of the Rhine, and the Valkyries and the Siegfried and the twilight of the gods in turn.

In the process of writing, Wagner was in financial straits, there are many legends. Although written 26 years, but four plays from scratch in place uniform, because he was a unifying motive system.

Application of motive

The ring still

The show has several music features, starting with "motive". This is about the first proposition of Wagner and his works.

"Motive" as a material with a rich symbolic meaning and unlimited development potential cells, not only refers to specific characters, feelings, ideas or objects, and according to different play situations for symphonic fissile, combination, variation and transformation.

For example, in the play "sword" motive is a major triad, very beautiful; "ring" motive is half minus seven chords, like a little semicircle, sounds gloomy and ominous. In the ring, which is at the Centre of the motive throughout, as well as to promote the development and played a role in integrating structure and become a central element in Wagner's music drama style.

The gold of the Rhine, for example. The show begin "Rhine" motive, it depicts the Rhine River, also represents the most pure nature. Wagner used the band continuous decomposition of a major triad, to portray the Rhine River flows, but also symbolizes the nature of primitive and without pollution. Back as long as the River, nature, mother earth, intent, there could be the motivation.

Germany had no movie capture Wagner entirely on music, we feel the situation through movies and scenes. His music is too imaginative, good choreography, cannot present the music itself to your imagination.

Another example of "spear," motives, their music style is straight down the scale. It is a "compact" symbol every time when it comes to Wotan to keep his promise, the band would use copper pipe playing of this motive.

Hundreds of motivation of the entire ring, but the important thing about more than 10 (such as, curse of the ring, swords, Spears, and the gods hero's motives), which runs through the play, so that the whole structure is effectively unified. Wagner by the motive to symbolize the characters, describing events, is a very effective technique.

So, to learn about Wagner's music drama, first of all, to understand the motive of usage. Listen to the ring before, you had better prepare, remember some of the Center's motives, like labels.

The motive has two characteristics. First, he is particularly good at using a specific music style to capture a certain character or situation, strong sense of style. Then flexibility. If Wagner wrote symphonies, he must be a great composer. His ability to use the motive is very strong, variety, superb, one motivation will continue to develop and even joined with other motives, entanglement, each according to the plot changes were made, was the product of systematic unity and flexibility.

The complex relationship between voice and Orchestra

The ring still

Band, also received an unprecedented increase in Wagner's music drama, became drama central element of narrative and meaning of expression, its position is not only not under human voice, sometimes even beyond the vocals, plays lead.

It's definitely not vocal accompaniment, not foil, but alignment with it. Singers Sing Wagner is difficult, they often do not have clear support from the band, the band and the song entirely, entirely complex modes.

If the vocal melodies and lyrics express the drama outside of the specific context and content, the band's music without words, tends to portray the drama inside the hidden meaning and meaning. In other words, will render even the band sublime meaning of the lyrics. Each punch earned $ 570,000, Mayweather with 49

Music drama Wagner's vocal style is often declared in Syria, but also does not exclude such as the melody of the song. Vocals, and the band formed two relationships: one is to contrast, vocals, and the band is completely different; then the human voice as a voice, participation to interweave in the band. This is Wagner's new concept, and Italy in the Opera Orchestra accompaniment and foil, the opposite.

So Wagner's melodic style is flexible and changeable, known as the "prose". Italy, and France Opera closer to the style of verse, songs are section 8 or section 4, section is clear.

As an example of the Valkyries. This is the quadruple play is the most balanced, one of the best, the first act there is a famous "love Duet". The play, twin children-Zigmond Wotan and Sieglinde in love, gave birth to a son, Siegfried. Two men have been separated for many years, recognized each other, into a fiery love. Here there was a love Duet love theme appeared in large numbers in the band, vocals became a part of the band.

So, listening to Wagner, half you want to focus on the band. He said, lyrics sang in the level, the Orchestra is something inside, it's very complex.

Band writing skills

The ring band

In the hands of Wagner, who is the most important person? Is the invisible band.

Characters don't know past and present on the stage, but the band is all knowing, like God. He greatly expanded the band's rich expressive and in some ways more than he state that the band writing.

When you hear the ring, you'll find Richard Strauss too much like him, he is another peak of band art, without Wagner, absolutely does not Strauss. Berlioz, Wagner, Strauss, Ravel wrote the band is good, is Wagner's greatest. He wrote operas, Opera has all kinds of situations requires the band to show, and he in front of every challenge, never defeated.

