Monday, September 28, 2015

Facebook s artificial intelligence of read the Lord of the rings

Facebook is working on artificial intelligence software designed to handle text content and then answer questions on the content. This ultimately allows people on Facebook, get better, more accurate search, and even become a useful Personal Assistant software.

On Thursday at the Facebook F8 Developers Conference held in San Francisco, Mike Schroepfer, the social networking company's Chief Technology Officer to introduce people to the software, the software is named Memory Network (memory). He demonstrates how the software from acquiring knowledge in his book Lord of the rings, and according to the feedback of a super simple overview, these phrases include "Bilbo to cave" and "Gollum lost the ring in here." After the super simple overview is obtained, the software can answer all sorts of events on the books, such as "where is the ring? "And" where is Frodo? "Sort of issue.

Shroepfer pointed out in the presentation of the software, computer, extract information from text, and find out how this information can be grouped together and formed a new fact is a daunting task. It requires a machine as the story goes, and to understand the relationship between objects.

Facebook in order to achieve the goal of a recent popular approach to machine learning, which is deep learning, which involves using a neural network to process data. Such a network, the basic function of human neural networks, which can be stored in short-term memory and processing.

Facebook in 2013 has set up a research team committed to deep learning, which is similar to Google and other research groups, they focused on using the technology enables software to become more intelligent. At the meeting, Schroepfer presented the results of a project, researchers in this project software to watch videos of how to teach deep learning software to differentiate between 487 different sports. Results showed that the software can very well identify the figure skating, speed skating and artistic roller skating and ice hockey.

Deep learning software currently still far apart from genuine intelligence, but Facebook is developing such software is very valuable. If Facebook had to apply this technology to many users to upload videos or texts when Facebook will further accurate ads to users. Kenzo case

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