Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Guangdong Dongguan school bus rollover 1 student killed and 6 others injured

7:30 June 28, Fenggang town, emerald mountain lakes school is a school bus rollover occurs. For the scene of the accident.

Beijing, June 28, Fenggang town, Dongguan city people's Government official Micro-Blog messages, June 28 7:30, Fenggang town, emerald mountain lakes school is a school bus, lianhu, Tangxia Town, from Stone Mountain to the cross section of the Tang of turning on the rollover occurred, leaving 1 student injured died.

The investigation, with 15 students enrolled in the car, driver 1, truck-care personnel 1. After the accident, from 1 to 11 years old (senior), the little girl was buried at the bottom left side of the vehicle, the 120 died. Meanwhile, rescued the injured 6 people, including 1 minor fractures of clavicle, 1 minor injuries of the mouth, and the rest were slightly damaged, Tangxia Town have been sent to three hospitals for treatment, not life-threatening. Remaining 8 students have been examined without serious injury, has taken back by parents. Lost public bicycle lost thousands Beijing officials

School bus drivers have now been referred to the police control, the cause of the accident was under investigation.

Guangdong Dongguan school bus rollover 1 student killed and 6 others injured, driver has been in control

For the scene of the accident.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Hunan police respond to pupils stand for jumped to his death after teachers

Hunan police respond to pupils

Xinhua experimental primary school

Changsha, June 25, 24th, network of Xinhua County, Hunan as a pupil teacher stand in the hallway and jumped to his death. Xinhua learned from the propaganda Department of Xinhua County, Hunan province, 24th 8:55, experimental boys at primary six, Xinhua Wu jumped from the building, died after rescue, police investigations, said teacher during the whole incident, and there is no corporal punishment, abusive words and deeds of the student.

Police initially identified, Xinhua, 23rd, Wu classes where students organize class activities, celebrating the school, Wu and three other students in a classroom after school desks moved up to shape. 24th 8:20, came to Wang of the Chinese teacher has found the situation, and students are more noisy, students desks to make restitution. Wu had been sitting where it is unwilling to move and SOBs, my teachers and classmates to give him comfort. Twice a woman three months pregnant and found

According to the survey, 8:53, Miss Wang, classes begin and organize the students to read the text. About 8:55, Wu was suddenly hit with both hands placed on the side of the bag, and got up and walked out of the classroom, guardrail and jumped over the corridor.

After the incident, Xinhua has set up specialized investigation teams. As of press time, disposal and rehabilitation work is underway.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Beijing men s 2 kitchen knife stabbed police mental attacks his father requested

Beijing men's 2 kitchen knife stabbed police: mental attacks his father requested police assistance

The man, armed with two kitchen knife, stabbed two police officers, then man was rushed to the police. Zhangbei officials as impoverished area protect

@ Beijing times official micro-blog on June 21, 2:30 P.M. day, South Court Street, Xicheng District, door, a person holding the knife incident occurred on the 41st floor. Number of nearby residents told reporters that hurts men of the 41st floor, area residents, more than 30 years old, suspected of suffering from mental illness. People familiar with the matter said, the man's father to take her to hospital for treatment, rejected by the man, agitated. Witnesses said the man, armed with two kitchen knife, "he said at the time he was in the hospital took more than 10 years of medicine, don't want to go to the hospital. Wounded two policemen, an injury to the neck, an injury to the face. " Then men were subsequent to police. 4 o'clock in the afternoon reporter on the scene saw pavement bloodstains have been washed.