First, Wagner began to use large four-pipe Orchestra. Generally great band using two harps, he used six, eight horns, preparation is huge.

In addition, he also invented new musical instruments, such as the Wagner tuba. He not only made musical instruments, its orchestration techniques based on the plot needs changing, from the ear to the nuanced, effect is magnificent, the technique of novel, "magician" of the title is not langdexuming.

Then, he like put string Le subdivision into various group, hard pulled, was like solo, each bit musicians are to play; its band of special color also is copper tube, like all God of King Wotan of deep psychological state, will with to painting like heavy of copper tube; wood tube of color and lyrics sex, also full get has play......

To cite an example. Siegfried in the ring is the most powerful one, because it is written the hero Siegfried, very masculine. Qi is one of the most difficult to sing tenor, singer to stay for four hours on the stage, sing out, and sing all the way to the climax. Is a nightmare.

Here is my very favorite Arias. Act III third, Brünnhilde sleeps for thousands of years, only the greatest heroes can be kissed awake, the man is Siegfried.

Wagner simply used the band's approach to describe the awakening process. Wake up in our daily lives is a minute or two, he extended it to 8-10 minutes. Brünnhilde cheers cheers, cheers and the day of the Sun, light, Wagner, harp, woodwinds, high strings, make people feel that sense of light. Wake up, Brünnhilde glare, and subtle details, were also tracing out the music.

This is the greatest recovery depends on this episode, Wagner will be immortal.


Opera is not just a story, the key is to music what to do with this story. It can be said that the ring was unprecedented, virtually unchallenged monumental work. More than 100 years, handed down from, it constantly, despite the long and tedious fragment, but numerous highlights and overall artistic quality and ensure its continued success.

This play is also a severe challenge to the audience's intelligence, patience, because the time scale is magnified exponentially. As a wake up Kiss Wagner could write for 10 minutes, all things he enlarged, the plot progresses very slowly. So many people hate Wagner, because he made everything very serious, amplifying, weight increased.

Due to the musical connotation of complex and profound, the audience also highly focused for a long time, challenges such as "Mount Everest". But if you overcome the challenge, enjoyment and benefits will come.

(Based on the Yang Yandi lecture "the musical ideas of the ring of the Nibelung" sorting, content deletions, Xue Maomao has contributed. )

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jamaica won writer malong zhanmusi 2015 United Kingdom Booker Prize

Local time on October 13, malong·zhanmusi (Marlon James) by virtue of the seven murders, a brief history of (a Brief History of Seven Killings) to win in 2015 Booker Prize (The Man Booker Prize), for the awards.

London time on October 13, 44 Jamaica novelist malong·zhanmusi (Marlon James) overwhelmingly favored access to judges, by virtue of the seven murders, a brief history of (a Brief History of Seven Killings) to win in 2015 Booker Prize (The Man Booker Prize), he also became the Booker Prize first won the award in the history of Jamaica writers.

Malong·zhanmusi was born in Jamaica and now lives in United States Minneapolis, since 2007, Professor of English and creative writing courses. His first two novels, the yuehan·kelao of the Devil (John Crow's Devil) and the book of night women (The Book of Night Women) budding has received several award nominations, a brief history of the seven murders is his third novel. 686-page book, presents more than 75 people, centering on Jamaica reggae originator of Bob Marley on December 3, 1976, 7 armed man mobbing, lived experience, and through witnesses, gunmen, members of Parliament, drug dealers, the beauty queen, the FBI and the CIA, journalists, even ghosts back when big events, a genius piece of oral history. Suzhou University PhD open disclosure College

Jury Chairman paid tribute to the seven murders by Michael wood, a brief history of "astonishing vocal range and register," "there are many, many voices in the book to you ... ... Amazing from beginning to end. "He also hope that readers will not be intimidated by its coat of crime fiction," there are many places in the book are very, very interesting, very human ... ... It goes beyond the world of crime, led us to some not far away from us but know very little history. "

According to the narrative of the James, his original idea was to write a little longer, tell a white killer in Miami from Chicago employed assassination a Jamaica drug dealer. When James was again reading crime novels, he even give the story good title--the look what love has done to me, "estimated 230 page (stories)." But in the end he, penning more than 600 pages, killer didn't debut until No. 458 pages.

