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Boatman and his septuagenarian with annual incomes of more than more than 3

Yuan Yiping, 56, was a boatman, boat people for a living. A few years ago, he met on the boat on the helpless begging 76 years old Tang Qingwei spent two days people spent several years depending on each other, life for the future, their plans is also very simple, just want to live.

Boatman and his septuagenarian with annual incomes of more than more than 3,000 daughter-in-law

April 15, 2008 12:33, 56 Yuan Yiping as usual, hand held wire, hand held wooden handle and pull boats plying the River: "tooth starts to ache all over, estimated the last large molars was also rotting, it seems, really old. Thank God! Today River of people finally less some has, yesterday here every field, river of has more than 200 more people, most hell of is River of people not concentrated, according to this ship ship of standard, up once can contains 40 people, can actually a a people also to sent past, if across no people, also to pulled back, yesterday at least pulled has more than 70 multiple back and forth, tired have body are fast apart has. But then again was, if not met, is not particularly busy, up to 50 trips a day. "

Boatman and his septuagenarian with annual incomes of more than more than 3,000 daughter-in-law

Stop ships, handed back the wood old man to the front of Yuan Yiping busy: "the woman was more than 80 years old, if not to help hold the, probably fell into the river. Don't think this channel, 5 metres deep is the deepest place, channel width is 184 meters, and needed nearly 10 minutes back and forth. This way there is no fixed time, 365 days a year, get rid of the river rise in the flood season each year outside the cordon not ferry and the rest kept at the ferry every day, call, without weekends and holidays. "

Boatman and his septuagenarian with annual incomes of more than more than 3,000 daughter-in-law

Docked docked ten minutes, people who see no other transitions, Yuan Yiping very carefully began to pull the boat to cross the River: "2004 I began to ship here, and to this day there has not been a drowning accident and drowning. Before I did not come here to pull the ship, where the boat is a wooden ship, several drowning accidents occurred every year, two people were drowned in one of the most serious. "

Boatman and his septuagenarian with annual incomes of more than more than 3,000 daughter-in-law

Smooth dock, hold wire Yuan Yiping told wood about the back ashore, and talked about his own life: "my mother gave birth to six children, children naturally poor. I am the eldest, my father said to me, the eldest son of father, does not marry early, had to take care of her brothers. In this way, I grew up with his father to work in the fields, then finally to several brothers have built houses, marrying a wife, but I'm too old for it. Parents work too hard, the mother in the case of serious illness have no money for treatment died, two years later, his father also died of bone cancer, recall that the mother has been dead for 8 years. "

Boatman and his septuagenarian with annual incomes of more than more than 3,000 daughter-in-law

13:02, an old woman helped pull the boat on board, Yuan Yiping not introduced, continued her story, "after his father's death, several houses were also collapsed, afraid to live, sell sell, who had annoyed. In order to live, also wants to make money and find a wife living, and next door to the brick factory in Jiangsu with the villagers in the village of, this is the first time I walked out the door to work. Maybe I was stupid because of it, can only pull the water green in the brick factory's work, this job is the most important job, to work more than 10 hours a day, to get rid of sleep is work, not to run around without a bit of freedom, did a little bad, boss suffered verbal abuse. "

Boatman and his septuagenarian with annual incomes of more than more than 3,000 daughter-in-law

13:13, sees no one across the River, Yuan Yiping and old grandma went to the river bank slope of vegetable: "due to the guard Terminal every day, naturally, not kinds of their land, this vegetable plot is his free time shortage, du Studio, and very close to the Terminal, easy care. Yes, topic not finished, live a few years brick factory in Jiangsu Province, did not make money, tired out of a sick, had to secretly hide from boss sneak home, originally intended to earn money to marry his wife's idea fell through. "

Boatman and his septuagenarian with annual incomes of more than more than 3,000 daughter-in-law

Picked up some vegetables, and grandmother went back to du Studio Yuan Yiping busy dog: "village to see one very poor, let me into the terminal when the du, I can have anything to eat, own a du Studio. Village officials said, I was a Bachelor, no son or daughter, unattached, can be safely kept in the dock, I work hard, and convenient for people to travel. "

Boatman and his septuagenarian with annual incomes of more than more than 3,000 daughter-in-law