Later, baoguan micro @ Beijing Youth said today after 14 o'clock, West Branch resident Huang, the Niujie police station area for help, said his son, Huang x (32, registered mental patients in the city), psychotic episodes, requesting police assistance sent to hospital for medical treatment. Police arrived at the scene, yellow so suddenly dashed out from the inside, kitchen knife stabbed two police officers, were supporting police control. At present, the two injured police had been sent to hospital for medical treatment, not life-threatening.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Wire whip for a 9 year old primary school teacher in Hainan the edb serious

Hainan special zone news messages, "the boy was 9 years old, how could teachers be so hard-hearted, under the child out of the hands of such a thing? "The afternoon of June 16, Ms Xu longhu town residents reflected to journalists, Ding ' an, Yong Feng, dingan County school teacher who punished the students events occurred, and her son, Ray (a pseudonym), due to the unfinished work, was an English teacher in a classroom of corporal punishment, left and right lower leg was bruised by bundles of wire whip to red, unable to stand, has been hospitalized. In response, school officials responded by saying, Ray has repeatedly unfinished homework, the teacher "take much" taken way too far under the impatient, criticism of the teacher education for schools. Dingan County Education Bureau official said, the teacher who punished students serious violations of ethics, will be investigated and seriously dealt with, are currently under investigation.

Wire whip for a 9 year old primary school teacher in Hainan, the edb: serious violations of ethics

Photo shows Ms Xu back his son out of the school.

"The child's teacher at school to stand"

Ms Xu told a press conference, June 16, at 11 o'clock in the morning, Ray's grandmother grandson goes to the school gate after school. Ray's grandmother watched almost all the other students walk out, but never saw Ray figure. After about 10 minutes, Ray's grandmother to classrooms in search, Ray found a man sitting in the classroom, silent.

"Doing here? Home for dinner! "Hear the voice of Grandma, Jr" wow "to burst into tears. See grandchildren like this, grandmother anxiously stepped forward to comfort, and let him go home. Ray wept, pointing to sore legs. Grandma lifted Jr pants, Jr is full of traces of beating on the left and right lower leg, had swelled considerably. Grandmother gently touched, Jr was crying with pain. Grandma wants Jr to come home, but he hurts to stand, much less able to walk. Later, Ray's mother arrived at the school, carried him out of the classroom.

Wire whip for a 9 year old primary school teacher in Hainan, the edb: serious violations of ethics

Jr was in the hospital for treatment.

"Bundles of steel wire for teachers smacked the child"

"Kids make a mistake, how can teachers be next out of the hands of such a thing? Child injury like that now, we really love. "The woman sobbed, according to the description of the child, on June 16, at about 10 o'clock in the morning, Jr in English class, due to the unfinished homework, English teacher with bundles of steel hit a good beating. "After they were hit, children dare not say the first time with his family. Until she had found it. "Ms Xu told reporters that this isn't the first time ray was the teacher of corporal punishment, had appeared before in a similar situation.

"Used to be played on the body or legs, but they are not especially serious. Child is naughty, teacher discipline are not wrong. But this is too hard, what shame to play into that? "Xu said that after the injury in children, she immediately to the school leaders and dingan County Bureau of education reflects, then Jr to dingan County people's Hospital for treatment. Diagnosed, Jr for trauma, found no signs of fracture. Currently injections detumescence and hospitalized under observation and treatment.

Wire whip for a 9 year old primary school teacher in Hainan, the edb: serious violations of ethics

Around JR Shin bruises and swollen. Fujian couple luxurious tombs purchase of 3 000

Principal: teacher education does sometimes go too far

Then, contact reporter yongfeng high school principal Li Butian. "After the fact, I with King teacher (teacher concerned) went to the hospital to visit children, sincerely apologize to children and parents, and paid the medical bills. "Li Butian told reporters, according to Wang's statement, before Ray has repeatedly failed to finish his homework. The day job, Ray again failed to finish the job, Mr Wang under a watched pot never boils, corporal punishment of children.

"The teacher is good for children, wanted them to study hard and improve performance. Wang education does sometimes go too far, next, school teacher Wang will be criticized, and with this, for example, training in moral education in schools. "Li Butian said that Wang had six or seven years of teaching experience, and is a very dedicated teacher, but in the students ' education needs to be improved.

Education: teacher practice concerned serious violations of ethics

Dingan County Education Bureau head of the discipline inspection group Wu Youding said in an interview with reporters, the Education Department was informed of the incident, together with the school have sent staff members to the hospital to see Ray and understand what happened.

