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Henan elementary school vice principal twist girls kick and ear to ear torn

Henan elementary school vice principal twist girls kick and ear to ear torn has been dismissed

Right ear torn by call girls, 3 stitches after treatment.

On December 28, a second-grader, heshan district, Hebi, Henan xiaoai (not his real name), in the class by the teacher in charge and twist the ear kick, led ears were torn stitches. 31st, the heshan District Department of education staff to a surging News (www.thepaper.CN), confirmed that the head teacher of the school concerned, Vice President, has been removed from his position at present, school officials are warning.

At 8 o'clock in the morning on the day of the incident, which tore dragging small love ears and kicked the teacher surnamed Zhang, female, middle aged. Berlin, it was reported, little Einstein job was not completed when the incident was criticized by the teacher, the latter emotional outbreak after.

31st, Hebi coal workers surging a hospital emergency department medical worker told the news, was playing girl's right ear was torn, 3 stitches after treatment.

Heshan District Education Bureau staff to surge-news, after the District School Board and school officials went to the hospital to see little love and first advance of medical expenses by the teacher himself, and apologized to the young love and family. New version of the Renminbi Mao Zedong of fringe

Friday, December 25, 2015

Henan people select auspicious license plates DMV is going to withdraw Not familiar

Henan people select auspicious license plates DMV is going to withdraw? Not familiar with civilian police operations disposed of

Jiaozuo city DMV "DMV online" on a number of convenient services

Selection of good VIN can also be found the DMV gives you go back? Henan province, two owners choose two lucky license plate number through formal channels, but did not last long, it received notification from the DMV, said the license plate number wrong, need they choose to license plate numbers change over the time limit.

On December 24, jiaozuo city, DMV officials said acted as civilian police of the province eliminated yellow tagged car policies are not familiar with, business is not fine, the error only appears, at present, two officers involved had been punished. Pick the lucky brand of car 2 owners already in use new license plate number.

"Event" two members of the public selected two good license plate, but was asked to return for re-election

Things to say from a few months ago, in September this year, jiaozuo Persky to local DMV for their new cars. At that time, he adopted the "à la carte" approach was selected to "Yu H66996" grades.

But before long, jiaozuo city DMV phoned, mistake when issuing license plates, license plate owners already in use, he changed the license plate. Persky enquiry found that this number has been cancelled, so no promises.

Was in September, Mr Tse also had something similar in jiaozuo. He passed the "à la carte" approach was selected to "Yu H81888". After selecting this morning, got a call from the DMV in the afternoon, said the system is upgraded, the vehicle identification number is the original owners are still using, asked Hsieh to return the license plate alternative.

Moreover, the DMV also commissioned the local police station and village officials took turns in jiaozuo came by selling, and Hsieh issued the notification of inform, asked him to go before November 17 to the DMV license plate change, otherwise it will force change.

Then, Mr Tse found the license plate number was excuse to lock away.

Mr Tse showed reporters the stamped "jiaozuo public security traffic police detachment the DMV" official notice of the informed, above praise in the DMV, irregular working hours and his pards tube when the system is upgraded, we chose "Yu H81888" license plate.

"Explaining" that civilian police are unfamiliar with cancellation yellow tagged car business in our province Restaurant fire killed 17 people in Wuhu accident

Reporter learned that, in October 2007, Henan province, provincial Department of public security promulgated the self-made Flexi number plate interim provisions on the administration of motor vehicles, motor vehicle owners can make their own choice of their favorite number plates of vehicles, in order to eliminate motor vehicle plate black-box problem.

Provincial traffic Police Corps also ordered: around the city to strictly enforce relevant provisions must not be specified, auction and set aside, on account of illegal operation of civilian police and related personnel will be severely punished according to law.

24th, jiaozuo city DMV officials explained that when this happens, the provincial traffic police corps, jiaozuo City Public Security Bureau Commission for discipline inspection, jiaozuo public security traffic police has been involved in the investigation, having carefully reviewed the relevant provisions and the original owners of vehicles after archives found that two plates of the original vehicles are all yellow tagged vehicle.

May 13 introduced in the Office of the provincial Government of Henan province in 2015 out yellow tagged car programme, 268,775 yellow tagged vehicles out of tasks to be completed in the province this year, and around the city to release the phase-out mandates. Among them, be eliminated this year to 5,986 yellow tagged car, jiaozuo city.

According to this scheme, the two car brands of original vehicles no longer have to continue using "Yu H66996" and "Yu H81888" grades of qualifications, so it cancelled its license plate number, log off the plates would automatically enter the "selected, the resource pool" jiaozuo Persky and Hsieh to be elected to both the vehicle identification number.

So, why does DMV "recovered" two car number? The official said the civilian police of the province for specific business yellow tagged car out of work are not familiar with, business mastery, cause defects and faults in the work. As a rule, yellow tagged car be written off later, original owner shall promptly apply for scrap vehicle and his or her driving license and car number plates to the DMV for scrap procedures, and the original owners failed to do so, and has continued to use the license plate.

According to regulations, the same license plate number cannot be nuclear issue two or more motor vehicle owner, so just inform notices on Xiang Pang and Mr Xie.

"Results" DMV has to apologize to the people, the two plates in use

Reporters found that this thing after Twitter started, many people suspect that the DMV is not deliberately withheld "lucky number".

In this regard, jiaozuo city, DMV officials said, the Institute has been in accordance with the requirements of the provincial public security department to implement optional the vehicle identification number of the relevant provisions, Persky and Hsieh were selected through on-demand system to a lucky license plate number, as evidenced from which no one trapped.

According to reports, at present, two civilian police officers involved have been punished, one was removed from the DMV, a cancelled the annual assessment, and unfitting.

The official said, has been with the two brands of original owners to communicate well, its original license turned in as soon as possible, he or she agrees. The DMV has apologized to Mr PANG and Mr Tse called and explained.

On December 24, the owner Mr Tse said, the DMV does call apologized, and told him that license plate number in use.

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Corrupt officials in Guangdong prison life the first time still superior likes

Corrupt officials in Guangdong prison life: the first time still superior, likes to be called titles

Guangdong Yangjiang prison district. This picture China visual material

They have powerful hot, but corruption became prisoners.

Walls within, they see anywhere spit not bath of prison friends, also will "robs"; face heavy of manual, they knowing health exclusion, supporting family find relationship expects "special care"; they is body stuck prison, but still good face desire was respect, most unwilling to heard "corrupt officials" this a title; "yiqian reign Shi phone ring a kept", Lok Ma Hou is little subordinates visit, some prison within corrupt officials feeling also is family most valuable......

These former high officials, Lok adapt to life inside the walls after you? In which there is no "special treatment"? In question, this reporter recently walked into centrally held positions in Guangdong Yangjiang prison interview made in an attempt to unravel the mysteries of this special group.

Post made an average age of 52 years old

Yangjiang prison is concentrated in Guangdong Province locked positions make the one of the six prisons. August 2013, Yangjiang prison set up positions to make prison, committed so far, a total of more than more than 200 positions being centralized reception here. Among them most was a section-level cadres, there are departmental level cadres. According to statistics, held in this position make Lok Ma ago to Department level cadres at and above the more than more than 50, at the level of more than more than 100.

These positions 70% above are committed in prison on charges of taking bribes, besides corruption 29%, misappropriation of 11%.

Compared to other types of offenders, post made ages generally larger, average age is 52 years old, maximum 75 years old, was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 42%, there are a few people who were sentenced to life imprisonment or even execution.

Of superiority still exist in prison "committed many positions there will be official when the first thought. "The Yangjiang Prison Governor Huang Yue Group introduced their self-esteem is very strong, although imprisonment status has changed, but the superiority of superiority still exists, called by their prison's title like other criminals, led by the desire to be respected by prison guards and prison care, hoping to give them respect.

Yangjiang prison six, according to Qu Jian Chang Yang Jiannan memories, reported to the guards to squat when they are "bad". At one point, prison official held a forum committed, who committed a Virgin level cadre positions questioning guards on the spot: "why do we have to squat? "

2013 yiqian, positions made also no was concentrated custody, they was dispersed in all prison district, some also and murderer, and robber with live a prison homes, they playing heart in see not up this class prisoners, disdain and they company, if see other prisoners has anywhere spit or has perennial not bath, habits, they also knowing health abandon, some will public pointed out that other shouldn't such.

200 positions to make only 5 people in jail after divorce

"In the past dealing with applause and flowers, became a prisoner to know that family is the most valuable. "Zhanjiang city, 61, a former Secretary to Chen was moved to say, after the imprisonment of his clear" they don't abandon the only family ". Chen said that he has served for 1.5 years, but these days there is little old subordinates came to visit him, "before when the phone is ringing, met for lunch about to queue", are no longer their leader, can't do them a favor, "attitude is completely different. "

Chen now most desire is to "go out and see my family as soon as possible, and their reunion".

"Office feeling most strongly committed to their families. "The Yangjiang prison six Qu Jian Chang Yang Jiannan, among different categories of prisoners, family duty criminals who misses most, attachment and rupture of their families after their imprisonment and are small. The statistics, committed more than more than 200 positions, only 5 people in jail after divorce, it is lower than other types of prisoners.

Psychology: some because of the big gap between sentence tried to commit suicide

In accordance with the prison rules, prisoners of re-education through labour, job committed is no exception. But a heavy complex labor, job committed most of heart rejection.