Lunch is simple, vegetable porridge. Seeing no one to come to the River, Yuan Yiping took several honors from the room: "these certificates in 2006, 2007 and this year, our County issued by the Marine Department gave me advanced competency, it seems that above leaders have not forgotten me. However, I am also distressed, does not give money, punting income is too low, even basic food and clothing are gone and I don't smoke, just like dinner drink 22 liquor solutions recover from fatigue, Dal dare drink during the day, safety first. Listen to the local Lao du said, on board for a long time, it's easy to suffer from rheumatism, I heard that drinking can remove rheumatism. On this day 22 white wine, I can not drink every day, the cheapest local corn wine is three bucks a pound, I can't afford to drink. "

Boatman and his septuagenarian with annual incomes of more than more than 3,000 daughter-in-law

Watch stood beaming grandmother, Yuan Yiping away certificates for her to hurry up to the River to gather firewood, Granny without work. Looking at working woman, Yuan Yiping very quietly said: "the old woman named Tang Qing Hua, 76 years old, where she herself is unclear. Last month, 27th, she's from here across the River, when wearing clothes dirty and broken, I asked where she was going, she said no family pleasing meal around one, I asked if she could Cook wash clothes, she said, when I was a man, you can cook wash clothes. I was a Bachelor, and need to eat and sleep with a woman, and she doesn't look that old, looks can be, so I picked her up. "

Boatman and his septuagenarian with annual incomes of more than more than 3,000 daughter-in-law

Heard was shouted River, Yuan Yiping rush aboard, firewood in the of Tang Qingwei spent slightly for rest, sat in du Studio door smile to see with river Shang punting of Yuan Yiping: "I and Yuan Yiping are is Hardy people, I MOM just put I health down of when on died has, is sister-in-law side please mouth begging side put I raised to more than 10 age, later please mouth begging of when awareness a men, on married he has. Did not think of, my man was in 1958, when starved, I started after his death continued to wander, has been around for so many years of begging for a living. "

19:13, picking up finished wood Tang Qing Hua to burn a pot of boiling water and let cool to send Yuan Yiping: "when my man died, everyone is hungry just skin and bone, in those years, I don't even have a child conceived. Around for so many years, was a full meal of hunger all day and occasionally bullying and abuse by the others, after the woman since she took Yuan Yiping, for me to live for months, really had the best of days, at least not everywhere pleasing mouth, can also have a bed to sleep in the evening. "

Come on board Tang Qing Hua Yuan Yiping cold water hand to hand with a smile: "Yuan Yiping I can normally not yelled at me, last year's Chinese new year also spent dozens of dollars to buy me a new dress. Is a pity, I am fast approaching 80 years old, had no children, and if I were 30 years younger, sure can give him a child, so leave us a posterity. "

Hear Tang Qing Hua kept talking, Yuan Yiping don't seem too happy, see someone across the River, Tang Qingwei spent ashore in a hurry to go home: "older people use the slack time ran to the side of the River in the village chopping wood and trees on this side, there is no one, everyone likes to chop wood to cross the River, branches, such as dry, back home on the burning pot. You see, tinkling ringings is too short, when on Board on the not so good. "

Boat people, occasionally someone to buy Yuan Yiping smoke cigarettes whenever someone when buying cigarettes, Yuan Yiping especially happy: "placed cigarettes on board the wooden cabinet is made of own carpentry, previously sold commodity, there is no cost, small remaining lighters. Since there is no cost, cannot be more than 100 dollars every time you purchase, and can only be sold for 3 Yuan to 5 Yuan price of cigarettes, a pack of cigarettes more than 5 Yuan, people here can't afford to smoke, measured by average selling two to three packs of cigarettes a day, you can earn a dollar or so. "

Encounter village outside the ship, Yuan Yiping will charge a shipping fee with a smile: "I know people in the village, outside the village who wants to ship, I will charge 5 cents each, the charge if someone riding a motorcycle on board, also charged 5 cents for motorcycles, count down, a daily average of two or three people outside the ship. Also outside the village the boat does not give money, they say give money, must an invoice, I said them, do not give it, get down on them and beat them. One year count down, you can collect the fares outside the village about 700 bucks. "

