Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fujian Xianyou Chengguan sticks to beat a motorcycle Police owners of gasoline

On January 13, Xianyou County, Putian, Fujian, video hot city with sticks beating a man. 14th, informed the Xianyou County Public Security Bureau said, when the city handles parking dispute with the owners of a motorcycle, pulled trigger owners dissatisfied with the car keys, abandoned the vehicle and fled after the latter damaged law enforcement vehicles, before returning to law enforcement cars poured gasoline.

After the incident, many people in Putian, a local forum and stick post and video upload site. In the video, a man was several city siege, and was hit by a City Club, was kicked to the ground.

Xianyou County Public Security Bureau informed the 14th through the official app, and Twitter publishing: January 13, 9:43, Feng Ting Xianyou County Public Security Bureau police station received a report said Feng Ting Zhen Feng Ting in Xianyou County station on the edge of urban management in law enforcement vehicles were smashed, Feng Ting Xianyou County Public Security Bureau police Yan Guowei, Weng Dongcheng 9:45 police arrived at the scene. To understand that Feng Ting Zhen city squadron of enforcement, we will park in the old city fusha roadside markets affect the passage of the car keys out of a motorcycle. Motorcycle master Chung Feng this unhappiness. So, had a dispute with the city. Chung-Feng in the dispute will urban management law enforcement vehicle and right mirror broken, and Zheng Moufeng, immediately left the motorcycle fled the scene. Police evidence on the spot, then left the scene.

Reported that 9:50, the police received a call from out of the police station again, had returned to the scene said the Chung-feng, splashed gasoline City law enforcement vehicles, urban management Squadron has been controlled. Two civilian police to the scene at 9:55, he saw a man lying on the ground, next to a lot of people watching. Police immediately linked to 120, and Zheng Moufeng to the Putian people's Hospital for treatment. Then, Feng Ting police station rushed to the Putian people's Hospital survey to understand the situation. Hospitals reported Chung Feng go to Midway and ran away. At present, Feng Ting town authorities is stepping up to deal with the matter. Hubei seven ten day old fried melon seeds to save

For motor vehicle owners have been found and controlled, 14th, Xianyou County Public Security Bureau staff on duty is not clear. Feng Ting Town police station staff said the incident is still under investigation, and response.