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A charity cemetery in XI an embarrassment cold case the tomb of 5 000 operating

XI ' an, China Youth online, March 31, Xian City, Shaanxi Province, a tomb has 5,000 public charity cemetery, buried only 3 people – recently, the XI ' an city, caused widespread concern about reports in the local media. This tomb has 5,000 Fengqi of charity cemetery, is located in XI Feng Qi mountain of terrestrial cultural Memorial Park, where mountains and water, transport facilities, can be arrived in half an hour's drive from downtown. However, while the masses generally reflected for a long time, "death", "can't afford to bury", the other side of it is public welfare cemeteries "help wanted." 19 year old college student with the scam telephone

Green online journalists in an interview in China Youth daily found that China is vigorously advocated promoting the public welfare cemeteries, in the face of public embarrassment when choosing "cold case." In this regard, the Administration and industry insiders said: change this situation depends on the public "practice" traditional concepts of change.

Three years ago, to address common people "funeral expenses" issue, introduced in the first file, Shaanxi Province, pushing the construction of city public cemetery. With them, a series of measures following the implementation.

"Feng Qi charitable Cemeteries" project, that is, in this context, by the Shaanxi Provincial charity Association Agreement signed with Feng Qi mountain humane Memorial in May 2015, invested 60 million Yuan to build 5,000 small cells. The implementation deadline for the 20-year project, plans to accept number less than 260 people every year.

"Charitable service groups, which are limited to XI ' an city ' three noes ' staff, rural, ' wubaohu ', policyholders and other poor people. "Feng Qi mountain humane Wang Rong, Deputy Director of the Memorial, told reporters that these charity free land, materials, construction, management, and facilities fee, only pay 3000 RMB 20-year cycle of care. For particularly difficult, can be exempted from all charges. Meanwhile, the charity application procedures are extremely simple: as long as the Community issue relevant certificates, you can check in directly to the cemetery.

Such a good policy, why only 3 people were buried? Wang Rong, said charity cemetery project agreement signed last May, began running at the end of last year, "running time is very short," now put 3 per capita for burial before the Spring Festival. In addition, the preferential policies of this project is not widely known to all, also leads to less people know.

"The main reason is because of insufficient psychological acceptability of charity, public cemetery. "This statement in Shaanxi Province Civil Affairs Department Deputy Department of social services investigator received confirmed Zhang Yong.

A case study of Feng Qi shan Memorial Garden of humanity, all total there are tombs of 100,000. Among them, there are 30,000 or so tombs for the public good, you need to pay the cost of only hundreds of thousands of Yuan. This contrasts with, operating prices in each of the Tomb in the Park is 20,000 to 30,000 yuan, much higher.

Reporters learned that public cemetery in Shaanxi province a single grave charges of averages around 2600 Yuan, only the market price of around 1/3. If it is a columbarium (wall walls) deposit or ashes are buried, the costs are lower.

Wide price difference is not made public by the public favor. This phenomenon is not the individual – Shaanxi Province, according to related regulations, except after years of effort, completed 65 city public welfare projects, 769 rural public construction projects outside of the cemetery, 76 operating cemetery in the province are also premised on a for-profit basis, to fulfill their social responsibilities, take out public burial tomb of 30%.

Price of public cemetery, by the price Department, Government approved prices, implementation of "guaranteed profit" sales. To this end, the city, Shaanxi Province, 5 million yuan each, district and county level each of 3 million yuan in subsidies, has put the public welfare cemeteries support capital of 280 million Yuan. But from the current situation, the use of urban public "not optimistic."

"The tomb of the deceased, is the ' face '. In the tradition of most people, ' public interest ' seem to be born with the word ' cheap and '' poor people '' lose face ' associated with it. "An interesting phenomenon: some people buy a House, may want to many ways to buy affordable housing, but when the selected cemetery, but to the public cemetery psychological resistance – alive sanliujiudeng, died after the burial to be in" poor "?

"Low burial rates, has become a public cemetery of difficult problems in the process. "At present, CP carrying" ecological burial "is still in its infancy stage. Coincide with this philosophy, public welfare cemeteries required single-point of not more than 0.8 square meters, double point of no more than 1 square meter. City public cemetery for burial, mainly Columbarium (wall, walls) placed, or choose a deep, tree burial, lawn funeral and other ecological form of burial.

Start one objective of the reform of funeral and interment in China is expected public cemeteries can play a "price" effect, reduce the burden on people. For the moment, "funeral costs down, public price alone is not enough, also presupposes to change ' Dim ' old concepts, actively promoting ' thick bozang ' funeral really civilized. "

According to the plan, 45, of Shaanxi Province, "in each County (city, district) completed at least 1 city public cemetery ... ... Each of the villages (or adjacent to several village temple) there is 1 public Ash House (Church) or body to the cemetery. "Deputy Guo Huimin, Director of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, told reporters that related content may also be included in 2016, Shaanxi Provincial Government work report, clear requirements: to achieve at the end of the county-level city public cemetery full coverage.

"This heavy task," Zhang said, at present, civil affairs departments have butt hair, land and other sectors, to develop relevant programmes towards completion.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Institute of Northern North Sea life and de tripartite concept a different graphic

College entrance exam is approaching, Beihang University College of the North Sea (hereinafter "the Institute of Northern North Sea") enrollment there has not been any progress.

In 2004, the College is founded in Beihai city, Guangxi, becoming first undergraduate colleges in the North Sea. However, from the beginning of 2013, the school is no longer enrolling for three consecutive years, the wastage of teachers.

Now, many teachers worry that school of Northern North Sea failed to school facing closure? If I shall ever get diploma?

Recently, Aeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA for short) relevant departments told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), transformation of Beihang University College of the North Sea are still in a period of adjustment, "the premise upon completion of their studies, students are able to obtain North Sea Institute of Beihang University diplomas and degree certificates. "

On March 28, the school of Northern North Sea Managing Director Zhu Jinxi said prospects for schools uncertain, do not rule out "revive" hopes.