20:10, sweaty Yuan Yiping continues to busy, picked up his income, repeatedly sighed: "du Village is the main wage paid, more than more than 200 families in the village, village officials say the population has close to thousands of people, according to the previous provisions, the fare to be paid 2.5 Yuan per person per year, it can also charge more than 2000 Yuan a year. No thought of is, village of young basically are out working has, out working of people certainly not to had ship fee has, only received left home of elderly and children are of money has, such village added up not to 400 people has, last year one years received has close 1000 block money, plus outsiders of had ship fee and sold cigarettes of income, added up also not to 2000 block money. "

It was dark, did not see across the river people, Yuan Yiping started clearing the deck, intends to call it: "as usual, it starts at 6 o'clock in the morning to work, 9 o'clock you can call it a day, the rest of the time is that when called with open. Said you joke words, although so hard earned salary on even have enough to eat. Last year I eat alone, another woman of the year dinner, good people see my really poor in the village, occasionally also sent me several kilograms of rice, relying on someone else, certainly not living correctly. When you really cannot live, can only get rid of the old woman! "

Return du Yuan Yiping of the Studio began preparing to Cook: "the place du Studio is actually pumping station house, vacate the House when du Studio, from now when du I have been without electricity, looking for village leaders reflecting many times, said the village had no money wires. Without electricity to do? Only himself to town Shang buy kerosene back lighting, now everyone are with Shang electric has, kerosene also bad buy has, to save kerosene, only while dawn dinner sleep, said up you may are not believes, from I Dang du workers to now, daily are keep in here, no phone, on even TV are no see had, more not know now of national led is who. "

Dinner is simple, with kimchi porridge, sitting on the bed of the Yuan Yiping worries about dinner: "the middle of last month, village officials saw me hard, going to find time to assemble at home children and old people in the village opened a Congress recommended fare rises one dollar per person per year, according to 3.5 Yuan a year for the money charged. Village officials also let me collect the river outside the village a dollar each, up five cents, also charged a dollar for motorcycles. On has, since woman and I live yilai, village secretly talk I, said I metamorphosis, said I not people, Act I big 20 age of woman are not let, I is angry, many when are wants to put woman away forget, but calm down also is won't, somehow she is woman, also is poor, forget, not said has, village love said let they said's! "

December 16, 2008, at 12:16, Yuan Yiping hands: "from the 5.12 earthquake in beichuan and now, was so busy that I have no time to sleep every day, often at midnight there was a cry across the river. To tell you the truth, I really don't want to pull up the boat, really tired. Can a thought are is field working of people urgent with returned home see family whether security, only strong support with body up punting, now village of people and began busy with disaster Hou reconstruction has, river of people also no obviously reduced, and I of two only arm in this several months time in are tired gone wrong has, slightly with some effort on pain have badly, really of pulled not moving has, village said has, to relief, must to insisted serving. "

Yuan Yiping busy charging outsiders fares talked about change after the earthquake: "usually out of most of the villagers have returned, I tried to reply to them, the charge to his mouth and swallowed, not say it. Is nice, this months outside the village people across more clearly than before the earthquake many, can charge 100 bucks a month or so, had wanted to follow the directions village, outside the village of ships rising cost of five hair, take each ship to take a dollar. Think twice, still no price increases, the Wenchuan earthquake killed many people, not using this opportunity to fleeing the bar? "

Seeing no one across the River, Yuan Yiping busy House for dinner: "du Studio being the earthquake crack, and housing top of tile earthquake off, encountered rain, leaking around. I simply could not afford to buy tile repair, and village officials reflects, village leaders said, disaster relief now, helping so much, a little more free to give me, then tried to take over. I agree with and follow the village, they are good to me, and earthquake soon, back to me and sent the woman a quilt and a few pieces of clothing. And compared to before the quake, these days a little better than a few months, monthly overseas shipping fees fully enough to buy rice to eat, old woman and I do not ask, porridge eating on the line. To be honest, I prefer to eat meat and old woman, especially, if you eat meat twice a month, and obviously could feel his legs weak, water at the mouth, you see, last month, the home of the bitch gave birth to two pups, they grew up, kill and eat dog meat, to replenish the body. " Hubei enabled North Han River flood flood

July 6, 2009, at 15:03, and very few people look across the River, Yuan Yiping but forlorn: "from June this year, and rebuilt the House after having been successively worked out again. While the State subsidies to rebuild new people every house more than 10,000 dollars, but because we are all rushing to rebuild, as a result, red bricks and cement, as well as the artificial price increases exponentially. Although the House was built, but all owe a debt, in order to earn money to repay, they again work outside the home. Now everyone was gone, the river people went back to before the quake. This struck several houses in my house has collapsed, how do poor people like me may have the ability to rebuild? Also expect to get the State housing subsidy of more than 10,000 dollars? Don't even think about it! "

