Sunday, February 5, 2017

Murder suspect fled 12 years in Jiangxi caught by the police in Shandong business

Murder suspect fled 12 years in Jiangxi, caught by the police in Shandong business watch

Suspect Tao Yong was captured. Police photo Unpaid 68 aged 4 years migrant workers didn t

Fujian, Jiangxi in connection with knife-kill the men absconded after 12 years, on February 4, 2017 dasheng anqiu city of Shandong Province Public Security Bureau police captured. Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from anqiu City Public Security Bureau confirmed that the suspects have been handed over a superior public security organ, the case law review.

Anqiu City Public Security Bureau published the case informed the show suspect Tao Yong, in January 2005 in Jinjiang city, Fujian province, used a fruit knife to kill a victim in partnership with others conceal their identity after absconding. During the Spring Festival this year, anqiu civilian police mission was informed that a clue to a "Tao Jiang" working personnel suspected fugitives from other provinces. Civilian police through the relevant sentence of information integrated query and research analysis found, named "Tao Jiang" personnel photos at large information system to a "Tao Yong" suspects are very similar, most likely the same person.

Reported that through work, the police gets further clues: the "Tao Jiang" in Weifang, a commercial center basement level supermarkets watch counter. Police immediately organized police forces rushed to the Weifang, tracked through a undercover investigation, preliminary locking suspects. 11:45 A.M. February 4, dispatched, after police followed the suspect from the Mall underground garage making an arrest and successfully captured it. Upon review, "Tao Jiang" actually suspect Tao Yong, fled out of business for more than 10 years, this was eventually arrested.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Guangdong Police transferred to Hong Kong stewardess corpse hidden closet case

Photo: network China Skynet action stage victory was recovered

February 1 at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, upon request of the Hong Kong Police, was arrested in the Mainland, "Hong Kong stewardess corpse hidden closet case" suspect Mo Junxian, was escorted to the Hong Kong-Shenzhen boundary of Huanggang in Shenzhen with Lok Ma Chau Bridge, and officially handed over to Hong Kong Police by the Guangdong Police escorted back to Hong Kong. Mo Junxian since 2000, was handed over to Hong Kong Police by the Guangdong Public Security Authority 174th born criminal.

October 2016, the Hong Kong Police letter, request the Mainland public security authorities to assist in the investigation to arrest absconding Mainland Hong Kong major kill suspect Mo Junxian.

Mo Junxian (male, born on November 4, 1987, Hong Kong) in Hong Kong is a society sensation, "flight attendant corpse hidden closet case" of suspects. December 8, 2013 2:10 A.M., 26, the Dragonair flight attendant Chen was found murdered, Allway Gardens apartments-body in the bedroom closet. Extensive investigation by the Hong Kong Police confirmed that Mo Junxian her ex-boyfriend has major suspected of the crime, its dispute with Chen for trifles, Allway Gardens, Tsuen Wan Chen pinch died at their home in flight. Subsequently, the Hong Kong Police reward of HK $300,000 arrest Mo Junxian.

After receiving a notify the Hong Kong Police case, the Guangdong public security organs attach great importance to and deploy public security organs at the provincial and municipal levels capable force task force around Mo's activities in the Mainland to conduct in-depth investigations, spare no efforts to arrest and keep in close contact with the Hong Kong Police, met to coordinate and exchange intelligence leads on the case several times.

After several days of hard rigorous investigation team Mo Junxian activity areas in the Mainland and tracks have been identified. On October 29, the public security organs in a beauty salon in Longgang District henggang store will Mo Junxian successfully captured. Trial, Mo Junxian in Hong Kong killed his ex-girlfriend and inscrutability confessed the crime. Guangdong public security authorities to notify the Hong Kong Police for the first time.

The incident in Hong Kong, victim and crime per capita for Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong. At the transfer site, the Guangdong public security authorities and the Hong Kong police official said, the case detection, close cooperation in combating cross-border crime is co-operation and success stories, is a long-term close cooperation, both the police force and win-win results, and police authorities in recent years around the fight against serious cross-border crime, and constantly improve our ability to combat crime results. Detection of the case also shows, neither Hong Kong nor the mainland criminals "safe haven", police will continue to maintain close cooperation between the two places, severely crack down on all illegal and criminal activities, efforts to maintain social stability and people's well-being of the public.

According to understand, Hong Kong return yilai, mainland police organ and Hong Kong Police firm implement "one country, two systems" approach, from conducive to guarantees between residents lawful rights and interests of, and conducive to combat across border crime, and conducive to between long-term prosperity stable starting, in mutual respect, and mutual support, and non intervention other law enforcement activities of spirit, in counter-terrorism, and combat across border crime, and business exchange and the police works training, the aspects for has rich effectiveness of cooperation. Among them, the Hong Kong police force has set up a high-level regular meetings, exchange of information, case coordination, training, Exchange and cooperation mechanism to jointly solve a series of major cross-border crimes and maintained social stability and prosperity of the two places and the lives and property of residents.