Claims that reform will be promoted, "two", after three years in a row no longer recruiting

Institute of Northern North Sea life and de: tripartite concept a different graphic arts for three years, people left thousands of people

Northern College 2012 recruitment sites in the North Sea. This picture from the network

Northern College consists of the North Sea, Aeronautics and Astronautics, investment, Beihai city, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region people's Government (University of 2004-2008 to the North Sea economic zone development co, after 2008 for personal) tripartite joint organized by the independent colleges in the North Sea. In 2011, 3000 students at the hospital, the total number of students exceeded 10,000, wind and the school situation.

However, two years later, everything seems to stop.

In 2013, the school of Northern North Sea due to restructuring, only the enrollment of more than 200 people in Guangxi, but enrolled freshman was split into independent colleges in Guangxi.

In August of that year, China News Network was based on the system reform of Guangxi University was founded 7 years faced was split hundreds of freshmen reporting the story under the title. Reported at Beihang University College Admissions Office said a teacher surnamed Chen in the North Sea, enrollment in the summer suddenly received notice from Guangxi's examination Yuan issued by the said school of Northern North Sea organization will discuss with the new system, to the streaming of the Renaissance. And that, after the reform, Northern College consists of three colleges in the North Sea was upgraded to two class b school in 2013, enrollment is less than in previous years, is to enhance the quality of teaching at the school and prepared for the National Commission for the coming year.

However, in 2014 and 2015, Beihang University College of the North Sea is no longer a freshman. As of now, its 2016 enrollment did not take shape.

Last class: people on campus less, completely unlike a University

Institute of Northern North Sea life and de: tripartite concept a different graphic arts for three years, people left thousands of people

School of Aeronautics and Astronautics of the North Sea.

Northern North Sea college students Jin Lei 2012 (not her real name) is the school with the "last class". Because the reading of the town planning profession is a five-year undergraduate, Jin Lei is still in school.

In mid-March, he told the word news, Beihang University College of the North Sea just now is in normal operation. 2012 school most of the students have begun to practice outside, graduate March internship students back to the school to handle formalities, "fewer people on campus now, nothing like a University."

According to the teacher at school said in January 2015, almost stopped updating the school libraries and periodicals reading room, in recent days, school admissions and career center does not work like the previous two years.

In 2013 after the graphic arts, school wastage of outstanding faculty teaching quality also have had an impact on the school, there were even rumors, class of 2012, 2016, when back to school to participate in the defense and may not be able to find the original thesis advisor.

Jinlei introduction, school of Economics and management is the largest of 8 colleges under the school from 2013 after school stop enrollment for the first time, there will be college teachers left. 2015 before the winter holidays, about 1700 people in the class of 2012, and all the teachers and administrative staff of only about 200 people, "We also have left, but not much."

These two days, Li Dan 2009 journalism graduates have also asked their teachers in school about school. 24th, surging Li Dan told the news, many teachers and students of schools failing is not very clear, "I graduated (school) is also very good. Our school environment is particularly good, and really has feelings for school, didn't dare to know after these things ". Five XI Economic Outlook China is steadily advancing

In mid-March, Lin Haiping, Beihang University College of the North Sea in school teachers (not his real name) to the news that the surging, have no understanding for schools are facing closure, he is waiting for official news. "Teachers are the future I don't know, only know some teachers when the contract expires and no school to renew. "

Lin Haiping says in one place for a long time, the superiors and colleagues to avoid feelings of sadness and memories. "On the school issue, I'm not an expert, do not know the practices and ideas of school directors. I believe many teachers, like me, do not want to leave the school. "

In recent days, surging news attempted to contact Northern North Sea Academy, Office calls are transferred elsewhere, unable to get through. On 29th, Beihai in Guangxi College of Education Department of Beihang University higher education officials say is responsible for people to go out on a business trip, and could not comment, and private education management office phone was always in the Office went unanswered.

Beihang University: the College is still in a period of adjustment of conversion

Institute of Northern North Sea life and de: tripartite concept a different graphic arts for three years, people left thousands of people

According to Beihang University College of the North Sea's official website describes, the school is an example of quality educational resources to support the Western development and construction of China. Now, the only universities in the North Sea was founded less than a decade, stopped admissions, yet you don't see signs of recovery.

All the signs are pointing to, school parties, investors and Government's educational philosophy and positions of different, is the main reason that caused the present predicament.

On March 25, 2016, 2008 graduate of the school of Economics and management of the school student Wang Caihua (not his real name) told the Word Press, Institute of Northern North Sea initial contradiction was the tripartite education differences, mainly the northern part and investment divisions. "School years no admission, because in the past few years, BUAA has been removed in this part of the school's independent school status. Admissions list of the Ministry of education, the front because the school can no longer be called ' North ', so no entrance qualifications. "

Surging news judgments in China Online:

On June 23, 2008,, Beihai city, Government, and Beihang University and Chen Ruisheng (investment party) three party signed a copies joint running agreement, agreed three party joint do "Beihang University North Sea College":, Beihai city, Government free allocated 1103 acres land, not accounted for College equity; Beihang University to school name, and management resources, and education teaching resources participation running, accounted for College 30% equity; Chen Ruisheng to real or funds input, accounted for College 70% equity. Running for a period of 50 years of cooperation.

On January 22, 2013, investors and Aeronautics and Astronautics of the termination of the cooperation framework agreement was signed, both parties agree to terminate the Beihang University College of the North Sea, Aeronautics and Astronautics exit run school. From 2013 onwards no longer in northern North Sea on behalf of the college admissions, enrollment may not appear in the name "Aeronautics and Astronautics", "campaign", "airline" and "space" message.

Northern North Sea College 2013, 2014 stop enrollment for two consecutive years, now there are graduate school, Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics under the independent set and management approaches, such as provision of continued to not graduate students fulfilled due responsibilities and obligations until graduation.

On March 3, 2015, the Arbitration Committee ruled in the North Sea: first, lift the Beihai city people's Government and Chen Ruisheng (investors) of the asset transfer contract signed on April 9, 2008; second, Chen Ruisheng pay late payment penalty 76 million Yuan to the Beihai city people's Government.

On March 21, the journalists the surging campaign officials reply, Beihang University College of the North Sea which has an independent legal personality and College President responsibility system under the leadership of the Board of Directors, run independently, independently appointed faculty members, independent qualifications and diplomas, independent external shall bear civil liability.