Yangjiang prison six prison District Deputy prison Chang Wen Jinhuan said, some positions made of relatives because worried they in prison in worked will suffer, for trying to "supporting road", and "go relationship", expects get "special care", help they for post, and for jobs, but served personnel of jobs arrangements are has related provides, cannot casually replacement, this undoubtedly to prison management and law enforcement brings has larger effect.

Not just afraid of doing work, fall of many positions of identity change made it difficult to cross the hurdle. Yangjiang prison Chang Wen Jinhuan, Liu Jian, Deputy District Commissioner told reporters that compared to other prisoners, mental health positions made low, they had high-ranking positions are respected everywhere, ruined after prison, will undoubtedly have a strong sense of loss, they often get into helplessness, loneliness, pain, anxiety, plus duty criminals long sentences, and some even have thoughts of suicide.

Wen Jinhuan, for example, a former post as Executive Director of Guangdong Province making is this, to 20 years in jail, at first he was very pessimistic, always think about suicide.

Corrupt officials in Guangdong prison life: the first time still superior, likes to be called titles

Prisoners week recipes. Shandong Australian Ranch hundreds of dead cattle

Community: posts made no special treatments

But in prison, these functions as with other prisoners, have no special treatment.

Reporter in positions made prison homes in see, they live of is 12 people a between of collective prison homes, points upper and lower Pu hard bed, a people a shop, per person only allows has a transparent plastic box put things, not allows has extra debris, toilet and shower of place all in prison homes within, and interval are is transparent of, station in prison homes door on can glance.

In terms of food, duty criminals eat food all kitchen by other inmates by prison standards catering, absolutely does not allow relatives to send them food.

Although these positions are very eager to see his family, but the prison and no special arrangements for them a little more the opportunity to meet with their families. As with the other prisoners, duty criminals who meet once a month and his family, but they only talked by telephone through thick glass.

"Special place": work shop full of cultural atmosphere "If there are different, but also differ in the method of education. "The Yangjiang prison Chang Wen Jinhuan, Liu Jian, Deputy District Commissioner said, bringing reporters to the post to make work work shop.

Reporters saw a large workshop, hundreds of posts made in the busy hands of skilled work, if it is found that prison guards approach side, they instinctively stand up reports, prison guard instructions and then sit down to work, every move carefully.

Reporters found that the differences with the other prisoners in the workplace, job committed work shop full of cultural atmosphere, more than half of the area is the cultural activities in the workshop, posts made in this work-break exercises, you can also practice calligraphy and painting, and also set up a cultural exchange information column on the wall, posted a post to make my own writing famous aphorism, calligraphy and painting works are also excellent letter.

Get rid of labor day, duty criminals at the weekend also the opportunity for cultural exchange. It is understood that the prison special duties to make set up a painting group, choir, Tai Chi, folk music groups, so that they can be carried out on a regular basis on the weekend cultural activity.

Typical case

Lok officials Hwang: son can hold "happiest"

17th, coincides with the position's institutions open day, a mother and son attracted press attention. They stood outside the meeting venue early look, son of approximately 17 years of age, "this child I remember, he had been looking forward to touch his father's hand. "Yangjiang prison six prison District Deputy prison Chang Wen Jinhuan introduced, children named Kobayashi (pseudonym), he father yellow a had is name Mayor, this year early for bribery prison was sentenced has 10.5 years, a began, Kobayashi accept can't, are read three of he Centerless school, later through father in prison in the wrote exhortations and prison party times do thought work, Kobayashi finally figured has, returned to school.

"My parents! I am sorry! "When the father appears in front of you, and Kobayashi with open arms to his father clung to suddenly splash kneeling in front of his eyes. Huang sees busy lifting his son, a family of three hugged and wept bitterly. The small put his arm around his father's shoulders during a meeting with Lin to sit down, helping his father to open the water bottle and handed to his father's mouth, then put on the gloves and scarf for his father, repeatedly asked his father: "used to do? Are you cold? "Speak, Kobayashi has been holding his father's hand, while the father other hand busy helping Kobayashi's mother wiped tears ... ...

Hwang admitted that since the accident, "is worried that they will affect the child's future", see kids kneel down move, "both excited and humbled heart," now confident about his son, Hwang said, "today and took the son to son, is the most happiest thing for so many days. "

Fewer number of doctor "posts made in prison are very concerned about their body. "Chang Yang Jiannan introduce, Yangjiang prison six Qu Jian, than any other category, posts made to older, most people with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions of aging. For this reason, they are very concerned about their own health, a little discomfort requires examination and treatment, "in the past to prison hospital out-patient doctor, more than 100 people a day were mostly post made. "

Now, however, post service greatly reduces the number of committed, they adapt the shop labor, rest time, actively participate in interest group. As stated in a post made at home book wrote, "every day now had a full show effort to complete tasks, rest you can read when you paint, I don't have time to think about the past, the body naturally better. "

It is understood that in order to exercise and duties make every day to practice Tai Chi, baduanjin, fixed twice during the day in the workshop and out of practice, returned to prison after she and before going to sleep at night, they do not forget more practice times. Yang Jiannan introduced over the past six months, declining rate of duty made the prison clinic 65.8%.

The daily schedule

From Monday to Friday

05:50 up, cleaning, breakfast

07:00 show

10:00 work-break exercises

Pack 11:30

12:00 lunch

14:00 show

Pack 17:30

18:00 dinner

19:00 news

21:00 cleaning

22:00 lights

Saturday: learning

Sunday: closed

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Explosions killed postdoctoral was scheduled to teach at Nanjing Tsinghua University

Explosions killed postdoctoral was scheduled to teach at Nanjing, Tsinghua University, his mother sold eggs for their education

Fire started at second floor, Ho Tim building. This picture from the network

Yesterday around 10:10 A.M., Ho Tim building, Tsinghua University, room 231 fire accident. Tsinghua University, room 231 for the Chemistry Department laboratory, found a postdoctoral researchers, were killed, and the cause of the accident is under investigation. This reporter has learned, Tsinghua University Faculty of Science Department of chemistry, postdoctoral scholar in deceased Meng Xiang.

The incident

In the air pungent

About 10:10 A.M. yesterday, Tsinghua University, room 231, Ho Tim building burst into flames. Live pictures and video display, when the fire started, flames and black smoke continued rising from the window of the second floor, Ho Tim building, along with the "crackling" sound.

12:30, police and Ho Tim building surrounding area, good road blockade, Ho Tim building has been cordoned off, still filled with the pungent smell in the air. Scene dock more than public security, fire protection, environmental protection, monitoring of departmental vehicles, building fire has been put out.

Ho Tim building consists of three layers, with the old chemistry building connected by a passage. Fire station is located in the North of Ho Tim building second floor, room 231. 231 outdoor floor was blackened, Windows are broken, the ground littered with fragments of large laboratory.

Department of chemistry, many dressed in a lab coat, students and teachers gathered outside the cordoned off. They said due to the evacuation of the emergency, carry-on items in the laboratory, part of the experimental equipment has not yet been closed.

A chemistry student introduces 231 lab is divided into one large and one small area, the two regions separated each other. The time of the incident, 231-room a number of experimenters. Besides Meng Xiang was alone in small experiments outside of the region, the rest of the people in the region. At that time, the bench suddenly open fire, a gust of smoke jumping and spreading rapidly. "The experimenter were to run out, but never thought he (Meng Xiang) still inside. "Escape the lab, he heard a loud noise coming from the House," sound like a drum falling. "

Unattended outside the cordon of security, the time of the incident, Ho Tim building surrounded by a lot of smoke, around visibility is very poor. "Pungent smell constantly drifting and feel Qi on the breath. "He heard a cleaning lady from the 2-storey window and climbed down, and students are forced to work from the smoke, but most teachers and students from the channel from the Department of chemistry building evacuated the scene.

Haidian fire protection said fire sent a squadron to disposal. Why add room 231, 3-room fire, covering 80 square meters.

Explosions killed postdoctoral was scheduled to teach at Nanjing, Tsinghua University, his mother sold eggs for their education

Police sealed off and Ho Tim building, pulling up a cordon, exploration staff out of the building.

Disposal River border town outside the Catfish is the garbage

Experiment in the building this week suspended

Twitter user said his Tsinghua high school, away from the scene of more than 100 meters. The time of the incident, issued a loud bang shook the ground tremble. High school International Department the return of outdoor student teaching building and close the doors and Windows.

After the incident, Dean of Tsinghua University said in a statement, "originally scheduled for this week in the old chemistry Museum, Ho Tim upstairs to suspend all of the experiments. "School staff revealed that" at least until next Monday to restore power in the building. "

Tsinghua University said yesterday about 10:10 A.M., Department of Chemistry (Ho Tim building) second floor lab fire, killed one postdoctoral researchers. Timely evacuation of teachers and students in the building, personnel have been evacuated from around. Investigation and found no other casualties. Around 12 o'clock and end on Ho Tim building, Haidian District Environmental Protection Bureau around the upper hand area, area downwind air monitoring no monitoring of harmful gases, air condition. Ho Tim building the north side of the ground in the fire-fighting water accumulated in the process, taking into account the laboratory has conventional chemicals, water may cause harm to the environment. School of water before filling with sand cover, professional bodies focus on collection and handling to prevent possible pollution directly into the sewers. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

The deceased

Next week to teach at Nanjing signed

A little after 4 o'clock in the afternoon, Anhui fellow countryman Mr Meng Meng Xiang arrived at the scene. Mr Meng said, "our father is a colleague, the two had a good relationship. "Meng Xiang, born in 1983, Xiao County, Anhui, and is the eldest son of the family. Bangladesh has a brother and a sister, brother is Dr, taught at Tianjin University.

