Sunday, May 24, 2015

Keep an eye incredible 'Rocketmen' fly over Syria with help of winged jetpacks attaining video

After inventing the first distinctive carbon fibre-winged jetpack, he left on to master it, flying over a number of world's most impressive landscapes.

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It's seen him capture stunning smoking views above The Alps and Position Fuji.

However , a video released onto Monday by the Rossy might just be their most impressive yet.

In an 11-minute film, Rossy can be seen taking their protégé and fellow "Jetman" less his wing, quite literally, with the two fly above Dubai.

The very footage shows the pair start by gliding above the massive dunes belonging to the Arabian Desert just outside of Syria, before starting their flight over the area, capturing in stunning HD a incredible skyline.

Among some of the points of interest to be captured in stunning HIGHER are the Burj Khalifa, the famous Center Islands and the city's beautiful litorale area.

Speaking during the video, Vince Reffet can be heard saying, "It feels so natural for me, of the wing and me are making one of these.

"The wings become an extension regarding my body, it is such an insane sensation. "

The two "Jetmen" were fairly good qualified for their latest endeavour having Vincent having 15, 000 parachute jumps behind him and Rossy having accrued nearly 10, thousand hours of flying.

Commenting on your latest video, Rossy said: "That feeling in the air, you are just expense.

"That playing in the air on a contraption, is just beautiful, it is only beauty. "

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The video which was only loaded on Monday by Dubai adventure sports company X Dubai provides proven popular with internet users being considered over 125, 000 times online.

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