Sunday, December 18, 2016

Rolle responded accounts question the judicial organs investigation daughter

Rolle responded accounts question: the judicial organs investigation, daughter's condition is still very heavy

Andy Carroll Cong Jing after 72 hours relief and officials

Rolle responded accounts question: the judicial organs investigation, daughter's condition is still very heavy

He smiled

Covers news, December 18, in November, he smiled, you stop for me on this article, and maxed out all of your circle of friends. After the article was forwarded by netizens many people lavish money on this sad little girl ... ... But the plot was soon reversed, Luo smiled father Raoul, its three suites by netizens pointed out that two cars, many people questioned the blood this is a marketing.

Now the trouble has been in the past half a month, 17th was only laughing into the intensive care unit of the 25th day, was only laughing 101 days following admission, how her illness?

On December 17, the Shenzhen children's Hospital intensive care rooms, Rolle's sole response to cover journalists, said daughter only laughed the situation is still not optimistic, besides leukemia, also won the hemophagocytic syndrome, illness is more complex. For queries on your network, Rolle said, is only willing to accept judicial investigation.

Roy laughed and identify new disease "toe nail turned black"

Because the hospital will Friday visit was delayed by a day, 17th at 10 o'clock in the morning, Raoul and his wife Wen fang appeared in Shenzhen City children's Hospital intensive care units (hereinafter "PICU") ago. "Lying to donate" half a month after the storm, wearing a black and white Plaid Shirt of Rolle, other parents came to visit, there is no clear difference. In addition to health care workers shouted "he smiled" names, parents whisper about: "I seem to see the smiling parents. "

From November 23, Roy Smiles has entered the intensive care unit for 25 days. Different from the usual visit, both husband and wife have to do a blood program. Rolle said that is because her infection was detected after hemophagocytic syndrome, so both parents to check the blood, look at this disease are inherited from parents, primary and secondary, are caused by infections.

Rolle said, while the daughter is currently in a heartbeat, respiration, oxygen indicators have improved in these areas, but State of mind rather than the previous two visits to almost. He said that after Mr smile's leukemia has been controlled, but the infection makes her damaged organs.

"Today saw her toe nails were black, the blood got there, doctors are trying to. "The good news is, a couple people called her daughter's name during the visit, Luo will laugh or nod, a little awareness.

Cover journalists hospital authorities only smile of the illness, said that because doctors need to treat more children and not easy to interview, nor the costs necessary to open to the media.

In no mood to other accounts "this is my personal"

For half a month before the storm, especially netizens said in a video intercept "House to son," Rolle to cover reporters, daughter and son are just as important. "The so-called House, pension, all the previous deleted content, context, complete interview with Dong is not the case. "

Rolle said that after this, son's mood has also been a certain amount of influence. "He is still very young, and emotions are also very susceptible to stimulation, is now preparing for the exam at the end, don't bother him too much. "

"I also do media out, I interview a person will grasp very clearly this person's work. They even read the content, I too, am afraid they continue to play with me. "To this end, Rohr says he largely rejected a media interview, don't want to cut.

As to why not have expense accounts in the only laugh, you give me against this article out, once again, "catch it". Rolle said, is due to see users say, leukemia treatment is cheap, just two months before more than 70,000 yuan. He explained that after his daughter enter the PICU, costs about 10,000 yuan a day or so, there is no Bill. "After the daughter to go into severe, trying to look at the cost. "Rolle said after the incident, he closed the appreciated features for some new friends think netizens also said the current cost of money is enough, no.

On the Web, outside of return of 2.62 million Yuan, was also questioned him, hands still holding more than 1 million in donations, Rolle said this is very funny. "This is my personal privacy, I don't know, no mood to count the accounts, withdrawing it, plus I'm a little red envelope friends I most dropped out. Only Tencent's background can be considered clear. "

Rolle said that speculations on the network, then, is in no mood to reason. "I now only accept the judiciary investigation. "

(Formerly titled Rolle's response after the storm accounts question "this is my personal")