"Practices of the teacher concerned serious violations of ethics, should not and will not allow to educate students in such a way. In the current investigation is carried out, Bureau of processing results as soon as possible. "Wu Youding said.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Argentina government educational contributions have been rejected the number

Born in Argentina of Pope Francis and Argentina President maolixiao·makeli--Argentina's two influential characters relations cooled again in recent days, cause it is a gross amount contains the number "666" contributions.

According to the United Kingdom the guardian, June 14, earlier this month, Argentina 16.666 million allocated by the Government Argentina pesos (about 7.99 million) donation to an Education Fund, the Fund's supporters are behind the Pope Fang Jige, and during his time as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, the establishment of a body.

But after the receipt of the donation, Francis immediately sent a letter to the Fund in Argentina's headquarters, asking them to return the money and said, "I don't like 666 this number." Returned to the contribution of the Education Fund that "someone is trying to destroy the image of the charity ... ... For Argentina to create chaos and Division ".

It is reported that the Arabic numeral "666" is most widely known in the West recorded in the Bible, revelation of special number into Roman numerals, you can spell out "trying to play God," meaning in the Bible is the Devil's code, this meaning has been applied to Western social networks today.

But Argentina Government denied this donation with any ill will. Argentina Foreign Minister Marcora said Monday after a meeting with Francis said, "and not to the President showing the Pope." "The meeting is very natural and productive, the Pope did not mention contributions accounts or their disagreements on philosophy. "Marcora said.

United Kingdom, the Daily Telegraph quoted Argentina newspaper "La Nación" reported that unnamed Argentina officials said, "determination of the level of contributions is through careful calculation, which is based on the Agency Argentina headquarters personnel salaries, facilities and maintenance costs and statistics, so we are surprised about the subsequent events of the. "

With close ties to the Pope Argentina activist Huan·gelaboyisi (Juan Grabois) Argentina media that "this does not sound very pleasant." "However, if only the Pope's response to '666' this number, it is too simplistic. " Jiangsu college entrance examination to the enrollment

"Today Russia TV news network" message, Francis's supporters say the move is Mauricio Macri's attempt to use the money in Exchange for influence and prestige of Catholic action, the message also said the Pope recently met Argentina aiwei·de·bonafeini anti-us leftist activists (Hebe de Bonafini), people close to the Pope also said he advocates tend to reflect his support for left-leaning socialist thought, He did not support from the Government of centre-right political party of Mauricio Macri to tighten fiscal policy and pro-capitalist position.

Critics had pointed out to the guardian, the Pope refused to contributions from his distaste for Macri harsh austerity measures, which seriously affected the living conditions of the working layer.

Early in 2009, Francis would have a rift with Mauricio Macri. According to the Argentina media, when he was Mayor of Buenos Aires Mauricio Macri refused to legalize same-sex marriage in the city, which Francis is extremely unpleasant.

Thus, when the Argentina media said this donation is Mauricio Macri signal of improved relations and Francis, Francis becomes very angry. Italy the news reports, Francis on the marrow of Education Agency Board of Directors, "said Argentina so many bruised and battered by the Government to solve, we should not accept a penny of it. "

Monday, June 13, 2016

Publication of false information to defraud this year had over 200 questions

Workers ' daily news on June 13, network scale in recent years, job seekers, recruitment is expanding. Analysys think tank monitoring data show that in 2016, the Internet recruiting market size reached 4.61 billion yuan, more than last 18.8%. By 2018, the number will increase to 6.37 billion yuan.

Is accompanied with, cases of fraud committed through Web site publishes false information are not uncommon. This year, authorities investigated problems recruiting site reached more than more than 200. Sichuan Ziyang of a mentally retarded man who

In an interview with reporters of the daily worker was found, online recruitment scams often rely on the formal platform or precision according to job seekers resume fraud. At present, China's recruitment websites, there is no uniform safety standards, this brings to the regulatory difficulties.