Zhanmusiduo-voice structure is also unintentional. He wrote several novellas, each seems to be and Bob Marley have plenty of relationship, but he did not find a character able to shoulder-length. Bewildered James complained to friends: "I don't know who is this story! "Friend looked at him strangely and said:" why do you have to believe that this is one person's story? The last time you read (Faulkner) as I lay dying is when? "Until now, James realized he is actually one of Faulkner's polyphonic novels, while Bob Marley unknowingly into a series of novels by dark lines.

A brief history of the seven murders

Is the Booker Prize this year to the global English writer and open the next year. Since 1969 the first Booker Prize until 2013, only the United Kingdom, and Ireland and Commonwealth authors in the United Kingdom are eligible to participate in the selection of published works. This year's short list showing a trend of diversification and rejuvenation, selected six writers from the United States and the United Kingdom, Nigeria and Jamaica, among United Kingdom writer Tom McCarty, and India-born writer sangjifu·sahuota (Sunjeev Sahota) now lives in United Kingdom, but four other writers living in the United States. Prior to this, McCarthy was the only works on short list of writers nominated by, and in the United States awarded Government works of Marilyn Robinson of the Leela (Lila) and won the Booker Prize in Ireland writer an·ruite (Anne Enright) not selected a short list.

Internationalization of Man Booker Prize at the same time, the six-novel shortlist finalists also shows a globalized world. Sahota in the novel the flight of that year (The Year of the Runaway) described three from India young man with an India origin United Kingdom woman story occurred in Sheffield. Each of these immigrants carries a past secret, tries to start a new life in a foreign country. Tom McCarty of the Sardinia (Satin Island) is one of ambition: anthropologist u were asked to write a summary research report of the contemporary world, as he gradually on the screen on oil spills, the traffic jams, zombie procession of images of Africa, he tries to find a way to concatenate all the hidden logic.

Equally impressive is the six novels invariably tragic tone. Yanagihara Sakura (Hanya Yanagihara) of the small life (a Little Life) in excellent outline of four friends friendship at the same time, mercilessly shows the friendship will not save the heartbreak and pain. Appears to be warm and calm of the axis line (a Spool of Blue Thread) make children sit around the round table in the House side of the family, and then slowly opened the family life of hope, fear, hostility, contradiction and secrets. Most typical jigeze·aobiaoma (Chigozie Obioma) of the fishermen (The Fishermen)-in the mid 1990 of the 20th century, his four brothers in a small town sneak out fishing, encounter mad Abruzzo (Abulu), which predicted that one of the brothers would kill another person, this prophecy tear close brother bond, leading to a series of tragedies ... ... Even the judges admit: this list of short list indeed "pretty heavy".

Man Booker Prize had been "too much emphasis on readability" judges with the selection back one. Yanagihara cherry, American writer of the little life is recognized as an award-winning hit, occupying United Kingdom bookmaker charts, ultimately lost to James "polyphonic aesthetics and the aesthetics of violence." Wood recalled, some people told him that they wanted to donate the award-winning novel the mother read James ' book may be a bit too difficult, however. Man Booker Prize has always been closely related to publishing performance, last year's winner lichade·fulanagen's works of the road leading to the North in the United Kingdom sold 300,000 copies, and sold almost 800,000 copies worldwide. United Kingdom old bookshop Foyles Web page editing, "said bookseller, (James) such ambitions and ideas recognized and rewarded is exciting readers already respond enthusiastically to this book. "

Monday, October 12, 2015

Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee Secretary General Chen Jinbiao assumed office

Chen Jinbiao information chart

Six months ago by the Mayor's transfer to Shaoxing, Wenzhou City Party Secretary Chen Jinbiao and new levels.

Shaoxing, according to network television on October 12 reported late that afternoon, cadres Conference to be held in Shaoxing city, Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee Organization Department announced Yao Zhiwen, Deputy Minister of provincial party Committee decided to: current Shaoxing municipal party Committee Secretary Chen Jinbiao transferred to provincial party Secretary-General, Peng Jiaxue Shaoxing municipal Committee. Provincial party Committee, Minister Liao Guoxun speech.

In late September, the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, former Secretary of provincial party Committee Secretary-General Zhao Yide has transferred to Hangzhou.

In mission systems for many years his first station in Wenzhou  

Chen Jinbiao, born in April 1963, Zhuji, Zhejiang people in Zhejiang mission systems for many years, he has been the Deputy Minister of provincial party Committee Organization Department, provincial party Committee, Minister, Deputy Secretary of the provincial party Committee and party member. In 2001, agricultural and rural work leading group, Deputy Director of the Office, and the following year Xinjiang, served as Deputy Secretary of the hotan prefectural. In 2005, the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee United Front work Department of the Deputy Minister.

