Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Director several times in one village drunk hit Gansu province were detained

Director several times in one village drunk hit Gansu province were detained Zhen investigation

Zhangye city, Gansu province, Cao Hu, Sha Jing Cun Wei Hui, Director beaten a villager to the injured after getting drunk and smashing their vehicles. Golden Zhangye online

Sha Jing Cun, Cao Hu, Director of the village, shajing town drunk in Zhangye city, Gansu province beaten villagers, on August 24, Ganzhou in Zhangye City Public Security Bureau informed the Public Security Bureau said, Cao Hu arrested for affray has been detained. The same day, surging manhole a staff member told the Government news (www.thepaper.CN), Zhen JI has been involved in the investigation.

Surging Lei Yan Sha Jing Cun, villagers told the news, his parents opened a store in town. Lei Yan said on August 14, when his father in the car to get something, Cao Hu, Director of the village believe that out of the way, was abused and beaten by Cao Hu.

Lei Yan, Cao Hu not only say "can't kill people lose money", or drunk driving Lei Yan's parents. When the police arrived, Cao Hu also ran to the butcher's knife to cut Lei Yan next halogen parents. Subsequently, Cao Hu are civilian police uniforms. The next day, Lei Yan's mother was injured and in hospital, his father also takes injuries accompany.

Lei Yan said, Cao Hu wounding several times in recent years, up to 70 years old, down to ten year old children, ranging from punched and kicked, heavy bones at a discount; Cao Hu opened a parlor. Frequent incidents of violence against children

Director several times in one village drunk hit Gansu province were detained Zhen investigation

Vehicles were smashed.

24th, Zhangye city, Ganzhou Public Security Bureau, Public Security Bureau official Twitter @ Ganzhou police release case reported, August 14 at 8 o'clock in the evening, Sha Jing Cun villagers mined the village Committee Director Cao Hu battery with injury after getting drunk and smashing party vehicles. After the incident, manhole Ganzhou District Public Security Bureau police police, control events.

After preliminary investigation, Cao Hu served as President, the village officer, repeatedly beaten after getting drunk and damaged others acts of public or private property, caused a bad influence in the villagers. In accordance with the People's Republic of China Article No. 293 of the Penal Code stipulates that criminal suspects Cao Hu (male, Han Chinese, now 41, who lives in the district, shajing town Sha Jing Cun Shi she) has been suspected of crime of affray. On August 22, Ganzhou District Public Security Bureau on the imposition of criminal compulsory measures by law, in its extensive investigation into suspected criminal facts are.

Ganzhou district, Zhangye city, according to the people's Court (2012) no 107th Gan early penalty according to the book of criminal incidental civil mediation, Cao Hu for trifles with the villagers there have been contradictions, villagers holding knife cuts the face, resulting in ten disability, after the consultation.

The afternoon of 24th, said the surging Government response on the matter by a staff member, shajing town, at present, Zhen JI, with police investigating, investigation pending the outcome, is not disclosed. Cao Hu have no open mahjong and other problems, the staff did not respond.