Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Snowdon the coveted Apple device CIA for many years but there has been no

According to The Intercept reports, a group of United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) researchers at work "over the years has been" cracking security on the Apple iPhone and iPad. Edward snow offers documents detailing a series of related projects, including trying to crack encryption keys for Apple in mobile processors.

Although the report does not include any success against Apple, but it highlights the United States national security agency struggles with technology companies, as well as United States Government hypocrisy. In March, the United States President Barack Obama accused China of forcing tech companies to install security back doors for Government monitoring. The Intercept is mentioned in the report, China is United States.

Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute said Matthew Green, a Professor of Cryptology:

"The United States intelligence agencies to crack United States manufacturer's implant back doors in software and equipment, more than the ' bad guys ' boundaries. Perhaps this is one of the means of dealing with bad guys, but is the worst approach. "

United States researchers working for companies such as Apple and Microsoft products, one by United States Central Intelligence Agency-sponsored describes the annual secret meetings on the Jamboree. At a demonstration in 2012, Sandia Labs (Sandia Labs) entitled Strawhorse the researchers: attack of the iOS and MacOS software development presentation, and demonstrates how the cracked version of Xcode spies hacking iPhone and iPad data connection created on Mac computers "back door remote" Apple core security functions of equipment failure. Is not yet clear how the intelligence agencies for developers to use cracked version of Xcode.

Another presentation revised how Mac OS x upgrade key logging software installed on the computer. There is a demo released in 2011 gets Apple GID is discussed (in its mobile device placed in one of the two encryption keys) of the different methods.

Snowe released documents did not disclose the success of these methods, also did not give a specific example of intelligence agencies. Colombia University Computer Science Professor Steven Bellovin says: GUCCI Galaxy S5 Case

"Spying is spying. For intelligence agencies in order to obtain information and do things I would never be surprised. They will go to the place where information, as the information moves, they will adjust. Their attitude is basically not about morality: just get on the line. "


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