Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Its Minions Movie is coming to Southport

If you are under 10, this may pretty likely be the announcement you have been waiting for all seasons.

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The Minions Movie is about to go to screens across the UK and we currently have all the times and dates for Sefton and West Lancashire's nearest movie, the Vue in Southport.

If you are an00 fan of Despicable me iPad case and additionally Despicable Me 2 then noticeably you need to book your tickets today.

What is The Minions Movie about?

Excessively thousands of centuries, the Minions hold travelled the globe with just one piloting in life – to find themselves great, powerful leader to give them ideas, balance and of course, a source of household goods.

Along the way they manage to acquire a vast number of different leaders, from an almighty prehistoric, to the Pharaohs, Napoleon and even Matter Dracula himself! Sadly, they all tend to meet a rather unfortunate demise as a result of the Minions – whose prime intentions always seem to bring a whole lot more harm than good.

When they get in touch with the shores of New York, circa 1968, they are hopeful things would possibly work out for them and a change is arriving their way. Will Kevin, Stuart, Bob and the rest of the gang obtain their ideal leader or may well they roam the earth eternally infame?

This hilarious animated comedy is designed with the voice talents of Actress sandra bullock ( Gravity ), Jon Hamm ( Mad Men ), Michael jordan Keaton ( Birdman ), Allison Janney ( American Beauty ) and Steve Coogan ( Joe Partridge ).

When will it be about the Southport Vue cinema?

The official let go of date is Friday, June 21.

On Friday, June 26 which you should book for showings at and additionally 6pm

On Saturday, June 27 showings are at 10am, and 6pm

To Sunday, June 28 showings have a 10am, and 6pm

Week short days (Monday to Friday) showings have a and 6pm

On Friday, August 26, Saturday, June 27, Tuesday, June 28 and week short days (Monday to Friday) 3D showings are at pm.

The Southport Vue Cinema is at Ocean Plaza, Upside down Drive, Southport, Merseyside PR8 1SQ. To book tickets call 0871 224 0240 or visit the website http://www.myvue.com/

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