Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Heilongjiang frontier soldiers gun to test comrades were killed is now way back

Heilongjiang frontier soldiers gun to test comrades were killed, is now way back to troops

Type 77 pistol. Xinhua information

The night of July 5 news, Beijing times reporters learned from the Heilongjiang public security Frontier Corps, causing death due to test the gun left Wang Zengzhi, frontier, is currently way back to force.

According to the reporter, July 5 at 7:15, Suifenhe border organization officers to Highway port logistics preparations, unexpected inspection of arms units, two leader Wang Zengzhi Gu Zongkun Organization (the type 77 pistol), guns fire an accident, by Gu Zongkun was shot in the neck, and his comrades sent to Suifenhe city people's hospital immediately after rescue invalid was killed. Hotel yellow card survey involved chaos why difficult

After the incident, Wang Zengzhi feared, left the scene carrying a type 77 pistol run into the station in the mountains near and active contact with families and forces. At present, Wang Zengzhi is way back to the troops.