See time in the afternoon, there is no lunch Yuan Yiping House cooking, meet Tang Qingwei just home from the outside to spend: "old woman, how do you come back now? And how many times have you said, or how much waste should be picked in the middle of the cooking in the back cooking and heard yet? Long memory, can't forget what I said! "

I heard someone shouting across the River, there is no lunch Yuan Yiping had to put the chopsticks to pull the ship, and Tang Qing Hua and his boat: "hate the weather ship, and when cold does not pull the boat, boat when sweating, hot and cold. Last year, worse pain in my arm. Went to town to find a doctor, the doctor asked me to hospital, I said no money to afford homes, doctors look at me really come up with the money, the medicine gave me 12. Doctors say, my arm pain in joints is the result of overwork and had to stop and rest for a while, so now I'm pulling the ship on a regular old woman shouted, let her help me. "

Sent finished River people, Tang Qingwei spent sat in aside sweat, Yuan Yiping is busy with installation cigarettes shelf: "this ship ship half months Qian again maintenance transformation has about, yiqian of that wood shelf rotten off has, this is just someone lane of aluminum shelf, than wood shelf looks more has, before and after spent has more than 100 more block money only ready, now on deficiency purchase of money has. Not to tell you the truth, now days is not good, I'm and old woman eating was a problem, no way, only found on the old woman, usually to the market town some waste products back home. "

Installing the display shelves of cigarettes, and Tang Qing Yuan Yiping flowers continue to eat rice. After dinner, the Yuan Yiping has just received the honor certificate from the House: "starting from this year, municipal Maritime Bureau gave us all boatmen made a project of the city, annual wage to boat 3000 Bucks County MD when you lose 100 dollars paid security insurance, there can also be 2900 dollars. Heard that countries give money, people in the village would not give me the money. You see, this is this year March we city Maritime Council to I sent of top ten crew certificate, sent certificate of when returned to I wearing has a flower big safflower, to has 100 block money of bonus, also and Secretary collection has a Zhang shadow, is I life first times see so big of officer, Secretary said has, Council in no money, also cannot to we claims back and forth fare, only themselves, forget about, removed back and forth toll, designated not to, if next year again to I sent certificate, I on not to has. "

May 6, 2011 11:54, Yuan Yiping difficulty pulling the bow anchor the trunk: "you said not to blame? From I Dang du workers began, basically annual are to teeth pain times, pain have stand has, on to township Shang of roadside pulled teeth assessment put teeth pulled out, light pulled a star teeth will good dozens of block money, they said has, I of teeth has fell has 6 star, must to spent thousands of block money to loaded Deputy dentures only can eat things, days na, is put I killed has also took not out so more money Ah! "

Lift the boat smashed things Yuan Yiping sighed: "got 2800 dollars only last year, according to the rules should be 3000 ducats a year, leaders say, must deduct 100 security insurance and 100 dollars for newspapers, but, I have a little bit of doubt, security insurance that I identified, 100 bucks how do newspapers matter? I just went to the third grade, characters do not know, how to newspapers charge? Well, even with a newspaper, I don't see a newspaper? I am also glad to see a sheet of newspaper, do not understand, wipe your ass can always? well, don't talk so much, say much to offend! "

No ceiling on the ship, Yuan Yiping sweating under the scorching sun, keep kneeling on a boat hand wash your face with the water in the River: "you said, so some money a year, even the eating is a problem, but don't want to eat meat for a week. Originally wanted to count on put a smoking stand to earn some money to buy salt, did not expect is that last June the flood waters rose, a tree on the shore were washed down and smashed the ship's roof, smoke stalls are smashed together. A rotten shed, my day was worse, rain, for which called on cadres to reflect, the cadre said to have the roof repaired, you need more than 10,000 dollars, now that the Government has no money, and when the money, when it built. Oh, not to mention the annoying thing, if I have extra money, it does not expect the State must pay for roof repair, but is now add up all the income is only 3500 dollars each year, only managed to solve the problem of food and clothing of the old lady and I "