Called "Manager" call the listener into a civilian police

On May 4, the unemployed 19-year-olds in the Shandong zaozhuang Tong Guangliang received a "Manager" on the phone. Tong Guangliang had learned on the Internet "Johnny" logistics company in Beijing to zaozhuang Merchandiser. After receiving the call, on May 6, he arrived in Beijing for an interview.

But "Johnny" no Tong Guangliang interview, but took him to Chinese in Beijing Dragon freight centre. Tong Guangliang according to requirements to "Johnny" 1200 "meals", the day he was scheduled to travel to the pre-service training place.

Tong Guangliang soon discovered that he was sent to work for a security company. Same here "training" after Merchandiser realize that not, began repeatedly called "Johnny" on the phone. Through the phone again, it was the afternoon of May 10, the end of the line who has become a Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau of Fengtai branch of Yang Qiao, Zheng Siqi of civilian police stations.

Zheng Siqi described, after more than a month of investigation, he and his colleagues in the afternoon to "Johnny" led by 4 people catch the fraud ring. From the account statistics of suspects, since February this year, the gang through online recruiting, offline payment form, a total of nearly 100 applicants for fraud.

Since February this year since the country network in conjunction with the departments concerned to investigate and punish more than two batches of more than 200 serious irregularities in credit recruitment website. In the second investigation of the site, there were 159 suspected of providing a large number of illegal promise jobs, 49 sites without registration or permit.

Liar "hitchhiking" precision application cheat

According to 58 city "anti-fraud Alliance" provides data from 2013 to 2015, Internet users type of Internet fraud complaints, network recruitment fraud the highest proportion, with "interview" or similar reason to invent all sorts of charges of 74% per cent, average fraud amounts to 372.

A hiring industry told reporters that many criminals now "ride" formal platforms, collecting job seekers resume "made to measure", the implementation of accurate fraud.

In May this year, 26-year old Susie in the formal recruitment Web site job search being defrauded. She's with several big recruitment website and see a "type part-time" job information, after the candidate, her time in less than 4 days, 3 times being cheated of more than 600 Yuan. In her view, the trust that she fell into the crook of the recruiting platform trap. And judging from the QQ Group number, and victims of the same batch has more than 200 people.

Police warned that job seekers upload your resume, and will also provide opportunities for criminals. Résumé information using filters, scammer will invent completely meets the requirements for job-seekers to lure their bait.

After studying the dossier, Zheng Siqi told reporters that "Johnny" case, the fraud ring scams targeting Shandong young man, "from Beijing to Shandong logistics Merchandiser" is fabricated according to resume: "Merchandiser does not require professional skills and work often went home, which of course is very exciting. "

Urgent introduction of uniform safety standards

Increasingly rampant recruitment fraud network has seriously affected the healthy development of the online recruitment market, which attracted the attention of relevant departments.

Experts said that at present, China's recruitment websites, there is no uniform safety standards.

Relative to the direct attachment of small sites, how to solve the problem of large Web site information is quite a mixed bag is more complex. Journalist login a few well-known recruitment website, found the fraud alert is set prominently in Web page, advise the applicant if the employer in any capacity charge is an offence. But when a reporter to some job seekers often cheated by keyword search, there are still many eligible posts. Many job seekers say, recruitment pamphlets will be hard to tell which is true.

Under the management of Internet information services, Internet service providers with basic safety management duty, taken on for some significant information to filter, delete, block and other necessary measures to deal with it. But it is worth noting is that existing law gives only the network service providers for information security management, but to what extent is this measure fulfilled the obligation, but there is no uniform legal provisions.

Experts said the implementation of real-name system is an effective first step to curb online recruitment fraud. Also, also can according to recruitment website charged costs or not to defined its whether should information be audit and bear responsibility: If free released, is for lack on user released information of prior audit capacity, website only bear reminded user prevention fraud of responsibility; if to enterprise charged has must costs, so website not only to strictly audit information released who of related qualification, once for audit not strict to job who brings loss, website also to joint bear infringement responsibility.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Six hit by a truck with 1 dead 11 injured in Shanxi users questioned due to

Beijing, Taiyuan, June 10, in recent days, XI Xin Bao high-speed qicun hit six cars and even accidents triggered netizens comment. Some netizens questioned police search vehicles on the Highway before the accident. On June 10, the reporter learned from the Shanxi high-speed traffic police detachment, the traffic accident case, but traffic Police Department to "high speed search vehicle" denies.

