Friday, January 6, 2017

Hebei Jizhou official response to millions of covers a wall that is to build

Beijing, hengshui January 6 message, on media reported Hebei province, hengshui city, Jizhou district spent millions of build "covers" wall a thing, Hebei province, hengshui city, Jizhou district official 6th response said, for Yue Liang village has deep of culture heritage, the district since 2014 up decided will Yue Liang village build became history culture tourism model district, 2016 and according to Hebei province beautiful village construction related arrangements, in Yue Liang village to build hengshui Han folk culture tourism tablets district village, currently part engineering has completed.

Recently, before the media reports, hengshui city, Hebei province Jizhou district shop yangcun, near the village of Yue Liang spent millions of building "modesty" walls, a social concern. After the event, Jizhou city, hengshui District Chief attention.

According to Jizhou district propaganda introduced, Yue Liang village has has more than 2,600 years history, the village history Shang had out had "two emperor" (North yan Emperor Feng BA, and Feng Hong), and "three Hou" (civilization Queen, and Emperor xiaowen waste Queen, and secluded Queen), and "six phase" (Feng Sufu, and Feng Xi, and von Christmas, and Feng Xiu, and Feng Zizong, and Feng Yuan often), and "60 bit" five products above officials, while formed Yue Liang village unique of "Royal culture", became Jizhou history culture resources of typical representative. Beijing one day tour problem is not in addition

Jizhou district official, said Yue Liang village has a rich cultural heritage, the district decided since 2014 Yue Liang village into a demonstration area of history and culture tourism. Then hiring highly qualified design units in the district in accordance with the "village were completed, the village building highlights the" requirements of Yue Liang village and adjacent to the former Dian yangcun regional overall planning and design, along the Han-Wei decoration a unified architectural style, easy tourist cognition, completed that year along the provincial highway 393 Yue Liangcun 2530 m sidewalk on both sides, the former shop Yang Cun hardened landscape. Completed by 2015 along the sides of 981 metres elevation packaging makeover.

In 2016, according to the beautiful countryside of Hebei province construction leading group on the issue of the 2016 beautiful countryside in Hebei province construction programme for the implementation of the notification (JI-Xiang Jian (2016), 1th) arrangements, JI Zhou Zhen Yue Liang cun be incorporated into provincial areas--the hengshui village of Chinese folk custom tourism zone. The end of 2016, 28600 square metres on both sides along the complete greening of the area planted to complete Yue Liang reformed within the village. Currently, Yue Liang Gallery, Yue Liang play garden, village activity centres, in the beautiful countryside of the village 12 special actions have been completed.

Jizhou district, officials said, the next step will be for Yue Liang reformations in the ecological cultural Park Memorial, self-ji Temple after Church, construction of key projects, such as promoting, creating Yue Liang Cun hengshui village of Chinese folk custom tourism zone, making it a showcase Jizhou rich historical and cultural heritage of the beautiful cards.

(Original Hebei Jizhou entitled the official response to build millions of "modesty" walls: to build Chinese folk-custom tourism zone)