Friday, December 19, 2014


PORCO ROSSO leather currently is 6 cases [3 business days]#@@#@!!

iPhone 6 Original Leather Case Black

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This is a alligator case for iPhone6.

We have given a book shaped iPhone case and this many of our clients have requested produced by us. We used TPS (Thermoplastic Styrene type) materials to make this fact case. It's not too hard and not furthermore soft therefore it is easy to place and as well , remove. You are able to place some invites, too.

The case opens and as well , closes by a hook button.

Here the case is open. It can made by one sheet of high class leather.

By applying two eyelets straight, you can attach a strap which may put a bag on your rotator cuff.

Even though there are pockets attached, each of our gusset width is still slim.

My cover part is made of TPS information.

You are able to place 3 cards on the left inside.

It's easy to open and close the case by one hand.

You are able to open a complete hook button smoothly with a singke hand.

You do not need to remove your phone of this case when you use ear phones.

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