Recently, a small traffic accident video circulated on the Internet and micro-circle of friends. Video shows on June 7, 2016, the XI Xin Bao qicun Balder to Xinzhou direction at high speed near the toll station, a bus pulled trucks and five cars crash, causing traffic jams.

On June 10, the reporter learned from the Shanxi high-speed traffic police detachment, the accident is true. The morning of June 7, XI Xin Bao Balder to Xinzhou direction at high speed traffic accident near the toll station in qicun, 1 people were killed and 11 others were injured.

After the accident, traffic Police Department has not released a message about this accident, raised many concerns and questions. Some users questioned said: "traffic police check without a license driving a car at high speed, truck stop, later stopped, before the accident. "

In this regard, the Shanxi high speed traffic police detachment said: "no online car questions and speculation, a fine collection of black money, the scene of the accident a police recorder as evidence. "

At present, the vehicle has been carried out by the accreditation body the body an inquest, the specific cause of the accident is under further investigation. Thousands of people buying a House was demolished

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Chinese civil servants participate in the Netherlands to Mars don t think they

Chinese civil servants participate in the Netherlands to Mars: don't think they can, family members also opposed

Li Dapeng China Visual information

Chengdu business daily news on June 8, Netherlands "Mars first" on June 6, "Mars program" has entered the third step, currently 100 candidates elected in the near future to receive a 5-day test. By then, they will be further reduced to 40 people, 24 of them will eventually be chosen, travelling to Mars on a one-way trip.

According to the United Kingdom, the daily mail reported, "Mars first" the company said in a statement: "during the 5-day process, the candidates will face a variety of challenges. This will be all the candidates met for the first time, and the ability of their team. "The latest test item 90% is borrowed from NASA to, candidates would be group test.

Chengdu business daily in the first contact the Forestry Bureau Li Dapeng, Handan city, Hebei province. February 2015, with another Chinese girl Li Dapeng, was included in the "Mars first" plan list of 100 candidates for the final landing on Mars.

The afternoon of June 7, Chengdu business daily journalist, contacted Li Dapeng. He is work, normal life was not as "Mars first" the company's latest statement on June 6 are affected.

Companies are short of money, made a number of learning materials

He told reporters: "the next round of selection (third step) specific time has not been decided, because the company said the lack of money, still raising money. "For this, Li Dapeng said understanding. He said: "it just like startups, need a round, b round of financing. Now the global economic downturn, they must also find the money. "

Since the beginning of last year was elected to the 100 candidates, "Mars first" company and Li Dapeng 100 candidates have kept in touch. Li Dapeng said, there is a group of mail, everyone in the above exchange, "but, basically, I was just looking, very little. "

In addition, the "Mars first" company also sent everyone a third round selection of learning materials. The picture provided by Li Dapeng, Chengdu business news reporter found a total of 10 are all English materials, including "food fit for Mars", "space environment human health and performance", "rules of law and moved to Mars."

Li Dapeng told reporters: "just got the materials first into Word, then use translation software, difficult to pull. Averaging 20 pages, before the next round of selection must master the material. In plain English, enough. "

A little pity, and the Chinese girl group

It is reported that the top 100 candidates from all over the world, professional are varied. When asked about the advantages of their own, Li Dapeng said: "I was graduated from the China Agricultural University, school of Biological Sciences Department of plant. If I go to Mars, helps to cultivate crops, learn principles of life maintenance systems, is very useful. "

"Mars first" company requires 100 candidates to choose a partner to team up, each group of 10 people, a total of 10 groups. When selecting, 90% learn from NASA (United States Space Agency) of the selection procedure.

Li Dapeng picked group, but communication is very inconvenient, and may affect his exchanges with the rest of the group.

