Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Last year Google drone projects fail but have returned to

Google announced in August last year the Project Wing delivery drone project had ceased to exist. Amazon with Google tit drone gained the initiative in such projects, the drones behind the Google x team decided to abandon the current unmanned design, seek a different design.

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Astro Teller is Director of the mysterious Google x-lab, on Tuesday at the South by Southwest Conference, he said Project Wing began in CEO Larry Page gave his team a arduous task of: Larry page, hoping to make a prototype, it is best to deliver the goods within 5 months into the hands of non-Google employees. Teller and his team have only one can rapidly develop UAV programmes, even if they know the programme there is an error.

It sounds very strange process seemed to ensure that the project will fail, but Teller think that failure is an inevitable part of Google x team development, he said that it is one of the key factors of success.

Projects take off again?

At the behest of Larry page, the team began a 5-month Project Wing UAV development work. As the development progresses, team more clearly the task at hand, then they gave up last year when the first design, and are turning to a new design, the new design reflects the gained experience from the previous lesson. Ted Baker iPhone 6

Project Wing is not Google x team only failed project. In the near future there is also another project known as--Google Glass smart glasses also announced that failed. Although the project did not completely cut off, but the device is no longer Google x project. Nest co-founder Tony Fadell, the project will lead into the second phase.

Constant failure and success

Google x development projects, their development process is more like a baby learning to walk, the team will also research and development, and constantly improve the product in this process.

For example, Google managed to improve their Project Loon, Project Loon is a project aimed at providing Internet services to people in remote areas. Google figured out how to make a balloon in the sky to stay for a long time, from just a few days or even a few hours up to half a year now, only after the team to continually test and improve, to finally reach today's achievements.

Initially, Google and can't figure out why the gas leakage appears in the balloons in the sky. Therefore, the team will balloon to a United States cold North Dakota, will see what happens in cold weather conditions. Team after early testing to improve the balloons and designed balloons while flying into the air, and then measure the differences, while testing the thickness of the surface of the balloon to prevent gas leakage.

Teller believes that any enterprise can use the same strategy. He encouraged employees to work for many different issues of the time, you can use a lot of different ideas to think about, your team will benefit from these diverse ideas. Teller said he believed that fail early and often, for smaller companies than those ultimately failed.



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