Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Guangdong Police transferred to Hong Kong stewardess corpse hidden closet case

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February 1 at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, upon request of the Hong Kong Police, was arrested in the Mainland, "Hong Kong stewardess corpse hidden closet case" suspect Mo Junxian, was escorted to the Hong Kong-Shenzhen boundary of Huanggang in Shenzhen with Lok Ma Chau Bridge, and officially handed over to Hong Kong Police by the Guangdong Police escorted back to Hong Kong. Mo Junxian since 2000, was handed over to Hong Kong Police by the Guangdong Public Security Authority 174th born criminal.

October 2016, the Hong Kong Police letter, request the Mainland public security authorities to assist in the investigation to arrest absconding Mainland Hong Kong major kill suspect Mo Junxian.

Mo Junxian (male, born on November 4, 1987, Hong Kong) in Hong Kong is a society sensation, "flight attendant corpse hidden closet case" of suspects. December 8, 2013 2:10 A.M., 26, the Dragonair flight attendant Chen was found murdered, Allway Gardens apartments-body in the bedroom closet. Extensive investigation by the Hong Kong Police confirmed that Mo Junxian her ex-boyfriend has major suspected of the crime, its dispute with Chen for trifles, Allway Gardens, Tsuen Wan Chen pinch died at their home in flight. Subsequently, the Hong Kong Police reward of HK $300,000 arrest Mo Junxian.

After receiving a notify the Hong Kong Police case, the Guangdong public security organs attach great importance to and deploy public security organs at the provincial and municipal levels capable force task force around Mo's activities in the Mainland to conduct in-depth investigations, spare no efforts to arrest and keep in close contact with the Hong Kong Police, met to coordinate and exchange intelligence leads on the case several times.

After several days of hard rigorous investigation team Mo Junxian activity areas in the Mainland and tracks have been identified. On October 29, the public security organs in a beauty salon in Longgang District henggang store will Mo Junxian successfully captured. Trial, Mo Junxian in Hong Kong killed his ex-girlfriend and inscrutability confessed the crime. Guangdong public security authorities to notify the Hong Kong Police for the first time.

The incident in Hong Kong, victim and crime per capita for Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong. At the transfer site, the Guangdong public security authorities and the Hong Kong police official said, the case detection, close cooperation in combating cross-border crime is co-operation and success stories, is a long-term close cooperation, both the police force and win-win results, and police authorities in recent years around the fight against serious cross-border crime, and constantly improve our ability to combat crime results. Detection of the case also shows, neither Hong Kong nor the mainland criminals "safe haven", police will continue to maintain close cooperation between the two places, severely crack down on all illegal and criminal activities, efforts to maintain social stability and people's well-being of the public.

According to understand, Hong Kong return yilai, mainland police organ and Hong Kong Police firm implement "one country, two systems" approach, from conducive to guarantees between residents lawful rights and interests of, and conducive to combat across border crime, and conducive to between long-term prosperity stable starting, in mutual respect, and mutual support, and non intervention other law enforcement activities of spirit, in counter-terrorism, and combat across border crime, and business exchange and the police works training, the aspects for has rich effectiveness of cooperation. Among them, the Hong Kong police force has set up a high-level regular meetings, exchange of information, case coordination, training, Exchange and cooperation mechanism to jointly solve a series of major cross-border crimes and maintained social stability and prosperity of the two places and the lives and property of residents.

Source: Ministry of public security website

Original title: Guangdong police handed over to Hong Kong Police major murder suspect Mo Junxian

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