Saturday, July 16, 2016

Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is how new media of the foiled coup

Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is how new media of the foiled coup?

Local time on July 16, 2016, Turkey Ankara, Turkey parts army staged a coup, a group of Turkey soldiers attempted to rush into Turkey radio and television company, by the violent suppression of the people. Dongfang IC Editorial Beware of debt risk of Cobweb effect

Beijing time July 16, at four o'clock in the morning, also from the eve of France recovered the world in terrorist attack in Nice, eyes instantly to Turkey. A coup is taking place, spread through new media, synchronized onlookers around the world of the coup, all sorts of contradictory information came in from Turkey, from Germany, from the United Kingdom and the United States. Six o'clock Beijing time, Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in an undisclosed location in mobile phone software FaceTime told CNN in an interview, and asks people to "go out and give them your answer, I will go to the square in Ankara. "Turkey also took to the streets, and protests against the coup said they understood, protesters stormed the Istanbul Airport, climbed the tank in Ankara. At this moment, it can be concluded that Turkey coup ending was doomed. Sure enough, when it comes to seven o'clock, came out of the new news is that coups d ' état have been controlled; eight o'clock, Erdogan's plane landed in Istanbul; subsequent conflicts is to clean the mess.

Aborted the attempted coup d ' état, in history, not its number successful military coups in Turkey are not rare in modern history, from 1960 to 1997, took place four times, once in almost ten years. But being so close the onlookers around the world, people this dazzling sense of presence and change, in any sense it was the first time. It is likely to leave major in human history, because once people talked about leading Mena upheaval "Twitter revolution" in the political response to Erdogan, has taken on the other side. He used new media technology tools, direct access to the people, crushed the coup – was likely to be successful coup d ' état had taken control of the television stations, this coup d ' état in the past success is a step away--making their power to acquire a more proper trials, followed by Erdogan in domestic politics, as no one can stop. Differs from the overthrow of the authoritarian rulers of the Middle East and North Africa Twitter revolution, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the new media of mobilizing forces, succeeded in maintaining its authoritarian rule, can also be considered as generalization of the Twitter revolution. New media such as Twitter, as a purely neutral technology, its political implications at this moment really deep and presented in its entirety.

Talk about Twitter revolution a few years ago, it is necessary to briefly explain the social background.

In the Islamic countries, particularly in East and North Africa countries, since the army was the first to follow the Western model established modern power has deep secular tradition; and among the grass-roots society and the country in General, modern penetration is still relatively limited, people were more likely to have a religious orientation. Confrontation between the army and the people are very common in many countries there have been military coups d ' état to overthrow the results of democratic elections. The Western world was deeply tangled if results in support of democracy, then there will be a the religious orientation of the Government in the West don't like if Pro-secular forces, the dignity of the democratic left. Choose the lesser of two evils, Western is the default result of the coup d ' état, which brought in the MENA countries is very common, a soldier-turned-President secularism promoted by of authoritarian rule.

This authoritarian ruled must is elite political, mass no how many vocal space, only anger and and silence to accept; and ruled elite is rely on its advantage status gets has large of found rent space, will secular doctrine of political change for points fertilizer political, with national capacity buy minority elite groups, while on various constitute civil organization resources of religious organization for suppressed, makes people bulk Sandy to conducive to ruled. Television stations, newspapers and other media are under the control of the ruling elite, to rule over whitewash.

Twitter revolution from the technical means to change this situation. Silence of mass get has new of vocal capacity, and to since media for carrier get has new of mobilization and organization way--we in here let to "push special" as since media of symbolic collectively--can see, push special difference Yu TV, and newspaper, traditional media of maximum features is, information in here is distributed generated and spread of, traditional media one-way spread of Government voice, in push special Shang multi-directional spread of information torrent among will was digestion off, even became laughed at of object; and push special of distributed features, Made in nature cannot be controlled, along with its cross-border nature of the server itself, so the Government used to control traditional media--the ultimate way to physical control, becomes impossible. Pushes envoys have cleared out of time and space form the mobilization and organization of the Centre, the Government through the control of one or two religious leaders will be able to dispel the public organization ruling tactics, also failed. Government's lack of legitimacy on Twitter is magnified, failure means of Government control over the people, and at a time when the economic crisis, MENA countries bought the financial capacity of the Government to the community declined sharply, Twitter revolution was difficult to curb, set off a chain reaction.

But a lot of cheers Twitter revolution, that authoritarian rule will cease, democracy will come to the Middle East and North Africa, but did not note, Twitter itself only through new methods of information dissemination, achieved the impossible with the technology of the past mobilization mechanism, so as to bring the mass politics of the new possibilities. Mobilization remains at the heart of this element, but the direction of mobilization and not unilaterally lock against the authoritarian direction, the political consequences could be extremely complex.

Turkey's attempted coup d ' état, coup d ' état the military has taken control of a television station, announced that it has control of State power, will form a "Peace Commission", and introduced a new Constitution. It is a typical traditional coup d ' état, as long as they can control live television, voice to the nation, while the existing rulers to lose the chance to voice, in the age of information is one-way communication, the coup d ' état has more or less succeeded. Represents the elite of the army coup, still depending on the mass of silent majority, consider themselves through television on behalf of Turkey voice of the people, not been found Mr Erdogan will fight.

Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is how new media of the foiled coup?

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, through new media, achieve a kind of out of time and space constraints of political mobilization.

Do not expect Erdogan to adopt new media, achieve a kind of out of time and space constraints of political mobilization. At the instigation of Mr Erdogan, was ignoring the masses took to the streets by the military directly expressing their political will, Erdogan by "Twitter" direct appeal to the people, and democracy after the elections in a more robust manner once again confirmed their political compact with the people, its legitimacy in the most direct and powerful way to come out. People's direct action, makes the soldiers through the television "representing Turkey people" efforts have gone to originally dominated the coup soldiers instantly revert to a traitor. Believe that Erdogan will, as he said, let the rebels paid a bitter price.

Through Twitter and the formation of public action in this General, there is no doubt that shatter the effort of the military's secular authoritarian rule. However, Erdogan may not be winning was a devout believer in democracy. His actions in recent years, is also a kind of effort towards authoritarian. End of 2015 United States an article in the Chronicle of higher education, entitled the one Turkey General; two Harvard economists; a mysterious coup d ' état article, reveals how Erdogan shall refrain in a variety of practices, framed a few adhere to the secular position of army officials, the jail thing. Erdogan deeper political motivations in this matter is unknown, but history repeatedly demonstrates, by means of objective justification for the infamous political action to defend, the result is always means in turn kidnapped end; even if Erdogan's aim is laudable, but the operation itself would only lead its final on the way to authoritarian rule. But, as distinguished from military power, Erdogan's authoritarian regime has a mass base.

So we can see that Twitter provides a new means of mass mobilization, but it is technology-neutral, and may point to the political intentions and consequences of mass mobilization, is independent of the Twitter technology; the emergence of Twitter as we analyze political issues brought new variables, but does not change the nature of politics.

I sigh at this point, to a new media check out Turkey coup broadcast, are seeing the picture of the surrender of large numbers of soldiers involved in the coup d ' état. Just a few hours, gives an illusion of Kafka's world. Hold the modern concept of the army, by Recep Tayyip Erdogan after a modern means of countering, but its orientation is what? Modern? Postmodern? Pre-modern?

All solid things are gone ... ...

--Written in seven hours after the coup d ' état