Saturday, August 20, 2016

Li also listed Hunan radio and TV mango TV into happy days entertainment and

Supergirl also listed the led Li.

The night of August 19, owned by Hunan satellite TV shopping brand happy shopping (300413) said in a statement, after two months of suspension, to be purchased with the same actual control of the company, Hunan radio and television (hereinafter referred to as Hunan radio and television) control 7 all or a controlling stake of the company. Including mango TV and entertainment. After the AR and VR is MR MagicLeap why it s worth

Announcements, happy purchases through the issuance of shares and to pay cash to buy company shares and to raise matching funds. Due to this major asset restructuring is still in the communications and consultations, related to the current programmes are not yet fully determined. In addition, because the programme to discuss and improve the time required is longer, transaction details still need further communication and negotiation, transaction remains uncertain, assets, operations, finance and other areas large amount of due diligence investigations, due diligence, audit and evaluation work needs a certain amount of time, so delayed resumption. Company is committed to disclosing major assets restructuring plan or before September 20 report.

Above injected happy purchased of 7 home company including, Hunan happy Sun interactive entertainment media limited (Xia said happy Sun), and Shanghai days entertainment media limited (Xia said: days entertainment media), and Hunan mango Entertainment Limited (Xia said mango entertainment), and mango movie limited (Xia said mango television), and Hunan gold Eagle cartoon limited (Xia said gold Eagle cartoon), and Shanghai mango mutual Entertainment Technology Limited (Xia said mango mutual entertainment), and Hunan days entertainment advertising limited (Xia said days entertainment advertising).

Public information, happy shopping was founded in the end of 2005, jointly by the Hunan radio, film and television group and Hunan satellite TV and maintainable, the initial registered capital of 100 million Yuan, and officially opened in March 2006, operation. Happy shopping is the first qualification for national live television shopping channel, specializing in TV shopping, online shopping, shopping, and so on. In January 2015, was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange happy purchase.

Worth mentioning is that the connections that the 7 companies going.

Among them, the happy sunshine mango TV is responsible for specific operations. It was reported that in June 2015, mango TV completed a round of financing, raising funds of more than 500 million Yuan, after the investment valued at 7 billion yuan. After only one year, mango TV complete the b round of financing, nearly 1.5 billion yuan to raise funds, valued at 13.5 billion yuan after the vote.

Days entertainment media is the era of Super girl's new entertainment company. Over the past 11 years, the company's business scope covers variety shows, music, movies, TV shows, books, etc, create artists including Li, Jie Zhang, Yu-zhengshuang, brilliance, has, "Super girl", "happy boys", "where is the father the movie", "small time" series of films, "love one another through the Millennium" and other cultural products.

Mango entertainment created the phenomenon of Hunan TV brand the happy girl, happy boys ', and was involved in production. In addition, the mango taste entertainment system for Hunan satellite TV and cool both the network variety show, such as the ghost blows.

Mango TV, as has an independent legal personality of the team owned by Hunan radio and television, founded in 2001, with a focus on film investment direction, main business including film producers and distributors, artists Agency, film associated base/equipment rentals, film and television, such as product development and sales. Company toupai films and TV series including the gods, ' Palace ', ' Gong Suo bead curtain ', such as the Gong Suo Citylink.

Statistics show that Golden Eagle cartoon was formally launched in October 2004, the show has built the House, life is beautiful ', ' Super girl doll, the happier and more policy, where is the father and other multiple original cartoons.

Mango mutual entertainment was founded in April 2014, the Hunan radio, its only mobile Internet gaming and mobile application development platform. According to official information, the company since the development of the hand where is the father of series 320 million total downloads.

Day ad was established in 2007, focused on marketing, program operations, media agencies, integrated marketing, and so on.

Financial data show that early 2016, happy purchase revenue of 1.735 billion yuan, up 17.06% over the previous year, belonging to the common shareholders of listed companies to 28.22 million yuan in net profit, down 35.28%.

It was also reported, happy shopping revenue growth in the first half of this year mainly from auto dealers and customers ' business growth of the group, and the decline in net profit is due to the impact of intensified market competition and profits into the company's innovative business also needs a certain period.