Launched in 2008 by the Ministry of the Setup and management of independent colleges (Ministry of Education Decree 26th) was the main basis for independent colleges. On the institutional mechanisms provided for further regulating the activities of the independent University of requiring independent College the undergraduate college standard specification set by independent proposed transfer is set to private school, return to the parent University, ending closure and other canonical path, and transition year in 2013.

The BUAA charge mentioned above, under the provisions mentioned above, in recent years, the Beihai city people's Government, Beihang University, Beihang University of institutional mechanisms in the North Sea of the investor transfer set repeatedly to discuss such issues, and relevant information and timely reports to the Division of Education Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the Ministry of education. 2013 is the Ministry of education of the independent Institute and management of transition regulations independent college transfer deadline, given the conversion of Beihang University College of the North Sea is not determined, so from 2013 onwards, Northern North Sea College suspended admissions. So far, transformation of Beihang University College of the North Sea are still in a period of adjustment.

Next school of Northern North Sea face several possible, or set it to private schools, college or return to the mother, may also terminate close. If the school faced closure, are most worried about is whether the diplomas and degrees.

In this regard, Beihang University gave positive responses. Beihang University official said, "at present, Northern North Sea school all students are in accordance with the content of the training plan for professional learning, on the premise of completion, were able to obtain North Sea Institute of Beihang University diplomas and degree certificates. "

The Council: the Government should guide solutions

According to the official website of Ministry of education public in 2016, there is an independent school 266, involving about 270duowanming students. Last 6 years, the nation had 57 colleges and independent school independent school was officially separated from the mother.

In Guangxi, and Northern North Sea, similar to College of Guangxi University for nationalities of xiangsi Lake School revolves, Guangxi University Arts and Science College, Lijiang River in Guangxi Normal University College, school of information science and technology, Guilin and other total 9 independent colleges, of which 3 participation of all investors.

"Good College is the development of independent colleges in Guangxi, also earned a Bachelor's degree awarding powers. "On March 28, the school as one of Beihang University College of the North Sea investment Director Zhu Jinxi surging news talked about views on school woes.

Zhu Jinxi believes that current difficulties of running the main reason it is hard to say, "can be said to be a tripartite concept different." He said that investors tend to be independent, Beihang University did not want to do, but government schools keep campaign signs in the North Sea, not in favour of school independence. BUAA's attitude is to continue after only with the cooperation of the Government of the North Sea, however, the Government cannot come up with the money to invest in the schools, so things and stand there.

Zhu Jinxi said, as long as the school life, investor losses a little it doesn't matter, "I think, government departments should take active actions, guide to solve this problem as soon as possible. "

He told the word news, in recent years, Beihang University apart from putting signs, how many teachers does not introduce. "Schools do so, regardless of which side is very large losses, is not only the teachers ' and students ' interests, Beihai city, there's interest. "

Zhu Jinxi said the three parties are discussing way out now, "either independent or merged or removed. This time is the point of life and death, will not solve the problem, close schools. "

At present, the school is still waiting for admissions staff continue to base salaries for each month of the message, the "send by the end of July this year, if not admissions, nobody".

However, Zhu Jinxi said schools would still have prospects for reviving. "If the independent, also needs to be a process, is currently awaiting the approval of Ministry of education assessment. "

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Shanghai Disneyland tickets on the first day were the opening of a second killing

Shanghai Disneyland tickets on the first day were the opening of a second killing, official website of suspected faults

On March 28, 2015, Shanghai, a public in front of a computer to buy Disney tickets. On that day, at 0:01 A.M., Shanghai Disneyland tickets officially go on sale. Journalists surging Kou Congtu

0:01 A.M. on March 28, the Shanghai Disneyland tickets officially go on sale. Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) experience shows that Disney kicked off the official channels for sale online the first day tickets went on sale were to spike.

Industry analysts believe that Shanghai Disneyland tickets for the opening of the 16th spike or because on the one hand open only half a day and there is a big event on the day, to ensure the Park sponsor compressed order in the amount of votes, on the travel channel and sales, distributes the ticketing channels.

Shanghai Disneyland Resort flagship store: 28th before any invoicing has sold out

To get tickets in advance prepared, March 27, 23:45, reporters from the Shanghai Disneyland official website, revealed that the online show "ticket and hotel reservation system is open", but not for any ticketing operation.

Meanwhile, journalist Ali, opened their Disney Resort official flagship store in Shanghai, found this page to buy tickets. Reporter chose Shanghai Disneyland opening day June 16, 2016, can be displayed on standard adult ticket, tickets for the elderly had been sold, sales of 7601. Shanghai Disneyland Resort official had provided official time was about 10 minutes.

Then, surging journalists try to buy on June 17, Disney tickets, with their identity card numbers have successfully purchased the 5 standard adult ticket fare totalled 2495. Soon, reporters phone receives messages from travel by Ali, called Disney tickets "pay for success, is in the ticket. Ticket after successful, you will receive an SMS alert. If the vote failed, the purchase price will be returned automatically to the payment account, out of time not longer than 7 days. "

In fact, before the morning of 27th, Netizen Ali Shanghai Disney flagship store a success and said it had bought their tickets. In this regard, Shanghai Disney personnel had said consumers just add to cart and payment, ticket is not confirmed, confirmed tickets for all channels of the time start from March 28, 0:01 A.M..

Sales data show the same day, Ali 30 minutes has sold more than 20,000 tickets to a Shanghai Disneyland. Ali travel said the flagship store for the Disney self, how much, how are decided by Shanghai Disneyland Resort. CPPCC Member Bai yansong the dialogue departments

Disney's official website and official suspected failure, some time doesn't tickets

Shanghai Disneyland tickets on the first day were the opening of a second killing, official website of suspected faults

Shanghai Disneyland Resort official website

0:01 A.M. March 28, shortly after journalists surging again in Shanghai Disney's official website, found that we can enter the ticket page, official ticket but encountered a suspected fault.

Reporters wanting to buy tickets for the June 16 on the first day of the opening, date tips page select no vote for the time being. In addition, on June 17, 18th to the website currently open ticket no later than September 13 days are displayed without a ticket.

Shanghai Disneyland tickets on the first day were the opening of a second killing, official website of suspected faults

Shanghai Disneyland Resort official letter

Subsequently, the reporters and phone logs on Shanghai Disneyland Resort tickets, official public query, find page jammed. Refresh a few times, and admission date that can be selected are displayed without a ticket.

