Sunday, February 21, 2016

Rich Chinese buying enthusiasm undiminished 25 year old rich plans bought in

Rich Chinese buying enthusiasm is driving the world's growth in assets.

Zhejiang rich second generation ready to buy Tomson

25 years young Zhao Xiaoling, Zhejiang (a pseudonym) in Shanghai is preparing to buy a home.

He is the typical wealthy second generation external call, after college, working in their family business. He said home will expand into Shanghai, which was one of the reasons for buying property in Shanghai.

"Family started the company to dissolve with others before, got the money parents are going to buy a big house in Shanghai. "Zhao Xiaoling surging on news (www.thepaper.CN) said that in the short term, parents want rather than continuing to invest more money into fixed assets. And they found that Shanghai is the best buying choice.

Zhao Xiaoling said they see houses including the Pudong Tomson and Villa in Sheshan, Songjiang, the purchase will be paid at once.

"Maybe I'm getting a job in Shanghai, and will have a place to live. Buy a bigger, after MOM and dad came to live with more spacious. "Zhao Xiaoling said.

Rich such as Zhao Xiaoling in the past quarter to advance in first-tier cities mansions deal.

Shanghai Yi in first-tier cities promulgated by the Institute of real estate luxury apartment market research report showed that quarter of 2015, a city luxury apartment sold 6159, a new quarterly high since 2014, rose 65%, an increase of 368%.

Among them, Shanghai mansion apartment (unit price 80,000 yuan/square meters) sold 3124, ranked first in the four cities, an increase of 358%. Beijing sold 691 units, an increase of 48%. Guangzhou sold 63 set, an increase of nearly 5 times. Shenzhen sold 2291, rose 13.5 times.

A City Mansion apartments prices in the top 10, Shanghai, Beijing occupies 9 seats, prices are more than 120,000 yuan/square meter. Among them, Shanghai Tomson, topping the list of items sold for an average price of more than 260,000 yuan/square meter.

While studying parents spend 5 million in the United States purchase

In addition to the first-tier cities, real estate, overseas investment projects are within the scope of their consideration.

Just last year from the United States back, now runs an Internet company's student Chen Zixin (not his real name) in the United States during the school and family to buy an apartment for him in California. Chen Zixin said, "is originally bought the apartment for my school, it took more than 5 million Yuan (RMB). I lived in a room, the other 4 bedroom rent to students like me. I graduate from school after returning home, rent out the House, and found a dedicated real estate agent to be responsible for these matters, feel at home as an investment as well. "

Full beauty real estate brokers Association data displayed, in as March 2015 of a years time in, about 209,000 at United States housing sold has United States outside people or in the country life not to two years of immigration, and in this part housing of 104 billion dollars total sales in the, China buyers by accounted for of share maximum, for 28.6 billion dollars (about collection 186.4 billion Yuan Yuan), became local real estate market maximum of foreign buyers. Chinese average purchase price is approximately $ 832,000.

Jones Lang LaSalle international residential Department head of markets surging on news that United States China's rich has been a lot to buy a House.

Hurun Research Institute had issued by 2015 China investment white paper on immigration data show that United States real estate is the most favored by Chinese high net worth population types for overseas investment. Interviewed in the high net worth individuals, overseas assets as a proportion of their total assets of up to 16%. They say, willing to invest an average 5.07 million Yuan for overseas home buyers, including 58% who purchased properties are mainly used for self-occupation, 27% is for investment.

China's rich selling off domestic assets?

"We do see a number of high net worth customers (assets of more than RMB 8 million) based on the devaluation of the renminbi is expected to sell the real estate, transfer and distribution of overseas assets. But this customer is usually 70%-80% before the asset is configured on the domestic real estate, reduction of distribution of domestic real estate logic is to seek diversification of currency, is not optimistic about domestic property. "Assistant and private investment banking Director Tan Jialong, Chairman of zendai group says in a surging news interview.

While an overseas property agent said his contact, seldom seen selling domestic luxury to overseas customers to buy a House, "(go to overseas buyers) who is the man of the House". 56 ABC President Zhang Yun resigned due to personal

Tan Jialong said, many investors are hoping that by increasing dollar-denominated overseas property market, gold configuration, as a hedge against potential inflation caused by the increase in the domestic money supply impact of capital preservation. While the decline in capital markets and exchange rate depreciation adds two factors, makes the foreign configuration is getting hot.

United Kingdom in the financial times in July last year to do a survey, which more than 60% of China's rich said they plan increased holdings of overseas assets in the next two years. Among them, the residential real estate investment project is the most popular, followed by fixed-income securities, commercial real estate, trusts and life insurance.

In addition, the 47% of the high net-worth individuals has arranged more than 30% of assets invested overseas; United States was 42% his subject's preferred destination, followed by Hong Kong, Australia, and Canada and the United Kingdom.