Tuesday, September 1, 2015

SolarPower Europe – A new start in support of solar representation in Europe

SolarPower Europe, the new name and image for EPIA.

James Watson can be your CEO of the European Photovoltaic Production Association (EPIA) based in Brussels. He also joined EPIA in July 2014 after 7 years of working in the power sector in Brussels with the agency Weber Shandwick. Prior to this a person worked for the European Commission, written for 2 years as an expert near Africa working on trade and maintainable, supportable, bearable development. Earlier in his career Steve worked for various UK regulators in London and worked as a lecturer in Environmental Law at the Or even of Manchester.

For the last 30 years unquestionably the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) has been representing the interests the European solar PV sector in Continent. There have been many significant achievements, not too least supporting the creation the Renewable Energy Directive, which set unquestionably the scene for European solar success, and flagship market analyses, since the annual Global Market Outlook.

Solar power has itself grown over the last thirty years from an interesting hobby for research workers to a multi-billion dollar global niche. As EPIA grew it begun to represent specific segments of the solar powered value chain, but over time is at a represent everything that the solar market now encapsulates – manufacturers, manufacturers, software providers, financiers, research organisations, national associations and much more. So it continues to only natural that the organisation has to really evolve and represent its probably true , make up – who we are this afternoon.

And so the idea of changing the name of the business was born; we wanted to have something that unquestionably the members could associate with, something that has more accessible and transparent. That is tips on how, working together with the board, we came the idea that on the 30th anniversary connected EPIA it would make sense to change its name to SolarPower Europe. Thirty years turns out to be more than a generation, but it is also a nice time to signal change. Much continues to achieved that must be built on, and even our re-brand can inject unquestionably the needed new dynamism and shock that can define the fortunes your organisation for another 30 years.

The becoming a member of endorsed the name change with 150% support at the Annual General Visiting last month. So it is clear that there actually was a need for this development. It project a sense of urgency in the European solar powered sector to recognise what we have to do this afternoon. We need to move solar power away from at the moment being perceived as a niche technology and make stakeholders recognise that we are already a real pro in the energy system of Europe. Re-branding signals this change, as from our name we now recognise the great nature of our sector.

This also look of your hair us fit to tackle the fresh new challenges ahead: we are now forging the future of power in Europe, not too begging for scraps. New shock systems will be built around solar powered and wind, with flexibility in delivering what the new energy consumers need. This is the purpose of SolarPower Europe, to ensure that solar is the leading contributor to the American energy system. We want to strengthen all European solar sector, so that in the players in the European market should certainly grow.

With our new brand and even ambition, we will tackle all the most important issues impacting our sector this afternoon, while making sure that we are prepared with regard to future that is bright for SolarPower in Europe.

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