Sunday, April 19, 2015

Parent-child vest AthleTitti, let the children play on Daddy back free

So in a tank top, can remind Mommy and Daddy all the jealousy. Why do we say it? It was a fun vest, is a leading concept of children's toys, Daddy behind the vest tank, kids can climb on your back or chest to play. Because the vest is a mesh, can be implemented in their child grab, pull, step, climb, and many other actions, Daddy give them proper protection, do not need to fear her slide down. Kaidaer

Graduated from Tama University of fine arts, this one of the outstanding design work, called AthleTitti, from the hands of student Bai Shichun, material is very simple, is the rope and leather. Designers say when it designed the work, has experienced a number of overlapping of testing and verification, as appropriate, as well as the security of material meticulously increases the degree of completion of the works. Daddy was watching articles, did you want to have a piece? It can not only make you look more rugged or Man, have a sense of a cowboy that is seen, is more important, can let you became a child to sports and recreation facilities. That feel wonderful, and parent-child relationships and immediately increased by 100 points!

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Said father as a mountain, his father such as trees, well, let kids climbing on you, without regarding wife jealous eyes!