Shanghai Disneyland tickets on the first day were the opening of a second killing, official website of suspected faults

Shanghai Disneyland Resort official flagship store page

After the 28th at 0 o'clock, Ali travel Disney Resort official flagship store in Shanghai, June 16 adult standards already shows "sold out".

Reporter called the Shanghai Disneyland Resort designated hotline at 4001800000, because of non-work time, which went unanswered. After the 28th, at 8 o'clock, the hotline, which is a telephone book Disney tickets.

At this point, after the Shanghai Disneyland tickets officially went on sale, the publication in all the official direct ticketing website with the mobile client, cannot buy opens on June 16 on the first day of a standard adult ticket.

Industry: not many tickets on the first day, and sales channel dispersion

Shanghai Disneyland Resort official authorized travel agents about the ticket sales? Earlier, the news that the official travel agency sales Shanghai Disneyland tourism products as a package.

28th 0:20, reporters see on ctrip, which can be either single-ticket sales in the form of Disney tickets, but on June 16, the first day the tickets were sold out, other dates can be purchased. Similarly, ass MOM, way cattle travel, spring and autumn travel network travel agency online sales channels, such as, tickets have been sold on the first day. But some travel agents still have tickets available for purchase on the first day, reporters landed at 0:22 travel NET, successfully purchased adult tickets to Shanghai Disney park on the first day.

Shanghai Disney park on the first day tickets went on sale just why is kill?

Insiders surging to news analysts pointed out that June 16 opening day, Shanghai Disneyland is open at 12 o'clock noon until 22 o'clock, compared to the rest of the opening hours of the day open only half a day.

"Moreover, to celebrate the Shanghai Disney park on the day, there will be heavy-weight guest or large events. Taking into account the above two points, the organizers limited tickets sold by that date, control number into the Park, ensuring Park safety and order. "The person said, opened the first day of the number of tickets compared with the usual discount.

Second, the industry believes, led to Disney's official online ticket so quickly sold out the first day because direct channels, but ticket sales channels more scattered. "Previously said travel agencies can only afford tickets, but in reality this is not the case. Ctrip, donkey mother, Cheng and other agencies can buy single tickets, there are some traditional travel agency part of the tickets will be selling to the Group guest, which led to the first day of ticket sales channels is decentralized. "

Another reporter noted, friends said, although the Shanghai Disney park first-day adult tickets, tickets for the elderly to sell, but children still tickets available. According to the rules of Shanghai Disneyland's official ticketing, minors under 16 years of age must be 16 years of age or more adults ticket and must be accompanied by adults to the Park to play. In this regard, the netizens don't understand: "since children must be accompanied by adult purchase and get into the Park, now unable to buy tickets for adults, the children's ticket sales are useless? "

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History of North Korea s largest artillery training aimed at showing wiped the

Xinhua Pyongyang, on March 25, according to KCNA reports on the day, the Korean people's Army front coalition forces recently held Korea Seoul's largest-scale remote artillery concentrated fire combat training.

History of North Korea's largest artillery training: aimed at showing wiped the power of South Korea

On March 25, 2016, according to the KCNA report, North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong UN before guiding peoples front coalition forces long-range artillery fire hitting focused exercises. China Visual Interview with Israel s Ambassador Chinese enterprises

Reported that the training aimed at fighting against "precision combat training" Korea Seoul, Presidential Palace and the reactionary rule of the city agency, aims to show the power of the Korean army and people to be able to wipe out the United States and South Korea. The report did not say when and where the training.

History of North Korea's largest artillery training: aimed at showing wiped the power of South Korea

After the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-UN training plans, release the start command. He expressed satisfaction with the results, and demanded the North Korean people's army maintain a high degree of operational status, upon receipt of order to attack, immediately launched an attack on reactionary ruling body of the city of Seoul, and complete reunification.

The Korean people's Army Executive Committee members of the Party Committee, the general political Bureau, the Ministry of people's armed forces, general staff chain of command personnel to watch the training.

History of North Korea's largest artillery training: aimed at showing wiped the power of South Korea

According to the KCNA reported on March 23, made the announcement on the day of the Committee for the peaceful reunification of Korea said South Korea on March 21 and 16 bombers, with the goal of destroying North Korean leadership offices "precision combat training." Said, "this is a serious provocation to the highest dignity".

March 7, South Korea Korea held the largest in the history of "key decisions" and "Foal Eagle" joint military exercises. "Key decisions" military exercises ended on March 18, "Foal Eagle" military exercises will last until April 30. Over more than 15,000 American troops and approximately 300,000 South Korean military personnel to participate in these exercises.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Jiangxi district flying the shocking theft banners capture theft people don

Jiangxi district flying the shocking theft banners: capture theft people don't kill, dead dime Jiangxi district flying the shocking theft banners: capture theft people don't kill, dead dime

Netizen's "ridiculous" security banners.

"Such security banners is so wonderful. "On March 22, Ms Jiangxi fengcheng city tenants of a residential network in Jiangxi province, China (Jiangxi mobile news) reporter reflects its living area to hoist a lot" Ray "security banners.

Zhang told reporters that the banners have been hung for nearly a month, banners inscribed is community property company. "The hanging should be community property, and recently the community theft related to accidents. "

Zhang said, reporters contacted the community owner. Many owners told reporters, theft may be the community accidents led to dissatisfaction with the owners, property to come up with such warning thieves.

Photos of journalists from the owners found that banners hanging at Community entrances and garage entrance, inscribed as a new property vision, text on the banner for a "warning" for theft of content, with "stealing staff, we promise not to beat you to death" and "captured the theft, and reward of 3,000 yuan" and so on.

Owners of this security banner response how? Many owners told reporters, residents passing by to read it is to laugh it off, some people will take out camera phone. A male village resident told reporters, although the property with good intentions, but the text seems to be hanging in a public place is not very appropriate. Illegal sand mining is rampant in Hubei Province

Subsequently, attempts to reach the residential property company, but the line has been unanswered, as of press time, had been unable to contact the residential property.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

To get rid of large plastic title LG G5 metal sleeve

Although LG G4 release time is not long, but now has new messages on LG G5 have begun to appear, according to the latest rumors, LG G5 is equipped with equipped with an iris scan, USB Type-C interface, fingerprint sensor, mycophenolate mofetil 820 processor as well as Google's latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow system.