In September 2011, the 48-year old Chen Jinbiao took office for the first time, became mayor of Wenzhou City, and Mayor in February the following year.

Wenzhou is the first district, the birthplace of private economy of China's reform and opening up, thanks to the arduous reform, had created the "Wenzhou model". However, due to the slowdown in economic growth in recent years, as well as a certain degree of industrial "hollowing out", Fund "hot money" asset "bubble" outside a questioning tone.

Chen Jinbiao is the "Wenzhou model" strong proponents.

"' The Wenzhou model ' the main content is to take the lead, and willing to endure hardships – this spirit will never be out of date, because it is based on temporal and spatial changes, continue to absorb nutrients and innovation with the times. "In January, he said in an interview with the daily liberation, on this piece of land in Wenzhou, nutrition and information markets, civil awareness of innovation, flexibility of institutional mechanisms is the most cutting-edge, there will always be market economy barometer, barometers. Many Wenzhou businessmen doing business in the field, and even in many parts of the land, tax policy is very favorable, but they come back every year to Wenzhou learned "marketing nutrition", "Wenzhou development depend on reforms before dividends, dividend for now still have to rely on reform, is the system's advantages, which are found in no other place. "

Lord Mayor of Wenzhou approved national financial comprehensive reform pilot area

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) noted that Chen Jinbiao less than 2 months to work in Wenzhou, Wenzhou City public declarations "Wenzhou national experimental zone of comprehensive financial reform." The following March, a State Council Executive meeting decided to establish financial pilot zone for overall reform of Wenzhou City, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, approved the implementation of the overall programme of the pilot zone for comprehensive reform of the financial and private finance development, improving financial services to the real economy, financial reform across the country felt experience.

"The orientation of Wenzhou is a comprehensive financial reform under the State Council, is comprehensive, and the other is private – private capital normalization or borrowing; goal is ' more than two ', ' the dilemma ': private investment capital more difficult, many SMEs, financing. Size of 600 billion yuan in Wenzhou private capital through financial reform, not only to regulate the civil capital lending, also to be located in the private capital, so that more private capital investment in the real economy. "In an interview with the media, Chen Jinbiao said.

Today, financial comprehensive reform of Wenzhou has lasted for more than three years. This year March, Chen Jinbiao as national NPC representative in Beijing participate in national "two" Shi said, gold modified has made stage results, State issued of 12 items task, except "outside straight voted" needed State Unified deployment, remaining 11 items has essay, regional financial storm never can control into can control, and never stable into stable, "now is stable, and can control of situation, bad loan declined, guarantees chain gradually opened. "

He disclosed that Wenzhou is considering a new three-year financial reform plan, will focus on improving quality, expand, "a continuing financial reform across the country play a leading role. "

In April, Chen Jinbiao replace transfers, Qian Jianmin, Director of housing, served as Party Secretary of Shaoxing.

Have received "ice bucket challenge", for sick children donations

Last year, popular all over the world, "ice bucket challenge" articles survived in Zhejiang Province, when he was Mayor of Wenzhou Chen Jinbiao was named after willingly contributions.

At that time, the company called "love of Wimbledon House" public institutions in Wenzhou "ice bucket challenge" can choose from two methods named "challenge": ice water or contributions of love so raised will be used to help a blood disease.

According to Wang Ke, head of the Agency introduced, 9-year old Yang (pseudonym), Eastern Mediterranean anemia, Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, "Wimbledon love room" relief activities have been initiated for his total fundraising of 310,000 yuan, but care still lacks nearly 100,000 yuan. Volunteers in the circle of friends "ice bucket challenge" of 6 volunteers named August 21 collectives challenged, and after completing a relay object, someone shouted "I hope ' PUMA ' can join", invited the Mayor Chen Jinbiao challenge.

Spread through social networking tools, Chen Jinbiao was informed that "named" post is pleased to "challenge", donated 100 Yuan. Wang Ke told the Word Press, because it is a charity, according to the rules they set, named maximum contribution of 100 Yuan. Thousands of "Guangxi Yulin dog" dog sent to gaoyou, Jiangsu, th

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Everbright securities "bungle" first won the event civil compensation case 171 stocks investors can claim

Photo: CFP

On September 30, the Shanghai second intermediate people's Court of 8 investors Everbright securities company limited v securities, futures, insider trading first-instance verdict in the dispute cases, 6 investors won compensation. Decree of 6 cases, the verdict amounts to compensate the plaintiff RMB 296,100.

