Sunday, January 17, 2016

Price close to 1 5 million Watch F1 champion is in it

  F1 Grand Prix in thrilling, but few people know that in the seemingly placid, watch areas there is this match--an international test match. So, who is this year's winner? Valentino iPhone plus case

Price close to 1.5 million! Watch F1 champion is in it

  2015 international logging competitions is Switzerland watchmakers luyi·mohuanai (Louis Moinet) Vertalor. Vertalor 18K white gold or rose gold in two styles, each only 28. Vertalor consists of 59 parts, and has double Sapphire Crystal mirror, water resistant up to 30 meters. It has 19 drilling cores, pendulum-21600 VPH. Valentino iPhone plus case

  International test matches value is very high, as the "equivalent of five F1 races titles-non-stop in the middle." All watches undergo four months of tests by Switzerland official testing organization, the Hong Kong Observatory Besancon Observatory and Jura region engineer College, respectively. In the test, watch need to withstand 150 shocks and magnetic interference.

  Final judgments to rely on scores to determine, minimum 0, maximum score of 1000 points. Luyi·mohuanai Vertalor 682 points championship this year.

  Vertalor sells for € 209956, most excellent watches are sky-high. Funny thing is, participants from emerging watchmakers were wiped out in the harsh test, in the watch industry seems to have the veteran's performance.

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Collection is the collection of 1542

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