Source: Ministry of public security website

Original title: Guangdong police handed over to Hong Kong Police major murder suspect Mo Junxian

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

B stop new year s Eve attack some account of moral values fall out says report

New year's Eve night, beep beep barrage network and its users are experiencing a not-so-pleasant things.

The evening of January 27, a Netizen in the opening beep beep barrage network (commonly known as b), found their accounts had been "muzzled" barrage and the comments could not be sent because of lost "moral values."

"Moral value" is beep miles beep miles play scene network for user behavior for management of a way, according to beep miles beep miles play scene network introduced, if user in using b station Shi appeared bad behavior, as play scene comments content involved advertising, and erotic or personal attack Shi, user account of moral value on will corresponding reduction buckle, dang moral value below must numerical Shi, account on will into ban statements even half seal stopped state, cannot for released play scene, and comments and followers, and added tag, part common operation. Users log in every day will increase by 1 point and moral values, restore up to 70.

B stop new year's Eve attack: some account of B stop new year's Eve attack: some account of

Beep beep barrage NET moral value sets

According to users in micro-Bo Shang of feedback, the was encountered attack of account, in not for violations operation of situation Xia, moral value on was directly buckle light has, in view personal of login records and moral records Shi, except "moral off light", users also found has such a text description: "I is b station internal employees, on new year's Eve night was superior forced overtime and threat, I is unbearable has, b station usually on often malicious arrears took various reason deduction wage, insult employees, sold up main personal information. B did not collapse, but it has changed. "

B stop new year's Eve attack: some account of B stop new year's Eve attack: some account of B stop new year's Eve attack: some account of

Beep beep-mile barrage users that their account is under attack "Man Ray", and received a station b, claiming to be the employee's written description

However, this statement failed to get a b, station officials confirmed.

Beep beep-mile barrage microblogging network in the evening of January 27 said, has been the massive attacks from outside, b station have begun investigations, and police. "The night of January 27 6:20,bilibili began to suffer massive attack from the outside. Subsequently, 10:30, our backend approval system was attacked, associated with moral value system is compromised. Currently, technicians were quickly restored user accounts of all malicious attacks, please rest assured. For the source of the attack we have investigated and reported. We strongly condemn this attack for up Lord, for users, no matter what your purpose is, we will check after all. "

B stop new year's Eve attack: some account of

Beep beep external attacks on your barrage of microblogging network said, the source of the attack has been investigated.

January 28 at 3 o'clock in the morning, beep beep barrage network officially announced that been taken account of moral values because of the attacks, has been completely restored. The statistics, this attack account number account b, accounted for 1.8% of the total, mostly and Lv5 Lv6 account.

"The only moral value affected by the attacks, user ID and password security, will not be affected. If members find their accounts still affected, please feel free to feedback to customer service, we will immediately work with resolve. "Beep beep barrage network said. Baidu s youngest Vice President Li Mingyuan resigned

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Hefei hanged himself on a balcony pipe in a pupil s House family says has criticised

The night of January 20, Shushan district, Hefei city, Anhui Province within a community, of a boy who was found hanging at home balcony in a water pipe. 23rd, surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from Hefei Shushan branch of Public Security Bureau confirmed that by rescuing the boy died, criticized their families reflect the incident due to a play game boy has been excluded from criminal cases.

Fei bin Shushan cheonggyecheon road district. Village resident to surge-news, 20th, 11 o'clock at night, community drive to a 120-ambulance, a household of boys was emergency rescue. According to the view of the household, the boy was found hanging with staying with family at home on a balcony pipe, family and immediately hold down the boy and 120 for help. "(The boy) was only 12 years old, elementary school, winter break now. "

Shu Shan police station staff confirmed to the news the surging, after hospital treatment, the boy eventually died; his family reflected, boys playing games at home before the incident, said a few words was criticized; according to the investigation, criminal cases, may be excluded. Parking problems erupted at the end of the Lake

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jilin women divorcing Hall suspected the man ignited the head suspects escape

The morning of January 11, Bureau of the marriage registration Department in panshi city, Jilin province, a husband and wife after the divorce her head caught on fire, the man calm left. On January 18, the municipal party Committee propaganda Department in panshi City staff to a surging News (www.thepaper.CN) said the police after the incident that the man listed as most wanted online, now that the man is still at large, police are trying to arrest them. Nude lenders talk about meat service a customer

Surveillance video shows the marriage register in panshi city, the registry Hall, a man with a dark coat flapping pants put out the fire of Mars; man appeared next to a woman's head suddenly burst into flames. Sees two men ran to help fire-fighting, to no avail, women taking off his coat, more fires burn more; then another man holding a dry-chemical fire extinguisher to spray the sustaining, the fire destroyed; in the women's head on fire, and other fire fighting, calm dark clothing men, women head man ran out of the Hall before the fire was put out.

Surging public had told news in panshi city, video couple deep clothing for men and women on fire, before the divorce. Jilin city, the Wuhan evening news reported official micro-blog, finished on both sides after the divorce, the man suddenly fuel spilling the liquid to the woman and set it on fire.