Needs even more attention is that the LG G5 not only retains the detachable battery has been designed, and will use the slots at the bottom of a new design, this design would make LG G5 2016 one of the most popular models. As for the release dates, from Poland news t-mobile, LG new flagship will likely debut in the second quarter.

Release time

Different from other smartphone makers, LG for a new flagship publication time, still wasn't sure, so not easy to guess G5 release date. But for now, the LG will likely make his flagship appearance with competitors in the same time period.

DKNY for iPhone 6 plus

In the first half of this year, including Sony Xperia Z6 and Galaxy S7 will be released, and we believe LG G5 will be released during this period. Despite the news that the MWC in February is the flagship LG releases new best practice, but from Poland's t-mobile operator revealed that the time period of April to June is the LG released the G5.

New features

Compared with the 2015 G4, LG G5 will have many improvements, including flagship mycophenolate mofetil 820 processor and the latest Android operating system 6.0 Marshmallow is a must have feature. Meanwhile, as USB Type-C interface for fingerprint recognition, Iris scans, and looked forward to for a long time, should also appear in the G5 's body.


At present, not much news about LG G5 screen, so there was no correct answer. G4 is equipped with a 5.5-inch IPS display at a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels, while many manufacturer's flagship device screens are about 5.5 inches, especially iPhone 6s Plus. In December last year the news that LG will provide 5.6-inch screen of the G5, and remained for the QHD-level resolution, such statements are still quite reasonable.

Although LG organic G5 4K resolution, and the effect is very essential for virtual reality, but the possibility of the G5 is not significant. Sony has now introduced the 4K resolution of Xperia Z5 Premium, but seemed to have little market response.

According to the latest message, LG officials published a leaflet before the G5, G5 supports "Always ON" display mode, without having to open the screen the user can read the notice, including missed calls, messages, mail, etc.

Addition, a paragraph name for Quick Phone Cover of LG G5 dedicated metal material protection sets also first exposure, reportedly it is by bright surface metal texture of unique film made, positive design has a small window, can using LG G5 by has of "Always ON" of new characteristics, in window Shang displayed full of time, and date, and not received calls, and SMS, and and schedule, information notification.

Worth noting is that the LG G5 case also has a unique feature, which is support the touch function, users can not directly cover opening slide to answer the call or hang up the phone. However, being not aware of the case of the specific price and release date.


Sources recently said in an interview on The Verge, LG is currently developing the next generation of flagship, the G5, G3, G4 before and the difference is, LG styles before the G5 will not last, instead of using the new design, and are distinct from most of the Android smartphones on the market. DKNY for iPhone 6 plus

Of course, on the operating system, since the Android system, but significantly different in design, news that LG will adopt a new slot at the bottom of the design. It is reported that this slot will be used at the bottom of cartridge design, and allows user to replace the battery, but are limited to only replace the battery function, is also uncertain. But anyway, this design was enough for G5 to become the new focus of attention.

G5 before another change is in the back of the volume button again to move to the side, back to Smartphone design style. And such a change is to give the G5 dual camera ready. Although everything is rumor stage, but at least we can be sure of is that the G5 will be the first all-metal design, and this has been confirmed.

Camera DKNY iPhone plus

There is a group called LG G5 prototype photo was, although this prototype machine was wrapped in a black casing, that we do not see any brand identity, but there are some clues that prove it is LG G5. First, the Reddit Forum, one user a month ago had claimed to have a camouflage enclosure LG G5, and exposed to the local photo of a cell phone.

After the contrast can be seen, this spy photos of picture with this exposure are very similar, and who say G5 is equipped with two rear-facing camera, 16 million and 8 million pixels respectively-and this also coincides with the equipment shapes in the picture. In addition, we have also seen some time ago for G5 rendering and design diagrams, they also and is very similar to the spy photos.

Other than the camera, this phone in the rest of the hardware elements are also consistent with earlier reports, including the volume keys return to the side, Micro SD card slot and SIM card tray located in the bottom position of the right side of the fuselage, and speakers USB Type-C interface is located in the bottom of the fuselage.


Configuration, LG flagship models representative of the G5 will become the mainstream in 2016, including mycophenolate mofetil 820 processor, 3GB RAM and storage space will appear on the LG 32GB fuselage G5 's body.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Dubai Airlines plane crashed in Russia crash

On March 19, 2016, according to Russia media reports, a Boeing passenger plane from Dubai in Russia crashed southern city of Rostov. More than 50 people on board were all killed, crash or runway visibility is poor. Russia Airlines said the plane belonged to FlyDubai airline, flight number FZ981. Plans for FlyDubai's Boeing 737 aircraft information. Talmadge Taiwan election Tsai winning supporters cheer

Dubai Airlines plane crashed in Russia crash

On March 19, 2016, according to Russia media reports, a Boeing passenger plane from Dubai in Russia crashed southern city of Rostov. More than 50 people on board were all killed, crash or runway visibility is poor. Russia Airlines said the plane belonged to FlyDubai airline, flight number FZ981. Plans for FlyDubai's Boeing 737 aircraft information.

Dubai Airlines plane crashed in Russia crash

Figure for the crash site. Sources said that with 55 passengers on board, all passengers and crew had been killed. Media reported that total with 59 people on board. Is not clear whether Chinese passengers on board. (Google maps screenshots)

Dubai Airlines plane crashed in Russia crash

Accident aircraft airline FlyDubai made the official announcement at Facebook, said FZ981 accidents. (Web page screenshot)

Dubai Airlines plane crashed in Russia crash

Navigation route display, while attempting to land near FZ981 bypass several times over at the airport. FZ981 sailing route. Russia Airlines said passenger plane crashed while attempting to land in the second at a distance of 50 to 100 metres of the runway on the ground, poor visibility when it crashed. Photo: Flightradar24

Dubai Airlines plane crashed in Russia crash

In flight routes website on Flightradar24 queries FZ981 flight path, can be seen in the land, FZ981 in around the airport several times. FZ981 sailing route. Photo: Flightradar24

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Microsoft CEO VR Device consumption HoloLens have to wait 5 years

Microsoft CEO:VR Device consumption HoloLens have to wait 5 years

  On September 20, impatient want to speedy experience VR equipment HoloLens tech fans will have to wait, and by 2020, it will not become a consumer product.