A little after 6 o'clock in the afternoon, Meng Xiang from Tianjin to the families arrived on the scene. His mother nearly six years old, Yin cried Meng Xiang's name. Meng Xiang's sister-in-law said, two or three in the afternoon, Meng Xiang schools inform their families were killed, "does not explain the whole story." Family seen last week, "as soon as he's free to Tianjin to watch us. "The night before the incident, call home," said to be admitted by a University in Nanjing, next Monday to sign up to teach, but for this to happen. "On this, she once again choked.

Meng Xiang see brother said they were farmers ' families. Mothers for sons, five or six o'clock, out selling eggs a day, nearly 10 points to go home at night. Meng Xiang see another friend, Mr LAU said, "Bangladesh hard all the way, the outstanding, can be said to be xueba. "Meng visited Singapore Nanyang University doctorate, worked there for his brother to read Dr. Last June, after Meng entered Tsinghua University for his doctorate, apprenticed to Professor Liu Lei. Being busy with their studies, has never married. Public information, Meng Xiang is the second issue of CLS post-doctoral Fund 2014 recruits.

6:20 P.M. around, picked up two car families, Tsinghua University.

Explosions killed postdoctoral was scheduled to teach at Nanjing, Tsinghua University, his mother sold eggs for their education

Taking into account the water produced in the fire, which may contain chemicals, staff to filling with sand covering the water.


1. the alarm is sensitive in the building?

Media reports said a chemistry teacher, Ho Tim building alarm systems for many years all have problems.

Beijing reporter interviews a chemistry teacher. It says, when he was 3 floors of Office. After the crash, alarm soon sounded in the building, "the school will organize 2 fire drills every year, siren encountered smoke will go off." Yesterday at about 5 o'clock in the afternoon, reporters heard the alarms inside the building was still buzzing.

2. the tert-butyllithium is?

Media reports said Meng Xiang in dealing with tert-butyllithium spill accidents.

Related data show that highly flammable lithium tert-butyl, storage needs with dry nitrogen.

Chemical engineer he said, tert-butyllithium, an organic metal compounds, used in the chemical industry with highly active catalyst. The substance air is prone to spontaneous combustion, water hydrolysis reaction can also occur. "These kinds of highly reactive compounds, both in the laboratory and in the industrial enterprises, there should be a dedicated storage space. "

Mr Su said, in the laboratory, the storage of the substance is generally small, "should someone specifically, access, the return must be registered". In addition, access to the compound, also need to be carried out under strict conditions of protection. If the material is exposed to the air, prone to danger.

3. whether there are emergency plans for schools?

On August 31 this year, the Ministry of education has issued the notice on the University laboratory hazardous materials safety self-inspection, asked education departments at all levels to carry out scientific research in colleges and universities laboratory hazardous materials safety self-examination and rectification work. Self focus is accountability mechanisms, quality operation and management systems and infrastructure up and running, training, good safety practices waste dangerous goods and laboratory processing, emergency plans to establish six items.

Tsinghua University said that after the incident, the schools fire accident investigations, safety, environmental protection and other sectors, and contact with students ' families deal with the aftermath of death, the convening of meetings setting a security check and do the follow-up work. Above are the contents of the emergency plan.

Related links

The September 2, 2011

East China University when two graduate students doing chemistry experiments in the laboratory, he accidentally suffered blast injuries.

The March 18, 2014

Beijing Normal University chemistry building one laboratory fire experiment accidentally ignited the Department laboratories.

The December 4, 2014

Changzhou vocational college of engineering a lab explosion, teacher due to improper operation.

The April 5, 2015

China Mining University (Xuzhou) chemical engineering laboratory gas cylinders exploded, 1 dead, 5 injured.

The September 22, 2015

Chemistry building one laboratory on fire, students do experiments, flame gun with hydrogen gas pipe joints off, hydrogen Jet ignited after.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Stolen dogs in Guangxi was hit on two men dead and another wounded villagers

Stolen dogs in Guangxi was hit on two men dead and another wounded, villagers suspected victims salt into wound

Medical personnel arrived at the scene to rescue, one person died. Pictures from the Internet

According to upstream news on December 13, the gongcheng Yao autonomous county of Guangxi Lotus town with criminal cases, two men for stealing the dog into conflict with villagers. Ultimately to steal dogs 1 killed and 1 wounded. The afternoon of December 15, local police response to upstream news, said the case is under further investigation.

According to reports, the case took place on December 13, two men in the town of Lotus was discovered by villagers stealing dogs. Local forum and the exposure of the scene showed two men were stripped shirt. A stolen dog, his hands tied, and there stole the dog's Crossbow; another who stole the dog be covered with cuts and bruises, and sprinkled with white powder-like objects. According to local users, some salt into the wounds of the victims. Two persons riding a motorcycle were villagers burned to the ground.

The afternoon of December 15, Lotus Town police station in response to upstream News says the cases caused one death and one injury, gongcheng County Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Brigade has been responsible for the investigation, details could not be revealed.

This is not a conflict between locals and stealing a dog for the first time.

Just last year, two men, stolen dogs in gongcheng County of Sanjiang Township was found in the street, villagers from the 3 dead dog was found on the bus, local people in addition to the two men beaten outside, or take their cars smashed.

Further reading

Journalists found in the upper reaches, erupted a few years ago stole the dog on the ground were killed. 2009 November 9, 3 men riding motorcycles in lingchuan County Jing Yao zu Xiang stealing dogs, was discovered fled to the limuzhen stone village of gongcheng, by villagers chased and had to ditch the car and hid in the mountains. Subway breastfeeding party her husband restore

Later, lingchuan, guanyang, and three in gongcheng County, more than 500 villagers searched mountains, their catch. Subsequent scuffle, two stolen dogs were killed on the spot, and another person was injured and admitted to hospital.

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Complaining about drinking cold water fat Now that you have saved the

Do you often hear two statements: "I drink fat", "I am not eat as much meat", but these are not unfounded, but a congenital gene affects you.

United States psychology and the psychologist Sheldon (W.H. Sheldon) after long experimentation and research, found that people have three different physical (body type), while the three kinds of physical fitness for sports and diet are different.

Recently, the United States sports and fitness website against this theory, provides for three different physical fitness exercise and diet custom menus.

Complaining about

Before the exercise, first understand their physical

Sheldon is divided into three types of people: the endoderm (endomorph), Ectodermal Dysplasia (Ectomorph) and embryo/sports (Mesomorph).

The endoderm-physical person, also known as "natural fat paper."

Complaining about

This type of physique of metabolic rate slow and fatigue after exercise. In size, they all have the same or similar symptoms: chest wide, the joints of the body thick, hip and shoulder width, limb proportions of short and relatively smooth.

Ectodermal Dysplasia-physical person, it is all in the eyes of the "bamboo".

Complaining about

This type of person very high metabolic rate, and more active thought and action. In size, an important feature of such people as: hip and shoulders are narrow, the joints of the body small, slender, slim proportion of limbs, chest flat.

Although the embryos tend to lack power, but their bones are lighter, longer limb proportions, can be better in the long run to maintain speed.

Embryo/physical education-physical person is in these three types of body and physical coordination of people, their metabolic rate is high, high content of natural muscle.

Complaining about

The characteristics of such persons as: shoulders are wider than the hips, waist thin, small joints, muscle fibers are long and rounded. These people look not thin, but naturally more stout.

You might ask, that embryo "thick paper" is it possible to completely into ecto-or sports-oriented people?

Sheldon tells you, although genes cannot change, but through training and dieting, you can type from "thick paper" into muscle, or "bamboo", but should always pay attention to your diet and exercise.

Complaining about

Different body shapes, how to determine fitness diet plan?

Endoderm physique


Constitution of the endoderm "thick paper" alone may be less attention to diet, fat accumulation of madness.

Therefore, aerobic exercise is the main direction of such persons, running, swimming and cycling are good choices.

Endoderm physique people recover faster, National Association of health fitness specialist James s. Fell, the first of such persons weight training and aerobic exercise intensity can be slightly larger:

Keep four days a week of weight training, group training interval does not take too long, 30 seconds to 45 seconds, so you can speed up the metabolic rate and aerobic training for two days.

Complaining about

Catering menu:

James s. Fell recommendation endoderm physical person should eat small meals to maintain their shape. Every meal in the carbohydrate content in the 25%, 35% protein content, fat content is at 40%.

Not only that, but want to eat vegetables and drink plenty of fluids to increase satiety. After 7 o'clock, rejecting any carbohydrate intake. Such eating habits combined with training in the morning, there will be significant fat loss results.

Complaining about

Ectodermal Dysplasia fitness


This person's goal is to increase the weight of their own and, therefore, cannot be used as the main method of aerobic training, because the rate at which they burn calories quickly.

James s. Fell recommends you choose the type of HIIT high intensity short break training, and slightly longer interval time, ensuring physical recovery.

Ectodermal Dysplasia physical person should not select at the outset of training, whether it's running or fitness, should be gradual, controlled within 1 hour of training time and stretch breaks at a time so as not to gut load is too large.