On January 12, surging above head to rock municipal Internet Information Center-News, for "the man burned after the divorce her" one case, police are investigating, men fled the scene after the accident, has not been caught; woman was burned, has no life danger.

On January 16, panshi City Public Security Bureau released through the official Micro-Blog News: January 11, marriage registration Department in panshi city in a case in which a man set fire to the woman's head. After the incident, Rock Police Organization police started investigations immediately. At present, the men had been wanted by the Internet, rock, police are trying to arrest them. After treating the investigation clearly, rock for the first time released the situation.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Expose only military railways in China to the Jiuquan launch Center

Perennial has a connection to the desert with the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center of contact with the outside world railway, the railway was only a military railway in China.

Expose only military railways in China: to the Jiuquan launch Center

Where the Euphrates poplar can live and have a dream people. The vast desert, in addition to the endless desert, year-round is a connection to the desert with the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center of contact with the outside world railway, as well as perennial officers and soldiers stationed next to the railway, the railway was only a military railway in China. On the road to the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in China before the opening, the railway is the only way to reach the launch Center. The past, the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center needed supplies and other materials, almost all by the railway transport. Now the railway protection of life, the most sacred mission is charged with launching centers required to launch rockets, satellite transport tasks.

Expose only military railways in China: to the Jiuquan launch Center

East railway station.

Expose only military railways in China: to the Jiuquan launch Center

About to start engine.

Expose only military railways in China: to the Jiuquan launch Center

Waiting for the bus and the masses of officers and soldiers.

Expose only military railways in China: to the Jiuquan launch Center

About Sunrise, two warriors looked out of the window, or whether it is home!

Expose only military railways in China: to the Jiuquan launch Center

Trains traveling to Sunrise views.

Expose only military railways in China: to the Jiuquan launch Center

Sun rises in the East.

Expose only military railways in China: to the Jiuquan launch Center

This tontine railway length of nearly 300 kilometers, along the way to a total of 36, today we went to 70 km with train number. Mainly responsible for 65 to 75 km of line maintenance test transport train and guard duty.

Expose only military railways in China: to the Jiuquan launch Center

In dot's small yard, training soldiers insisted on the queue.

Expose only military railways in China: to the Jiuquan launch Center

Company's Library holds soldiers picked up stones, we gave stone a good name.

Due to the large sand, officers and soldiers made up a protective wall of sleepers, protects only a little forest. 70 km, is located in the edge of the desert, little rain all the year round, difficult conditions. In the growth of Populus euphratica cannot place, soldiers and officers, along with the railroad held out for 59 years through the dust bowl. Batch after batch of soldiers to leave, but stick to the spiritual heritage of the desert!

Officers and men of sand and grass planted.

Officers draw their own poster.

Officers and men of the main task of road painted on the wall, reminding his mission in mind. Thousands of ceramic poppy debut United Kingdom

Near, there is a dangerous, the soldiers carried the sleepers ready to repair.

Sleeper men.

Sand now and then into the shoe, a soldier in the cleaning shoe. At this point, the soldiers there is a saying, "a year is a wind, blowing from spring to winter." Points at the edge of the desert, is located in the air, strong winds, wind maximum can be up to ten levels, visibility is less than two meters, so officers and men, summed up the points more than more than three. A pocket of sand. Cruise lines annual sand continue, soldiers unwittingly in the Pocket is filled with sand. Second, face the "spot". Gobi desert UV strong, sand down, officers and soldiers stacked face almost all the years of sun spots. Third, hand cut. Perennial picks, removing sand and doing hard physical work, and water salinity, so soldiers hand crack.

The vast Gobi desert, patrolling troops slightly lonely figure.

Patrol ran into a train on the line.

Patrolling soldiers salute to the train.

Further away the train.

Patrolling soldiers face.

Patrolling soldiers face.

Patrolling soldiers face.

The Gobi.

Patrolling soldiers face.

Soldiers said that along the desert, poplar grow only a wild plant called alhagi can barely survive. Just like alhagi maurorum roots officers and men in the Gobi. At first glance, the vast desert, railway lifeline connecting the Chinese Aerospace dreams and the Bugler working in Lifeline's space dreams unknown cultivator!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Carrying firearms Kokang Chinese recruits to Yunnan lincang police have captured

On January 10, 2017 surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from Meng Yong, lincang, Yunnan Province Public Security Bureau police station confirmed that a Chinese Kokang of lincang city, carrying firearms and ammunition into the territory of lincang Public Security Bureau, has been captured. 90 years old and denied travel return flight the

A network of "circular" show recently, a member of the Kokang recruits Wu County Brigade of Chinese nationality (gender: male, domicile address: nanchuan district, Chongqing) carry firearms and ammunition to escape troops, lincang city, has now come to please the masses look, if found please contact Meng Yong police station immediately.

Inform the phone below the police station and police officers, as well as Wu pictures.

Carrying firearms Kokang Chinese recruits to Yunnan, lincang, police have captured

Diagram for circular

Meng Yong, lincang City Public Security Bureau police station informed the news confirms the authenticity of the surging staff on January 10, and said the man had been captured, specifics are under investigation.