Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jilin women divorcing Hall suspected the man ignited the head suspects escape

The morning of January 11, Bureau of the marriage registration Department in panshi city, Jilin province, a husband and wife after the divorce her head caught on fire, the man calm left. On January 18, the municipal party Committee propaganda Department in panshi City staff to a surging News (www.thepaper.CN) said the police after the incident that the man listed as most wanted online, now that the man is still at large, police are trying to arrest them. Nude lenders talk about meat service a customer

Surveillance video shows the marriage register in panshi city, the registry Hall, a man with a dark coat flapping pants put out the fire of Mars; man appeared next to a woman's head suddenly burst into flames. Sees two men ran to help fire-fighting, to no avail, women taking off his coat, more fires burn more; then another man holding a dry-chemical fire extinguisher to spray the sustaining, the fire destroyed; in the women's head on fire, and other fire fighting, calm dark clothing men, women head man ran out of the Hall before the fire was put out.

Surging public had told news in panshi city, video couple deep clothing for men and women on fire, before the divorce. Jilin city, the Wuhan evening news reported official micro-blog, finished on both sides after the divorce, the man suddenly fuel spilling the liquid to the woman and set it on fire.

On January 12, surging above head to rock municipal Internet Information Center-News, for "the man burned after the divorce her" one case, police are investigating, men fled the scene after the accident, has not been caught; woman was burned, has no life danger.

On January 16, panshi City Public Security Bureau released through the official Micro-Blog News: January 11, marriage registration Department in panshi city in a case in which a man set fire to the woman's head. After the incident, Rock Police Organization police started investigations immediately. At present, the men had been wanted by the Internet, rock, police are trying to arrest them. After treating the investigation clearly, rock for the first time released the situation.