Complaining about

Catering menu:

Experienced running coach Dan Harriman suggested that such people should eat dense foods such as almonds, avocado, peanut butter; carbohydrates in every meal to account for all the ratio of 50% to 60%.

In addition, to drink more milk, and occasionally eat a high fat diet, before going to bed can even eat some low calorie salmon, steak.

Complaining about

Embryo/sports physical

Movement: Of the nine story Monster Tower is in the eyes

Coordination aerobic exercise and weight training is the best method of training. Professional fitness coach Jake Wayne proposal before weight training, first to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise.

This kind of people is in need of attention to training of the body, should be training more frequently replaced parts, because of their easy adaptability to training of muscle strength, thus reducing the effect of the training.

Complaining about

Catering menu:

Such physical people sensitive to calorie, carbohydrate content should be kept at every meal 40%-60%. In addition, high intake of fruits and vegetables also help such people to maintain a healthy body and shape.

More professionally run Fitness Watch weak signal of this column: sijiabenpao or search the public: private run.

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Shandong young man to save colleagues unfortunately drowned in Tianjin was rescued

Shandong young man to save colleagues unfortunately drowned in Tianjin, was rescued and his colleagues said boy was

Guo Qiang family members.

Official the Tianjin daily news 117 new digital media news Twitter @ 117 news, December 5, at 1 o'clock, Shandong boy Guo Qiang in Xiqing District, Tianjin, district commit suicide to save his colleagues before jumping into the River, rescue colleagues unfortunately drowned. Guo Qiang families very angry is that Guo Qiang is clearly saving lives sacrificed, but rescued his colleagues and two other parties initially Guo Qiang families and police insist that he commit suicide because of emotional problems, until people give testimony, changed three talent Guo Qiang was also innocent. What is the reason for the incident and confusing?

Saving people still commit suicide? Confession day "two changes"

Shandong young man to save colleagues unfortunately drowned in Tianjin, was rescued and his colleagues said boy was

Guo Qiang living pictures.

2:33 December 5, Guo Qiang Zhang Xiaoxu table brother-in-law received a phone call: Guo Qiang fell into a river, you come. Calling the colleagues Guo Qiang Liu, he said, Guo Qiang was bringing them home the middle of something. Site is a female colleague in the evening dinners three colleagues home.

Jiao Li Yu Guo Qiang and Zhang Xiaoxu's cousin arrived one after another. Another colleague, Xiao JI, said Guo Qiang, Guo Qiang mood in the evening was wrong, despite the block jumped off a bridge to commit suicide, he and Liu hurriedly trying to rescue, but failed to save up Guo Qiang. About 4 points, Guo Qiang's body was brought ashore. They followed police to the police after West Green station yangliuqing East police station compound.

Zhang Xiaoxu said police feedback at first, Guo Qiang's three colleagues said he volunteered to jump, but the police raises questions about some details, hope Zhang Xiaoxu, families can find Guo Qiang's friends about his living conditions and mental health.

Guo Qiang Zhang Xiaoxu, who found his contact with many friends reflect not found exception, Guo Qiang a friend also testified in person to the police station. Zhang Xiaoxu remembered the incident happened in front of a community, we may be able to find the witness, she returned to the scene. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart, he finally found the witnesses – live at River Cottage chef LAU, master Liu confirmed that actually saw the man overboard that night, someone to rescue. Zhang Xiaoxu quickly told police the clue. Anhui Hefei version bird s nest coming soon at

Under the testimony of many witnesses, a 180 ° turn. Later Guo Qiang colleagues admitted that initiative to commit suicide instead of Guo Qiang, Xiao JI, Guo Qiang he dived to save drowning.

Parties: we lied, asking forgiveness

December 6 in the afternoon, the reporters came to why don't the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal Bridge on the West side of the scene. Guardrails are installed on both sides of the River, and the sign is set, the bar is not high, adult jumping over embankments on both sides are slopes but steep. Across the River, there is a hut, only more than 10 meters from the site straight away. The time of the incident, lived in the House of master Liu saw the man overboard, rescue, it was too dark, and he couldn't save people who are, but recognition of saving is sure to exist.

In an interview, Zhang Xiaoxu provided reporters with a copy of the recording. Recording, I can clearly hear that mediation by the police, Liu, Xiao JI and another woman said had lied, and admit to Guo Qiang family, asked for forgiveness.

Is willing to save victims, colleagues why at first strong anti-Guo "active jump"? Reporters found Guo Qiang died saving little draw. "Please don't ask, I hate to say this (cause). I want to do now, is sent her brother to go final leg, helped him recover his reputation. "

Xiao JI said that he finds it necessary to have thoughts of suicide, draws back the door and the car climbed over a fence and jumped into the river. "I sank into the water, feet on the ground, jumped Guo Qiang and save me. I was saved to the Bank safe, turn to when going to see him again, I tried to save him, but the water is not up to my neck, I have no choice. "Xiao JI said he and Guo Qiang know time is not long, but each other as brothers, Guo Qiang helped him not only economically, also brought him back home.

Another party Liu crying tears in an interview. "Guo Qiang is a particularly loyal brothers, if I do not say that these (things), I mentally, you never forgive myself. "Liu said before the incident, they eat with 5 colleagues in this plan to sing, one of them didn't go, Guo Qiang about the friend didn't eat with them, and the next morning to the KTV find music, arrived at the scene near the end, we decided to send female colleague Xiao Cao home. Dispute with Xiao JI and Xiao Cao female colleagues on the way, due to the earlier had a similar situation, he and Guo Qiang began and didn't care, until they learn who jumped into. When he climbed over a guardrail, gripped the railing, Xiao JI. Because he could not swim, not the river. Guo Qiang and Xiao Cao on the other side of the fence took him by the hand, see Xiao JI is in danger, Guo Qiang would jump in to save him. When a reporter asked why at first, Guo Qiang family and police say when Guo high jump, Liu is silent, said after the termination interview.

Police: according to the Declaration of "the good Samaritan"

On December 6, the reporters came to yangliuqing East police station responsible for handling the case. Police said the case is further processed, details not be released, but they have been prescribed for Guo Qiang declared "righteous".

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Jiangxi junior girls school was besieged by 5 in the face 11 feet Bureau of

On December 1, Dongxiang, Jiangxi Fuzhou Bureau staff to a surging News (www.thepaper.CN) said the recent network "kick Dong Xiang Yi schoolgirls in Wai student" allegations, given the perpetrators are minors to education, and arrange for psychological counseling the students, the County will be implemented for this type of violence focused on troubleshooting Combs.

Time clock 2 minutes 12 seconds of video displays, in the hallway, a yellow coat woman in a pink jacket woman repeatedly beaten face, surrounded around the sidelines and booing from time to time, then rushed out of two women in the crowd of yellow-clad female feet kicking, pulling hair, and kicked to the ground. A ticket to the dongji islands of Zhoushan real

Throughout the process, the yellow-clad woman was slapped by 5, 11 feet by kicking during beating woman smiled from time to time.

On December 1, the surging Dongxiang County, Fuzhou City Education Bureau told news, Internet video has in fact occurred at Dongxiang in the second, beating for third grade students, was hit with the students. At present, after contacting the Bureau of education and the school have been met by the parties, the attacker apologized to the students, students expressed their willingness to accept the apology appeared in the video is currently in regular classes for students.

The staff complement for beating students, schools are working on solutions. "As both parties are minors, treatment education and we will be guided. "It says, for the students, the school has arranged psychological teacher of their psychological counseling. Next, Dongxiang County Education Bureau of investigation combed the County schools, and strive to prevent recurrence of similar incidents of school violence.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Entertainment comments do you know a man named Yi Yangqian seal boy 15 birthday

Entertainment comments | do you know a man named Yi Yangqian seal boy 15 birthday

On November 28, 2015, the members of the TFBOYS Yi Qian XI, Yang's birthday will be held in Beijing, member Wang Yuan and Wang Junkai birthday on stage. Beijing times-Oriental IC diagram

Yi Yangqian imperial hegemony fans is to let the world know, November 28 day package the whole world for their idols.

Teen idol birthday two months before the age of 15, his fans have made a remarkable feat. At the time, TFboys to participate in the recording of the Emperor Kangxi to the broadcast, it caused a sensation, and three juveniles writing spelling mishap on the websites of the entertainment news section, onlookers overwhelmingly open mocking star level of skill points, apart from the fans, almost no one remembers Yi Qian XI, Yang's dream is to travel around the world. Young said you can buy tickets, waiting for the time to fly themselves.

On in old aunt are think juvenile too young, too simple, sometimes naive of when, easy Yang thousand seal of fans with action confirmed "dream also is to some, if achieved has does" said have has truth--September 25, 2015 late, a on # easy Yang thousand seal around world # of topic instantaneous boarded micro-Bo topic topped, fans for wish easy Yang thousand seal birthday and tailored custom around world of tickets, lifetime effective. It is learnt that the joint Qian XI fan, this is a travel site for the thousand-seal carefully planned surprise, which is a first in fan circles.

Entertainment comments | do you know a man named Yi Yangqian seal boy 15 birthday

Micro-Blog on the topic of Qian XI, Yang's birthday reading is quite amazing.

