Monday, May 11, 2015

Hello, I am amazing boy clamp SILO

Hi~ Hello, I am the amazing boy clip SILO! I seem to be a little-known card-tool, but I actually both card holders, bottle openers, cell phone supports a variety of functions! My designs are very simple, first of all, I was a hard hole with your credit card the same size, I have multiple color soft silicone tie. You can use your bank card, membership card, as well as any other card stacks together, tied with tie in my body. And then also at the upper end of all cards can plug some of the money to pay a tip to buy cigarettes or something. Just Cavalli iPhone 6 case

And then, when you're a small restaurant or roadside blow when beer can be picked up from chic to my wallet, my body with square hole ad hoc click the CAP open, enjoy the drink. This time is a bit boring, do what you want to watch a movie with your mobile phone? Simple, took me out to my side with specially designed slots could just jam your cell phone, bracing it at the right angle and keeps you watching. The card slot is also quite applicable for iPad mini.

And Yes, my body is no ordinary stainless steel or aluminum, others very badly made from aerospace grade titanium! 1.5 mm is the thickness of my proud figure, thin and strong, I also used in high-end watches Ticn coating on the surface, Super scratch resistant eh! More importantly, I can prevent the RFID radio frequency identification read fraudulent credit card information! What a wonderful purse small partners ~ I love you, you can poke here, take me home! Come on, you do da ~ Just Cavalli iPhone 6

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