Li Dapeng and Bian Sien is selected in-Chinese girl. Li Dapeng said: "her parents are aerospace circles, could be about to get NASA is how the selection. Unfortunately, I didn't talk to her for a group. "

For the selection, Li Dapeng mentality very well, nor did he mean to weight training. He said: "the selection set off, too late again. "At the same time, Li Dapeng also believes that the results of selection will be the Chinese," Chinese and American are two of the world's richest countries. China's influence, China's large population, attracting ratings. "He explained.

If food is scarce, what would you do?

"People sometimes need to leave minimum appetite"

According to Li Dapeng said, January 19, 2015 "Mars first" company in the interview when asked him: "to Mars, if you have the opportunity to come back, you come back? "Li Dapeng's answer was:" don't come back, return is too risky. "

The answer, he explained: "people stay too long in a weightless environment in osteoporosis, not on Earth. Launch landing craft can be risky. In addition, return 7 months, who knows what will happen in space. "

According to media reports, in a recent video, "Mars first" company asked the candidates: "If your food is scarce, will you consider eating fellow astronauts? "Li Dapeng and not being" Mars first "company to ask this question. When asked by reporters on the issue, when Li Dapeng did not give a definite answer. He replied: "organism is a carrier of energy, could eat into other forms. Need concrete analysis of concrete problems, of course, people sometimes need to leave minimum appetite. "

What do you think of "Mars first" program?

"I don't think it is a scam"

2015 United States 20th Century Fox have released a film called the rescue of Mars. Li Dapeng also watched this movie. He told reporters: "look at the time, and did not cause the heart of surge. Contrary to scientific knowledge but I always pick the movie. "When it comes to Mars when planting, Li Dapeng said:" in the short term was also airlifted from Earth to Mars, on lower food costs. Martian soil cannot be used directly, there are many harmful ingredients. Cost is going to be planted on Mars, involved the construction of greenhouses or something. But in the long term, it is also necessary to solve the problem. "

In talking about "Mars first" plan, Li Dapeng did not think it was a scam. He told Chengdu business newspaper reporter: "the idea sounds crazy, but they do dare to think. We can't because the chances of success are low does not try, so that no one can go to Mars. More and more people try, and have a chance of success. In addition, by participating in, and I learned a lot of things. Regardless of the outcome, it is the experience of others. "

"I don't think they can make"

From February 20, Li Dapeng found himself an instant "fire". "Mars first" news, media across the country have come to interview or telephone connection.

According to the previous media reports, the last lunar new year third day at 8 o'clock in the evening, Li Dapeng hurried to high school for the new year's Party. Everyone said with a teasing: "no longer posing you on Mars! "

In talking about "Mars first" plan possibility, Li Dapeng told Chengdu business daily said: "I don't think they can do this thing. As we all know, the most reliable at this stage is the United States of the SpaceX company. Somebody else's boss with the right experience, skills, and money, as well as package. Mars first, ' does not have a cooperation agreement with SpaceX, so there is little prospect of success. "

Since becoming a "Mars first" plan candidate, Li Dapeng family strongly opposed. 34 years old, he is now the father of two children. He told reporters: "the family has been against me in this matter. In fact, I am now the most realistic hope is that through this activity out of a trip to the country. " Guilin Xinhua asked sky high priced fish why the

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Beijing police investigating a third student to student drinks throw chemicals

Beijing police investigating a third student to student drinks throw chemicals

School bulletin Shenzhen responded no power challenge road of

According to micro-news today @ peace officer in Beijing, Dongcheng District, a middle school student in the beverage drinking during school classmates put chemicals poisoning case, police had to intervene, is stepping up investigation.

Beijing police investigating a third student to student drinks throw chemicals

@ Peace issued by the Beijing News.

Beijing times reported that Beijing's Huiwen middle school students in grade three of Zhao to his classmates he added to a beverage bottle bought chemicals, Luo Hua poisoning in hospital after drinking caused organ damage. The school's vice principal confirmed this incident. Dongcheng District Board responded, dropping chemicals non-malicious, the school has already given a demerit.