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Ministry of agriculture strive to 5 years to complete the rural collective property

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On January 3 morning held a press conference of the information Office of the State Council, Minister of agriculture Han changfu, Deputy Minister Chen Xiaohua, introduced the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on promoting collective opinions on the reform of property right system in rural areas (hereinafter referred to as the opinions) about, and answering reporters ' questions.

On December 26, 2016, the opinions issued. Han changfu said that the views of rural collective property right system reform of the overall deployment, starting from 2017, strive to 3 years complete thorough General Checkup on enterprise assets of collectively-owned assets, and ordered into profit-making assets of joint-stock system reform, strive to 5 years to complete the reform.

Why does the implementation of this reform?

Han changfu said that at present, China's rural collective economic organizations have accumulated significant assets, but the collective asset management "two adapted" problem:

First, we must adapt to the new requirements of perfecting socialist market economy system, through deepening reform, stimulating the collective assets, add new energy. Second, to adapt to the new trends of integration of urban and rural development, reform, preventing the loss of collective assets in rural areas, safeguard farmers ' interests and let farmers share the fruits of reform and development. "A lot of collective assets, if you do not activate the integration, it was difficult to play its due role as early as possible if you do not have rights to the home, there is danger of erosion or invasion. This reform is necessary and urgent. "

Rural collective property right system reform from this concern. The 18 session of the Party suggested that giving farmers more property rights. In 2015, the 29 counties (cities, districts) active development of farmers cooperative stock shares power, empowerment of farmers ' collective assets reform. April 2016, the Party Chief XI Jinping emphasized in Xiaogang village in rural reform Symposium, advancing rural collective assets and joint-stock system reform of the right. Han changfu said that now introduce views, is to deepen the reform of collective ownership system of major deployment.

Why the reforms focused on the collective business assets?

Han changfu explained that there are three main categories of collective assets in rural areas: collective ownership of land and other assets, for unified management of business assets and non-operating assets for public service. "These three types of assets, the task of reform, but the classified policy. Resource asset reform, Central has been deployed, we need to continue to pay special attention to registration of contractual operation right of land certification work, improve the ' three powers split ' approach, unchanged for a long time to keep the land cover package relationships, reforms in this area are ordered in advance. The reform of non-operating assets, mainly with the construction of new countryside, explore the collective unified operation of operating management mechanism established, to better serve the collective members and community residents with public services. "

The opinions and what's included?

Han changfu stressed that the views of rural collective property right system reform of top design.

First of all, the opinion clarified the direction of reform, and gradually build a clear ownership, full power, flow smoothly, and strict protection system of rural collective property right of socialism with Chinese characteristics and establish collective work with the new requirements of market economy mechanisms, effectively maintaining the rural collective economic organizations and members of the governance system.

Secondly, the opinions and defined the priorities of reform, require complete verification of the collectively-owned assets, improve account management system, starting from 2017, strive to 3 years to complete. On this basis, to quantify business assets in the form of shares or share to the members of the collective, orderly management of assets of joint-stock system reform, strive to 5 years to complete the reform.

Meanwhile, views clear reform principles, and to respect the wishes of farmers actively yet prudently in an orderly way, adhere to the pilot in advance, easy at first and then harder, not forward March, not across the Board. Wall Street stories bullish on Morgan Stanley

The opinion also clarified the implementation of reforms requires, to establish provincial responsible, county-level organization of leading system and working mechanism, increase policy support for rural collective property right system reform and the rule of law, creating an environment conducive to advancing the reform of the legal and policy environment.

Which impact on the collective property right system reform in rural areas?

Han changfu said that collective property right system in rural areas will help enhance the vitality of rural collective economic development.

He disclosed that after a long period of development, at present, the rural collective economic organization with 6.69 billion acres of land and other resource assets, various kinds of assets at book value of 2.86 trillion yuan, roughly the national average each village 5 million, millions of Yuan in rural areas in the eastern region. "These assets are an important material foundation for the development of rural agriculture. Rural land family contract in more than 30 years ago, arouse the enthusiasm of millions of farmers, solved a billion of people, food and eating problems. Now, with the establishment of the Socialist market economy, deepening the reform of rural collective property right system embodies the collective economic advantage and mobilize the enthusiasm of individuals. This new mechanism of rural collective economy running, can better develop collective economy, and gradually achieve common prosperity. "

Meanwhile, he pointed out that this reform will help increase farmers ' income from property.

Han changfu said that farmers ' income in four, one is the operating income of the family, is the second work of wage income, property income is three, four is a variety of transfer income. Master group member is a collective of farmers, safeguard and develop, achieve better farmers ' rights and interests is the starting point and the foothold of rural reforms, one goal of this reform is to increase farmers ' income.

"Now, on the one hand to safeguard farmers ' property rights is becoming more and more urgent, on the other hand increasing the farmers ' income or more difficult. Reform of property right system of collective management of rights to assets to the home to achieve the collective rights of possession of the assets and the distribution of income, new channels in favour of farmers and enable farmers to share the fruits of reform and development in rural areas. Some areas, especially in coastal areas have been carried out this reform. By the end of 2015, national has 58,000 village, 47,000 villagers group to implement this reform, has accumulated shares dividends of nearly 260 billion yuan to farmers in 2015, the year dividend. "

In addition, Han changfu said, reform the system of rural collective property rights, development of the joint farmers ' shares and other forms of cooperation and collaboration, helps to activate the potential of various elements of the rural, perfecting the management system of modern agriculture, agricultural and rural development added new momentum.

He in meilong town Minhang district Shanghai China village, Nanhai district, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, for example. Through the reform, Shanghai Mei long Zhen Hua village collective annual revenues increased from 33 million Yuan on the reform in 2005 to 2015 in 81 million Yuan, annual growth of more than 9%. Nanhai district, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, 780,000 2015 village group member's shareholder dividend is 5172 Yuan per capita, per capita disposable income of 20%.

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