Celebrates activities in birthday day reached peak, Los Angeles, and New York, and Seattle three to fans hosted private aircraft in three seat city over hanging for easy Yang thousand seal celebrates health of empty with banner, around flight; Beijing time November 28 11:28, a frame Jet on time in Australia Sydney launch, in famous of Sydney Opera over circled, left English celebrates health blessing; in Han fans for easy Yang thousand seal in Korea Seoul high people lots put for a months of Metro lightbox celebrates health And Viet Nam fan Idol birthday wishes are invested in bus body advertising, as the bus moves, Viet Nam spread the message of love.

Entertainment comments | do you know a man named Yi Yangqian seal boy 15 birthday

Bus birthday wishes

Domestic of momentum more vast, Beijing, and Shanghai, and Nanjing, and Changsha, and Taipei time overwhelming all is juvenile of face, virus like occupation has Beijing 30 at Metro advertising, and Shanghai of moon light new world, and Nanjing xinjiekou, and Changsha of 205 block Metro ladder brand, 209 car bus Shang of 417 block TV screen and 58 home high-end buildings and the hotel of media released machine, and Taiwan part city of bus, and bus Pavilion and Taipei small giant egg ring screen. Of course, in addition to the billboards, advertising, fans have also jointly sent out a holiday company in Beijing Fangshan, Beijing Villa right term until death do they part.

Fans took out to the elders to make sushi at home will celebrate Qian XI, Yi yang 15 birthday, dacaodaban not to disturb the party newspaper, but compared with Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy's wedding, about the same size and influence. You know, AH big support behind fashion magazines and several corporate sponsors, Qian XI, Yang's birthday than most fans pay for, money is a small stream into rivers or, is the richest deal or no deal, is to communicate the fact that fans – Cadet Corps strength should not be underestimated.

Entertainment comments | do you know a man named Yi Yangqian seal boy 15 birthday

Qian XI, Yi yang TFBOYS members. Beijing times-Oriental IC diagram

So-called Idol, is gods belief most secular of of extends, easy Yang thousand seal of fans like Western social celebrates Christmas as celebrates Idol of birthday, how many can understanding, but terrible of is juvenile of celebrates health will has became three a juvenile fans summary a high of arena, each other to in scale and means Shang each other comparisons, and each other grind pressure, celebrates health of original in hit money spell pomp of process in the was serious twisted.

Modern spread means pervasive, juvenile mission members from a species degree Shang is movie in Jim Carrey played of of Chu door, completely life in lens Xia, movements are escape not out people of eyes, they of life is was design good of, except academic, brokers will arrangements rehearsal, and performances, and recorded various program, on even birthday this personal event also in fans of role Xia played into a large of commercial activities, small times money concept gave birth to out of near naked of expression way straightforward have was puzzling.

In fact, for many people, the TFBOYS popularity and longevity itself is puzzling, young was able to fight deadly impact comparable to a-list stars in the entertainment figures, with neighbouring countries becomes famous girl group AKB48 similarities exist in the reasons. Relationships with other Idol fans, young fans more like to develop games in the roles and relationships between players, as fans through their own actions affect the role of the player, in the role of their so-called "dream", and in the name of dreams to rationalize their own behavior. When these dreams are in the form of material came out, in addition to the staggering shock, but what a shame. None of the songs from head to toe in the cloud

Of course, dreams, between fans and their idols are more difficult to quantify factors--love. Love is explained by science as a mental illness, this disease that cannot be cured through human history and thus cannot be measured with a simple standard of right and wrong. Fans love for idols probably only with United Kingdom writer Somerset Maugham wrote novels in the veil of sentences:

"I know you're stupid, frivolous, empty the mind, yet I love you. I know your intentions, your ideals, you are snobbish or vulgar, yet I love you. I know you're a second-rate, but I love you. In order to appreciate what you are passionate about those things I try to show you I'm not ignorant and vulgar, gossip, stupid, I struggled. I know that wisdom will make you frightened, so timid. I love you so much, that I don't care. As far as I know, people are falling in love with someone and not to return, often feel sad and disappointed, then become angry and bitter. I am not like that. I never expect you to love me, I never thought you would have reason to love me, I never thought he loved. I love you should be grateful to be given the opportunity. "

Friday, November 27, 2015

NET exposure Sichuan Yibin community chosen as places of drug needles and over

"See these needles is the scalp tingle. "On November 23, the netizens and explosive material, said Guang Yuan, cuiping district, Yibin city in Sichuan province has chosen among several drug-taking place in the district, and has been left unattended to.

NET exposure Sichuan Yibin community chosen as places of drug needles and over, police involved in the investigation

Inserting needles in the wall @ Le Le 518 micro blog

The afternoon of November 27, surging revitalization of Public Security Bureau of Yibin Avenue police station to news (www.thepaper.CN) confirmed that these communities there are drug addicts, after they received a public report to the higher authorities will deal with this matter as soon as possible. Gulangyu pianist Yin chengzong there should not

NET exposure Sichuan Yibin community chosen as places of drug needles and over, police involved in the investigation

@ Le Le 518 micro blog

Fact surging friends tell news, tenants of the Garden District, he was the Sun, 19, third and fourth floors of the building, a total of 8 suites just a family. Starting from 2010, this two-story room and slowly accumulated garbage, as well as a large number of needles.

NET exposure Sichuan Yibin community chosen as places of drug needles and over, police involved in the investigation

NET exposure picture shows, a few spare rooms, filled with trash and old wooden cabinet insert multiple needles, the ground strewn with some needles.

NET exposure Sichuan Yibin community chosen as places of drug needles and over, police involved in the investigation

"Once I passed on the third floor, there is a person like just finished sucking drug walk out from the chosen, staring at me, I feel like running away in fear. "Broke the user said, it was his understanding that, around this issue occurs, is for sale to drug officers to live in, thus attracted drug users.

The user said, went to buy drugs is generally a person, mostly male. Area residents on this matter has been very wary, so not to alert the police, only to reflect the community.

NET exposure Sichuan Yibin community chosen as places of drug needles and over, police involved in the investigation NET exposure Sichuan Yibin community chosen as places of drug needles and over, police involved in the investigation

In this regard, the community neighborhood Committee workers surging news that Sun Yuan, who recently received the community residents, have been police.

NET exposure Sichuan Yibin community chosen as places of drug needles and over, police involved in the investigation

Residents said "drug for sale in the district", a revitalization of the road, police said local police scrutiny of drugs, but have not checked the plot remains unclear.

In addition, the Yibin Public Security Bureau official micro-blog management via Twitter direct message tells the surging news, local public security authorities had on the matter involved in the investigation.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sichuan Teachers College was pulled to the factory and hundreds of new film

Two months of school, on a specialized Hall did not, more than 200 students have been to Xiamen to attend the school "social work"; learned kindergarten teaching, "social practice" was on the line to foil their phone. On November 25, shuangliu County, Chengdu of Sichuan Normal University studying transportation and mechanical technician colleges reflect several students to the online hotline for people in Sichuan province, the school organized the freshmen to the Xiamen company "social practice", and linked with the credits, diplomas, in completely unrelated to your major and work, "this practice right? "

Practice: student foil to the factory, working 12 hours a day

Chengdu city, Sichuan Normal University, transport and mechanical technician colleges teaching freshmen this year xiaowen told reporters on September 1 after admission, schools they had Chinese, maths, English and other courses to help them preparing for entrance examination, exams, and schools on this batch of students sent them to Xiamen, Fujian, Chen hung-technology participate in the "social"-the phone-line foil.

Xiaowen felt that the students "didn't even a specialized section on, were brought to social practice, which is not appropriate. "Even more to their surprise is, some students majoring in pre-school education for school furnished (kindergarten teacher), also wants to go to the factory to foil their phone.

Xiaowen's another classmate Xiao Jiang says, "teachers stressed that this practice must participate, 6 credits, not to take the No 6 minutes, will affect the diploma. "

On November 1, xiaowen over more than 200 students into the factory, such as "social". Before work, students were asked, the school signed a tripartite agreement with the company.

No two days, Xiao Wen discovered something was amiss: initially said the 8-hour working day became "two shifts", working time of up to 12 hours a day, often shift some jobs for a week without a break. They feel that life is too hard, find teacher reflected, said teacher advised them "not to leave, signed to resign the contract money will be deducted. "

According to Xiao Wen introduced, and they are almost all students to work together in this work, vocational colleges from around the country. Reporter contacted the students, at least including the Sichuan Tianyi Academy (Jintang campus) and other many Sichuan schools, students are underage students under the age of 18.

Response: enterprises, without interest, teacher bonuses by the enterprise

On November 25, the people Wen XING Zhen XI aviation Hong Kong hotline reporter arrived at shuangliu airport economic development zone, Chengdu, Sichuan Normal University traffic and mechanical technician colleges teaching confirmation. After many setbacks, the school's vice principal Liu Yirong interviewed.

Liu Yirong confirmed that the school does have 8 Professional more than more than 260 new students in Xiamen, Chen hung-science and technology participate in social practice. This group of students has just been coming in late October after attending college entrance examination, the result hasn't come out, no school, also has not officially admitted, is in waiting for the admission stage, if all goes well, March 2016 will be brought to school. Breaking News

Said Liu Yirong, finished the entrance examination and obtaining student status for some time in the Middle, its schools, this time to participate in social practice, belonging to the school curriculum, one of the aim is to enable students to better adapt to society, the management of the world's top 500 enterprises. "Public hotline-reporter Chen hung-Xiamen science and technology official website found that the company claimed to be focused on Taiwan-funded enterprises, but they can't find nominated world top 500 or the words of China's top 500.

