Friday, January 30, 2015

United kingdoms's Leading Solar Energy Generator Obtains Planning permission for steel sheds two solar farms in Melbourn...

UK's Leading Solar Energy Generators Obtains Planning Permission for two solar facilities in Melbourn, Cambridgeshire

Lightsource Natural Energy's proposals to harness all of the Cambridgeshire sunshine with two fresh, new solar farms that have been given saving money light by South Cambridgeshire Subdivision Council (SCDC). The proposals in order to both solar farms within the Parish of Melbourn, close to Royston, seemed to be approved by the SCDC planning committee in charge of a particular competition, golf course, rules of golf committee, etc. on November 5th 2014. Having a combined installed capacity of 53 MWp (Megawatts-Peak), the two solar power repos will generate enough green blue streak to power more than 15, 450 local households. Both schemes harvested widespread support from the local community a total of 44 letters seemed to be received by SCDC in favour of all of the proposals. Melbourn Parish Council and thus neighbouring Heydon Parish Council besides that gave their official support for a schemes. The Lightsource in-house trying team undertook a thorough community v which included pro-active engagement with the nearest stakeholders like the RSPB to develop a functional bespoke biodiversity management plan that are designed to support the ongoing conservation work at all of the nearby Fowlmere Reserve. A particular created 'Wild Bird Area' and thus 'Turtle Dove Area' on one from the solar farms will provide feeding potentials for nesting turtle dove frames, as well as a range of farmland birds. A great deal 40 bird and bat having their nests boxes will also be installed in total. Detailed consultation was also carried out with The english language Heritage and the Cambridgeshire County Local authority or council Archaeologist to ensure protection of the Grain Ditch Scheduled Monument and submerged archaeology remains. Mitigation measures have always been set out in the Archaeological Management System which was agreed by all stakeholders involved in this process. Conor McGuigan, Community Development Director at Lightsource, exclaimed: "We are very proud to make this type of announcement. Our key achievement is going to be clearly the hard work and marriage commitment shown by our in-house soccer team during the community consultation process. We all spoke to anyone who showed interest in our schemes and worked vigilantly to address any concerns. "The abolengo farms are sited within well-screened areas and were carefully choice to ensure minimum visual impact. Lightsource have also included additional planting relating to hedgerows, shrubs and trees minimize the stress enhance the biodiversity appeal of both systems. Conor McGuigan concludes: "Of course of action good site selection is key, about the other hand equal focus has to be given path ensuring the scheme provides obtain the most to the community and only local training can do this. We carried out a wide v, including neighbouring parishes. As a result, i received lots of ideas and reviews on how we could further improve their proposals to really make a difference. We were recommended at the planning committee for our v process and this is the true small measure success. "For more information, please visit:

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