  On the Dreamforce Salesforce's annual event, Microsoft CEO sadiya·Nadela (Satya Nadella) talked about the use of HoloLens and indicates that the product's overall development time for "for a period of at least a 5-year journey". While at the same time he also brought a message of relatively good news, it's developers, at the very earliest in 2016 to get a prototype model.

  HoloLens a VR is a Microsoft product, it combines holographic virtual reality and real life. For example, through this product, my world (Minecraft) enthusiast can build up in their living room pixelated universe as a whole, or photographer will be possible on the city to cover the old frame. If you can dream, no less.

  For developers, the most exciting of all Microsoft Windows 10 will also support the HoloLens. CEO Nadela said HoloLens needed further development in order to ensure perfect movement control.

  Microsoft is committed to creating the Pegasus HoloLens because the company understand the enormous potential of such equipment, especially in the corporate market. HoloLens show people help improve efficiency in an unusual way. It is easy to see in the future, how it will help architects and urban planners to design better, how can we help doctors studying patients ' unusual organization, or how the pilots will receive Boeing aircraft in half the time a complete training experience. Hello Kitty Note 4 Case

  This April, Microsoft shows the parameters of HoloLens and part of its function, but as the company said it also needs to be improved. The differing views about this, it was indicated that they could not understand, some people think that this device does still exist some obvious flaws.

  It is reported that the first generation of HoloLens will be aimed at the professional market rather than ordinary consumers. This means that the equipment would also be unified, but if we had similar equipment to what lessons Microsoft learned, it is that nothing is perfect. Hello Kitty Note 4 Cases

Hello Kitty Note 4 Case

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Monday, March 14, 2016

In February the Central Bank foreign exchange decline substantially narrowed

And signs that China's capital outflow there have been signs of improvement.

People's Bank of China (PBoC), updated on March 14, "monetary authorities balance sheet" shows that in February the Central Bank caliber Exchange share decreased by 227.946 billion yuan, to 23.98 trillion yuan, and four consecutive months of decline.

Although still declining, but compared to January, in February foreign exchange decline slows down a lot. In January the Central Bank bore down 644.5 billion yuan, creating the second largest drop in history, second only to December fell 708.2 billion yuan last year.

This change is consistent with the February foreign exchange reserves data released earlier. Foreign currency reserve reduced by $ 28.572 billion to $ 3,202,321,000,000 in February, better than the decline of 40.9 billion dollar market is expected.

Throughout February, Yuan rate against the dollar to rise slightly by 64 basis points, the spot rate rose 317 basis points. Into March, the Yuan rally and regained all the lost ground this year.

Foreign Exchange is when a Central Bank buys dollars and other foreign currency assets and put in the corresponding national currency. Because the Yuan is not a freely convertible currency, foreign trade enterprises and residents after the availability of foreign exchange, Exchange into renminbi needs to use. Used to be subject to compulsory settlement system and hot money inflows, China's foreign exchange increased. As the dollar strengthened and after implementation of the wishes of the authority in the settlement of foreign exchange, foreign exchange began to decline. Mid session review ten issues see Wan Bao disputes

In previous years, increasing foreign exchange are regarded as the Central Bank's money tools, and after the foreign exchange shrank, the Central Bank may need to be supplemented through other means such as reducing inject liquidity.

It is worth mentioning that, starting from this year, central banks will the financial institutions ' credit in the income and expenditure account "foreign exchange trading" adjust for "Central Bank Exchange share" occupied financial institutions are no longer included in foreign exchange trading in Renminbi.

Credit's Central Bank, a move interpreted as a statement of income and expenditure account optimization, designed to guarantee the statistics system of scientific, clear, and concise, and indicators reflect the pure information, point to clear, and avoid misreading the market.

On March 12, the people's Bank of China Governor Zhou xiaochuan and other "financial reform and development" on answering reporters ' questions, Bank senior also responded to include Renminbi exchange rates, capital flight and other problems.

Among them, he made it clear that, in the context of economic globalization, highly globalized financial markets, not surprising, the number of individual stages of capital outflows.

Deputy Central Bank Governor Yi gang said, shedding most of the can be explained by hidden sinks to the people.

Deputy Governor of the Central Bank and the State administration of foreign exchange Pan gongsheng, the Secretary said, the current structure of cross-border capital flows are relatively benign, cross-border capital flows from the perspective of the case for the past few months was restrained, reflecting multiple indicators are shown in the convergence of the foreign exchange market.

Pan gongsheng, said FX 50% reduction in deficit in February than in January, foreign-related balance of payments deficit narrowed in February than in January 50%.

At the press conference, Mr Zhou also did not forget to advise members, there is no need to rush to buy dollars.

Friday, March 11, 2016

4 4 magnitude quake in yuncheng Shanxi Province 3 people were injured and some

4.4-magnitude quake in yuncheng, Shanxi Province: 3 people were injured and some houses damaged

China earthquake quick report Twitter screenshots

News Network, March 12 in the Yellow River, according to China's seismological network determination, Beijing time on March 12, 2016 11:14 28 seconds in yanhu district, yuncheng city, Shanxi province (35.00 degrees north latitude, longitude 110.90) 4.4-magnitude earthquake, the focal depth of 5 km, yanhu district from the city 10 kilometers from the epicenter.

After the earthquake, the China Seismological Bureau, provincial government officials for the first time, give directions Seismological Bureau of Shanxi province, the prompt start of the four-level earthquake emergency response, led by Tian Yong, Deputy Director of the task force on 21 people have been rushed to the earthquake area, flow monitoring, seismic surveys and other emergency work carried out.

Early award of earthquake faults in yuncheng basin, the southern margin of the Northern foot of zhongtiaoshan fault. Since instrumental records and recorded history, around the epicenter occurred within the 50km earthquake of magnitude 4 or above 10 times, including: 6.0-6.9 magnitude 2 times, 5 times 5.0-5.9-magnitude, 4.0-4.9 magnitude 3 times, the largest earthquake on October 23, 1815 in pinglu, Shanxi 6.75-magnitude earthquake.

