Wednesday, January 20, 2016

6 4 magnitude quake in menyuan County of Qinghai province and officials said

6.4-magnitude quake in menyuan County of Qinghai province, and officials said aftershocks have appeared 7 times in a row

6.4-magnitude quake North Gate of menyuan, Qinghai province, the official said it had not received reports of injuries.

Menyuan government official website: aftershock has happened 7 times

China National seismic network's official Twitter @ China earthquake quick report posted a message on January 21, January 21, 1:13 in menyuan in haibei, Qinghai (37.68 degrees north latitude, longitude 101.62) 6.4-magnitude earthquake, a depth of 10-kilometer.

About 5 minutes later, again @ the China earthquake quick report said, 1:18, menyuan in haibei, Qinghai (37.67 degrees north latitude, longitude 101.61) 3.4-magnitude earthquake focal depths 10-kilometer.

Subsequently, menyuan Hui Autonomous Government Web site reported, menyuan County from the epicenter 33 kilometers, affecting about 6 degrees, tremors were felt throughout the County, Imperial City, North Hills, blue mouth is felt. By 02:05 on January 21, 2016, aftershock occurred 7 times.

Officials had not yet received reports of casualties

January 21, menyuan Hui Autonomous Government's Web site said initial checks by the Township, had not yet received information of casualties.

According to CCTV news, Qinghai provincial Seismological Bureau staff have rushed to the scene, held a seismic Chamber of Commerce for trend analysis, and are closely monitoring seismic situation. Qinghai provincial armed police corps has sent more than more than 100 officers and soldiers rushed to the quake zone.

People daily learnt from the propaganda Department in haibei, menyuan started on emergency plans, various Township departments are Mo Pai, cracks in some houses, there are no reports of casualties. Menyuan introduced Public Security Bureau Zhang Shijun, Public Security Department was ready for disaster preparedness.

Earlier Xinhua News, smooth flow of communications on the ground, many people outside of the county seat to avoid it. Associated personnel at the field on standby, ready to rescue.

City of Qinghai province, Xining and Haidong fire, armed police department has launched emergency mechanism for standby emergency rescue and disaster relief.

Qinghai provincial Seismological Bureau said there is no menyuan received reports of casualties and property losses. According to local fire and 120 per cent, yet received notice from starting.

6.4-magnitude quake in menyuan County of Qinghai province, and officials said aftershocks have appeared 7 times in a row

Unable to go home for the time being of local people. Qinghai daily official Micro-Blog @ green new media

6.4-magnitude quake in menyuan County of Qinghai province, and officials said aftershocks have appeared 7 times in a row

Xining felt clear, many people went down, standing in shock on the streets. @ Daily Hunan Shaoyang Bureau officials arrested for drunk

When the earthquake struck, Lanzhou said tremors were felt strongly

Menyuan County residents say, after the earthquake shaking severe wakes up with people running from their homes to escape, yet the housing collapse.

According to @ green new media news that in menyuan, Li said, peace has been confirmed with the family information. He said local felt and family shook directly fell out of bed, but no big deal.

Menyuan Hui, Qinghai province water Bureau employee Ma Wulong said in an interview with Xinhua: "I lived in menyuan County District 4, felt, shaking down many things on the table, for 1-2 minutes. I now have to drive to the County area, square and there is full of people. "

Lanzhou, Gansu and Ningxia shizuishan, Qinghai and other users said they have felt.

Users @ cat's summer diary, said Lanzhou felt super obvious, last for a very long time. Live @ the ice age: Xining is felt. @ Old horses don't know the way John: shizuishan greatly felt. @ Wang likes much sun: Wu Wei is felt. @ But ___: Qinghai said tremors were felt strongly, nearly ran downstairs to dress, menyuan County safe.

Recently, temperatures in menyuan knocked around. It is understood that menyuan County citizens have gathered out in the open. Xinhua said his area residents ran into the street, some people also quilt.

According to menyuan website statistics, menyuan population of 155,800 persons, including farmers and herdsmen 128,100 people, 82.2%. Menyuan is located in the northeast of Qinghai province, and the eastern section of the qilian mountains, Qinghai province, "North Gate" area with a total area of 6902.26 square kilometers, consists of 4 towns and 8 109 administrative villages.