Thursday, May 5, 2016

Shenyang a primary suspect was caught in the revolving door of College cafeteria

Shenyang a primary school boy on May 5 to surge to the family of news (www.thepaper.CN) said the male suspect was caught in the revolving door of Shenyang City College cafeteria, rescue invalid was killed. School officials say, is consulting with the deceased. Tong Gou station staff, Shenyang Sujiatun District Public Security Bureau confirmed that has been involved in "boy Chuck by revolving door death" about the investigation is under way.

Families also set of revolving doors meet national safety requirements, as well as questioned the safety warning is not set, but the College staff said, responsibility is still under investigation.

On May 4, a Netizen posted it says in Shenyang, Shenyang City College cafeteria in the day, a pupil who is caught in the revolving door by canteen, rescue invalid was killed. The student's relatives May 5 confirmed to the surging news leaks, and said the boy is 10 years old, primary school education, the only son in the family, parents in the school involved contracted canteen; 4th around 5:40 P.M., school boy was found lying next to the revolving door in the dining room, beneath the blood, when their parents are working in the canteen. Ambulances rushed to the boy taken to hospital, but the boy died.

Relatives also said the boys play, was caught in the revolving door of the cafeteria in the head, the revolving door there was no warning sign. However, this claim has yet to be officially confirmed. Stick of Shenyang City College students to reflect, after the school began a student ID to access personnel to check their registration, independent persons prohibited from entering.

According to relatives, the morning of 5th school sent someone to communicate with the parents and relatives of the deceased, both parties to consent to be transferred to a funeral home, "promised a treatment as soon as possible." Two back to Wuhan to buy younger white collar

Shenyang City College's official statistics, the school system by the National Ministry of education approved the establishment of full-time university undergraduate education in colleges and universities.