Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Liaoning a female primary school teacher accused of indecent video in class

Liaoshen evening news, chat client, May 4 Shen, third grade classes, female teacher stood on lectures, appears on the Whiteboard behind the naked men and women kissing videos ... ...

Liberation of linghe district, Jinzhou City primary school, class 11, some parents ' complaints, class Zheng class play indecent video.

At present, the linghe district, Jinzhou City Bureau of education has been involved in investigating the matter.

Liaoning a female primary school teacher accused of indecent video in class, called the

Zheng primary school 3 grade 11 class parent liberation group, a public apology screenshots.

Parents: teacher porn

"Jinzhou Jiefang primary school, teacher of pornographic films, more than once, our parent teacher recuse. "Yesterday (May 3) morning, the parent Li Qiao (a pseudonym) complained to the liaoshen evening news, Shen chat client. Guangxi police condemned entrusted execution taking

Li Qiao introduced daughter studied at the liberation of linghe district, Jinzhou City the third year 11 classes.

"Kids say to me, when the class, Zheng put a video, videos men and women are naked, hugging and kissing. "Li Qiao said, her daughter said this is not the first time Zheng played the video in the classroom, there once before.

Li Qiao urged other parents to check the matter immediately, access to consistent information with her daughter, others also reflects class Zheng played in the class a similar video.

In this class of parents micro-letter group, one parent said: "continuous obscene fragments do not process, and you have no responsibility? "

Zheng responded: "Whiteboard jumped the bad things, I'll pass, sometimes a virus and cannot be quickly closed, which I turn off the computer. "

Another parent said: "why there is no such a thing? This is dereliction of duty. "

After several rounds of debate, Zheng in the letter group comments: "parents: the things that occur in our class, I am very sorry, and apologize for, welcome the children didn't come to school, please supervise my work. "

The class with some parents find the school requires the Government to replace Zheng. School officials said parents give Zheng a chance, and asked Zheng to apologise to parents.

Teacher: can't be my sowing

Yesterday (May 3) at about 12 o'clock noon, liaoshen evening news, chat client calls dialed Zheng Shen, but no answer. Then reporters by text message in how you interact with Zheng.

Reporter: parents reflect your class time playing pornographic videos in the classroom, what happened?

Zheng: this can't be my play, computer jump out, had been processed in a timely manner, the school has verified not what I play for.

Reporter: some parents say video playback approximately 3 minutes and said you go pick up the telephone, had this situation?

Zheng: didn't answer the phone, they (parents) say lies, then immediately right above "x" turned off.

Reporter: do you have computers connected to the network? Is the contents of the USB memory stick?

Zheng: the computer is connected to the network, no u.

Reporter: video playback in the end is what?

Zheng: immediately turn off, see. Pop-up has nothing to do with teaching immediately closed, after which point eBook, lecture.

School: teacher business unskilled

Subsequently, the reporter and liberty elementary school contacted the President gu, in charge of the investigation.

Reporter: Zheng ever played pornographic videos in the classroom?

President Gu: the teacher who is nearly 50 years old, and for multimedia technology is not very skilled, teacher back to the Board at that time, I didn't see, but this video in the classroom for two consecutive days, there is definitely a problem, if the strong sense of responsibility, students cannot see.

Reporter: have you ever opened Zheng's computer to see what exactly is playing in the video?

President Gu: no, normal broadcast courseware in class in the file, (Zheng) or is not skilled, not intentional.

Reporter: does the school have a network administrator, set up a firewall to prevent unhealthy content pop up?

President Gu: network management, but I'm not tech-savvy, can't explain it.

Reporters: teachers of other classes have no such thing happened?

President Gu: never heard of, we are particularly surprised.

Journalist: later, Zheng's computer did not pop up this video, what is the reason?

President Gu: then, seriously, put their lectures in the folder, there is no such a thing from happening again.

Reporter: how schools look at this thing?

President Gu: impact on the children and parents are very serious teacher to admit your mistake, apologize to parents. Teacher's mistakes, schools have the responsibility, not multi-faceted training teacher, where students can see these unhealthy content.

Expert view: this is teaching accidents

Education expert of Shenyang city Yu Yongchang said that this incident is actually teaching accident. Such things happen in the classroom, students ' heart damage is long.

Bad technology can not be used as an excuse, as a qualified teacher, in class actions must be rigorous and responsible.

How can this information be on the school intranet? Is the network from viruses or human bring to campus?

Recommends free primary school and thorough investigation into their teaching systems, involved teacher recommended the punishment, to alert the other teachers not to make similar mistakes.