Monday, June 13, 2016

Publication of false information to defraud this year had over 200 questions

Workers ' daily news on June 13, network scale in recent years, job seekers, recruitment is expanding. Analysys think tank monitoring data show that in 2016, the Internet recruiting market size reached 4.61 billion yuan, more than last 18.8%. By 2018, the number will increase to 6.37 billion yuan.

Is accompanied with, cases of fraud committed through Web site publishes false information are not uncommon. This year, authorities investigated problems recruiting site reached more than more than 200. Sichuan Ziyang of a mentally retarded man who

In an interview with reporters of the daily worker was found, online recruitment scams often rely on the formal platform or precision according to job seekers resume fraud. At present, China's recruitment websites, there is no uniform safety standards, this brings to the regulatory difficulties.

Called "Manager" call the listener into a civilian police

On May 4, the unemployed 19-year-olds in the Shandong zaozhuang Tong Guangliang received a "Manager" on the phone. Tong Guangliang had learned on the Internet "Johnny" logistics company in Beijing to zaozhuang Merchandiser. After receiving the call, on May 6, he arrived in Beijing for an interview.

But "Johnny" no Tong Guangliang interview, but took him to Chinese in Beijing Dragon freight centre. Tong Guangliang according to requirements to "Johnny" 1200 "meals", the day he was scheduled to travel to the pre-service training place.

Tong Guangliang soon discovered that he was sent to work for a security company. Same here "training" after Merchandiser realize that not, began repeatedly called "Johnny" on the phone. Through the phone again, it was the afternoon of May 10, the end of the line who has become a Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau of Fengtai branch of Yang Qiao, Zheng Siqi of civilian police stations.

Zheng Siqi described, after more than a month of investigation, he and his colleagues in the afternoon to "Johnny" led by 4 people catch the fraud ring. From the account statistics of suspects, since February this year, the gang through online recruiting, offline payment form, a total of nearly 100 applicants for fraud.

Since February this year since the country network in conjunction with the departments concerned to investigate and punish more than two batches of more than 200 serious irregularities in credit recruitment website. In the second investigation of the site, there were 159 suspected of providing a large number of illegal promise jobs, 49 sites without registration or permit.

Liar "hitchhiking" precision application cheat

According to 58 city "anti-fraud Alliance" provides data from 2013 to 2015, Internet users type of Internet fraud complaints, network recruitment fraud the highest proportion, with "interview" or similar reason to invent all sorts of charges of 74% per cent, average fraud amounts to 372.

A hiring industry told reporters that many criminals now "ride" formal platforms, collecting job seekers resume "made to measure", the implementation of accurate fraud.

In May this year, 26-year old Susie in the formal recruitment Web site job search being defrauded. She's with several big recruitment website and see a "type part-time" job information, after the candidate, her time in less than 4 days, 3 times being cheated of more than 600 Yuan. In her view, the trust that she fell into the crook of the recruiting platform trap. And judging from the QQ Group number, and victims of the same batch has more than 200 people.

Police warned that job seekers upload your resume, and will also provide opportunities for criminals. Résumé information using filters, scammer will invent completely meets the requirements for job-seekers to lure their bait.

After studying the dossier, Zheng Siqi told reporters that "Johnny" case, the fraud ring scams targeting Shandong young man, "from Beijing to Shandong logistics Merchandiser" is fabricated according to resume: "Merchandiser does not require professional skills and work often went home, which of course is very exciting. "

Urgent introduction of uniform safety standards

Increasingly rampant recruitment fraud network has seriously affected the healthy development of the online recruitment market, which attracted the attention of relevant departments.

Experts said that at present, China's recruitment websites, there is no uniform safety standards.

Relative to the direct attachment of small sites, how to solve the problem of large Web site information is quite a mixed bag is more complex. Journalist login a few well-known recruitment website, found the fraud alert is set prominently in Web page, advise the applicant if the employer in any capacity charge is an offence. But when a reporter to some job seekers often cheated by keyword search, there are still many eligible posts. Many job seekers say, recruitment pamphlets will be hard to tell which is true.

Under the management of Internet information services, Internet service providers with basic safety management duty, taken on for some significant information to filter, delete, block and other necessary measures to deal with it. But it is worth noting is that existing law gives only the network service providers for information security management, but to what extent is this measure fulfilled the obligation, but there is no uniform legal provisions.

Experts said the implementation of real-name system is an effective first step to curb online recruitment fraud. Also, also can according to recruitment website charged costs or not to defined its whether should information be audit and bear responsibility: If free released, is for lack on user released information of prior audit capacity, website only bear reminded user prevention fraud of responsibility; if to enterprise charged has must costs, so website not only to strictly audit information released who of related qualification, once for audit not strict to job who brings loss, website also to joint bear infringement responsibility.