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Chinese civil servants participate in the Netherlands to Mars don t think they

Chinese civil servants participate in the Netherlands to Mars: don't think they can, family members also opposed

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Chengdu business daily news on June 8, Netherlands "Mars first" on June 6, "Mars program" has entered the third step, currently 100 candidates elected in the near future to receive a 5-day test. By then, they will be further reduced to 40 people, 24 of them will eventually be chosen, travelling to Mars on a one-way trip.

According to the United Kingdom, the daily mail reported, "Mars first" the company said in a statement: "during the 5-day process, the candidates will face a variety of challenges. This will be all the candidates met for the first time, and the ability of their team. "The latest test item 90% is borrowed from NASA to, candidates would be group test.

Chengdu business daily in the first contact the Forestry Bureau Li Dapeng, Handan city, Hebei province. February 2015, with another Chinese girl Li Dapeng, was included in the "Mars first" plan list of 100 candidates for the final landing on Mars.

The afternoon of June 7, Chengdu business daily journalist, contacted Li Dapeng. He is work, normal life was not as "Mars first" the company's latest statement on June 6 are affected.

Companies are short of money, made a number of learning materials

He told reporters: "the next round of selection (third step) specific time has not been decided, because the company said the lack of money, still raising money. "For this, Li Dapeng said understanding. He said: "it just like startups, need a round, b round of financing. Now the global economic downturn, they must also find the money. "

Since the beginning of last year was elected to the 100 candidates, "Mars first" company and Li Dapeng 100 candidates have kept in touch. Li Dapeng said, there is a group of mail, everyone in the above exchange, "but, basically, I was just looking, very little. "

In addition, the "Mars first" company also sent everyone a third round selection of learning materials. The picture provided by Li Dapeng, Chengdu business news reporter found a total of 10 are all English materials, including "food fit for Mars", "space environment human health and performance", "rules of law and moved to Mars."

Li Dapeng told reporters: "just got the materials first into Word, then use translation software, difficult to pull. Averaging 20 pages, before the next round of selection must master the material. In plain English, enough. "

A little pity, and the Chinese girl group

It is reported that the top 100 candidates from all over the world, professional are varied. When asked about the advantages of their own, Li Dapeng said: "I was graduated from the China Agricultural University, school of Biological Sciences Department of plant. If I go to Mars, helps to cultivate crops, learn principles of life maintenance systems, is very useful. "

"Mars first" company requires 100 candidates to choose a partner to team up, each group of 10 people, a total of 10 groups. When selecting, 90% learn from NASA (United States Space Agency) of the selection procedure.

Li Dapeng picked group, but communication is very inconvenient, and may affect his exchanges with the rest of the group.

Li Dapeng and Bian Sien is selected in-Chinese girl. Li Dapeng said: "her parents are aerospace circles, could be about to get NASA is how the selection. Unfortunately, I didn't talk to her for a group. "

For the selection, Li Dapeng mentality very well, nor did he mean to weight training. He said: "the selection set off, too late again. "At the same time, Li Dapeng also believes that the results of selection will be the Chinese," Chinese and American are two of the world's richest countries. China's influence, China's large population, attracting ratings. "He explained.

If food is scarce, what would you do?

"People sometimes need to leave minimum appetite"

According to Li Dapeng said, January 19, 2015 "Mars first" company in the interview when asked him: "to Mars, if you have the opportunity to come back, you come back? "Li Dapeng's answer was:" don't come back, return is too risky. "

The answer, he explained: "people stay too long in a weightless environment in osteoporosis, not on Earth. Launch landing craft can be risky. In addition, return 7 months, who knows what will happen in space. "

According to media reports, in a recent video, "Mars first" company asked the candidates: "If your food is scarce, will you consider eating fellow astronauts? "Li Dapeng and not being" Mars first "company to ask this question. When asked by reporters on the issue, when Li Dapeng did not give a definite answer. He replied: "organism is a carrier of energy, could eat into other forms. Need concrete analysis of concrete problems, of course, people sometimes need to leave minimum appetite. "

What do you think of "Mars first" program?

"I don't think it is a scam"

2015 United States 20th Century Fox have released a film called the rescue of Mars. Li Dapeng also watched this movie. He told reporters: "look at the time, and did not cause the heart of surge. Contrary to scientific knowledge but I always pick the movie. "When it comes to Mars when planting, Li Dapeng said:" in the short term was also airlifted from Earth to Mars, on lower food costs. Martian soil cannot be used directly, there are many harmful ingredients. Cost is going to be planted on Mars, involved the construction of greenhouses or something. But in the long term, it is also necessary to solve the problem. "

In talking about "Mars first" plan, Li Dapeng did not think it was a scam. He told Chengdu business newspaper reporter: "the idea sounds crazy, but they do dare to think. We can't because the chances of success are low does not try, so that no one can go to Mars. More and more people try, and have a chance of success. In addition, by participating in, and I learned a lot of things. Regardless of the outcome, it is the experience of others. "

"I don't think they can make"

From February 20, Li Dapeng found himself an instant "fire". "Mars first" news, media across the country have come to interview or telephone connection.

According to the previous media reports, the last lunar new year third day at 8 o'clock in the evening, Li Dapeng hurried to high school for the new year's Party. Everyone said with a teasing: "no longer posing you on Mars! "

In talking about "Mars first" plan possibility, Li Dapeng told Chengdu business daily said: "I don't think they can do this thing. As we all know, the most reliable at this stage is the United States of the SpaceX company. Somebody else's boss with the right experience, skills, and money, as well as package. Mars first, ' does not have a cooperation agreement with SpaceX, so there is little prospect of success. "

Since becoming a "Mars first" plan candidate, Li Dapeng family strongly opposed. 34 years old, he is now the father of two children. He told reporters: "the family has been against me in this matter. In fact, I am now the most realistic hope is that through this activity out of a trip to the country. " Guilin Xinhua asked sky high priced fish why the