Yanhu district, yuncheng city, felt, linyi, xiaxian, yaodu district of linfen city, and Houma, Gu, he having felt. As of 12:14, longju town of yanhu district, yuncheng city, 3 people were injured and some houses damaged. Provincial Seismological Bureau is closely monitoring earthquake, please maintain the normal production and life order.

Tip: an earthquake what should we do

Hiding principle of earthquake

A good shock conditions, indoor, to preferred room. Building earthquake-resistant ability, as much as possible from the Interior to run out. Can form a "triangle of life spaces" where is the best place to escape. Such as bearing walls, next to the refrigerator in the corner, solid furniture side, kitchen, toilet, storage room, open a small place. Crisis can also choose table, bed, heads next to its knees, allow the head to below the height of bed and table, and pillows and cushions to protect the head as possible so that you can more effectively to avoid collapsing objects on the harm to the human body, such as escaping after the main shock. Never choose a balcony or near an outside wall of the shelter, because from the actual earthquake, many buildings outside the walls eventually collapse, but retained.

Second, look for place to form a triangular space. Such as kitchen, bathroom, small room, but as far as possible away from stoves, gas pipes and broken dishes away. In addition, do not get in the Cabinet or box, once you drill into, will certainly lose the initiative, not only will miss a chance to escape, not to be saved.

Three unfired, near water, and do not rely on outside. Once trapped, trying to get in touch with the outside world, apart from using a mobile phone connection, or by tapping on pipes and radiators, or turn on the flashlight uses sound and light way to contact.

The safest space rank:

First name: toilet;

Second place: the kitchen;

Third place: bearing walls under foot;

Fourth place: under the iron, solid wood bed.

Ranked most dangerous space:

First name: living room;

Second place: large bedrooms;

Third place: under non-load-bearing walls;

Fourth place: under the wardrobe, and nailed to the wall cabinets.

Auto Hide on seismic principles

During an earthquake, the least secure in the car. Hide earthquakes in a car is a dangerous practice, automotive steel is not high enough to withstand falling objects of any strike, a lot of people were in the car were crushed alive, so if you were in the car when the earthquake, relatively safe places are:

Car side: are quakes hold on to the seat handrails to prevent collisions. The other passengers, using hands, hiding in the one side of the body, waiting for the Park to avoid.

Non-intersection: Park your car by the roadside and opened two flashing emergency lights.

The open air driving quickly away from highways, flyovers, Poles, dams, tunnels, and other places.

Between the two: in the traffic-clogged roads, quickly got off to Voldemort in the space between the two cars.

Hide the Office principles of earthquake

Earthquake came, as office workers are most concerned about in the Office where the safest?

The safest place ranking:

First name: office building around the elevator, because this place is made of reinforced concrete casting. 200 people in two villages in Jiangxi deception

Second place: next to the post office, most of these columns are load-bearing, the material is good, strong loading capacity.

Third: the bathrooms.

Fourth place: next to tables and chairs.

Ranked the most dangerous places:

First name: Open Office space.

Second: under non-load-bearing walls.

School hiding principle of earthquake

Hiding under the bed, under the table from Japan to experience one of the, but this will have to take into account Japan's reality--mostly past their house wood, collapses after crush injury is unlikely. But most of our houses are concrete prefabricated structure, crush force is very strong after the collapse. Therefore, the experts suggested that the earthquake came, is the classroom the students not to run out of the classroom, should quickly heads in bags to protect his head, eyes closed, hiding at his desk until after the earthquake, under the teacher's direction to transfer outside the classroom; in the playground and outdoor, stationary squat, hands to protect your head. Keep away from tall buildings or dangerous material; don't return to their classrooms.

Store hid principle of earthquake

When the earthquake came, maybe you are in the supermarket, Mall, shop. At this time is the most safe place: the Mall around the load-bearing columns, under the low, no glass containers. Are the most dangerous places: outdoor bridge, overpass above and below the curtain walls of buildings, large billboards, light material. The glass counters in supermarkets, shopping malls, tall shelves around the escalator below, under the chandelier, hanging objects such as fans.

Outdoor-level footbridge

More complete earthquake shelters, is tantamount to disaster after a dose of "tranquilizer". At present, Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, Shenzhen and other places have built more of the city's emergency shelters. Therefore, we should be aware of their own, work, school, near the location of emergency shelters. Two experts advise: en route to the shelter, do not take the bridge, bypassing the high under the chimney and water tower; avoiding dangerous material, such as telephone poles, street lamps and transformers; avoid narrow streets, walls, under the awning. Way should be leather or soft object on his head and didn't take something free hand on your head, as well as self defense.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A straight man experienced a VR sex women more interesting perspective

A straight man experienced a VR sex, women more interesting perspective

In the past few years, the sex industry is in the early development of new media technologies are mostly used when the development of carrier, such as VHS, DVD and streaming media formats. Back to ancient murals around the "sexual" content is everywhere-the object that will be used for any new media. Therefore, in virtual reality (VR) equipment development of dawn saw the spread of erotic content is not surprising. At the CES show in hotel suites, DigitalTrends journalists experience a virtual porn, take a look at what he says: VR Box virtual reality

"The view" has become the key to online pornography, but VR took it to new heights. Imagine a virtual head through a 180 degree view, you find yourself in a dimly lit hotel suite. As the eyes slowly moved down, rendered in sight is "their" Bonnie and illusory body; then, or sitting or lying down, even if it is passive, virtual reality takes you to the rainclouds over wushan boot. VR Box Virtual Reality Headset

Strip club rules also apply to virtual sex: can only see, don't touch (tactile feeling really seems to be in the process). Because video is a passive reception of information, VR and video too, so users in a virtual environment is unable to interact with the videos completed. In the experience of the process, you may be concerned about any points of interest--loving eyes staring at the virtual partner and so on.

In fact, the experience of dissonance is hard to describe an ink. But it is undeniable that VR allows users to enjoy the new first-person pleasure of porn videos, this changed the previous first person Hey Hey video within the meaning of the definition. Even in the past few days have experienced many virtual reality product, but the idea is still not ready. Sex evokes the animal side of the brain, so when by chance when immersed in such a situation, there will always be some reaction. Broad may be the most attractive part of this area. In contrast, unless this type of video is watched on a giant-screen, or all the characters in the video are relatively small. With roles in the video really meet, and body size-Pina sweet smile dimpling, graceful as a swimming dragon; fast-flying Mallard, a turn.