May 6, 2011 12:12, Yuan Yiping back housing cooking zhiqian, busy with with vegetables feeding duck circle in of duck: "last month put home raised of several old hen sold has, buy has 15 only duck, chicken eat food, we not farm, even people eat of food are tension, so put chicken sold has, duck than chicken good raised more has, not need food feeding, deal to some vegetables eat on line has. Next to the river here, they can find to eat in the river. Yes, you fail to see the old woman, old woman heard me in my family had no money to install false teeth, eating is not convenient, dawn in the day I'm just going out to pick up waste money on dentures, is not coming to dinner at noon, and be back until very late. "

August 13, 2012 16:16, Tang Qingwei spent a a people in river Shang pulled ship: "ship Shang no shed, Sun too hot has, put Yuan Yiping hot bad has, he to town Shang put I picked up of waste sold, then buy drug back eat, I not awareness scales, each sold waste are is he to, I on temporary help support boat, he to has estimated has one hours has, estimated will home has. Yuan Yiping to me, back in the new year last year I bought a new suit, took 98 dollars, he is not willing to buy, I'm going to go out and pick up some more wastes, to buy him a suit of clothes. "

16:22, sweat of Yuan Yiping Rush arrived ship Shang, let Tang Qingwei spent first home lane some vegetables do lunch: "woman picked up of waste sold not good morning price, not only not price, instead price fell have badly, full two big bags beverage bottle only sold has not to 20 block money, to know these plastic bottle is woman picked up has almost one week of time, in I seems, now removed waste price outside, what pork Ah, and rice Ah all are price, also has, drug than pork also your, I just to has trip small clinic, Bought two boxes of medicine for 21 bucks, it's too expensive for me, can't afford to eat. "

Delivered across the river people, Yuan Yiping in return profusely, flung open fans: "thank staff for the care and attention, du Studio finally had access to electricity. Taking into account the need to buy a TV and fan, I went to the towns around the asking price, as a result, my pocket money to buy new. Finally, in a radio repair shop and bought a used TV and an old fan. Due to the pull cable television, can't watch TV shows, is in the repair shop and bought an old DVD player, the boss also sent me a few CDs, can occasionally come up to look at, these appliances add up to spend 120 dollars. "

Blowing fan about 5 minutes, turn off the Fan Yuan Yiping turned and walked into the kitchen to start cooking: "every time you pick up points on the town pariah (refuse) back, not every time do not go, at home chopping wood, growing vegetables, don't run, anyway, no one went to the streets also white to you? Hope Street business bosses throw bottles in the room what you pick up, must we starve to death early last month when the village across the River, said the village Committee decided, is going to give me 200 bucks for reward, I figured it out, money in hand to buy little lamb back.

After lunch, too late to break Yuan Yiping eat pills then wear a straw hat to a few terminals: "the doctor says I'm giddy because hot, let me finish this two boxes of medicine, to a cool little place to stay, not to do heavy work. Doctor told me to get some nourishment came in for, said nutrition than meat works, I say there is no money, can't afford to buy. Hey, no thought is, old body better than I am, with my life the past few years, have never been sick, having taken the medicine. Not only that, she also picked up waste around for money, which in January this year, old woman with selling waste materials to save money I put on his false teeth, with no money, with 200 dollars in false teeth, and most cheap dentures. "

Tang Qingwei spent see just eat finished drug of Yuan Yiping busy with to bow, said what also to with past help, passing home wasteland of vegetable, see with is mature of corn, Yuan Yiping laugh has: "see these corn are wants to laugh, from appearance see corn harvest has, you as long as put skin stripping open on can see has, inside full is insect, village said I stingy, wants to let corn long, also not to corn playing pesticide, not I not playing, is I no money buy pesticide. I and both the woman has no teeth, no money to buy meat, eating not bones, eggs, there are no bones, so I plan to grow vegetables some corn fed hens, may occasionally eat eggs to replenish body, it seems that this plan fell through, corn, insects, eggs and no. "

March 29, 2013 11:25, hard punting of Yuan Yiping with complained of tone on up he of several brothers: "new year of when, several out working of brothers are from outside back new year, see I days had have poor, everyone to I a some money, some to dozens of block money, some to 100 block money, I also no said too money less, just feel kind of regret, they several has son has female, had have are than I good, if again to I once opportunities, I must not listening to Dad words, Must first find yourself a wife, married brothers built a House only after marrying his wife, if I had a wife and children, my days are definitely better than now. "

