Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Plane tickets of fantasy: Planes that have get homage to cultural icons

Of Rajarshi Bhattacharjee Just like AirAsia India's recently unveiled JRD Tata vehicles, here is a list of other airlines might just have an aircraft of popular societal icons like Tintin and Hi folks Kitty. Fast & Furious 777 jetliner If cars can't shoot him faster, actor/producer Vin Diesel powered can always rely on the Easily & Furious 777 airliner. Etihad Airways unveiled this luxury at that moment in support of the film franchise. The amount of a significant part of Fast & Livid 7 is shot in Abu Dhabi, Etihad is also said to be the new sponsor of the film. Air Novel Zealand's flight over Middle-Earth At the begining of December of 2013, Air Novel Zealand took fans for a joyride in its Boeing 777-300 aircraft which will flaunted the iconic 54-metre long Smaug Dragon from the second film in your Hobbit Trilogy — The Desolation of Smaug. A year earlier, our own airline surprised its fans following a similar theme coinciding with the unveiling of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Ak Airlines' Disney iPhone plus case aircraft This one will bring out the kid in you. Ak Airlines has a fleet of five Disney-themed airplanes, featuring characters like Mickey mouse and Minnie Mouse, Donald Shift and creations from Cars. Finally, the aircraft is a tribute to the airline's long-term partnership with the Disneyland Vacation resort. AirAsia India's tribute to JRD Tata AirAsia India recently presented its fourth aircraft, 'The Pioneer', with livery dedicated to JRD Struktur. The aircraft bears an image as to JRD Tata standing beside the Puss Moth, the aircraft on which this person operated India's first commercial flight all over 1932. Turkish Airlines' FC Barcelona livery If FC Barcelona could your team, then Turkish Airlines could your ride. Leveraging its position as the basic carrier of FC Barcelona, our own airline has painted a Boeing 777-300ER from its fleet with illustration of the club and its players. Brussels Airlines' Tintin ride Brussels contains Tintin and so it is fitting make fish an Airbus (A320) of Brussels Flight companies has customised livery for the cartoon-looking hero. The art consists of a 37m long black shark, based on Tutor Calculus' shark submarine from Tintin's adventure Red Rackham's Treasure. Finally, the aircraft, called 'Rackham', has a belief on the fuselage that reads: "We fly you to the home of Tintin. " Say hello to AVOI Air's Kitty jets Taiwanese lane EVA Air flies five Kitty-themed planes in a tie-up with Japan's comic company, Sanrio. More than onehundred in-flight items also reportedly animal the Hello Kitty motif.

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