Friday, June 24, 2016

Hunan police respond to pupils stand for jumped to his death after teachers

Hunan police respond to pupils

Xinhua experimental primary school

Changsha, June 25, 24th, network of Xinhua County, Hunan as a pupil teacher stand in the hallway and jumped to his death. Xinhua learned from the propaganda Department of Xinhua County, Hunan province, 24th 8:55, experimental boys at primary six, Xinhua Wu jumped from the building, died after rescue, police investigations, said teacher during the whole incident, and there is no corporal punishment, abusive words and deeds of the student.

Police initially identified, Xinhua, 23rd, Wu classes where students organize class activities, celebrating the school, Wu and three other students in a classroom after school desks moved up to shape. 24th 8:20, came to Wang of the Chinese teacher has found the situation, and students are more noisy, students desks to make restitution. Wu had been sitting where it is unwilling to move and SOBs, my teachers and classmates to give him comfort. Twice a woman three months pregnant and found

According to the survey, 8:53, Miss Wang, classes begin and organize the students to read the text. About 8:55, Wu was suddenly hit with both hands placed on the side of the bag, and got up and walked out of the classroom, guardrail and jumped over the corridor.

After the incident, Xinhua has set up specialized investigation teams. As of press time, disposal and rehabilitation work is underway.