Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Argentina government educational contributions have been rejected the number

Born in Argentina of Pope Francis and Argentina President maolixiao·makeli--Argentina's two influential characters relations cooled again in recent days, cause it is a gross amount contains the number "666" contributions.

According to the United Kingdom the guardian, June 14, earlier this month, Argentina 16.666 million allocated by the Government Argentina pesos (about 7.99 million) donation to an Education Fund, the Fund's supporters are behind the Pope Fang Jige, and during his time as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, the establishment of a body.

But after the receipt of the donation, Francis immediately sent a letter to the Fund in Argentina's headquarters, asking them to return the money and said, "I don't like 666 this number." Returned to the contribution of the Education Fund that "someone is trying to destroy the image of the charity ... ... For Argentina to create chaos and Division ".

It is reported that the Arabic numeral "666" is most widely known in the West recorded in the Bible, revelation of special number into Roman numerals, you can spell out "trying to play God," meaning in the Bible is the Devil's code, this meaning has been applied to Western social networks today.

But Argentina Government denied this donation with any ill will. Argentina Foreign Minister Marcora said Monday after a meeting with Francis said, "and not to the President showing the Pope." "The meeting is very natural and productive, the Pope did not mention contributions accounts or their disagreements on philosophy. "Marcora said.

United Kingdom, the Daily Telegraph quoted Argentina newspaper "La Nación" reported that unnamed Argentina officials said, "determination of the level of contributions is through careful calculation, which is based on the Agency Argentina headquarters personnel salaries, facilities and maintenance costs and statistics, so we are surprised about the subsequent events of the. "

With close ties to the Pope Argentina activist Huan·gelaboyisi (Juan Grabois) Argentina media that "this does not sound very pleasant." "However, if only the Pope's response to '666' this number, it is too simplistic. " Jiangsu college entrance examination to the enrollment

"Today Russia TV news network" message, Francis's supporters say the move is Mauricio Macri's attempt to use the money in Exchange for influence and prestige of Catholic action, the message also said the Pope recently met Argentina aiwei·de·bonafeini anti-us leftist activists (Hebe de Bonafini), people close to the Pope also said he advocates tend to reflect his support for left-leaning socialist thought, He did not support from the Government of centre-right political party of Mauricio Macri to tighten fiscal policy and pro-capitalist position.

Critics had pointed out to the guardian, the Pope refused to contributions from his distaste for Macri harsh austerity measures, which seriously affected the living conditions of the working layer.

Early in 2009, Francis would have a rift with Mauricio Macri. According to the Argentina media, when he was Mayor of Buenos Aires Mauricio Macri refused to legalize same-sex marriage in the city, which Francis is extremely unpleasant.

Thus, when the Argentina media said this donation is Mauricio Macri signal of improved relations and Francis, Francis becomes very angry. Italy the news reports, Francis on the marrow of Education Agency Board of Directors, "said Argentina so many bruised and battered by the Government to solve, we should not accept a penny of it. "