However, Everbright securities on October 7 with the latest announcement said that Everbright securities will own the event appealed the verdict.

Everbright securities on October 7 prompting said, according to the relevant provisions of the civil procedure law, for support or partially support the claim of the plaintiff the judgment of first instance, 6 investors won compensation. Lawyers said August 16, 2013 in 14:22 buy the 171 stocks investors can claim.

One of the plaintiff attorneys lawyer with Shanghai Hua Rong Xu Feng interface to reporters that "the appeal is a right conferred by law, throughout the process, the Everbright securities has exhausted all their rights, including after accepting their objection to jurisdiction. Right of appeal. "But he said that Everbright securities in favour of the ne bis in idem probability almost nothing. "The appeal for delay time on November 14, the Statute of limitations, and to reduce the impact. "

With the landing of the judgment of first instance, as well as the validity of the proceedings will come, more investors may be eligible to Everbright securities litigation. "We will submit two days a group of investors filed the complaint to court, increased a lot during the national day holiday, express also began to arrive. "Xu Feng reporters on the interface.

Xu Feng said that since last year, Shanghai huarong law firms received a total of fifty or sixty investors submitted material, together with other law firms, over a total of more than 150 cases in court.

Judgments of first instance makes the case history of the a-share stock first investor won a claim of insider trading case. Lawyers believe this will also fill some gap in judicial, for subsequent securities and Futures laws amended to provide valuable experience.

11:05 August 16, 2013, Everbright securities ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) Shen foreclosure arbitrage transactions, because of a program error, causing the system to purchase stocks 23.4 billion yuan, and sold a 7.27 billion yuan, causing fluctuations in stock. Everbright securities in the case of failure to disclose in the afternoon trading by short selling stock index futures and selling ETF hedging risk. In November of the same year, the Commission finds that Everbright securities prior to the disclosure of insider information that the shares convert to ETF sold and sold short contract constitutes insider trading of stock index futures, and making penalties such as confiscation and a fine of 520 million Yuan. December 2013, the investor Everbright securities litigation corporate securities, futures, insider trading liability disputes appeal their case to the Shanghai second intermediate.

The determination of causation has been the focus of the case, is also the focus for compensation by industry for securities transactions.

Shanghai second intermediate court thinks, "Everbright securities insider trading period, the 50ETF, 180ETF if the plaintiff investor and stock, IF1309, IF1312 and its main trading company and Everbright securities insider trading in the opposite direction to the direction, presumption of a causal relationship. Everbright securities company compensation for investor losses caused by its fault. "

Court essentially found that insider trading insider information to make public this time to buy in order to meet the conditions of the initial so-called. Although insider trading has been formed on the morning of August 16, 2013, Everbright securities in the morning but have not carried out insider trading. Administrative penalties under the SFC found that Everbright securities by 1:00 Insider is only beginning. 2:22 is the disclosure of insider information.

"After missing a specific applicable judicial interpretations, which is blank, so the case for civil compensation for judicial interpretation to develop subsequent insider trading will be of great significance," Xu Feng said. In his view, another important significance, "from a liability perspective, is a blow to insider trading from the field of criminal and administrative liability, extends to the area of civil liability, it should be said regarding insider trading offenders to have greater deterrent. "

Xu feng and his team combed the list of claims the stock, usually buy the 171 stocks on August 16, 2013 from 14:22 (list attached) Investor, you can file a claim.

The stock listing includes the ETF Fund correspond to the SSE 50 and SSE 180 sample stocks, Xu Feng lawyer and his team were deducted in the finishing process on suspended stocks and Everbright securities itself (Everbright securities proved 50 and SSE 180 sample stocks, and was suspended in the afternoon).

