Thursday, February 18, 2016

Resurgence of dealers hospitals in Beijing said there were ways to deal with

Resurgence of dealers, hospitals in Beijing, said there were ways to deal with new rules

On February 17 and 18th, Xinhua News Agency Reporter visits to the hospitals, and hang it from dealers in the number. Yang Yi surging data

Before the Spring Festival, Xinhua also made field investigations in Beijing part of the hospital's "dealer" phenomenon, authorities are also said to take drastic measures to control. And behold, a work after the Spring Festival, dealers will have "started". For some dealers, hospital "resurgence", on February 17 and 18th, the Xinhua News Agency reporter once again split multiplex, visits to the hospitals, and hang it from dealers in out.

On February 17 at about 10 o'clock in the morning, the reporters came to Tongren hospital, the hospital entrance on the big screen and banner that says "tough ' dealers ', purged the hospital clinic environment, maintaining the lawful rights and interests of patients with". In hospital Western eye to register before halls open 4 Windows all London-based staff. Dealers quickly into a reporter's eyes.

In ophthalmology appointment register window, reporters standing in line waiting for the consultation register. At this time, a woman fuck a northeast accent came up to the reporter and ask "number? Specialist. "But this time, the hospital security guards on duty to stand two metres behind at a press conference.

The woman asked reporters, "Symptoms", it is recommended that reporters to cataract or eye. She said directly with patient ID to "cards", and a number of experts, journalists waiting just outside the hospital. Hospital cards 104, her "services" of 300 yuan, it comes to 404 Yuan.

Reporters, ID give her uneasy. The woman gave the reporter a business card, business card reads "dedicated to you, Ms Zhao", and with the cell phone number. The MS Zhao said, she paid all costs and does not require reporters give money in advance. "Rest assured, you have to queue for registered certainly can't put specialist, expert on but I will call you today, I give you my number, you give me the money. "

See reporter hesitated, Zhao expressed can also recommend better experts than the doctor, "to look at the leader. "Ms Zhao immediately take reporters out of hospital, went to see the other woman. Ms Zhao to brief a reporter's "condition", the other side says, can be hung in the Beijing Hospital of an expert immediately, "Baidu you him, very famous, specially watching eyes. You give 500 dollars now, I'll take you to go to. Beijing hospital is next to the hospital, went close. "

The gap at a press advisory, her cell phone rang, and a patient families where are discussed later in the meeting.

At the Beijing children's Hospital, also, dealers said. The morning of February 17, the reporter in the hospital outpatient service building North of the new Hall, lining up children with family members packed with nearly the entire building lobby.

February 17 around 11 o'clock when leaving the lobby cards, encountered outside the Hall to talk to a vendor. "Expert number? "Discount up front, ask. "Who do you have? "The reporter asked. "It depends on who you want to register, whose numbers are. "Reporters want to register of Pediatric epilepsy specialist. "Pediatric epilepsy specialist is from 400 to 1000 Yuan, XX is the best expert professors. "Traders well aware of illnesses and expert information. Jiangsu jintan police deny 6 migrant workers over

"Can help solve the problem? "The reporter asked. "The cards are no problem! As long as you can provide ID information, give me $ 200, 5 minutes to help you figure it out, you queue up for the finish had been all afternoon. "

Subsequently, the reporters in front of the clinic building one in blue clothing, not yet 30 years old, selling "Liu Ge." "Expert number? "Sellers asked. Asked how does it work? "Child's ID number and ID, are today, if not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow will be fine. 300 dollars the registration fee I'll help you, get you direct to my 600. "

The morning of February 18, journalists once again at Tongren hospital, on the road in a hospital South of the Dong Jiao min Xiang, a 50 years old, who gives his name as the man stepped forward, "talk", "to do, to number? "Journalist expresses his wish to see the eye, the man told reporters he hangs to expert can help, need press ID card holders to help journalist cards registered reporters just outside the hospital waiting for price is 500 Yuan, including card registration fee 190 Yuan, and the rest is" service fees ".

After the reporters agreed, any man will take reporters to a nearby intersection, find a ride a three-wheeled motorcycle wearing khaki coat men, journalists gave the ID to the man, the man holding a reporter's documents immediately to the hospital. Man said the men ride a three-wheeled motorcycle is a native of Beijing, known registered in the hospital, he went to operate better. Asked a man surnamed, Tongren hospital provides all addition and subtraction, expert, how do I get a number, any man say they "have".

About 40 minutes later, the man came back, bring a medical card in Beijing, a Beijing hospital Tong Jian card documents, and in the 18th expert registration form.

Subsequently, the reporter saw a woman in the street near to a man hand-written note, told how he went to the plus sign. When asked how the woman could go straight to the window to add a number, the woman did not say much and told reporters "I have no problem. "

However, two days of investigations, not every hospital has the dealer. February 17 in fuwai hospital, outpatient lobby order, each "registering" Windows 6, 7 people are in line, buffet servers also have hospital staff in the guidance, in an hour's time, and found no dealers.