For kindergarten teaching students across professional practice issues, Liu Yirong explained 2015 fall admissions students choose when kindergarten teaching, but because enrollment is limited, schools did not open this major, other professional entrance examination when filling their re-election, so there is no social practice of students go to mobile phone factory.

On "working more than 8 hours", Liu Yirong believes that students ' work hours are completely in accordance with the provisions, "this enterprise there must be working overtime or night work, the school will try to coordinate with the factory when students work long, can be led by a teacher and business consultations. "

"Although social credit link, but we will not force students to participate in social activities. If you are not satisfied with their conditions in Xiamen, can be arranged by the school to other enterprise social practice, also allows students to look for companies to practice. "Liu Yirong said, the firm is a unit of school-enterprise cooperation, cooperation between the two sides have maintained at least 3 years, but she also stressed that the" relationship between school and there are no benefits to the enterprise, students ' social practice is paid directly by the enterprise according to the workload issue. "

But Vice President Liu also admitted that, currently at the school in Xiamen, Chen-hung led a total of 4 teachers of science and technology, "the basic salary for teachers from the school, corporate bonuses, bonuses based on the students ' heads issued averaged 10-15 Yuan. "

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Today s local news select list universities Secretary of confession I was sent

Photo: network

"Shandong" Secretary of qilu large confessions exposed: I was sent money to his family with a sense of accomplishment

A month ago, original party Secretary Xu Tongwen cheeloo University of technology on suspicion of bribery, corruption in heze city intermediate people's Court were tried and sentenced in public, he was sentenced to 13 years ' imprisonment and confiscation of 500,000 yuan of personal property. Prosecutors found that Xu Tongwen beginning in the first year of leadership of corruption, 117 times in the school for 14 years for accepting bribes totalling more than 4 million Yuan. Business's reach for recruitment, tenders, purchase links work and almost all of the College.

And how does he walk the road of corruption? Today, the procuratorial daily published his confessions for answering this question.

"Before 2003, during the planning of linyi University, raised a building Fund for the school, I will feel a sense of accomplishment. Can be after 2012, every time I hear someone sent money to his family, I will not feel a sense of accomplishment. "Xu Tongwen said in his confession.

In his view, that ignorance of the law has a great relationship with myself. "For example, the long time I thought that receiving a gift card is not a bribe, received less than 10,000 yuan of money is not a crime, and so on. These terrible and silly mistakes, resulting in what I received not a penny refused to accept, whose money and everything. "Xu Tongwen says.

Schools are imparting knowledge and educating people, but some colleges and universities campus due to a close operation on the rights to be hardest hit by corruption corruption case.

"Shaanxi" found that 110 years ago, lueyang "Hanyang" rail in the Qing dynasty still in use

According to the Xian evening news reported recently, some netizens in lueyang County, Shaanxi iron and steel limited liability company found on the railway line of jialing River Bridge in service of rail, it was made in the Qing dynasty, surprised admiration of these hundreds of years old Rails was too strong. Kunming municipal party Committee Gao Jinsong

Is located in the South of the county seat across the jialing River of steel railway lines the road less often people go walking on the bridge for sightseeing. Recently, some observant netizens discovered, several rail track in the bridge raised on cast of complex characters "1902 Hanyang", as well as letters and numbers of the serial number. According to some experts, this rail is Hanyang iron manufacture in the late Qing dynasty, on the track "1902" "1909" and other digital production era.

"Sichuan" Chengdu municipal party Committee Li Kunxue, Deputy Party Secretary Zhou Yongkang, was found after the promotion has been encouraged

Sichuan Tiger and the new Act. According to the Sichuan online news, Deputy Secretary of the Chengdu municipal Committee Li Kunxue suspected serious disciplinary violations, currently under investigation.

Li Kunxue Lok reason is still unclear, but the data also showed that a few years ago after he was promoted to Vice Secretary of Sichuan, Zhou Yongkang, also said in a survey during the overlap with. According to the legal daily reported on October 18, October 14 to 15th, Secretary of the central political and Legislative Affairs Committee of the Politburo, Zhou Yongkang, Sichuan for investigation and research.

The morning of October 15, Zhou Yongkang visited the municipal Public Security Bureau of Chengdu, Chengdu city people's Procuratorate, people's Court in Chengdu city, Sichuan province, national security agency, visit condolences to police officers. Li Kunxue, say: "thank you encouraged us to Zhou Shuji, Chengdu University of public security police must faithfully practice the core values of law enforcement and police officers, will live up to their sacred mission entrusted by the people. "

"Jiangxi" Nanchang sea out of Western Han dynasty when rare Lin-toe gold relics has been unearthed from the tomb of Mawangdui

Thanks to Han dynasty burial customs, Nanchang sea out of Western Han dynasty Tomb of Marquis surprise people is not over.

According to the keepers, from November 21 to 23rd, the archaeologists unearthed in Nanchang sea out of Western Han dynasty Tomb of Marquis to 2 boxes of pie, a total of 187. Moreover, archaeologists also found 25 silver dichondra, including rare Lin-toe gold 10.

Since November 4, Nanchang sea evening Hou archaeological excavation of the tomb of Western Han dynasty initial results were announced, has been under scrutiny. It is reported that sea-Hou tombs unearthed tens of thousands of faint, has exceeded the Han tombs at Mawangdui in Changsha.

Nanchang fainted when the sea of Western Han dynasty tombs were found in China's most complete, clear layout, the best preserved of the Han dynasty, Hou cemetery. After 5 years of archaeological excavations, which were unearthed from the tomb of gold, bronze, iron, jade, lacquer furniture, textiles, ceramics, bamboo, inscribed wooden tablet and other types of more than 10,000 pieces of precious cultural relics.

"Hunan" provincial party Committee Organization Department regulations: Secretary of the County Organization Department length with sibling with the origin

Hunan provincial party Committee Organization Department recently issued a circular on strengthening the construction of County party Committee Organization Department long strictly the regulations, sought to further raise the level of scientific organizations.

Provides proposed, organization Minister shall not in I growth to served, General shall not and sibling Party Secretary for same origin (was born to, and growth to); shall not directly is in charge of Government work, shall not served as various project construction command head, General not who other sector or institutions main head; where in de of aspects evaluation not high, and or independent Commission against corruption aspects doubts, and or violation organization personnel discipline by had discipline disciplines disposition of, are cannot served as organization Minister.

In addition, this provision also specifically listed is not up to ministerial posts of the organization needs to be adjusted "negative lists", including the dire consequences of a violation of political discipline and organization and personnel discipline; perform local selection and appointment are not due to grave mistakes have a harsh impact solution on your local personnel selection problems in avoiding problems, can't play.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Cgnpc purchased along the way for clean energy projects in the area installed

Local time November 23, 2015 afternoon, China wide nuclear group limited (following referred to in the wide nuclear) and Malaysia Egypt de pulled global energy company (Edra Global Energy Bhd, referred to Egypt de pulled company) in Kuala Lumpur signed has Egypt de pulled company subordinates power project company equity and the new project development right (following referred to "Egypt de pulled project") of equity acquisition agreement, marks in the wide nuclear in full of market competition in the bid success.

It is reported that Ed company is Southeast Asia's leading independent power producer, has a holding capacity in transit 6.62 million-kilowatt, the capacity equivalent of one-fourth in three Gorges hydroelectric power station installed capacity. These 13 power projects in Malaysia, and Egypt, Bangladesh, U.A.E., Pakistan five "along the way" along national, major clean energy generation to gas projects mainly in Southeast Asia is rich in clean energy project development experience. Meanwhile, ED also actively develop other clean energy projects, which 3.77 million-kilowatt has signed power purchase agreements or binding memorandum of understanding, mainly reserve for natural gas, solar and other clean energy generation projects.

He Yu, Chairman of cgnpc introduced ed project's existing portfolio and business development and development orientation of China Guangdong Nuclear clean energy high, and with cgnpc belongs to Korea gas power generation project could form a strong synergistic effect. This acquisition will promote wider international nuclear clean energy projects continue to grow, on the other hand, Ed the country of the project are "along the way" on behalf of the State, is currently the most widely distributed and largest "along the way" project. Cgnpc acquired Ed 13 power projects of the company, to China "along the way" major response strategies and to actively promote, and further promote the China Guangdong nuclear "going out" the implementation of the strategy. SFC opening external funding tickets: four futures

As overseen by SASAC mega-clean energy enterprises, cgnpc is committed to building a world-class clean energy as the world's leading clean energy provider and the service provider. At the end of October 2015, cgnpc nuclear power units in transit 14 units, installed capacity of 14.92 million-kilowatt, is the nation's largest nuclear operator, safety performance to keep the world's advanced level. Cgnpc also has 12 nuclear power plants under construction, installed capacity of 14.45 million-kilowatt, 1/5 of the total global nuclear power capacity under construction, is the world's largest builder of nuclear power. Meanwhile, cgnpc nuclear and non-nuclear clean energy collaborative development strategy, actively promoting wind power, hydropower, solar, gas and other non-nuclear clean energy projects. At the end of October 2015, cgnpc shipped non-nuclear clean energy installed capacity 12.73 million-kilowatt, the project covering the country's 29 provinces, realized the scale and efficiency of development. Among them, the overseas 3.02 million-kilowatt of total installed capacity, mainly in Korea and the United Kingdom, and France, and Australia, and Singapore and other countries. With the completion of the acquisition, China Guangdong Nuclear nuclear clean energy installed capacity reached 19.35 million-kilowatt in transit, plus nuclear power installed capacity of the project, has more than 34 million-kilowatt shipped in clean energy Assembly machine.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Cut Beijing Xuanwu hospital Vice President signs are stable but not doctor patient

Cut Beijing Xuanwu hospital Vice President signs are stable but not doctor-patient dispute

Photo: vision China

The evening of November 18, Xuanwu hospital, capital Medical University Vice President Wang Lihong was slashed, interface information learned from the Xuanwu hospital, Wang Lihong to rescue, the current stable vital signs.

