Friday, October 24, 2014

B&O Play enters the Bluetooth loudspeaker market with the BeoPlay A2

B&O PLAY has today unveiled her first ever bluetooth portable speaker, the BeoPlay A2, and at a much more affordable price more impressive range its usual speakers too (although still pretty expensive).

Camera Lens Shape Bluetooth Speaker

The BeoPlay A2 is also the world's the first thing omni-directional sound solution for a fixed speaker, which, according to B&O, implies that everyone listening can enjoy equally decent sound, no matter where the speaker is scheduled in the room, which sounds pretty awesome, but we'd have to hear it to think it.

B&O claims that the BeoPlay A2 lasts up to 24 hours using one battery charge. This is due to the 'Adaptive Electricity needs Management' feature in the rechargeable battery juice, that both monitors and anticipates the incoming audio signal to save battery life, and feed the exact number of power needed by the amplifiers when it is necessary.

Unsurprisingly, considering B&O are known for continue to keep beautiful-looking speaker, we really like the basic look of the BeoPlay A2, produced by Cecilie Manz, and the addition associated with short leather strap to carry with the small bluetooth speaker is a lovely just click.

Cecile said: "BeoPlay A2 was created for a life on the go – in which has influenced every aspect of the loudspeaker in terms of its design. There is no entrance, there is no back – and there is no way up or down, but there are sound everywhere. "

The BeoPlay A2 is available in grey, green plus black, for £299 from the B&O website.

By Hayley Minn | October 23rd, 2014

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