Monday, January 9, 2017

Carrying firearms Kokang Chinese recruits to Yunnan lincang police have captured

On January 10, 2017 surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from Meng Yong, lincang, Yunnan Province Public Security Bureau police station confirmed that a Chinese Kokang of lincang city, carrying firearms and ammunition into the territory of lincang Public Security Bureau, has been captured. 90 years old and denied travel return flight the

A network of "circular" show recently, a member of the Kokang recruits Wu County Brigade of Chinese nationality (gender: male, domicile address: nanchuan district, Chongqing) carry firearms and ammunition to escape troops, lincang city, has now come to please the masses look, if found please contact Meng Yong police station immediately.

Inform the phone below the police station and police officers, as well as Wu pictures.

Carrying firearms Kokang Chinese recruits to Yunnan, lincang, police have captured

Diagram for circular

Meng Yong, lincang City Public Security Bureau police station informed the news confirms the authenticity of the surging staff on January 10, and said the man had been captured, specifics are under investigation.