Amid speculation that the case is with tense doctor-patient relationship-related.

However, Xuanwu hospital said the publicity staff to interface, this is the case for criminal cases, but has nothing to do with disputes between doctors and patients.

For the specific circumstances of the case, the staff member added that police involved in the investigation, but the suspects still at large, on the nature of the case, details will be subject to police.

According to the Beijing times reported earlier, according to Xuanwu hospital emergency room medical staff said, Wang Lihong was cut in yihai garden, Fengtai District, underground garage, "in the chest, neck, a total of four."

Xuanwu Hospital of capital Medical University official website shows Wang Lihong, Xuanwu hospital, capital Medical University, Vice President, responsible for medical, nursing, hospital, pharmaceutical, medical information system. In charge of medical services, nursing, Home Office, information Office of the Ministry. Reject not only stroke patients in a hospital

In October this year, an article entitled the Informationization is the song "the quality and safety of health care" theme--an interview with Wang Lihong, Vice President of Xuanwu Hospital of capital Medical University mentioned in the article, Wang Lihong from Xuanwu hospital medical service officer to the House leadership, engaged in medical administration more than 20 years. During the period of his tenure, has been stressing that "the quality and safety of health care."

It is understood that the Fengtai Public Security Bureau was doing further investigation at present, but as of press time, interface journalists the police investigation of the case could not be reached for further cases.

And according to an interview with Xinhua, Xuanwu hospital emergency room medical staff was informed that Wang Lihong was tracking robberies in the district prior to the incident.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Year value of hundreds of billions of Yuan is broken incineration high calorific

Year value of hundreds of billions of Yuan is broken incineration: high calorific value, low water

On November 18, 2015, Yancheng, Jiangsu, arrived from Nanjing city a car damaged original value of about 3 billion yuan RMB in the discharge of power generation companies. This picture for vision China

On November 12, 2015, the 2015 Edition of the fifth series of RMB 100 Yuan notes to meet people. Many people get a new "local payments", they have a question, where have all the old ones broken Yuan? Reporters began to ask, tinghu district is located in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, territory of the yandong biomass power plant in Yancheng, Jiangsu Guoxin incinerator was Jiangsu who broken the Yuan's "Finish" their treasure here, burning into electricity. The difficult landing a gulangyu Island tourist

Year value of hundreds of billions of Yuan is broken incineration: high calorific value, low water

Red and gray-green "bricks" for damaged RMB 100 Yuan and 50 Yuan crushed separately pressed into every piece of the original value of about 30,000 yuan.

On November 18, the biomass power plant fuel in Yancheng, Jiangsu Guoxin Zhu Hongwei told reporters that after residual money destroys a free car shipping to Yancheng. "A car disabled notes about the original value of 3 billion yuan and weighing 30 tons a month shipment 5 car, brought in about 1800 tons of residual money all year round, and straw mixing burning. "Zhu Hongwei said after money waste residue to discharge and then crushed, making it easier to burn. Biomass power plant will use the money waste residue as raw materials for power generation, is also due to compared to the residual money waste and other biomass as a fuel, its characteristics and the burning of biomass power generation requirements perfectly and high calorific value, water is low.

Year value of hundreds of billions of Yuan is broken incineration: high calorific value, low water

Into "bricks" residual money after waste will still be able to see the original lines.

It is reported that the note-issuing waste residue in biomass power plants outside of biomass power generation, incineration ash can also make building bricks, in the construction sector continued to play dictates.

Year value of hundreds of billions of Yuan is broken incineration: high calorific value, low water

In order to facilitate the incineration, pressed into blocks again damaging the Renminbi must be crushed.

"Money-a load of 30 tons of residual waste to power 30,000-kilowatt. Calculated to household electricity 100-kilowatt time, monthly money-burning broken waste power available to a family about 300 months. "Zhu Hongwei told reporters that since March 2014, today the company has burned money-about 2000 tonnes of residual waste, and through the full combustion, high efficiency bag filter, using incineration ashes making building bricks with a series of means to achieve residual money waste harmless and sustainable process.

Year value of hundreds of billions of Yuan is broken incineration: high calorific value, low water

Because of the incinerator is designed for burning straw, thus damaging the renminbi and mixed with straw burning, burning fully.

Year value of hundreds of billions of Yuan is broken incineration: high calorific value, low water

Money did you collect and straw was on the conveyor belt, sent to incinerators, which they all.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I used to be IS a hostage than airstrikes they were more afraid of our

I used to be IS a hostage than airstrikes, they were more afraid of our solidarity

On April 20, 2014, the day after the rescue, Justine and hollande's public appearances. Agence France-Presse

"In Syria, I realized that ' Islamic countries ' desire to incite revenge, we should not fall into this trap. "France Press nigula·Haining (Nicolas h e Nin) told the United Kingdom the guardian.

Haining was extremist "Islamic countries" (IS) being held hostage for 10 months, during participation in the so-called "Jihad" terrorists from a careful study of the daily life. In his view, the people of pain and sorrow, hope and life will not touch these terrorists, they are living in a separate world.

On Friday, France suffered historic after the terrorist attacks in Paris, Henin and the guardian discusses his views on this incident.

Use "filters" to interpret the world

Henin said as a proud Frenchman, who like others, feel pain for terrorist violence in Paris. However, this is not surprising, nor make people doubt.

"A lot of people just by their publicity materials to understand ' Islamic State ', but I saw some things behind. At the time I become their hostage, I see a lot of ' Islamic State ' member. ' Saint John ' the muhanmode·aiwazi has guarded me, he gave me a nickname called a ' Baldy (Baldy). "

Henin told the guardian, even now, he also through social media and IS a member of the chat. In his opinion, IS through outreach and public relations and advertising to create its super hero's "brand image", but far beyond the lens, more of a sad side: ideology and power heads street children.

Henin said the militants responsible for guarding him sometimes play some childish trick – mental torture. "One day, they suddenly said we would be released, but after two weeks, they seem to be inadvertently reveal, one of us will be executed the next day. Beginning of we'll believe them, then we know that they are talking about, just on us having fun. "

On one occasion, militants will Haining simulated executions. They chloroform anesthesia, a group of French speaking people chanted: "we will cut off your head, put it on your ass, and upload the video on YouTube. "Everything to do with real beheading case exactly the same. In the infancy of the "game" of militants laughing, while Henin was combined with the screaming, so that they have more fun.

In Henin's view, ideology of these militants are being "brainwashed" products, with their own "filters" to explain everything they see, adhere to a variety of conspiracy theories, are not aware of the existence of opposing views. They distorted firmly believe that they are on the right road.

Henin told the guardian says IS world view, other social groups are not harmonious living with them. Every day, they would find evidence to prove that the core beliefs. Thus, when Germany people welcomed the influx of large numbers of immigrants, and such news and photos among other things make them upset, external social cohesion and tolerance is what they want to see.

Haining firmly believe that they will pay close attention to all the news about the terrorist attacks in Paris.

"I guess they will repeatedly praise, ' we won. ' "Nigula·Haining said, IS the militants will now focus on all the news reports about terrorist attacks in Paris, overreaction, and have a tendency to isolation, fear, racial discrimination and xenophobia of signals would greatly encourage their.

"Bombing is what they want, is what they are afraid of solidarity"

Why IS would choose France start?

In Henin's view, this is because the Member IS France as continental Europe's weakest link, they think in France, separatist tendencies can be easily spread.

Greatly enhance efforts to combat IS expressed France's response. Within 48 hours of the terrorist atrocities, France to Syria IS more than 20 bombs were dropped inside.

In this regard, Henin told the guardian admits that revenge may be inevitable, but France also needs to be a cautious response, he worries that massive air strikes might make the situation worse. Investigation PhD farm Chinese Academy of Sciences

"When we tried to destroy IS when more than 500,000 civilians trapped in La to do? What about their safety? If our military action against some of these civilians become extremists do? "Henin appears to protect Syria war zone civilians should be France's priority, not in Syria dropped more bombs. He said that France needs to build a no fly zone to ensure that Syria for the safety of civilians, otherwise, there will be more people spontaneously formed a similar organization IS.

Henin said he wanted France to follow Canada, exit on Syria IS air strikes in the territory. Canada's new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau after a successful campaign last month, announced its withdrawal from the Syria RAID.

