Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sprained foot was caught when a thief stolen Lady massage the affected area

Sprained foot was caught when a thief stolen Lady massage the affected area make it cry guilty plea

Wang helped the suspect music for massage, massage the affected area. Chongqing evening news

Chongqing evening news, the night of July 18, police captured a suspected theft, Dadukou district, they always deny that they committed a crime, then owners of stolen Ms Wang had bent down to help his injured ankle. Suspect song see the scene, crying, active account of cases.

Song, 24 years old, has convictions for theft. In early July, he came to Chongqing from Heilongjiang province, home to prepare to work, due to a strange land, and had no money, had to sleep in the Park. Gradually, his evil, on July 15, he, by moving up the House, in a neighborhood one stole more than 300 yuan in cash and a public transportation card.

July 18 at 19 o'clock, song arrived in Dadukou district and a community along the walls turn after entering the community, climbed up a tenant on the third floor balcony. After entering the House, he turned on the flashlight in the Interior to search for belongings. Coincides with the owners Mr LEE to open the door to go home, scared song a jump from the third floor to the second floor and platform jumping from the second floor to the first floor.

Song a sprained his ankle when jumping, to get out as soon as possible, he only reluctantly went to the Community export. Helpless, the song due to sore feet went all the way straight, missed the step and even fell into the community pool, wet all over. Songs trail took a regular monitoring by community, security guards rushed to the area near the exit, found is resting on the side of music. Security inquiries, and saying they are playing to the area looking for friends. After a security alert, police rushed to tune a control. However, in the face of police inquiries, and a consistently denies burglary.

Soon, the owner Wang rushed to Mr Li and his wife. See tune a foot sprain is serious, Wang would squat to help music for massage, massage the affected area. Wang's move surprised onlookers, suspect song shame burst into cry. "You don't have to ask, all I say. "Song of a active account of itself in two cases in Chongqing after, also told us that in the past some of the thefts. Civilian police, and a repeated promise that he would not do something wrong again. Yesterday, on suspicion of burglary, song has been detained by police. Taobao is filled with fake VR glasses some costs