171 units are as follows:

The wilderness (600598)

Love shares 600643)

Anxin trust (600816)

Baiyun mountain (600332)

Bestv (600637)

Steel shares (600010)

Baotou steel rare-earth (600111)

Baosteel (600019)

Poly real estate group (600048)

Beijing urban construction (600266)

Bank of Beijing (601169)

City investment holdings (600649)

Chihong zinc and germanium (600497)

Chuantou energy (600674)

Chong Hing (600193)

Dalian holdings (600747)

Daqin Railway (601006)

Dec (600875)

China Eastern Airlines (600115)

Soochow securities (601555)

Fangda carbon (600516)

Founder securities (601901)

Beacon communications (600498)

Phoenix media (601928)

Foton (600166)

Fosun Pharma (600196)

Industrial and commercial bank (601398)

First city kingberry Chase (600067)

China Everbright Bank (601818)

Grand energy (600256)

Kweichow moutai (600519)

State power (600795)

State power NARI (600406)

Sinolink securities (600109)

Conch cement (600585)

Hainan Airlines (600221)

Hainan rubber (601118)

Haitong securities (600837)

Hisense electric (600060)

Offshore oil Engineering (600583) Chengdu private finance 70 finance guarantee agency

Air power (600893)

Aerospace information (600271)

Haohua energy (601101)

Hengrui medicine (600276)

Hongdu Aviation (600316)

Huadian power International (600027)

Hair share (600325)

Gorgeous family (600503)

Huaneng Power International (600011)

CR shuanghe (600062)

Huatai securities (601688)

Chinese happiness (600340)

Hua Xia Bank (600015)

Huaye real estate (600240)

Domain (600741)

Kat media (601929)

China Construction Bank (601939)

Jianghuai automobile (600418)

Jiangxi copper (600362)

Bank of communications (601328)

Gemdale Group (600383)

Kingfa (600143)

Jin Mo shares (601958)

Bbmg (601992)

Golden seed (600199)

Gem-industrial (601002)

Juhua (600160)

Kaile science and technology (600260)

United States pharmaceutical industry (600518)

Orchid (600123)

Liaoning Cheng da (600739)

Lu Jia Zui (600663)

Luan ring (601699)

Luoyang molybdenum (603993)

Camel shares (601311)

Minsheng Bank (600016)

China Southern Airlines (600029)

Nanjing high-tech (600064)

Bank of Nanjing (601009)

Ningbo yunsheng (600366)

Agricultural Bank (601288)

Panjiang shares (600395)

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (the 600000)

Qingdao Haier (600690)

Tsingtao Brewery (600600)

People's daily online (603000)

Three love the rich (600636)

Sanan Optoelectronics (600703)

31 heavy industry (600031)

Xiamen tungsten (600549)

Shandong gold (600547)

Coal International (600546)

Shanxi fenjiu (600809)

Shanghai jahwa (600315)

Shanghai pharmaceutical (601607)

Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (600104)

Real development (600748)

Shimao shares (600823)

First shares (600376)

Shui Jing Fang (600779)

Suzhou high-tech (600736)

The Pacific (601099)

Tebian electric (600089)

Tasly (600535)

Tongbao energy (600780)

Tongfang (600100)

Tong ren Tang (600085)

Tuopai Group (600702)

Wanhua chemical (600309)

Western mining (601168)

City of Tibet (600773)

Southwest securities (600369)

Commodity City (600415)

Xinhu zhongbao (600208)

The Xinhua insurance (601336)

Xingfa Group (600141)

Industrial Bank (601166)

Société Générale securities (601377)

Youngor (600177)

Yanzhou coal mining (600188)

Yangquan coal industry (600348)

Erie shares (600887)

Shandong yongtai chemical energy (600157)

Yutong (600066)

City, Yunnan (600239)

Zhangjianggaoke (600895)

Great Wall motor (601633)

Yangtze power (600900)

China Merchants Bank (600036)

China Merchants securities (600999)

Zhejiang medicine (600216)

And equity (600759)

Zhengzhou coal (601717)

Sinoma International (600970)

CNR (601299)

China Shipping (600150)

China electric power construction (601669)

Air China (601111)

Chemistry (601117)

China construction (601668)

China construction (601800)

China Unicom (600050)

Aluminum Corporation of China (601600)

CSR (601766)

Ping an of China (601318)

China life insurance (601628)

China Shenhua (601088)

China petrochemical (600028)

China Petroleum (601857)

China's hydropower (601669)

China Pacific insurance (601601)

China Railway (601186)

China satellite (600118)

The Bank of China (601988)

China railway group (601390)

Cosl (601808)

China Aviation electronics (600372)

The aircraft heavy machine (600765)

Heng holdings (600252)

Chinese enterprises (600675)

Zhongjin gold (600489)

Coal (601898)

Sports industry (600158)

Iron II (600528)

China CITIC Bank (601998)

CITIC Securities (600030)

CITIC heavy industries (601608)

Chongqing Brewery (600132)

Pearl River industrial (600684)

Zijin mining (601899)

Arts shares (600770)