Friday, April 24, 2015

3D tattoo machine: Tatou e

3D printing development to the present, has no doubt that its unlimited possibilities, from the construction, medical care, toys and even food to eat, can print out really afraid you're not printing, but you can't think of what to print! Disney case

France of Appropriate Audiences work room whim, with table Shang type 3D printer MakerBot to do experiment, put originally will spray out melted plastic of traditional nozzle replaced professional of thorn green needles, design out 3D print thorn green machine Tatou é, through Autodesk software put pick good of pattern turned into file, transfer to printer Shang, again put hand stretch to platform Shang, next on handed machine to Thorn green can.

Tatou e biggest technical hurdle is how to make needles in operating on the soft skin, because induction conditions of printers in a flat material harder than silica gel is required to achieve the best results, so in the process of tattoo enthusiasts must be taut flesh, so that the machine can operate smoothly. Disney iPhone 6 plus case

Appropriate Audiences digital drawings to get a tattoo has more possibilities. For the tattoo artist to their business without fear of being robbed (tattoo artist's charisma was not, after all, the machine can be replaced), but can use it as a new tool. Whereas to the ordinary people, the mechanized tattooing tools developed, perhaps more populist prices allow you to get a cute, simple small tattoo, ask who will refuse?

Appropriate Audiences the next plan is to take the Tatou e to visit all famous tattoo artist, look at the possibility of bringing out new fresh thing that creative spark.


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