Video samples I have experience from the perspective of men and women. In my opinion, videos of women might be more interesting, because he can bring to a straight man never had to experience, outside the body. This is from my heart to observe the outside world from a female perspective, about how VR is to foster empathy.

The experience of Samsung Gear VR. And how these effects video filmed, Naughty America Chief Information Officer explained that the "combination of off-the-shelf and custom parts". Is there gay video type, Paul points out that 360-degree video makes it all matter.

Game development of VR technology is initially powered, pornography due to its popularity and the synergy with the media, became an important factor of the VR technology. Porn industry already is a $ 3.3 billion a year market, greed to penetrate into every accessible channels. Course Paul knew VR will bring dramatic changes to the industry: "the history of development of the industry as a whole is to used various ways to achieve this immersive realm, and now finally reached. This is a huge leap forward. "

Starting from last June launched the first VR love action movies, has remained almost a week of update rate, whether or not this is a newly emerging VR industry, or will fertility has fallen a blow, a group of people have started their spree.

via digitaltrends

VR Box Virtual Reality Headset

Friday, March 4, 2016

Samsung denies closing camera business will drive up low end mobile phones

  Recent rumours that Samsung will close the digital camera business, causes great concern, Samsung had to stand out the rumor, said the rumors are untrue, the camera business will not break, will continue in the future to increase free system of inputs and focus on the high-end market power.

  Samsung has a separate camera lens production capacity, with the core CMOS sensor technology, its products covering mobile, portable digital camera and free. For a free system, Samsung is putting a great deal of enthusiasm.

  However, inter-Samsung camera user's reputation has always been bad, and not because Samsung's aura and fans of all ages.

  Even deny that turn off the digital camera business, but in an interview with reporters after the Samsung executives believe that Samsung in response to camera business interpretation of some ambiguous, "focus on the high-end market continues with" the subtext was probably stopped business portable camera with poor business.

Samsung denies closing camera business: will drive up low-end mobile phones

  In recent years, the mobile phone market has been the General, Samsung's market share was divided up, Samsung's stock price also fell for 5 months, since April this year, Samsung's market value has lost 40 billion dollars. Therefore, "the Samsung Empire collapse", "fall of the Samsung" bad-mouthing Samsung argument there.

  Samsung mobile phones under attack, in front of guru iPhone, after domestic mobile death squads. In order to impact Apple has just released iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, products such as Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge+/Note 5 installments available $ 120 compensation initiatives. And at the low end of the market, Samsung also low-end machines to deal with.

Vans waffle

  A model for MS-G6000 's new machine appeared in the Ministry, from the configuration information, this should be a low-end product-oriented. Vans waffle

  This machine uses the 5.5-inch 720p display, equipped with Xiao long 4,104 core 1.2GHz processor, built-in 1GB memory and 8GB the body storage, provide a 5 million pixels front camera and a 13 million megapixel rear camera, running Android 5.1.1 system supports full CNC.

  If Samsung do not want mobile phone market share continues to decline, this new type of machine prices in the thousands of Yuan is wise. Vans iPhone

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Shenyang zero down payment house tour of the new deal officials say not to have

Shenyang purchase "zero down payment" policy experience tour. Li Xunlei what did I see in Central Bank liquidity

March 1, 10:36, Shenyang municipal party Committee propaganda Department official Micro-Blog "Shenyang publishing" news release, said Shenyang municipal government "about supporting colleges and secondary vocational schools housing students and new graduates. On graduation for more than 5 years of College, graduates of secondary vocational schools in Shenyang to purchase housing, housing policy support, Provident Fund deposit time decreased from 6 months to 3 months in a row, down-payment requirements imposed "zero down payment" policy "is still in the research phase, not to have issued conditions.

Earlier in the day, the Executive Office of the Shenyang city people's Government on the promotion of the implementation of the healthy development of the real estate market (for trial implementation) (hereinafter referred to as the opinions) released.

The views: a total of 22 measures, including the aforementioned encourage students, vocational students buy content.

In addition to the aforementioned tweets mention "zero down payment", also the opinion of University and secondary vocational school students to purchase real estate, given incentives of 200 yuan per square meter. Meanwhile, purchases by colleges and secondary vocational school students, new graduates, grant deed full subsidies.

One of the background of the Shenyang Municipal Government launched to encourage policies, housing inventory.

On February 29, the Pan Liguo Shenyang Mayor chaired a meeting, as a regional center in Shenyang, stressed the need to improve the absorptive capacity of the city to the surrounding population, improve the structure of housing supply and demand, promote the steady and sound development of the real estate market in Shenyang.

Pan Liguo pointed out that high real-estate related degree, strong driving force, is an important pillar industry of Shenyang. In recent years, Shenyang real estate market maintained a steady development momentum, but there are still structural problems, in order to further improve the structure of housing supply and demand, digestion and real estate stocks.

According to keerrui data, in January, the Shenyang commercial housing sold 703,600 sqm total turnover 7923, ASP 5841 Yuan per square meter, down 5.12%.

Views set the target of this year, Shenyang to achieve sales of commercial property rose 10%, inventory control at a reasonable interval to cycle, prices run stable, strive to 2-3 years, Shenyang real estate market structure to reach the equilibrium of supply and demand.

To this end, the Shenyang land supply, infrastructure and support building and provident loan policies, support public housing. Meanwhile, through policy guidance, encourage talent, college graduates, migrant workers and other groups to buy Shen settled in.

In addition, the opinion also proposed a series of initiatives to reduce second-hand House transaction taxes, including the transfer of second-hand houses to pay business tax, individual income tax after implementing the first fill. Resident Exchange houses, the "zero-tax" policy free of transaction fees, property rights registration fee, pay the deed tax, business tax, personal income tax levying and fill. Support to improve the housing conditions, within one year after the first buy sell or sell before you buy a House, buy real estate area is larger than the sale of house property area, according to the differential area subsidy of 50 Yuan per square meter.

Is not clear at the moment referred to the opinion of other policies would continue.