Sunday, January 31, 2016

Arts Wu said a week to let Taiwan program WINS Korea HA HA

Almost new year, the Spring Festival evening topics pop up in succession, to be expected. Meanwhile, many topics in the industrial variety shows, do not seem to be overshadowed by Gala. It's a good thing, something that everybody can choose many.

To chat today, involved was not broadcast on the air, are popular events. Get together, very lively.

Wu's bombast

After the Emperor Kangxi to the air, Wu's daughter Wu Shanru hosted a show called the little star Sidekick. After the premiere, sky television showed the average ratings of 0.97, total viewing population of about 540,000 people, aged 20 to 44 years old program up to 1.65, perfected at the same time variety show program champions.

Arts | Wu said a week to let Taiwan program WINS Korea, HA HA

Wu and his daughter presided over a new program, the ratings skyrocketed.

At the celebration meeting, Wu's tough words--"I want to make Taiwan's variety show shines again, Korea people know Korea show win Taiwan! "" (Their level) even our one-tenth are not, as they now only 15 years, Taiwan television has a long history. "In fact, Wu actively speaking for Taiwan program, is not the first time. Last year Taiwan Golden Bell Award, the award for best variety show only three finalists, named Chairman of Lan Zuwei criticized: "poor quality, lack of creativity, entertainment, knowledge is not enough. "Wu sees this, and wrote thousands of words:" insult me, insulting the whole Taiwan arts circles is not! "

In the eyes of Wu, to let Taiwan show brilliant, there is only one solution – money. "Korea variety show production is Taiwan many times, in the final analysis is also Taiwan's arts money shortage. ' "Arts was grandeur with money. "" Korea do with three times the price of the program, if the same amount of money to spend on me, fly early. "

In program history, Taiwan Korea more glorious, it is an indisputable fact. Taiwan classical arts of the five lights, now 36 years old. So, it's not hard to understand why Wu said Korea program "is only 15 years since the development." In program mode, Taiwan and Korea following Japan. But the difference is, Taiwan region declining, and Korea in addition to the following, also in innovation and open to foreign branches scattered leaves. Industrialization in the program, and national analysis of the Emperor Kangxi to the air, they would show all. Unclear division of duties and salary is too low, the topic of stereotypes, stars are old faces short Board, appeared one by one. Korea program, the Division of fine, types become screenwriter core competitiveness, dares to write book sale! Output values output mode output talent, there is an advantage ... ... Wu said high production costs, it is actually followed the Mainland. But the rich really can hit a good program? Counterexamples as much, it is no longer listed.

Taiwan famous anchor chenyi, said of Wu's statement won Korea – "but in fact we all know that it is impossible, isn't it? "Chenyi this, for now, more reliable.

CCTV Spring Festival evening exposed the core lineup

Monkey CCTV Spring Festival evening with just a week to go on air. Observation days, found that several major changes:

First, previous, CCTV will set up a special joint media team. This year, did not. Rehearsal information, is to rely on reporters to the accumulation of years of personal connections to know.

Second, this year, will set up a 14-bit host. Main venue for a total of 6 facilitators, namely Zhou Tao and Zhu, Dong Qing, sub-Benin, Sisi Li and nigemaiti. Fujian Quanzhou breakout: Shuo Li jiaming, and Zhao Lin; XI Conference: Zhu Xun, and Xu Jie; Guangzhou, venue: ren Lu Yu, Deng Lu; in hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia breakout: Ma Yue, and ourentuya. --This is pushed way, ratings for core cities, is very helpful.

Arts | Wu said a week to let Taiwan program WINS Korea, HA HA

Zhao Wei join monkey CCTV Spring Festival evening rehearsal.

Third, the core lineup, go on nostalgia. From the third row, Zhao Wei, Ruby Lin, Liu Tao, Gigi Leung and other stars appeared for the first time. Liu Tao, Ruby Lin, Gigi three golden flowers, will partner non-material culture heritage shows the landscape of China and the United States. In addition, Zhao will sing Anhui folk songs of the six foot lane. The biggest flash point should be.

Almost there, the official program.

The 24 hour play a sample

Because the plot of Arts, looking at first cannot understand their art as a whole. After the second broadcast of the fog of the sea, the entire program model has been showing the whole picture. Two, for the entire 24 hours playing a sample.

Six Star + two actresses, in the context of Zheng He's voyages, experiences in six cities of the country. Total recorded 12 episode, Chase a star host in two phases, a total of six ... ...

Did you read? Is actually an outside shot of "mafia", using games to get stars to hide or to identify "undercover".

Arts | Wu said a week to let Taiwan program WINS Korea, HA HA

Chen Kun as of the 24-hour "undercover", hide it deep enough.

This type of program, there are two major pain points. First, must not leak. Once viewers know who was "undercover", everything will be wasted. On link confidentiality grip on passersby, need to work hard. II, and broadcast, was hurt. Prior period just to show that stars acting in leading a national discussion, "who is undercover", but also need more bread crumbs. Since the publication of Chen Kun was "undercover", the whole plot pace is significantly faster, that kind of tension, is the real arts fan.

Before pine after tight test program set of capabilities in the story, especially the clip. These types of shows do not, see also exciting in the first half. Fix that short boards, to new heights.

The cyclones spoil editors wrong?

Hunan TV has broadcast the second period of the cyclone dutiful son, netizens blasted pot. The finger of 90%, is a pointer to the clip.

"I was drunk, Chun Du picture is there for five minutes, program length of snacks too! At Chun Du, really disappointed. "" Who cut, Jon shots add up 10 minutes? "" Huang Xiaoming is better than all the rest of lens combined, can balance the clip group, who would like to continue to watch this show? "

Netizen's question above, some people speak out: the clip of the cyclone son, is adopting the present Korea popular heart and tender feeling "slow narrative" and "jumping clip."

In fact, the two said.

From the audience's point: 90 ÷ 6, make every day can seem a star out of uniform, this is the most simple star requirements. Meet this requirement, it is not difficult to many cases. On the school to enter a good school

Standing in the program set point: 90 ÷ 6 is, in fact, difficult. Some of the views of the elected candidate failed, resulting in different step of the plot, was unable to meet by this seemingly simple fairness. You see, is also a Cook, Huang Xiaoming, Beier Bao, Cao GE just a shot. Individual performance is not great, year can get the plot. You see, is also a home with Joe Chan Chun Du chance because they do not produce too much spark with parents, how come she can't cut.

In a Word, press gourd Dipper, is the test of the story of the design of capacity. Editor, just clean up the mess and blame.

Arts | Wu said a week to let Taiwan program WINS Korea, HA HA

Joe Chan meet with mother's time, no spark.