Saturday, January 28, 2017

B stop new year s Eve attack some account of moral values fall out says report

New year's Eve night, beep beep barrage network and its users are experiencing a not-so-pleasant things.

The evening of January 27, a Netizen in the opening beep beep barrage network (commonly known as b), found their accounts had been "muzzled" barrage and the comments could not be sent because of lost "moral values."

"Moral value" is beep miles beep miles play scene network for user behavior for management of a way, according to beep miles beep miles play scene network introduced, if user in using b station Shi appeared bad behavior, as play scene comments content involved advertising, and erotic or personal attack Shi, user account of moral value on will corresponding reduction buckle, dang moral value below must numerical Shi, account on will into ban statements even half seal stopped state, cannot for released play scene, and comments and followers, and added tag, part common operation. Users log in every day will increase by 1 point and moral values, restore up to 70.

B stop new year's Eve attack: some account of B stop new year's Eve attack: some account of

Beep beep barrage NET moral value sets

According to users in micro-Bo Shang of feedback, the was encountered attack of account, in not for violations operation of situation Xia, moral value on was directly buckle light has, in view personal of login records and moral records Shi, except "moral off light", users also found has such a text description: "I is b station internal employees, on new year's Eve night was superior forced overtime and threat, I is unbearable has, b station usually on often malicious arrears took various reason deduction wage, insult employees, sold up main personal information. B did not collapse, but it has changed. "

B stop new year's Eve attack: some account of B stop new year's Eve attack: some account of B stop new year's Eve attack: some account of

Beep beep-mile barrage users that their account is under attack "Man Ray", and received a station b, claiming to be the employee's written description

However, this statement failed to get a b, station officials confirmed.

Beep beep-mile barrage microblogging network in the evening of January 27 said, has been the massive attacks from outside, b station have begun investigations, and police. "The night of January 27 6:20,bilibili began to suffer massive attack from the outside. Subsequently, 10:30, our backend approval system was attacked, associated with moral value system is compromised. Currently, technicians were quickly restored user accounts of all malicious attacks, please rest assured. For the source of the attack we have investigated and reported. We strongly condemn this attack for up Lord, for users, no matter what your purpose is, we will check after all. "

B stop new year's Eve attack: some account of

Beep beep external attacks on your barrage of microblogging network said, the source of the attack has been investigated.

January 28 at 3 o'clock in the morning, beep beep barrage network officially announced that been taken account of moral values because of the attacks, has been completely restored. The statistics, this attack account number account b, accounted for 1.8% of the total, mostly and Lv5 Lv6 account.

"The only moral value affected by the attacks, user ID and password security, will not be affected. If members find their accounts still affected, please feel free to feedback to customer service, we will immediately work with resolve. "Beep beep barrage network said. Baidu s youngest Vice President Li Mingyuan resigned