Talk may be too exciting cause, Yuan Yiping suddenly let go of holding the rope, stretched out his hand: "you look at my hands, does not have a crack? Now that the weather is a little warmer, and winter, these cracks bigger, still bleeding! You may not know, my hands out every year a wire rope, someone asked me why I don't wear gloves pull boats, gloves do not need money to buy it? Minimum 5 pairs of gloves a month, right? Who will give money? I'm not complaining, I just feel very frustrated, if I'm in front of the brothers married, I'm going to do this work? Such a big crime? Will you still lack of eating and drinking? "

Noon time River of people relative less, some lost of Yuan Yiping a a people returned to du Studio: "on has, forget told you a thing has, in I awareness Tang Qingwei spent zhiqian, and a mad wife playing has a time, I no abandon she is a madman, also is that sentence words, I is a men, day than, night total wants to has a woman in side, night in also not alone lonely, you said is not? Where known, mad women have children, her children know my situation, strongly disagreed, her children had made that very clear, his mother does not owe me, and don't owe me money, why old and poor single elderly? Yes, the mad woman's child is right, what to my pension? Under his child was firmly opposed, mad woman ran, I don't hate her, then again came back, hating her what? not for so many years I have no luck with women, not I can't find the woman, giving the village also introduced me to a lot of women, why don't they want to be with me? After all in one word: money! Now this community is very real, and a white covering three ugly, high covering five ugly, rich cover the multitude of sins. "

June 23, 2014 16:35, around chased sheep only of Yuan Yiping some angry: "this woman too not obedient has, I and she said how many times has, every field of when only to picked up waste, not every field on honestly home care cattle, do some housework, you see, I side pulled ship, side also to care this several goat, even in the lunch are no before do, busy died personal! "

Led sheep back housing way met has home of Tang Qingwei spent, Yuan Yiping no complained what: "woman also no wrong, she is wants to more picked up some waste sold, subsidies household, after all relies on punting of this wage life also is is tension, so we with scrimped and saved province down of money buy has two only mother goat back raised, no thought sheep of belly is disappointing, each only Ewe are health has two only small sheep, sheep more has, natural on to custody, most fear slightly not watch put family of corn seedlings eat has, didn't money compensation family. "

Settle sheep Yuan Yiping was busy sending people across the River, Tang Qing Hua is also on board to help: "this time it rains a lot, as long as it was to cross the River, and then heavy rain to give people in the past. Encountered heavy rain, pulled one back and forth, soaking wet. Hey, tinkling ringings smash for years, I and cadre said the back and forth several times, is also an old saying, the Government has no money, and money to repair. It seems that not only is my poor, poorer than me. Rumors in the village here in the future to repair the bridge, I don't think so, Governments are so poor, can't afford to repair a roof is not where rich bridges? Logically speaking it is a river rising in the season, but did not rise this year, mainly due to the almost two years bosses have been collecting stones in the River, in order to facilitate collecting stones, less water in the upper reaches, as it goes, it will be less and less water in the river. "

18:07, sky gradually dark, see storm is comes, lock good vessels of Yuan Yiping pulled with Tang clear spent back housing: "thanks cadres to I Lane has a copies Lo-grants, each months seems is 70 block money, I of age over 60 age has, each months additional grants has 55 block money, due to woman account not in here, certainly took not to Lo-grants, I estimated woman so big age has, sure even a account are no, and she life this years time, I even she what is where people are not clear. "

19:15, closed after the sheep, Yuan Yiping began preparing to Cook: "toothless old woman early, and my teeth is getting bad, although the fitting dentures, it seems, in fact, is a vanity project, couldn't eat hard, eat only porridge or noodles every day, no matter what, once ate wasn't good, I have no appetite. "

Eat finished dinner, no heard was shouted River, Yuan Yiping and Tang Qingwei spent early rest has, on up future of intends to, he said of is simple: "thanks woman accompany I had has this years bitter days, I also not know she also can accompany I long, in this world Shang, she should is on I best of woman, sometimes I in wants to, can and Lady do a married procedures? Village officials said, more than 80 years old, said death is dead, maybe she has not registered, without the necessary fee this God, day by day. Village officials say is, day by day...... "