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Wire whip for a 9 year old primary school teacher in Hainan the edb serious

Hainan special zone news messages, "the boy was 9 years old, how could teachers be so hard-hearted, under the child out of the hands of such a thing? "The afternoon of June 16, Ms Xu longhu town residents reflected to journalists, Ding ' an, Yong Feng, dingan County school teacher who punished the students events occurred, and her son, Ray (a pseudonym), due to the unfinished work, was an English teacher in a classroom of corporal punishment, left and right lower leg was bruised by bundles of wire whip to red, unable to stand, has been hospitalized. In response, school officials responded by saying, Ray has repeatedly unfinished homework, the teacher "take much" taken way too far under the impatient, criticism of the teacher education for schools. Dingan County Education Bureau official said, the teacher who punished students serious violations of ethics, will be investigated and seriously dealt with, are currently under investigation.

Wire whip for a 9 year old primary school teacher in Hainan, the edb: serious violations of ethics

Photo shows Ms Xu back his son out of the school.

"The child's teacher at school to stand"

Ms Xu told a press conference, June 16, at 11 o'clock in the morning, Ray's grandmother grandson goes to the school gate after school. Ray's grandmother watched almost all the other students walk out, but never saw Ray figure. After about 10 minutes, Ray's grandmother to classrooms in search, Ray found a man sitting in the classroom, silent.

"Doing here? Home for dinner! "Hear the voice of Grandma, Jr" wow "to burst into tears. See grandchildren like this, grandmother anxiously stepped forward to comfort, and let him go home. Ray wept, pointing to sore legs. Grandma lifted Jr pants, Jr is full of traces of beating on the left and right lower leg, had swelled considerably. Grandmother gently touched, Jr was crying with pain. Grandma wants Jr to come home, but he hurts to stand, much less able to walk. Later, Ray's mother arrived at the school, carried him out of the classroom.

Wire whip for a 9 year old primary school teacher in Hainan, the edb: serious violations of ethics

Jr was in the hospital for treatment.

"Bundles of steel wire for teachers smacked the child"

"Kids make a mistake, how can teachers be next out of the hands of such a thing? Child injury like that now, we really love. "The woman sobbed, according to the description of the child, on June 16, at about 10 o'clock in the morning, Jr in English class, due to the unfinished homework, English teacher with bundles of steel hit a good beating. "After they were hit, children dare not say the first time with his family. Until she had found it. "Ms Xu told reporters that this isn't the first time ray was the teacher of corporal punishment, had appeared before in a similar situation.

"Used to be played on the body or legs, but they are not especially serious. Child is naughty, teacher discipline are not wrong. But this is too hard, what shame to play into that? "Xu said that after the injury in children, she immediately to the school leaders and dingan County Bureau of education reflects, then Jr to dingan County people's Hospital for treatment. Diagnosed, Jr for trauma, found no signs of fracture. Currently injections detumescence and hospitalized under observation and treatment.

Wire whip for a 9 year old primary school teacher in Hainan, the edb: serious violations of ethics

Around JR Shin bruises and swollen. Fujian couple luxurious tombs purchase of 3 000

Principal: teacher education does sometimes go too far

Then, contact reporter yongfeng high school principal Li Butian. "After the fact, I with King teacher (teacher concerned) went to the hospital to visit children, sincerely apologize to children and parents, and paid the medical bills. "Li Butian told reporters, according to Wang's statement, before Ray has repeatedly failed to finish his homework. The day job, Ray again failed to finish the job, Mr Wang under a watched pot never boils, corporal punishment of children.

"The teacher is good for children, wanted them to study hard and improve performance. Wang education does sometimes go too far, next, school teacher Wang will be criticized, and with this, for example, training in moral education in schools. "Li Butian said that Wang had six or seven years of teaching experience, and is a very dedicated teacher, but in the students ' education needs to be improved.

Education: teacher practice concerned serious violations of ethics

Dingan County Education Bureau head of the discipline inspection group Wu Youding said in an interview with reporters, the Education Department was informed of the incident, together with the school have sent staff members to the hospital to see Ray and understand what happened.

"Practices of the teacher concerned serious violations of ethics, should not and will not allow to educate students in such a way. In the current investigation is carried out, Bureau of processing results as soon as possible. "Wu Youding said.