But Henin is not optimistic, "reason told me it was possible, but pragmatism tells me that it will not happen. "The fact that France is in trouble:" the ' Islamic State ' we are stuck. They arrived in Paris with Kalashnikov assault rifles, said they wanted France to cease immediately the Syria RAID, and they also know that terror attacks will only let us continue bombing in Paris, and even intensified air strikes. This is what's happening. "

According to the United States media reported earlier, "Saint John" muhanmode·aiwazi was killed in a joint air strikes, France Parliament has expressed a celebration. In the Aivaz killings "spree", he also adopted a dual strategy of intimidation. A video display, killing a United States journalist zhanmusi·Fuli after, he points to the camera tip, turns to the next execution of the victims, said: "Obama, you have to stop in the Middle East situation, or I will kill him. "

Henin said Aivaz clearly knows the fate of the hostages, he also clearly know the United States will be how to respond-the more bombing. This is what IS wanted, but, really, do you want to respond?

Justine Henin believes that there is no viable political route and planned to intervene in local, but he believes that IS bound to collapse, political forces will make this happen. While in France after the terrorist atrocities in Paris, the French needed to do more. "We want to have a strong mind and good resilience, that is the ' Islamic State ' real fear. I understand them: the bombing was what they wanted, and unity is what they fear. "

Monday, November 16, 2015

LV closed 3 stores in China the luxury end of the era of fast money in China

LV closed 3 stores in China: the luxury end of the era of fast money in China

The financial times said LVMH are expected to close more stores in China in the coming months. Xu Haifeng surge information Bull morning news 丨 Zhou xiaochuan and SFC, and September 7, you

Another luxury brand close now, this is the famous LV (Louis Vuitton).

According to the United Kingdom, the Financial Times reported that LVMH (Louis Vuitton) closed at the three restaurants of Guangzhou, Harbin and Urumqi in China, giving the luxury goods group, only about 50 stores in mainland China.

The financial times said LVMH are expected to close more stores in China in the coming months. Until recently, located in the "Rust Belt" of Harbin and Shenyang, have two or three of the Louis Vuitton store, according to people familiar with the matter said, this France brand is planning to shut down the shops in these cities.

In the past few years, luxury branded stores in China used to the increase in the number of curves, each closing is in the news. Allegedly, last year, Hugo Boss closed, 7, Burberry closes 4; this year, the Prada stores in China greatly reduced volume of 2014 30%, 33; Armani outlets number from 49 to 44 per cent; CHANEL store at 11, is the largest branch of the half.

While the public sees is closing, but for luxury brands, for its part, they prefer to refer to this initiative as part of the store policy is changed by adjusting the overall consumption environment.

That is also the case, most comfortable luxury in China, high-growth, high-profit era has ended. Harder than ever to do business, fighting corruption and building a large number of luxury was sold as a gift without a way out, a large number of Chinese people going abroad to buy luxury goods, now slide in economic growth also makes the prospects for luxury goods consumption theoretically less optimistic.

Last month, the LV's parent company, LVMH has said on a conference call with investors closing information out, "If you had two LV stores in second-tier cities, or considering closing some stores. "The third quarter of this year, as Chinese consumers have been stock market crash, and the impact of devaluation of the Yuan against the dollar to 3%, the Group's performance in the Asian market also took a hit, especially the flagship brand LV.

Now stores of luxury brands including LV strategy is "to close some stores with poor operating conditions, remains the best location of the shop", large shop area reached 3000~4000 square meters. Before this round of closing, LV this year opened new stores in Beijing and Hangzhou, respectively.

LV16 Japanese response to the closures, saying, "will continue to invest in the store network in China, to boost our hopes to provide customers with the level of experience. "

Do not assume that "enhance the experience" is formulaic. No worries about the sale of the day, opened more stores means being able to make more money is bad, need to think hard about how to attract more people into the stores. To focus resources more stylish shops, display more categories, enhance the function of the store, passing culture can not only enhance the brand image and really improve the consumer experience.

Again, performance crisis after the United States brands high profile Coach announced that the fiscal year 2015-2017, plans to spend about $ 570 million for rearranging stores.

Reasons for luxury to close some stores, including China's business environment is fast changing. Most brands are ten years ago to enter the Chinese market, ten years downtown in the fall and rise of the new business district in, adjustment is required, close has become inevitable, "was cast as opened the shop, turn the great thing now", a luxury goods surging journalists say people in the industry.

Fortune character Dean Ling Tai says, if closed two years ago, luxury stores is a passive withdrawal, now represented by the LV luxury brands to closing, except out of profits outside the point of consideration, is also a proactive strategy. In her view, business structure, O2O luxury goods will be more ways to provide the experience and services, stores will be used as image display and one way to support online services. Changing patterns of market operation, will make the luxury brand entity business structure under the adjusted line.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

XI Jinping China programme will give powerful impetus to world economic

XI Jinping, China

China's economy remains a powerful driving force for the development of the world economy.

In China President XI to Turkey participate in G20 Summit Zhiji, G20 and emerging national development strategy Research Center Director Zhang Qizuo wrote said, XI President as participate in two big Summit of maximum emerging market heads of State, representative China in two big Summit Shang informed China on hosted 2016 G20 Summit envisaged, combined "Thirteen-Five" planning recommends show China economic light prospects, described insisted and manpower domestic international two overall, proposed achieved Asia-Pacific since trade district of policy recommends, and through "way area" And the international cooperation capacity transfer new cooperation initiatives and "China plan" will give powerful impetus for the development of China and the world.

Zhang Qizuo, said "China is not the engine of the global economy? "Bound in the meetings of the G20 and APEC" two summits "thrown on the heated discussion.

He wrote, it turns out, the international status of China's economy rapidly, China has become the largest emerging-market countries, remarkable progress, for the steady recovery of the world economy has injected strong momentum, and become the leading engine of global economic growth.

He also said that China has entered a deep stage of interaction with the world, is the world's second-largest economy and the economic growth rate of countries, is the world's first exporter and second largest importer, the world's largest to attract foreign investment and the third-largest foreign investor in the country. How many people in China have financial dinner

Zhang Qizuo noted that the current world economic recovery weak very weak, 2015 global growth at its lowest level since 2009. LMF has four times to reduce global economic growth forecast for this year, down from 3.8% so far 3.3%, forecast China's economic growth will reach the level of 6.8%, Russia and Brazil-3.8% and-3%, respectively.

Zhang Qizuo believes that from the international financial crisis, the emerging markets are an important force in supporting global economic growth, and China's contribution to global economic growth peaked at over 50%.

He said China "despite downward pressure, 2015 years 6.9% China's economic growth in the third quarter, ahead of 10 million people in employment, continue to maintain the economy at a reasonable interval for the year, is still in the high side and growing contributor to global economic growth rate this year of up to 30%. "

Friday, November 13, 2015

Henan sent investigation teams investigate human food stored grain in Henan

Zhengzhou Xinhua News on November 13, reporters from Henan branch of grain storage on the day was informed that previously sold grain that appears difficult to look up in Henan province, some farmers "back door" and selling grain, relevant bureaux and departments have set up a joint investigation team will be similar against farmers ' interests, the sale of "human food" a thorough investigation of the situation.

Because food harvests year after year, stock prices continued unilateral gains, State-owned inventory at a high level, traditional major grain-producing province Henan appeared recently sold food, limited capacity as a scarce resource, part of the library staff took the opportunity to rent freeloaders, charged to sell grain farmers, "wouldn't".

Xinhua recently advertised news, recogniting the occurrence of the above situation.

Xinhua reported that from food brokers in huangchuan town Zhang Zhenhai introduced white shops within a radius of 30 km from town this year a delegate of grain storage in the library also opened food, queues hundreds of cars, but the day unloading less than 10 cars. Breaking News

"I have had more than 50,000 kilos of grain, have been waiting for a week also didn't sell. Some queued for longer and are waiting for more than 10 days. But also people can unload a prying is selling ' people food ', each time you want to almost 500 yanzhi wouldn't can yanzhi without queuing, end directly weigh incoming inspection. "

Stored grain in Henan branch officials told reporters that the company attaches great importance to reports of "back door" sold food, after immediate preliminary understanding of the stored grain in huangchuan, mentioned in the report received "Commission" white huangchuan town buying point for grain, huangchuan affiliated enterprises, was entrusted by the grain company to buy one. Stored grain in Henan branch is the joint Government of xinyang city, Henan provincial grain Bureau and, formed investigation teams investigate this matter. Detailed investigation is still ongoing.

The official also said that "human food" phenomenon once verified, will be seriously dealt with those responsible and, if necessary, on the library points to waive rectification. While giving top priority to all commissioned reserve to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the area, further reaffirmed support, acquisition policy requirements, maintaining the grain purchase order for the effective implementation of national agricultural policies.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Jiangxi Nanchang a restaurant explosion 8 injured 5 people seriously 3 covers

Jiangxi Nanchang a restaurant explosion: 8 injured 5 people seriously, 3 covers blown Jiangxi Nanchang a restaurant explosion: 8 injured 5 people seriously, 3 covers blown

Lian Tang Zhen Lian North Road, Xiang GE, Nanchang County restaurant explosion accident occurred. Pictures from the Internet Jiuzhaigou is 57 years old temporary pick dung

Nanchang evening paper, the evening of November 11, Lian Tang Zhen Lian North Road, Xiang GE, Nanchang County restaurant explosion accident occurred. Witnesses said the 7 o'clock 3 explosions were heard, see the kitchen of 3 covers were blown up, all rushing out of scrapes that were burned red. Accident injuring 8 people, 5 of them seriously injured, the injured have been rushed to hospital for medical treatment.